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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sarah Palin’s Incredible Star Power Stronger Than Ever

Sarah Palin’s status as a superstar is undeniable. She is incredibly popular nationwide. According to the latest report from Mike Allen, over at Politico, Sarah Has almost 1100 invitations to speak at events nationwide.

This week Sarah will begin accepting invitations to those speaking engagements.

As we all know, unscrupulous promoters have been inviting Sarah to events for months, and advertising this, boosting ticket sales, without having any commitment from Sarah whatsoever.

As an old drag racing promoter, I know if we pulled stunts like this, the fans (and the racers themselves) would’ve skinned us alive! Evidently though, this sort of thing is common in the political world.

What is aggravating though, is the fact that these promoters get all kinds of publicity, because of Sarah Palin, and even though they never had any commitment from the Arctic Fox, their ticket sales soar, and when Sarah doesn’t show up they try and blame it on her.

Our policy is to never even talk about speaking gigs unless Sarah herself, or her spokeswoman Meg Stapleton issues a press release about it.

OK, enough of that!

Basically, if Sarah herself doesn’t promote it, it probably isn’t true, and ain’t happening!

Sarah has over 950 offers for paid speaking engagements, many of them are six figure deals. And over 120 politicians have asked her to come and speak on their behalf. I’m sure they all understand the incredible effect she had on Senator Saxby Chambliss’ re-election bid, which went from a dead heat race before Palin came to visit, and turned into a 16 point blowout after Sarah spent one single day addressing huge crowds on his behalf.

Sarah had offers from twenty speaker’s bureaus to represent her and chose the Washington’s Speakers Bureau. This is the group that represents a variety of folks from George and Laura Bush to Bob Woodward and Katie Couric to Alan Greenspan, Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani.

Sarah will be doing both paid speaking engagements as well as unpaid speeches to political and charitable organizations, including groups that support families with special needs children and those who support the military and their families.

I must stress that Sarah has made no commitments whatsoever to any speaking engagements. My best advice to folks who hear that she is speaking somewhere, is to check out her Facebook page. Sarah uses Facebook extensively to communicate with the nation.

It’s also said that Sarah is about 85 percent finished with her book that will be published by HarperCollins and available in the spring of 2010.

Sarah’s lawyer, Robert Bennett, has also compiled a workbook about an inch and a half thick filled with offers for TV and radio shows, and other interesting business opportunities. Sarah will begin going through this, as well.

Sarah Palin has some serious jazz. Since she has been so busy behind the scenes, she has taken to using her Facebook page as a highly effective communications tool. We all know what she was able to do by typing two short paragraphs a few weeks ago!

The growth of supporters on her page has been nothing short of phenomenal.

As I write this Sarah has almost 850,000 people listed as friends on her page. And thousands are joining daily. To put this into perspective, here is what the numbers on Facebook look like for those who as touted as other important Republican politicians:

Mike Huckabee 106,636

Mitt Romney 69,332

Bobby Jindal 67,773

Tim Pawlenty 6,735

>Jeb Bush 2,670

In the last few weeks Sarah has had more new supporters join her, than all of the above, combined, have supporters on their pages.

Sarah is the one Republican who has really mastered using the internet to gain an audience. And what she says gets results. As we have already mentioned, she totally changed the debate on national health care when she spoke of death panels. And when Barack Obama and the state run media attacked her, she calmly retorted with tons of information about those involved with Obama, like Dr Death, Dr Ezekiel Emanuel, and others who would indeed create death panels.

She also encouraged millions to actually read H.R. 3200, the House bill that most represents Obamacare, a 1017 page monstrosity that amounts to the total usurpation of the United States Constitution. And folks have indeed read this bill by the millions. America is not pleased by what they read!

We’ve written a bit about Glenn Beck’s efforts to expose Obama and all of the illegal and unconstitutional Czars Obama has appointed to powerful posts. Sarah noted this as well, and on Wednesday of last week asked all of her Facebook friends to join her in watching Glenn Beck’s Fox News program.

The result? Beck’s show gained over one million new viewers over the previous day, making it the number one news show on cable, beating out ratings giant Bill O’Reilly. And those viewers stayed with Beck throughout the rest of the week.

With the power Sarah Palin has just by posting short notes on Facebook, one can only imagine the effect she will have on the national debate once she hits the road and starts really speaking out against Obama and his tyrannical government!

By God, I almost feel sorry for Obama and his democrat/communist party!

Palinistas Take Manhattan

By Adrienne Ross from www.motivationtruth.com

On Saturday, many people were writing about Governor Palin's introduction to the nation. Bloggers--myself included--were recording what they remember about that day or their favorite Palin moment since that day. Here in New York, we wanted to do that, but we wanted to do more. We created an opportunity to get together with other Palinistas to connect, strategize, and, of course, give in to the nostalgia.

New York City was the location. It was too far for some in our New York network to travel, so we had a small group--four of us. I drove the five hours round trip, and it was well worth it. Though small in number, this was a strong and diverse group, capable of great achievements in the pro-Sarah, pro-America, pro-conservative movement. In attendance were Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs), Raj Rajagopalan, Ron Devito, and yours truly.

You know Pamela from the prestigious blog, Atlas Shrugs. She is a powerful writer, public speaker, and activist who believes deeply in what she writes and speaks about. She is fired up and passionate about America and wants to see us progress in the right direction.

Raj Rajagopalan, of Associated Content, is the New York City local organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. He demonstrates bold support of Governor Palin in a very liberal state. He speaks out without fear--sometimes using words; other times using clothing. (You'll see what I mean at the end!)

Ron Devito is another loyal Palin activist and blogger. He is the editor/publisher of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments, for which I also write. He oversees several contributors to his blog that is committed to publishing the accomplishments of Governor Palin--accomplishments that are ignored or watered down by the mainstream media.

As the four of us talked in the restaurant, we noticed other diners paying attention to our conversation. As you know, New York is not the most conservative of places, so that's to be expected, I suppose. Raj's T-shirt didn't help matters either!

After our meal, we went to an apartment where we watched last year's Dayton, Ohio speech that Palin made after John McCain introduced her to the nation. One would have thought it was a year earlier and we were in the crowd in Ohio, for we, too, sat on the edge of our seats and clapped our hands while watching the year-old video.

Before we ended our time together, we discussed alternate avenues to get our message out. Here's some breaking news for you: we cannot rely on the mainstream media! Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we create our own media. With some tips from Pamela, I am now hoping to expand my influence and continue to get the truth out there in varied ways. Some might say, "Why? Palin is no longer the governor of Alaska or the vice presidential candidate." True. However, she is not fading into the distance. She continues to be a voice, and that voice continues to get distorted by an agenda-laden media. So the question is: what do we do about it?

That's where people like us come in. When necessary, we must be committed to going around the CNN's and MSNBC's of this world, the Katie Courics and Charlie Gibsons, and using other tools: written blogs, video blogs, online newsletters, and social networking sites. This is grassroots at its best.

As my readers know, I am the New York State Organizer and Media Director/Spokesperson for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. My prediction is we will see Governor Palin become President Palin in the next presidential election. However, whatever road she decides to travel, it will take people like us--people like you--to help her navigate safely, for we know the Left will continue to throw every rock at her that they can manage to pick up from the side of the road. This is why it's important that we get together with others who are like-minded, those who are committed to truth and have an aversion for smears and destructive tactics. The time is now. This is the time to be--not just Pro-Sarah-- but pro-active.

Raj and I holding the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee banner in NYC

Next 3 pics show Raj, Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs), Ron Devito, and me at NYC restaurant

Here I am holding a McCain-Palin T-shirt from Mocha Moose in Wasilla, AK

Now you see it...Now you don't! Raj and I make "McCain" disappear from T-shirt

In case you can't see it, what's printed underneath Palin's pic on Raj's T-shirt is the phrase,"Go get the socialist!" Needless to say, he got stared down on the train and in the restaurant!

Sarah's Turn: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

It's over- my summer vacation, that is, but wow, what a summer! It is always fun to spend the summer at a place I have come to every summer since I was one. As my regular readers know, I'm talking about my family's cabin near Lake Tahoe in the Sierras, which has been in my family for nearly three decades. As an outdoor's girl, I love to hike, fish, sail, swim, and spend some time soaking up the sun and the clean, fresh mountain pine air. One of the best things about being up in the mountains is the feeling of being away from it all and just reflecting on life and everything I have learned and discovered. This summer, one of my favorite things that I really loved doing was packing my beach bag full of all the necessities like sparkling water, a towel, my ipod, and my trusty blackberry and heading down to the sandy shore of the lake. I'd walk down to the water's edge and just sit down and write-yes write. One of the things I'm going to miss the most about the cabin is the beautiful surroundings I was able to enjoy while writing each entry. How many other bloggers can say they blogged while soaking their feet in crystal clear lake water with a bald eagle circling the bright, blue sky above? The glorious beauty surrounding me inspired me to write, what I believe, to be my most honest, personal pieces yet. In a way, it was comforting to know that the peaceful lake was at my feet. The peace and serenity can be so enjoyable at times. God is so good!!! While I am a very social person and love my family and friends, I prefer to just have quiet around me as I write. I know I am not alone. Not only do many of you probably prefer to write in a peaceful surrounding, but Sarah does too. Just recently, Sarah's dad, Chuck, said Sarah is in a secluded place (he doesn't even know the location) working on her book. Like many of you, I am eager to read it, and no doubt it will be absolutely amazing. In her 45 years, Sarah has already lived quite a life full of wonderful and unique experiences. As we all know, her life dramatically changed within this past year. At this time last year, she had just gone from being a little-known governor to VP nominee, while balancing work, raising a family, preparing to become grandmother and sending her eldest child off to war- what a year. I'd say Sarah Palin had an unforgettable year.

At this time last year, many of us, including myself, were just getting to know this amazing woman. Now that we have gotten to know her, we await her book. Guess what, folks? It's HER TURN!!! Like you, I'm sick and tired of the media's distorted slime journalism. For far too many months, we have had to hear one false story after another. At one point, I was this close to throwing a high-heel at the TV, but decided my shoes, not to mention my TV were far too expensive, to waste on the biased media, so I just resorted to telling off my television. Sarah is finally going to be able to set the record straight about what her life has really been like! No more so-called Trig-truthers, campaign staffers and press to delude and use anonymous sources. Sarah is the source, the TRUE source. In typical Sarah fashion, I KNOW we'll get the straight talk, and I'm predicting her book will quickly become a New York Times Best Seller!!!

It is Sarah's turn to fight all the lies and smears that have been thrown her way. She will finally be able to set the record straight. It is sad what our media have become, and I say this as someone who studied jouralism in college and worked in a newsroom. (See my post entitled "Slime Journalism" for more on this topic.) I have a feeling Sarah, a former journalist, will devote part of her book to the sad state of today's media. This past presidential election changed the objective media we once knew. Instead of reporting the facts, they resorted to yellow journalism, the kind of stuff that you used to only read in tabloids like "The National Enquirer." This is why Sarah's story will be a breath of fresh air that is so needed to cleanse this polluted, political air.

So, while you may be missing your daily "Sarah fix," remember that Sarah is working hard on her own masterpiece. If it's quiet and seclusion that she needs and desires in order to write, let's give it to her. This is a woman who has so much to offer our great country. Not only has she restored my faith that America WILL one day be that shining beacon of light once again, but that her voice is the voice of reason, her message is the true message of change. So write on, Sarah, write on!!!

(I'm a Conservative Girl with a Voice!!! Visit my blog and become a follower: http://conservativegirlwithavoice.blogspot.com.

I'm on Twitter too @rachellefriberg.)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Celebrating Sarah Palin's Coming Out Party One Year Later

By Adrienne Ross from www.motivationtruth.com

Here are my thoughts from yesterday, August 29, 2009, regarding the day Sarah Palin stepped onto the national stage:

Today is a special day indeed as so many are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the day John McCain tapped Sarah Palin to be his running mate. In fact, I just returned from New York City where I got together with some Palin supporters, bloggers, and activists. Life has not been the same since that day last year--not for Sarah Palin, not for America, and not for me.

I remember leaving the mall that afternoon on August 29, 2008. The car radio was on, and I heard the announcement that Senator John McCain had chosen Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, to run this race alongside him. My first thought was, "Alaska?" My second thought--and I remember it so well--was, "Hillary is going to be SO mad!" As I was not at all a Hillary supporter, I relished in that thought. I did not expect Barack Obama to win the presidency--just didn't believe he would--and I just knew Hillary was going to be ticked off that a woman had beaten her to the White House!

Later when the media was covering Sarah Palin, showing who she was and discussing her record, I was hit with an awareness that she was not just another candidate. I could sense in my spirit that there was something special about her, something godly. And I was so excited. Something on the inside bore witness that this woman was the real deal.

And then, of course, all hell broke lose, as the powers on the Left descended on Wasilla, Alaska trying to dig up dirt. When they couldn't find any, they created their own. I have a feeling Sarah had no idea what she was getting herself into when she stepped onto that stage after McCain's announcement. But she certainly knows now--and she has proven that she can handle herself well.

In the course of a year, I have studied Sarah Palin, admired her record, met her and her family, visited her state, and fell in love with her hometown. My mind has not changed about her. I still respect her, still believe God has called her for this time, and still know she will continue to lead with great integrity.

When Sarah and McCain lost the election, I just knew it wasn't over. In fact, the night of November 4th, after Obama was declared the winner, I felt my world had come crashing down. But I uttered aloud, "The world has not seen the last of Sarah Palin." I had not thought before I spoke. It simply came out of me. It was one of those "I know that I know that I know" moments. And I never prayed for Sarah--or this nation--more than after November 4th.

It took a while for me to recuperate from what was lost when the country did not elect Sarah. Actually, I'm not sure I'm fully over it yet. But one thing I do believe is true, no matter what it looks like now: For America and for Sarah Palin, the best is yet to come--and I believe the two are unmistakably linked.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29th... The glass ceiling fell when Sarah walked out on the Stage.

The day when Sarah Palin was introduced to the World, was for me a very interesting day.

I had been talking about her around the blogosphere for months. I and another commenter on HotAir.com were the first to point Allahpundit in her direction. In which Allahpundit asked, “Who is Sarah Palin”?

Who is Sarah Palin?

She is a Mom, an American and a Christian with God in her heart and Alaska in her soul. She loves her state and her country. She is one who doesn’t back down but also listens. She is an average citizen who "Served with a Servant’s Heart” to all those who elected her into office. Any office, be it School Board, Mayor, or Governor, Sarah always made sure to keep the interest of those who had elected her into these positions ahead of any other needs. She didn’t stop looking into those who were corrupt and straight against the many who tried to throw her under the bus. Sarah also stuck to her Christian morals even though she never pushed Christianity. Sarah was very much a model for what other States around the Union should expect.

Stepping out on stage, giving the speech that could be heard across the Nation then holding a disabled child obviously loved, was and has been in many case the pinnacle of a leader for not just the United States, but the World.

Those who say that Sarah is not worthy are the same people that can not find the light in themselves or their life. Jealousy, self importance and animosity are some such feelings that hold all of us back from what can make us as a person, better and greater people. When the people who can step back from those emotions and feeling, are the type of people who can move ahead and for the good of all, including themselves, be better in general to others. Sarah has shown this.

When you think of this day, think about how you felt. The touching emotion, the excitement in the air, the crackling aspiration of someone who understood, and the appreciation from an “Average Citizen” to all of us in the Nation who are also normal and average, but can show their lights to others.

Thank you Sarah Palin for waking up the Nation and a Happy Anniversary to you and Todd and may you have many more happy anniversary’s to come. And a Happy Birthday and special Thanks goes out to Senator McCain, who brought Sarah Palin to the forefront of a movement that needed to happen, even though I don’t think it was intentional on McCain's part. The glass ceiling fell the day Sarah walked on the Stage.

And a Thank You to all who support Sarah. Without you who help Sarah and support her against those that try to keep her down and show what is right. You are the “Average Citizens” Sarah is fighting for.


Unscripted Moment: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

It is an unscripted moment that I will remember most, which was captured in a photograph: With her arms outstretched, she ran toward her youngest daughter like a true, loving mother who had just returned home from a business trip. This is perhaps my favorite moment that I will forever have of Sarah Palin. While many will cite the phenomenal speech she gave at the Republican National Convention or the way in which she re-energized a party, I will always remember her for the way she was when she was with her children. Many of you may remember the event I am describing above. I remember it well. It was about 48-hours before election day, and Sarah was returning home to Alaska from a whirlwind tour of the lower 48 in which she captured the hearts and minds on Americans everywhere. I will never forget when her plane touched down in Alaska- she was home, and her hometown crowd gave her a hero's welcome. As she came down the steps of the plane, I will never forget the excited expression on her face; she couldn't get off that plane fast enough. While many candidates would immediately rush to the podium to speak, the ever unconventional (thank God) Sarah immediately RAN over to greet her children in, I might add, a suit (classy as usual) and her signature red-colored heels, which is an accomplishment in itself. There, on the busy tarmac, stood little Piper eagerly waiting, arms outstretched waiting for her mommy. Sarah saw her and ran to her, and the two embraced. This unscripted moment defines a mother's love for her child and a child's love for her mother. For a moment, time stood still, and there was no denying how much love Sarah has for her children and the love they have for her in return. It is moments like these that illustrate what life is all about: family, faith and country. This is what Sarah is all about. Sarah was not there for a photo-op, or to pose in front of the camera, but to reunite with her family. Yet, sometimes the most unscripted events make for the best photographs. Low and behold, when I opened my edition of "People" Magazine shortly after Sarah's return to AK, I saw the unscripted photo of the event described above. With her back to the camera, Sarah is seen bending slightly, so that she is on Piper's level. The smile on little Piper's face speaks volumes. This is a little girl who not only loves her mom very much, but looks up to her with intense pride.

Many may wonder why I would choose this moment as my favorite memory of how to remember Sarah from the 2008 election. The reason is simple: This moment defines Sarah Palin-the incredible person, Sarah Palin- the loving mother. Remember, Sarah was a mother before she was a candidate. Sarah is the epitome of a woman who knows how to balance career and family. It is her family whom she cherishes and holds most dear. The close relationship she has with her children is apparent. Just as a mama grizzly guards her cubs, Sarah protects her children. We all know this to be true. Whenever her children are attacked, Sarah does what any good parent would do and protects her kids. Not only does she protect her kids, but she includes them in every major decision she makes, which is a trait I greatly admire about her. Instead of looking out for her own political gain, Sarah knows what is important and that's family. In her announcement that she would not seek re-election and resign as AK's governor, she was surrounded by those most close to her, which illustrates her commitment to not only her children and husband, but her entire family as well. Throughout the campain, Sarah's constant was her family. While travelling from city to city, town to town, it was apparent how much she values each and every one of them. How wonderful that her family got to experience the campaign trail with her. What better schooling for little Piper than to see how others live? Talk about a cool field trip! The memories her children will take with them from experiencing life on the campaign trail are those they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. This is another thing that makes Sarah stand out. While many candidates only allow their children to experience certain parts of a campaign, Sarah let her children truly experience campaign life. Willow, Piper and Trig were fixtures at the events and rallys. They met new people, saw this great country- the heart and soul of America and got to see how amazing a mother they have. In doing this, Sarah seemed to be saying, "This is who I am. I'm a proud mother and candidate. My children are my world; they are part of the package too."

Thank you, Sarah, for showing us what it means to be a loving parent, a loving mother. It is so apparent how much pride little Piper has for you. Little Trig is so lucky to have a mom who is not afraid to speak out on issues that are important to his future. Track is so blessed to have a mom who cares so deeply about our troops and their safety. Willow and Bristol are so fortunate to have a role model like you. Of all the precious, memorable moments during the campaign, it is the moments of Sarah, as mother, that I will never forget. For it is in this role that we got to see a woman who knows what is important and cherishes the little things and every memory that comes her way, and that, fellow readers, is the stuff that matters most, the stuff dreams are made of!!!

(I'm a Conservative Girl with a Voice!!! Visit my blog and become a follower: http://conservativegirlwithavoice.blogspot.com

I'm on Twitter too @rachellefriberg. Let me know that you enjoy my blog entries, and I'll follow you too.)

Our First Paliniversay ........ A National Love Affair Turns One

It was a year ago today that Sarah Palin walked onto the national stage and raised us up. Those of us who were fed up with a limp GOP moving center left, we're thrilled with a principled conservative, a rugged individualist VP pick. It saved a McCain campaign on life support.

McCain had it right when introducing her. He said, "she's exactly what we need, she's exactly what this country needs". Bingo.

There is no artifice with the woman. You couldn't write a more perfect resume, Raising her kids, involved in the PTA, elected mayor of her hometown where she stopped wasteful spending and cut property taxes, elected to the oil and gas commission where she stood up to lobbyists, special interest, the old boy network .... the rest is history.

What a year it has been for her and us. Looking back in hindsight - could the differences between Palin and Barack be more stark? Obama is all artifice. Palin is all real, all that. Obama is all style. Palin is all substance. Obama is anti-American. Palin is all-American. Obama holds the US military in contempt. Palin reveres the military. The military loves Palin. The military is on to Obama. The corrupt activist media loves Obama. The corrupt activist media loathes and libels Palin.

Despite the attacks and lawsuits by freaks in Alaska working for Obama's hatchet men Palin perseveres. Hampered by the ethics lawsuits and attrition, she moved on to take on the enemy within, here, on the front lines. When Palin made her "farewell" speech last month I said, her speech was no farewell address at all but a commencement address."I will fight even harder for you, for what is right and for the truth," she promised. "And I have never felt I needed a title to do that!"

Her speech embodied what a great American sounds like, and what a President ought to sound like. Palin made no apologies. She said nothing like Obama's inane drone of "America's best days are behind us." No tearing down of our nation. Obama ranks on us; Palin raises us up and speaks of national pride.

Palin wasted no time in taking on the big boys yet again and winning. No slave to the the leftist feudal media caste system, Palin circumvents the O-propagandists and disinformationalists. Sarah, alone, with her Facebook page as her unfiltered messenger calls out the rotting, decaying vultures in DC on their death panels and they recoil to their nests and pull the death panels out of Obamacare legislation. Palin, alone, on her unedited facebook page declares no healthcare reform without tort reform and she gets Howard Dean to confess they won't take on the lawyers. You can't make this stuff up.

She's a marvel and wonderful to watch. She is a lioness.

Palin is all content. Obama is all about playing the race card. The Obama mop up will be huge. The Republicans are going to need a "real" genuine article, that's our girl Sarah, plain and tall.

Many of us saw the divergent paths America would take with the 2008 election
of a radical or the election of a patriot. America, in the well
intentioned interest of putting the first black man in the White House, never
looked beyond color t0 content of character.

America fell for the smooth talking boulevardier, like an impressionable school girl. But once you've had one of those you run the other way.

I suspect America will be running far and fast from the destroying Democrats into the arms of the pure and the good. When the pendulum swings, its swings hard and fast.

Happy 1st anniversary Sarah. Looking forward to the next 50. I love huh!


My Favorite Sarah Palin Moment Is Her RNC Debut

There are so many special Sarah Palin moments that it is hard to choose just one. But if I had to choose, I think that I would choose her debut at the 2008 Republican convention. There she wowed 40 million viewers as she gave one of the most powerful political speeches on record.

Other than her superb performance, what was so special about then Governor Palin's RNC speech was the confidence she displayed in the face of a liberal media feeding frenzy that tried to discredit her practically from the moment she was announced as John McCain's running mate. Vicious rumors were swirling on the Internet, but Sarah Palin did not flinch.

Instead, she strode gracefully and confidently onto the platform and delivered one of the best political speeches of our lifetime. She masterfully delivered her speech with wit and humor. Even the malfunction of her teleprompter did not cause her to skip a beat. Who can ever forget her statement that the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is "lipstick"!

Afterwards, her beautiful family joined her on the stage along with the McCain clan. That was a memorable moment also. Little did anyone know then how viciously she and her family would be attacked over the months ahead and that these attacks would eventually lead to her resignation as governor.

But Sarah Palin's resignation as governor was not an end in itself but the launch of a greater role in the affairs of our country. She has stepped forward as a voice of opposition to efforts to dismantle our government and take away our freedoms. Sarah Palin is here to stay, and Sarah Palin supporters all over cannot wait to call her Madame President!

Happy Birthday, Senator John McCain!

An American hero celebrates another birthday today. Last year he celebrated his birthday by introducing Sarah Palin as his running mate on the GOP ticket. This year as we cekebrate the first anniversary of this momentous event, we want to wish John McCain a happy birthday as well as thank him for introducing Sarah Palin to America.

Senator McCain is campaigning for reelection in 2010. As Adrienne Ross noticed in a prior blog, Mrs. McCain is asking supporters to give to his reelection campaign as a birtday gift. Over 30,000 people have signed his online birthday card, which also contains a link to contribute to his campaign for reelection.



We would like to invite our visitors to leave birthday wishes for Senator John McCain as well and to contribute to his re-election campaign if they would like to.

Happy Double Anniversary for Sarah and Todd Palin

Share Your Favorite Sarah Palin Moment!

Today Sarah Palin supporters everywhere are celebrating the day that John McCain introduced then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the world as his running mate. Time will tell that this was a pivotal day in American history. For Sarah Palin now stands at the forefront of a life-and-death struggle to preserve the freedoms our forefathers lived and died to give to the citizens of this great country. From Facebook, she has already led the charge against government-run healthcare and spoken out on other issues that affect the freedom and integrity of our country.

Sarah and Todd Palin also have another anniversary to celebrate today - their 21st wedding anniversary! For 21 years they have walked the walk together and shone as role models as a married couple. In an interview with Christian Living , Sarah and Todd gave some insights into their marriage and how they were guided by Christian principles. Some of their accomplishments as a fiscally conservative couple are detailed in this article. At home and in public, Todd and Sarah Palin have lived true to their values and pursued lofty goals.

So today the authors of Sarah's Web Brigade and the Sarah Palin Information blog would like to join other supporters in wishing Sarah and Todd Palin a happy double anniversary as we rejoice with them in their accomplishments and wish them the happiest wedding anniversary possible!

As part of our celebration of this double anniversary, we would like to invite our visitors to leave comments for Sarah and Todd Palin on this blog. Anyone who would like to donate to Sarah Palin's defense fund or to SarahPAC can do so here and here.

Since the theme of the SWB and SPIB blogs today is "My Favorite Sarah Palin Moment," we would also like to invite our visitors to leave comments describing their favorite Sarah Palin moment.



Where Were You When....

SuperSonic Sarah’s Sonic Boom was Heard and Felt around the World?

Complete Announcement August 29, 2008

Editor's Note:

The subject of “where were you when Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s VP” came up on some emails between friends on the Team Sarah site in late December 2008. This blog originally was hosted on Team Sarah and was written strictly for that audience at the time. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments did not start up on Google until January 2009. Given that Team Sarah is strictly for Governor Palin's supporters, the tradition of referring to her simply as "Sarah" was used at the time this entry was written -- which is December 31, 2008. The tradition of reference to her simply as "Sarah" among supporters began in Alaska and carried through the national campaign. Because this is a memoir entry written as a supporters it is article is being re-posted with very minor updates, but otherwise intact and as it was originally written.

I’m going to share my story and document it while it is still reasonably fresh (I’ll leave the matter of whether four months is “fresh” for the reader to decide). I think in the coming years, this will be an important topic. I hope this blog posting will be the starting point for us here at Team Sarah to document our memories of when we first came to know about Sarah.

Before I address where I was that day, the background must be told, so that the story will flow correctly and have meaning.


The Significance of Victory Blvd….

On that day, I was working at Con Edison’s Victory Blvd. service center in Staten Island, NY. At Con Edison, I am a LAN infrastructure project manager; this is my primary full-time job. At the Victory Blvd. facility, our linemen and women come in, get their jobs and go out and work on overhead and underground electric lines. The building is located across the street from a power plant and a substation.

The building is significant for me, because I was also here for a tech support quarterly meeting (I started out working in tech support) when 9/11 happened. My wife had intention of traveling to the city to take ballet class and I frantically called her, fortunately to find her home. Had she made the trip, she would have been square on West St. by the Twin Towers as 9/11 unfolded. It should also be noted that Victory Blvd. was so named because of the Allied victory of WW I. Staten Island hosts Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day parades on this boulevard, and American flags can be found fluttering on nearly every block here.

It was at the Victory Blvd. service center that I would begin learning about the woman behind the voice I heard on the radio that day…

A Young Girl Hauling Gatorade…

Nearly seven years following 9/11, the Victory Blvd. service center and the surrounding area would again take on a new significance for me. Being in the midst of a financial crisis, I had just arrived to work after doing a shift of food vending at the first Giants game the night of August 28th as a second job. I had sold 56 24-oz Gatorades – and I was amazed at one woman -- or more rather – a young girl, standing about 5’5” and weighing a little over 100 lbs – carrying this 50-lb load from her neck like it was nothing. I’m 5’11 and was about 270 lbs at the time – and I was dogging it. I couldn’t get this young girl out of my mind and she motivated me to push harder. I would realize a scant 12 hours later, that this girl was a symbol of things to come….a sonic boom would resound from a woman’s voice on the radio….

“Be Careful what You Wish For…You Just Might Get it…”

As June rolled around, I was sitting at the dinner table with my wife. Like most conservatives, I had despised Hillary Clinton. I regarded her as a calculating, power-hungry, left-wing machine politician with absolutely no central value system. My mantra, along with other conservatives was, “anyone but Hillary.” Back around mid-2000, I had a Jeep Cherokee Sport and I was driving down 65th St. towards Columbus Ave. with my wife. Hillary came on the radio. I almost crashed into a pillar lunging for the dial to change the station….

….So, at first when Obama was leading the Democrat primaries, I figured, “OK…at least it’s not her.” I chuckled as Limbaugh played Obama and Hillary against each other with “Operation Chaos.” But, things began to change -- rapidly. I noticed that Limbaugh was becoming more sympathetic to Hillary. And in one three-hour broadcast, I was spell-bound as he defended her. In the coming days, my respect for Hillary grew. I just couldn’t admit it to myself – and certainly not to my conservative brethren, who would probably think I had flipped my lid and gone lefty.

Only as I wrote this did I consider that maybe the beginning of a paradigm shift was afoot in those early summer days. The old style politics of rivals clawing at one another, while the nation’s work was left neglected was going to be turned on its head. On August 29, 2008, a new vision would be introduced – rivals coming together to serve the people of this country.

Simultaneously, I started hearing some disturbing things about Obama. I already knew about Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Rezko. More unsavory stuff was coming out each day. Obama made Hillary look conservative! I just did not like what I saw in Obama. I couldn’t trust him. Though I didn’t like Hillary’s views, she at least displayed some basic love of country; while Obama’s behaviors seemed to indicate a seething hatred of his country.

So, that night at the dinner table, I blurted out, “You know…I hope Hillary makes a comeback and pulls off the nomination. I’d rather see her than Obama.” I slapped my hand over my mouth! Did I just say that? I said it a second time to re-affirm and followed with… “for all these years, I didn’t like Hillary. I wanted anyone else but her on a Democratic ticket, but now, if I had to lose, I’d rather lose to her. I wanted anyone but Hillary. Now, I’m saying, “be careful what you wish for…you just may get it.”

A conservative woman’s voice on the radio would speak kindly about Hillary two months later….

An Interested Observer…

I would hear portions of Obama’s speech in Denver the night of the 28th on the way home via a circuitous route to avoid traffic. I had just finished selling those 56 Gatorades. I knew about the “Greek temple” farce. His speech was eloquent to be sure, but I could detect the insincerity a mile away. I was eager to find out who McCain would pick as his VP. I figured he was going to nominate Mitt Romney, perhaps or Huckabee, or Lieberman – one of the usual suspects. Maybe McCain would win; maybe Obama might pull it off, but either way, I expected a boring campaign that would lumber to its final outcome. And with a boring VP candidate – especially either a RINO, or someone who appeals to evangelicals and no one else – Obama would easily trounce McCain. People were angry with Bush, and McCain represented an extension of the Bush years. Of course, I was voting for McCain anyway. That was a foregone conclusion. There was no way I could pull the lever for Obama. Not in a million years. But aside from being a war hero, there was little to excite me about McCain. Meanwhile, Hillary was scorned and defeated, and 18 million women were not happy about it…..

Heretofore, I had always been an interested observer when it came to politics. I’d vote, read the papers and various websites, and listen to talk shows. I’ve always tacked right – since the ripe old age of 11 when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980. I had worked for one local campaign as a typesetter/desktop publisher back in the day, but otherwise was never involved in any party’s activities or any campaigning. And I was going to keep it that way, or so I thought. A woman’s voice on the radio would change that…

Yearning for a Leader…

From the middle of December 2007 till early January, 2008, my wife and I had taken a road trip to Key West, FL. The primaries were heating up at the time. Hillary was a shoo-in. For practical purposes, the Democrats had their candidate. Little did we know what would transpire in the coming year. But, as of the end of 2007, the Democratic primary was essentially a coronation for Hillary. It was hers to lose. Though my wife is rather liberal, I was able to discuss the Republican side of the primaries with her and I had said that “among my candidates, there simply was no leader anyone could rally behind. No one stood out as being great.” “In fact,” I told her, “we have been yearning for a great leader for about 30 years now.” It was a veiled reference to Ronald Reagan, and also prescient to what was about to unfold in the coming hours that morning of August 29, 2008, the day that yearning would be answered….

Her Voice on the Radio…

It was getting near 12:30 PM on August 29. I usually take lunch at 11, but this day, I waited, because I wanted to time my departure, so I could hear the VP announcement on the radio. I had checked the Drudge Report and Fox News. The only item there was that the pick was made and was going to be announced. “Well, no kidding,” I thought. “Like we don’t already know that!” So, I wrapped up my morning’s work and headed to my company van to go to Wendy’s for lunch. I turned on the radio, and I heard a woman’s voice. I thought. “He put a woman on the ticket! Freaking awesome!”

I listened as I exited the lot. No sooner did I leave the lot and go about two blocks, I had to pull over to the side of the road. I couldn’t drive anymore. I hung on to her every word. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. In her voice was something familiar, something soothing, and something comforting – I had not heard anything like this, since – since – 1980?

Her accent and expression indicated a small town background. My mind again harkened back to 1980. I tried to dismiss it as just over-enthusiasm. “Naw,” I thought… “Come on…this is not a resurrection of Reagan. Curb your enthusiasm, dude!” But, I couldn’t help it. She spoke about lowering taxes; about winning our wars; fighting evil where we find it; about profiles in courage; about the timing of her pick with women being given the right to vote; about using our own resources. It wasn’t just what she said. She sounded like a friend. She wasn’t talking down to us. She was having a conversation with us. I sat transfixed for the 20 minutes her speech took, and for several minutes thereafter.

Well…Wendy’s was out of the question now. The 12-O’Clock crowd was there. I didn’t have to time wait around, then sit and eat. There were too many people around my work area for me to haul food back. So, I ran to the gas station deli and grabbed a large Gatorade and decided on a liquid lunch. I figured if it was good enough to sell on a second job, it was good enough to get me through the afternoon.

Besides, I had to find out who McCain picked as his running mate! All I knew is that it was a woman. I had no idea of who she was, where she came from, or what she looked like. Here she was stealing my political heart, and meanwhile, I didn’t even know her name!

All I knew was that I was transfixed. Everything stopped.

Back to work…and to find out, “who is this woman’s voice on the radio?”

I returned to work and while drinking my combination of water and electrolytes for lunch, some details came out. I learned the name behind the voice – Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. Finally, within an hour, I would see an article from the London Times – yes a foreign paper – a few brief paragraphs about her. There I saw Sarah raising her M-4. It was the first picture I ever saw of her. “A living, breathing, human guardian angel,” I thought.

I read the article and distilled the main points: conservative; moose hunter; fishes; hockey mom; she reformed Alaska; NRA Life member; carried a Down Syndrome child to term, rather than taking the easy way out; she is so loved in Alaska that they simply call her “Sarah.”

“Holy (both of two common expletives)” I gasped. I almost fell out of my chair! I felt like a teenager again.

I concluded, “This is indeed the next Ronald Reagan. I have every reason to be enthusiastic.” A week later, Michael Reagan would say exactly that. Not only was this the leader we had been yearning for – she was a living reincarnation of people I had studied as a child in school -- people we have not seen in 150 years – an American Pioneer. I grabbed the M-4 picture. It would be the first of a burgeoning photo stash now sitting at nearly 900 photos.

For the rest of the work day – in fact for every day up till November 4, I was walking around giddy, exuberant and full of verve. I realized immediately that something very special happened this day. SuperSonic Sarah was in flight on full afterburner. I watched as the entire world trembled beneath her sonic boom -- which I heard and felt in a company minivan on Victory Blvd.

The Following Weeks and Months…

As the RNC convention started, I noticed a count-down timer – It was not for John McCain – the Presidential candidate’s speech – the timer was for Sarah! That spoke volumes. Michael Reagan’s “Welcome Back Dad” was published the day after Sarah’s speech.

That Saturday morning, something happened (which I would prefer to keep private) which impelled me to be Sarah’s Staten Island wingman. I could no longer be just an interested observer. I had to do anything I could to defend her; to always stand by her; to always guard her wings. Sarah had me lock, stock, and barrel. I started a MySpace page to reach out to Sarah – and other supporters. It took a while to find the real Sarah there, but I met many supporters, then discovered McCainSpace, after which I discovered Team Sarah.

I started also campaigning for Bob Straniere in Staten Island, who was running to fill Vito Fossella’s congressional seat (which he messed up by being busted for DWI and later being discovered for having a child by a woman who was not his wife. Straniere was seeking to do a unity run with McCain, so I thought this would be perfect. I had quit the food vending job – too much work and too little money. On the way to Straniere’s office, I stopped in a pizza place – where I secured my second job. Two white pizza boxes secured by electrical tape became my SuperSonic Sarah rally sign. I had gotten this second job, because I was on the way to Straniere’s office; and that was because I was going full-bore for Sarah – in essence – Sarah got me this job….

I recalled how a co-worker of mine told me that back when he worked on the ramp at JFK airport, everything would stop anytime Concorde moved. I soon found out that it was the same way with Sarah everywhere she went. Everything stopped in her presence. This was the basis for my comparing her to Concorde by metaphor in my blog post about the rally I attended in Bethlehem, PA. There, I requested that Sarah brand a polo shirt over my heart, which she did. At that point, her theft of my heart as a leader was complete and executed.

To say my wife was not thrilled when she found a printed copy of the Bethlehem rally blog post) in my campaign stash is quite an understatement. Like many men, I had put my foot in my mouth with my wife a few times too many as regards Sarah. ;-) Enough of us have, that it became the basis for a country western song by Gerry Stanek. To this day, I still can’t live that one down.

Following that rally, I campaigned with McCain Manhattan the day Sarah did her Saturday Night Live Appearance which is also blogged about here) I made two trips to Pennsylvania to campaign (also documented), formed many friendships along the way, and have dedicated 100% of my political time to Sarah.

It all started with a double-boom and a woman’s voice on the radio whose name I didn’t even know….

August 29 also happens to be Todd and Sarah Palin's wedding anniversary, this year being their 21st. In our disposable society, where appliance warranties routinely out-last marriages, the Palins are a model to be emulated. Despite their ups and downs, the entire family, extending to parents and grand parents on both sides works as a team. The union of two high school sweethearts is likewise rare today. Their marriage is an accomplishment item in its own right and very much worthy of celebration. All of us here at Accomplishments wish you -- Todd and Sarah -- a happy anniversary and many, many more.

Governor Palin still has $380K in legal bills incurred fighting frivolous ethics complaints following her VP announcement a year ago today. Your donation to the Alaska Fund Trust will help cover the expenses associated with her fighting this grievous wrong. Click the logo above to get started....

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Suggested symobolic donation amounts for August 29, 2009:

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr. King and Governor Palin: March On!

By Adrienne Ross from www.motivationtruth.com

"I Have a Dream" is arguably the most-eloquent, most-respected, and most-recited speech in American history. Dr. Martin Luther King gave that unforgettable speech forty six years ago today, and forty six years from now people will still be listening attentively to those words that he gave in front of the Lincoln Memorial at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Dr. King was assassinated before I was born, but as I reflect on the man behind the dream, I see someone who carried a message of freedom and justice, though he knew what it was to be called on the carpet for it. I see a man who loved his country and wanted to see her reach her full potential. No, he didn't believe America was perfect, but he loved her nonetheless. It was that great love that caused him to stand up and speak out when others shouted for him to sit down and shut up. He chose to fight the fight because the liberty of American people was on the line.

Dr. King once stated,

Something is happening in our world. The masses of people are rising up. And wherever they are assembled today, whether they are in Johannesburg, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya; Accra, Ghana; New York City; Atlanta, Georgia; Jackson, Mississippi; or Memphis, Tennessee -- the cry is always the same: "We want to be free."

Sounds like today, doesn't it? Sounds like what the masses of Americans are crying out right now--from tea parties, from town halls, from Facebook and Twitter.

I believe Martin Luther King would have gotten Sarah Palin. More than that, I believe he would have had great respect for her. Although they clearly would not have agreed on every point (who does?), Dr. King knew what it was to use his voice to speak up for the country in which he lived. He knew what it was to cry out for freedom to the point of self-sacrifice. And he knew what it was to be a threat to the establishment. He came against the powers-that-be, and he did it with a boldness that was driven by a sense of right. There's just something about being right that emboldens those who believe it's their destiny to declare it.

Like Dr. King, Sarah Palin refuses to be silenced, though the mainstream media is begging for her to be quiet rather than speak up for the freedoms of Americans, freedoms which perhaps have never been so attacked since Dr. King's day.

I remember last year when Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention. I must admit that toward the end of her speech, I cried. I did not cry because her speech was so moving or her husband was so promising. Please! I cried when she drew attention to it being the 45th anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. For the first time since the campaigning had begun, I was hit with the awareness that history--to which I was directly related--was in the making, that here was the first Black man to have won the presidential nomination--and I could not vote for him. That realization made me sad in a way I never expected. Now, perhaps you don't understand those emotions, but I just remember what gripped me in that moment. It took 45 years, I thought, and this is the best we could come up with?! It cut me to the heart.

As a Christian, nothing trumps values for me--not race, not gender, nothing. Therefore, I could never have voted for Obama. Shoot--I couldn't even stand to look at him. But I suddenly felt robbed of participating in that moment, and it hurt.

The tears were fleeting. They left as quickly as they came...and the next day Governor Sarah Palin stepped onto the national stage, and I was smiling.

I have never cried those tears again, for I remember the man whose speech we remember today. Dr. King so wisely said,

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Translation: There are more important things than race. And while the Left continues to race bait, while they call white conservatives like Sarah Palin "racist" and Black conservatives like me "sell-out," I know Dr. King got it, even forty six years ago, and what's more important, I get it.

Perhaps the American Thinker expressed the difference between Dr. King and President Obama best:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a perfect example of a true leader, and the antithesis of an Alinskyite community organizer. Dr. King wasn't leading a movement of complete strangers. Nor was he dropped into Atlanta by a gang of professional troublemakers, intent on gaining political power. Dr. King, and his father before him, were echelons of the black, upper-middle-class community in Atlanta. They had lifelong friends in every black community south of the Mason-Dixon. They were so well-known, so utterly respected by all, that when Martin spoke, people - black and white alike - knew there was absolute substance behind his thunderous voice. Even the Democratic Party racists who opposed him, gave him grudging private respect.

King had no need of deceptive Alinsky tactics; he had moral authority steeped in roots going back generations in the same home town.

Such is not at all the case with what Alinsky euphemistically called the "community organizer."

Some may think it's a stretch, but I don't think so: Sarah Palin is more like Dr. King than President Obama, and I believe he would have held her in very high regard. He, like she, was a public servant. He paid the ultimate price for opening his mouth for freedom; he would not shut up because too much was on the line. I see the same spirit in her as she continues to fight the fight for the unborn, health care, energy independence, limited government--for freedom.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sarah Palin Continues To Help Shine The Light On Obama’s Corruption

Sarah Palin has been on Obama’s case for some time, taking shots at him in almost every speech and TV interview since he took office. Sarah warned us about the dangers of electing Barack Obama, but unfortunately, 52 percent of the nation chose not to listen. Now 100 percent of the nation is suffering because of this severe error in judgment.

The problems are many, and real solutions, proven solutions that work, are AWOL in the Obama regime. Many have real questions why Obama and his democrat/communist party are seemingly, deliberately, allowing the economy to crash and burn, while at the same time running up unprecedented, and completely unsustainable debt.

Many wonder what the end game is.

Of course, for those paying attention, we have seen this coming for years. The left wing loons in this country have been overtly pushing for socialism for decades. Back in 1961 Ronald Reagan warned us about socialized medicine as the first step to a complete socialist nation where all liberty and freedom will be destroyed.

Well, Obama and his unconstitutional Czars are about to make Ronald Reagan’s upmost fears a reality. As we previously discussed, Obama has some serious anti-American radicals advising him and even writing important legislation, such as the stimulus bill.

We now know that Jeff Jones, a founding member, along with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, of the Weather Underground, is a member of the Apollo Alliance, the group that wrote the stimulus bill that absolutely no one in Congress read before passing, and Obama signed into law.

One man, Glenn Beck, has been all over Obama and his illegal and unconstitutional Czars.

Glenn Beck has been doing a series of discussions on the various Czars all this week, to record ratings, on his afternoon Fox News show.

For her part, earlier in the week, Sarah Palin urged her nearly 900,000 Facebook members to tune in to Becks popular and essential show:

"FOX News' Glenn Beck is doing an extraordinary job this week walking America behind the scenes of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and outlining who is actually running the White House.

Monday night he asked us to invite one friend to watch; tonight I invite all my friends to watch."

-Sarah Palin

This of course, only helps focus attention to the vital information that Glenn Beck has been giving America this week.

It’s also interesting to note that no one of any credibility is disputing what Beck or Sarah are saying about Obama’s corrupt organization.

Even the White House’s only complaint is that Glenn called one of Obama’s communist advisors a Czar, when in fact, this man had actually passed Senate confirmation. That was the White House’s only objection!

Of course, the main concern over all of the 30 some odd Czars, besides the fact that they are radical communists (most self admit this) is the fact that appointing these Czars, who are officially called "special advisers to the President," is an end run around the Constitution, and the Senate’s role of advise and consent over the Presidential appointees to powerful positions.

As many of these Czars have criminal records as well as ties to radicals, such as domestic terrorists, there is no way in hell they would even receive a Senate hearing, let alone be confirmed.

So what Obama has done is set up an illegal shadow government, made up of unelected and unapproved advisers who are answerable only to Barack Obama. They have no accountability to the American people whatsoever. No allegiance to America, or the Constitution, just Obama.

This is NOT what the framers of our Constitution had in mind.

This is the biggest power grab in American history, in what amounts to a coup d'état by a bunch of radical communists.

The similarities between today, and Nazi Germany in the 1930's are staggering. Hitler also usurped his nation’s constitution by appointing people without approval. Hitler only convened his cabinet one time, for show, and then relied on his version of Czars, to do his dirty work from then on.

Now is a good time to point out that I catch flack for calling these people communists and radicals, even though Van Johnson, Obama’s "green jobs" Czar describes HIMSELF as a "radical communist!"

I also catch hell for comparing Obama to Hitler. But if you can find a better historical parallel, by all means, please let me know. Hitler took over the banks, took over the car companies (the Volkswagen "Beetle" was his idea) and nationalized health care.

Hitler’s ideas on eugenics and thoughts on who "deserves" medical care and who doesn’t, fall right in line with those of Dr Ezekiel Emanuel, brother to Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, and an adviser to Obama on health care.

Dr. Death, as we call him, and his extremist ideas that Obama and his thugs embrace wholeheartedly, are the basis for the "death panels" that Sarah Palin so poignantly spoke of.

So let me just insert a quote here from Abraham Lincoln:

"If you call a cow’s tail a leg, how many legs does she have?

Lincoln went on to explain that no matter what you choose to call a cow’s tail, it’s still a tail. So we can call what Obama is doing anything we want. Shoot, make up some hopey-changey sounding name like "rainbows and unicorns for everyone!" But that fact remains, this is communism, plain and simple and all of the sugar coating in the world won’t change that. It’s time to realize what we face, and tackle it head on.

Anything less is just insane, and very, very dangerous.

Now, on to Glenn Beck. Beck has been really doing the work no other TV journalist dares. He has been exposing all of those who advise Obama. There is not a sane one in the bunch!

Let’s start out with a primmer on this bunch as Glenn and Michelle Malkin discuss some of these people and how they were members of radical Marxist groups.

Someone very troubling involved with Obama is Jeff Jones, no relation to Van Jones.

Jeff Jones, as we mentioned above, along with Obama’s friend, Bill Ayers was the co-founder of the violent Weather Underground, a group of domestic terrorists who carried out bombings across the nation during their reign of terror, which included bombing the United States Capitol Building, and the Pentagon.

Please go here to meet Jeff Jones, a convicted felon, and a member of the Apollo Alliance, the group that wrote most, if not all of the stimulus package that Barack Obama pushed so hard for. So hard in fact, that no one in Congress was even given the time to read this monstrosity.

This is truly alarming stuff.

But let’s soldier on. The Apollo Alliance is made up of serious America hating radicals who worship men like Mao Tse Tung, and Che Guevara. Both mass murders in the name of communism.

Take time to read the info here and here, this will really make you sit up and take notice.

Glenn Beck’s latest chapter, in his week long discussion, is about Obama’s attempt to silence free speech in America. Now before you roll your eyes, let me remind you this is a thugacracy that urged everyday Americans to turn in other everyday Americans who were saying "fishy" (their words) things about Obamacare, and created flag@whitehouse.gov to facilitate this. So absolutely nothing should be considered too far fetched for this bunch!

Mark Lloyd is Obama’s FCC "diversity officer." As you will see in the video below, he is a radical communist who laments that Hugo Chavez’s first attempt at setting up a communist dictatorship in Venezuela was thwarted by "enemies" in the United States government who aided the free radio stations in Venezuela and kept an open line of communication out there between the peoples of that once free nation.

That’s right, this Lloyd character actually calls AMERICA, the "enemy!"

Are you kidding me?

Insert unnecessarily long, multi-syllable curse word filled rant here:__________

As Beck and Rush Limbaugh explain, the plan isn’t to use the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" to silence talk radio. They plan to use various laws concerning "local content’ to force national talk radio stars, Like Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Mark Levin off the air, while at the same time funding National Public Radio which is no more than a propaganda arm of the democrat/communist party!

Of course, if those on the left had actual ideas Americans wanted to hear, they would be successful. But in the history of talk radio, which was pioneered by Rush Limbaugh, there has never been a really successful left wing talker. They only exist on government funded radio, and the perennially bankrupt Air America.

With over 20 million listeners weekly, it’s obvious that Americans like what Rush Limbaugh is selling, and that aggravates the democrat/communists to no end. You see, they can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, because their ideas are unpopular, and unwanted. Rather than actually come up with ideas though, they’d rather just shut down all debate!

Watch as Glenn And Rush discuss this:

Sarah Palin warned Americans of the dangers of electing Barack Obama as she campaigned for Vice President. The left wing kooks lost their minds, of course, and attacked her as an extremist, but as we are seeing, Sarah was right on the money, as usual.
Now I can’t read Obama’s mind. He is certainly not the brilliant man, but he is smart enough to not openly talk about communism as strongly as all of those he continually appoints to his team of ever growing numbers of illegal and unconstitutional Czars.

But it is not unreasonable to judge a man by the company that he keeps.

Barack Obama was mentored by radical communist Frank Marshall Davis, from the tender age of 10 years old. Obama himself writes in his book that he sought out the radicals in College. He states that he purposely sought out Marxist professors.

Barack Obama served on two "education" foundations with violent domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and launched his political career in Ayers and wife, felon Bernardine Dohrn’s living room.

Barack Obama was a thug organizer for ACORN, teaching the finer techniques of radical communist and America hater Saul Alinsky’s "Rules For Radicals," a book Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer (the devil) who he called "the first radical"

Barack Obama has already dispatched union thugs from the Service Employees Union International, which was founded by the same men who founded ACORN, to attack American citizens at townhalls who dare disagree with Obamacare. (Again, go study 1930's Germany for comparisons)

As we wrote earlier, Barack Obama has sent out union thugs, through Facebook, to attack Sarah Palin and all of those who support her through that social network, running advertisements containing outright lies about her.

Again, this is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate those who dare disagree with the "Dear Leader" Obama!

A group that Van Jones, Obama’s "green jobs" Czar, an admitted "radical communist" (his words) is involved with is behind the unsuccessful boycott of Glenn Beck’s show.

To show you just how intolerant the left wing communist radicals are in this country, look at the latest attempt to silence free speech and free thought:

Whole Foods is a liberal nirvana. They sell overpriced, but very toney, organic and "green" groceries. The Austin, Texas based store is one of the best run out there, and has bought completely into the so-called "progressive" lifestyle.

This is a company that embraces every left wing style of management. And yet, it’s a great place to work. Most notably, Whole Foods has an incredible health care program it offers to it’s employees. It is truly a blueprint for a free market solution to the nationwide healthcare debate.

So Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey wrote an op-ed that laid out his ideas for a nationwide healthcare plan. Now since this was based on common sense, and actually works, it is totally different from anything resembling Obamacare.

So what has happened?

Well since Mr Mackey had the temerity to go against the wishes of the "Dear Leader, " Obama, his company, which gives money to every left wing cause imaginable, is under siege!

There is a nationwide boycott being organized by communist radicals, some with ties to the Apollo Alliance, and as I’m writing this, I am learning that a group of labor unions are demanding Mr Mackey, the CEO to be fired!

As powerful and dangerous as the labor unions are in this nation, this sort of thing should have every America sitting up and taking notice. The tactics being used by the left are right out of the play books of communist and socialist despots worldwide. Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Chavez and others have successfully used these methods throughout history to destroy liberty and freedom, and set themselves up as absolute rulers of whole populations.

Is this what Obama is angling for?

I honestly don’t know.

But it is certainly something the radical left wing communists that work for Obama espouse. They would love nothing more than to silence all dissent and rule over you and I with an iron fist.

These are very dangerous times. Glennn Beck and Sarah Palin are warning you to wake up and smell the coffee! It’s time to get involved. To sit up and demand Obama fire all of these Czars, or else.

It’s time to rally around solid conservative candidates for office, from dog catcher to President of the United States! No more democrat/communists, and no more squishy "moderate" Republicans who simply serve as enablers to the democrat/communists. We need people who understand and revere the Constitution of the United States.

We must never settle for anything less ever again.

These are very dangerous times, and if we don’t get a handle on this, America will cease to exist as we know it. The shining light of freedom will forever go dark.

So go to the tea parties and townhalls. Demand satisfaction from those in elected office. And be silent no more!

Standing with Sarah on Health Care

By Adrienne Ross from www.motivationtruth.com

I received an encouraging email from someone who has been following my writing on a few different websites. She shared with me the link to the video below and said simply, "You are in it." That was all it took, of course, to pique my curiosity!

That was just an added benefit. The video, made by a website called Standing with Sarah, highlights Sarah Palin's stand on the health care reform issue. It combines some of her statements with pictures that speak to her own commitment to the health and well-being of Americans. Included in the video are pictures of Sarah at the Walk for Autism, which she participated in on June 7th in Long Island. I attended that function, as well, as did some of her family members, including her nephew, Karcher, who has autism. You can read about this event and enjoy the pictures I took here.

See, Sarah Palin clearly cares about how we handle health care for our citizens. As a mom with a special needs child, Trig, who has Down Syndrome, and as Karcher's aunt, she knows the importance of this issue. She is personally invested and has rallied the people of America and begged us to do all we can to keep the health of those we love out of the control of a government that does not--and cannot--love our family members the way we do. The wonderful thing you'll see in the video is the concern she has, not only for her own family and children, but a sincere concern for all Americans.

Now that's someone I can listen to about health care.

Dear Sarah.... : A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

This blog entry is going to be a little bit different than the others I have written. August 29th marks the day that Sarah Palin was introduced to the lower 48. Not only did this day make history, but this day signified the first time in political history that conservative women like me had a voice speaking out on issues that we truly care about. In honor of all that Sarah means to me as well as other conservative women (and men too), the following is a thank you letter to Sarah. Now, I don't know if she will ever read it, as I know she is very busy, but I just wanted her to know how much she inspires me to work tirelessly in the name of freedom and liberty.

Dear Sarah, I don't know if you remember me, but my family is the family from San Diego that has sent you and your amazing family some embroidered clothing items that my mom, Cyndi embroidered. As the owner of an embroidery business, she truly appreciates all you have done in your tireless support for small business. I remember last August 28th very well. That night, I was watching Hannity and Colmes. I remember that day had been a day of specialtion in the news business, as all of the networks were wondering who John McCain would pick to be his running mate the next day. I'm sure you remember that day well. You were probably excited, yet nervous- I know I'd be. As Hannity and Colmes were discussing the possible picks, I have to admit that I wasn't too excited with any of the names being thrown around. Early in the election, I had thrown my support behind the great former mayor of New York, Rudy Guilliani. I had always admired him greatly on how he single-handidly lifted the spirits of the city of New York and in turn inspired a nation. I respect John McCain for his great service to our country, but my enthusiasm was not at a "jump-up-and-down-on-the-couch" kind of level. This all changed when you became the VP nominee. On the eve of the announcement, I remember saying to my mom how I hoped that, just somehow, John McCain would pick a great conservative woman to be his runningmate; little did I know that my hope would become a reality. Sarah, by far, the best decision John McCain ever made was selecting you to be his runningmate. Not only have you inspired a nation, but you re-energized a party.

I first heard about you from my dad. He is a big fan of yours- particularly for the no-nonsense way in which you cleaned up the corruption in AK and remained fiscally conservative throughout your time as governor. When you were announced as the VP choice, I immediately saw what my dad had already known: You were, indeed, a true reformer and inspirational woman at that. As I watched the event in which you were announced on that beautiful summer day of August 29th, I was immediately energized and inspired like I had been at no other time in terms of wanting to do and be more involved politically. You are a role model to me and countless other women who one day wish to run for political office. For the first time, I found a female candidate whom I not only agreed with wholeheartedly, but respected. I finally realized how it must have felt for my female friends who look up to democratic politicians like Hillary Clinton. I know I speak for many when I tell you how much that truly means to FINALLY be represented by someone who truly does understand. I can identify with you in so many ways. Like you, I studied journalism in college, was active in sports growing up, learned the value of hard work and love for the outdoors. And like you, I hope to one day run for political office. I did not always feel this way. While I am only 28, I always felt that to run as a conservative candidate, meant you had to be rich, old and male-a member of elite society, no offense to those in this category. Sarah, when you stepped onto the stage that August day, wearing I have to say the coolest red pumps I had ever seen (I actually have a pair and love them!), I saw a woman who not only loved her country and family tremendously, but God as well. You inspire me to want to make this country a better place for myself and those around me. You inspire me to WANT to fight the good fight in the name of freedom, liberty and integrity. I know I am not alone in writing this. I have seen and become friends with many people just like myself who have been inspired by you.

It is easy for a politician to say something of meaning, and another for the individual to actually practice what he/she preaches. Sarah, you not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk, and this is SO refreshing in a time in which hypocrisy is so rampant. Thank you, Sarah, for illustrating what talking the talk and walking the walk truly means. Your little precious angel, Trig, is a testament of the love you have for life. Not only have you showed the world how much of a blessing having a special needs child can be, but you widened the awareness of how important it is to choose life. Both you and Todd have illustrated what it means to love a child, and this is so prevalent in the love and pride you have for not only little angel Trig, but your other awesome children and grandchild as well. You are a great advocate for children everywhere.

You have also taught me the importance of standing up for what it right and always believing in myself. I used to just sit back, quiet and not say anything if someone said something political that I did not agree with or spoke out in hate against our previous President, George W. Bush, but not anymore. Now, I am not afraid to calmly tell someone my opinions and stick up for those I feel are being unfairly attacked. It is not only my first amendment right, but my duty as a concerned citizen. Thank you so much for speaking out on issues that effect us, Sarah. Issues such as health care, the death panels, the funding of our dollars given to other countries so they can drill while we don't (absolutely crazy), energy independence as well as many other important issues. People know they can count on you to give them the straight talk and commonsense message. You are my main motivation for starting a blog, which I began shortly after the election. My blog is called "Conservative Girl with a Voice," and my website is http://conservativegirlwithavoice.blogspot.com. Writing has given me chance to not only use my journalism and English degrees, but speak out on various national issues as well as issues you are either involved with or speaking out on. I really enjoy it and have met many amazing people in the process. I don't know the direction God is leading me (I originally wanted to be a college professor), but I am excited at the what is ahead, perhaps a career in politics, and this is all because of you and what you stand for. The great people of the great state of AK are so nice and geniune, and they are truly "real people." Through blogging and Twitter, I have gotten to know great people like Eddie Burke (who has been kind enough to have me as a guest on his great radio show), Jessica Steele, Ivy Frye, and Kristan Cole. You Alaskans are truly the real deal, the heart and sole of America! I have also gotten involved with the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee as the San Diego Regional Organizer. It is my hope that you run for president in 2012 because America needs your voice of reason. I have gotten to know so many great, hardworking individuals (like the awesome Kristina Lazarro who's the Buffalo Regional Organizer and runs a great blog, "Inspiration Sarah," and the inspiring Adrienne Ross, who has had the great opportunity of meeting you and you family on a couple of occasions and is not only head of media and in charge of the state of New York for Draft Sarah, but has a fabulous blog, "Motivation Truth." She is a great sister in Christ) who have the same vision in hoping you choose to run for president. I have been reading all about the great Ronald Reagan this summer, and I must say, you are like him in so many ways. Not only are you a great communicator and inspire individuals to want to be better human beings, but you give us hope that our best days are in front on us, not behind us. It is with that hope that I look forward knowing that God is in control and that I must put my faith in him. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for America, and I KNOW your not finished yet-God has big plans for you. Thank you for being a great role model and someone with a true servant's heart.

God bless you and your family,

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