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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sarah Palin To Obama: Health Care Bill Is Same Old Song And Dance Only More Expensive

The President and his lunatic Congress simply won’t listen to the American people. America has loudly rejected ObamaCare and any thought of it. The democrat/communist party just lost what has been one of the bluest of blue seats for half a century, based solely on the fact that Scott Brown, the new Senator from Massachusetts, promised to vote to kill ObamaCare!

The democrat/communist party is facing losses in the House and Senate like it has never seen in America’s history. The loses, to use the Obama regime’s favorite buzz word will be "unprecedented!"

And yet, knowing this is a suicide mission for anyone voting to advance this dangerous and unconstitutional legislation, Obama is asking his people to sacrifice their careers to get this monstrosity passed into law.

Never mind these people, including the President, work for us, and never mind 75-80 percent of "us," (according to some polling) have told these people to cease and desist!

To continue to attempt to force this completely rejected crap sandwich down America’s throat is criminal, and in my opinion, those pushing it should be treated as criminals, enemies of the people.

With that said, America’s Governor has weighed in:

More of the Same, Only More Expensive

The President has wrestled control of the health care debate away from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid by finally introducing his own plan. Unfortunately, the White House’s proposal includes everything we found untenable about the old Senate bill – only this one is even more expensive! This is what you might call putting "perfume on a pig."

What’s in this "new" proposal? It has the unpopular (and arguably unconstitutional) individual mandate that forces people and employers to purchase health insurance – only this time with much harsher fines on employers who choose not to go along with another expensive government mandate. It has provisions that will make employers think twice before expanding their workforce. It has cuts to Medicare Advantage, a popular program which allows seniors to pay a little more money out of pocket for better coverage. And, of course, it still has sweetheart deals – only this time they’ve been extended even more.

We don’t know what the final long-term cost of this will be because the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t had a chance to calculate costs. We do know that the White House recognizes that its proposal will cost tens of billions more over the next ten years than the already-expensive $2.5 trillion Senate bill. The President promised last July that he won’t sign a health care bill if it "adds even one dime to our deficit over the next decade." But he’s now proposing a health care bill with uncertain fiscal repercussions that could lead to endless deficits.

The rising cost of care has driven the entire health care reform debate. So how does the President’s proposal address this central issue? Price controls. That’s right: Washington, D.C. wants to give a panel of bureaucrats the power to cap insurance premiums and prices. As Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute notes, "artificially limiting premium growth allows the government to curtail spending while leaving the dirty work of withholding medical care to private insurers." This leads to rationing. Any economist worth his salt – including the White House’s own Larry Summers – will tell you that price controls lead to all sorts of negative unintended consequences. It’s another step towards government controlled health care and away from the real solution: free market, patient-centered reform.

With a government-growing proposal this bad, it’s no wonder the President wants bipartisan cover for it in an election year. Thursday’s health care summit is already being revealed as little more than a photo-op. The Obama administration still denies the existence of the House Republicans’ health care plan that offers alternative solutions to health care challenges – even though the White House website links right to it.

The President’s proposal doesn’t include pro-free market ideas like allowing people to buy insurance across state lines, giving individual buyers the same tax benefits as those who get insurance through their employers, or instituting real medical liability reform. Despite the "kumbaya" rhetoric, Democrats are making plans to ram this bill through the Senate using a partisan procedural maneuver that will bypass the normal bipartisan debate process.

In the meantime, the White House will continue to ignore Republican reform ideas and cast the GOP as the party of no. That’s a hard sell considering that Democrats still hold the majority in the House and Senate. The only real "gridlock" preventing Democrats from doing what they want is the very real threat of America's voice being heard at the ballot box.

The public is clearly opposed to the Democrats’ health care bills. Americans want to scrap these big-government plans and start over with common-sense, incremental reform. Some on the left have urged Democrats to vote for Obamacare because it’s a foot in the door for universal health care. They understand what’s at stake; so should the rest of us.

The President can perfume this proposal however he wants, but it still doesn’t pass the smell test. Washington should listen to Americans now, or Washington will hear us in November.

- Sarah Palin

As always, Sarah has plenty of links to back her up, and I hope readers will take time to visit each and every one to learn more about the mess Obama is trying to get us into.

One of the things Sarah mentions, that is part of Obama’s failed strategery, is price controls. Governments have tried regulating prices since the time of ancient Rome. It has never, ever worked. It always leads to major shortages of the goods or services being controlled.

In the old Soviet Union, it lead to shortages of food, clothing, and other staples of life. This sort of thinking lead to the eventual collapse of the Soviet Empire. Price controls have destroyed the Cuban economy and are destroying the economy in Venezuela.

Richard Nixon imposed price controls in the 1970's. It caused massive economic problems for the country that lasted for over a decade. Also lead to massive inflation in the end.

Now this fool in the White House and his power mad Congress want to destroy the best health care on the planet in some maniacal scheme they hope will allow them to control the entire economy, as well as lives of all good decent Americans.

You wanna see "death panels"? Wait ‘till you see the massive health care rationing that will take place if this craven plan is allowed to come to fruition. More devastating than all of the dead ObamaCare will leave in it’s wake from health care rationing, is all of those who had hopes that modern medicine would find cures for diseases they suffer from. Obama’s insane Marxist plan will remove any and all incentives to further medical research.

And since Obama will have destroyed the economy and run up our already unsustainable debt to the point of no return, there will be no government money, tax payer money, to fund medical research either. You see communism is all about the equal sharing of misery, not prosperity and happiness.

This is evil, pure evil. These people are completely out of control. Obama and his insane Congress must be stopped and stopped now. Once stopped they must be watched like a hawk watches chickens.

As long as one progressive democrat/communist is in power, at any level, in any capacity, America, and the American people are in danger.

Palin's Spokesperson, Meghan Stapleton, Resigns - My Personal Tribute

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Meghan Stapleton and I in Fairbanks, Alaska

Politico reports that Meghan Stapleton, Governor Palin's spokesperson, aide, and friend, has now resigned:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s senior adviser and spokeswoman, Meghan Stapleton, has resigned, POLITICO has learned.

Stapleton has been a Palin confidante since December 2006 and one of the governor’s most trusted aides since she was vaulted onto the national political scene by being picked as GOP presidential nominee John McCain’s running mate.

Stapleton said she resigned to spend more time with her husband and 2-year-old daughter, Isabella.

“While it has been an honor to help Gov. Palin and her family over the last few years, I am also honored to have this incredible opportunity to stay home with my precious miracle, Isabella,” Stapleton told POLITICO. "[She is] 2 years old, [and] I have missed significant moments in her life, but I look forward with great happiness to celebrating milestones as well as mundane moments with her as I refocus my priorities. I also look forward to seeing my saint of a husband again, too!”


“While I had hoped to work together on so many more projects, time with my precious 2-year-old has been further minimized with the whirlwind commitments of all things Palin,” she told the SarahPAC staff. “I have done my best to scale back, but Isabella is now resorting to hiding my BlackBerry, and she shouldn't grow up begging for a mother to start acting like a mother.”
Read more of what Meghan had to say here.

Mrs. Stapleton has stood alongside Governor Palin for years and has been a major part of her career and success. She will, no doubt, be missed, but I am happy that she will be able to spend more time with her little girl and her husband. She is to be commended for that decision.

As I have written here many times, I have great respect for Meg.

In June, I wrote:

I will forever be indebted to Meg, for she was the reason I had access to the invitation-only event yesterday where I first met Sarah.
Read about that full weekend when I first met Governor Palin, Todd, and Meghan in New York. Read my account of each of those three days here, here, and here.

I also caught up with Meg in July at the Governor's Picnic in Fairbanks, Alaska, when Governor Palin stepped down and turned the reins over to Sean Parnell. What I wrote after that event is my tribute to Meg today, as it sums up my thoughts.

I wrote:

The other person I wanted to see was Meghan Stapleton, Sarah's Spokesperson. She is the one responsible for granting me the opportunity to meet Sarah in New York, for which I am still most grateful. It was great to see her and talk to her. She has my respect because she is such a good friend to Sarah, is so good at speaking up on her behalf, and just stands by her side. I like that in people. It's called loyalty. So many people just want to make a name for themselves. They don't know how to serve others. In fact, they're offended by the term. But I sense something completely different in Meg. I watched her in New York as Governor Palin prepared to speak at City Hall. Meg is, as Sarah says, "Her right-hand man." It was quite hot, and Meg went in and out carrying bottled water to Sarah and everyone else sitting on the steps of City Hall. Now someone else in that situation--if asked to do what Meg was doing--may have thought, Hey, I'm the Spokesperson; that's not my job. But Meghan served. That may have gone unnoticed to some, but that's the kind of thing that jumps out at me. And I remember how that stood out to me that Saturday morning. Maybe it's my Christian faith, but I always view people with servants' hearts as people of incredible power. It's evidenced by how we live our lives, too. I just believe that true humility is something that is revealed in what we do, rather than what we say--and when we can give ourselves to someone else without feeling like we're losing out...well, it's just something special. Whenever I saw Meghan during that weekend, she was serving: getting water, keeping the crowd from devouring Sarah, standing by her side--whatever, she was loyally serving. In a time when service has become a 4-letter word, an insult to egomaniacal self-seekers, Meghan wears it well--in whatever capacity she happens to be serving at that moment. Service should not be something to be shunned. It's something to be embraced. It reveals true character of heart; that's what I see in Meghan.
Read the full account of that event and see pictures here.

God bless Meghan Stapleton and family.

Join Me on My Radio Show this THURSDAY Night! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Many of you may already be aware of the big news that I am about to share with all of you. I joined Team Sarah shortly after Sarah was announced John McCain's running mate. Team Sarah is a great community in which to interact with fellow Sarah supporters. When I joined Team Sarah, I had no idea of how politically involved I would become in the months to follow. As the San Diego Regional Organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, I have had a blast educating others around my community and online about Sarah and her message of common sense conservatism. I have gotten to know so many wonderful people because of Team Sarah and 2012 Draft Sarah. I have also gotten to know so many amazing Alaskans who have become great friends. Sarah is blessed to live in a state with so many great salt-of-the-earth people.

Many of you know that Team Sarah has an weekly online radio show entitled Join Team Sarah on Blog Talk Radio. The creator of the show, Martha Cano, recently asked me if I would like to host a show once a month. I told her that I would be honored to be a host and thanked her for believing in me. I had a blast hosting the show a couple weeks ago, and I will be hosting the show tomorrow night. Just this week, Martha asked me if I would like to be the new main host for the show, and I accepted. I am honored that she has chosen to put this show in my hands, and I hope I can make her and all of you proud. The show is going to be going through a re-vamping of sorts, and I believe this fresh start will be a good thing. Like Sarah, I have an independent streak, and I always tend to take my own path, listening to God along the way. I hope you will all join me on what should be an exciting journey. I am honored to have Camille Friend who runs the blog The Design Conservative on board as my co-host. Camille is a great woman who supports Sarah and is a great conservative. You may heard her on Pro-Sarah Radio where she is a frequent guest. Camille and I want this show to become a platform of support for Sarah. We also want this show to be a place where conservatives and independents alike can flock to to get the latest political news. I am excited that hosting this radio show will give me the opportunity to put my college degrees in Journalism and English to work spreading the word about how great Sarah is!!!

I am pleased to announce that I have some great guests lined up for tomorrow night's show. First up is Eddie Burke, the #1 Alaska Talk Radio Host. (Eddie's show airs M-F from 5-7 PST on 700 KBYR. Listen online at www.kbyr.com.) The cool thing about this is that Eddie is going to be coming to be interviewed live during his show. Many of you may remember that Eddie was nice enough to do this last month on the show I hosted. This is great format because his listeners and my listeners were able to hear the interview. Eddie is a great friend of mine, Sarah Palin and her awesome family. Camille and I cannot wait to ask him all about the Iron Dog and get the "scoop." We will also be asking him about his recent op-ed.

Second on the lineup is Sheya who runs Palin TV and is a contributor for Conservatives for Palin. Sheya is going to be telling us all about Palin TV. We will also be talking about Sarah.

Finally, we will be chatting with Jason Cline, who is running for the Alaska State House in Anchorage. Like Camille and myself, Jason is a young Republican who is getting actively involved in the political process. You may remember Jason because he was on the show last month. Jason just got back from attending CPAC, so he is going to come on to tell us all about his amazing experience. Camille and I will also get an update on how his campaign is moving along. I am also pleased to announce that all-star blogger and all-around-cool dude Robert Stacey McCain who runs the blog The Other McCain will be joining us as well. Robert has been attending CPAC for years, and Camille and I cannot wait to hear about his experience.

I hope you all will tune into the show tomorrow night (Thursday) at 5p.m. AK standard time, 6p.m. PST, 8p.m. CST and 9p.m. EST. Visit www.blogtalkradio.com/join-team-sarah to listen to the show. Wanna ask a guest a question? Call 1(347)215-6125. If you don't want to call in, but still want to participate, there will be a chat room available.

Thanks so much for listening, and I hope you enjoy the show!!!

(Click to visit Conservative Girl http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifwith a Voice and become a follower. Click here to follow Camille on Twitter. Click here to follow me on Twitter.)