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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sign this Petition and Show Your Support for Discovery's "Sarah Palin's Alaska" Series!!! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

It is crucial that we do everything in our power to make sure the Discovery Channel's Sarah Palin's Alaska series goes forward without a hitch. As I type this, liberal haters and the PDS infected anti-Sarah crowd are doing everything in their power to stop Discovery from airing the series. What is their beef? Sarah, oh course. I didn't even have to ask, right? Even though it has been confirmed that this series will NOT be about Sarah, but instead the state of Alaska, these individuals are hell bent on destroying a series that will do nothing, but benefit the Alaska in terms of exposure, tourism not to mention other great things. Moreover, this series will show how beautifully plentiful the state of Alaska is and how much the state has to offer America.

Will you join me and click here to sign a petition to show your support for this Discovery series? Please spread the word; tell your friends!!! After all, we are Sarah's army- a mighty army!!! Join me, and let's fight this good fight together!!!

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