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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Judi McLeod: Sarah Palin Could Be the Most Genuine, Real Politician I Ever Met

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press attended Governor Palin's speech in Hamilton, Ontario Thursday night. The encounter obviously left quite an impression on her.

She wrote:

I attended the event thinking that perhaps Gov. Palin was getting a little full of herself, but I was wrong.

Sarah Palin could be the most genuine, real politician I ever met.

If only more politicians could be more like the down to earth Sarah Palin, we’d all be better off for it.

Read more here.

Contrast that wake up call to what Cathy Areu of Catalina Magazine had to say on Bill O'Reilly last night. She called Governor Palin a diva, and the only thing she had to back that up was the fact that the governor has made quite a bit of money since July.

So she has a beef with making money? Without any proof whatsoever, she insists that the money just has to change her because that's what money does.

O'Reilly handled her pretty mildly, and even so, he set her up to make herself look like the catty, jealous woman she obviously is. Perhaps Ms. Areu should have a talk with Judi McLeod. Maybe then she'd learn that some people can actually acquire the American dream through a combination of God's blessings and hard work without turning into the bitter loons Areu appears to be or the elitist brats she's accusing the governor of now being.

When O'Reilly said she can have money and still relate to others, Areu states:

"I don't think she can. I don't think she can. I don't think she can relate to the folks."

Three "I don't think she can"s--or four or five, for that matter--won't make her any more sensible, and certainly won't change the facts. No matter how many times she states her opinion, it remains an opinion--one that belies the experiences of a plethora of people, including Judy McLeod, Adrienne Ross, and so many of you. And you know what I always say anyway: "a person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument." Areu has an argument, and not even a good one. The last time I checked, "I don't think" won't hold up in court, although I don't think she thinks either!

To her insistence that "money changes a person," I say, yes, it allows you to pay your bills, give to charity, and do some things you weren't able to do before. So what's the problem? I suppose she would trust Governor Palin more if she had remained in office and allowed the sufferers of Palin Derangement Syndrome to continue their quest to bankrupt her family and her state.

Areu needs to take note of something else that really changes a person. It's called poverty. Most of us don't want any part of it. It's highly overrated!

I can't seem to get my brain wrapped around some people. Whether it's President Obama apologizing for American exceptionalism or Cathy Areu hating on the governor for taking advantage of the American dream, it's absurd. I've got a message for all who subscribe to such ridiculous mindsets: "Whether we like it or not," America is a place where we have the right to pursue happiness. Indeed, we are the envy of the world. And those of us with common sense will not apologize for taking advantage of what hard work and opportunities afford us.

As Judi McLeod discovered, once in Governor Palin's presence, it doesn't take long to realize that she is genuine and down to earth and that we need many more like her, people who possess a great love for God, country, and service. May we be blessed to be among those who have learned to balance the American dream with a servant's heart--and may we never apologize for it.

Below is Areu displaying Palin Derangement Syndrome:

S.E. Cupp On Religion, Tea Parties, Barack Obama, Michelle Bachmann, And Sarah Palin

One of our favorite Conservative commentators, S.E. Cupp, has written a new book: “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity” In support of this book S.E. sat down for an interview with Newsmax TV and discussed a variety of topics from religion, and the media’s continual disdain thereof, as well as Barack Obama’s radicalism and how the media simply can’t handle strong, smart, and attractive Conservative women.

S. E. makes some interesting and provocative points:

On religion, media bias, and her atheism:

I am an atheist but I’m not one of those militant atheists. I simply don’t believe. I envy the faithful. I’ve always defended religious freedom. I’m grateful for mine and I’m grateful for everyone else’s.”

I defend especially Christianity in this country because it seems to be under attack, and I’m bothered by the idea that the media has taken a side in this fight. I’m really bothered as a writer, as a member of the press, that the Fourth Estate has become so openly hostile to 80 percent of the country. This is a huge majority. And 90 percent of the country believes in God.

To go after a majority like this means they’re really not a representative media. They don’t deserve to be called mainstream.

I think the media is socially secular and increasingly so, and I think the judgment and the morality inherent in Christianity or any religious system is really threatening to a secularist movement like the media. If the media can go on unjudged, I think that makes them fairly happy.

I knew what I was getting into when I started researching this book, but I did not know the scope and scale until I really got into it. It’s not just The New York Times and CNN and MSNBC, places you’d expect. It’s on the blogosphere. It’s online. It’s the Huffington Post. It’s Salon.com. It’s USA Today. It’s radio. It’s everywhere. You really have to look hard not to find it.

The “worst offenders” include be Salon.com, Cupp says. “CNN is pretty bad. The New York Times is pretty bad only because of the clout and influence that paper has. You would expect them to be a bit more responsible. MSNBC is terrible. Some of the talking heads there like Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews — these guys really have it out for Christianity.”

On Barack Obama:

[Barack Obama has an] “affinity for radical Marxist theology.”

If you look at some of his own testimony about his religious education, whether in his book or his speeches, he discusses at length his decision to follow black liberation theology, the kind of Christianity espoused by Reverend [Jeremiah] Wright and a number of other well-known pastors around the country.”

Obama describes it as not particularly a Christ-driven move on his part but as sort of a recognition of the black social causes of the time. That’s what really drove him into Christianity. When you actually read about it, it’s far more radical than the Pentecostalism of Sarah Palin or the Baptism of a Mike Huckabee. Yet those folks are constantly painted by the liberal media as being fanatical and fringe.

“If anyone bothered to look at Obama’s black liberation theology, they would have no choice but to recognize that it’s an incredibly radical — and I would even say extreme — version of Christianity.

On Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, conservatism, and the left wing media’s inability to deal with “pretty” Conservative women:

One, the liberal media always have a difficult time dealing with pretty, conservative women. They just don’t know what to make of it. She [Sarah Palin] can’t be that smart because she’s too pretty. She can’t be galvanizing because she’s too dumb.

Two, they’re frustrated by the fact that this is a self-made woman. They spent eight years telling us that George W. Bush was this nepotism experiment gone wrong. Well, here’s a woman who came from nothing, who worked her way up to become a successful wife and mother, had an amazing political career — the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest.

This is unequivocally an accomplished woman, and the right kind of accomplished woman if you ask the liberal media — the kind that did it on her own. That bothers them because they really dislike her policies.

I think it takes a lot of courage in today’s day and age to stand up as Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have and say look, I believe there’s a traditional role for the family. I believe in traditional values. I’m a proud Christian.

That is an act of courage today, sadly. And I think the liberal media wants to position a Bachmann or a Palin as somehow backwards or lost in time, unsophisticated, a relic.”

Conservatism rightly resists the changing tide, the changing social mores. The whole idea of conservatism is to preserve what we think is good. So these flag bearers like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, women no less, I think are really throwing mud in the eye of the liberals who would rather see them locked up in some museum.”

Check out S.E. Cupp’s new book: “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity” at Amazon.com.