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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund "Flight" in Beaver Creek, CA

US 4 Palin "Fly Sarah from Wasilla to Washington" Campaign
"Sarah" is now in Beaver Creek, Canada
How to "Fly 'Sarah' from Wasilla to Washington"
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Wasilla to Beaver Creek, Canada

"Sarah's" pilot, Laura had recently retired from the US Air Force. She had been flying transports out of Elmendorf Air Force Base and logged thousands of hours. The happily married Laura's Cessna 172 is equipped with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit, which is perfect for these flights. "Sarah's" husband would be joining her in Washington later, along with their children. "Sarah" and Laura met - "call me 'Sarah' - she said. After some small talk and stowing their gear, Laura gave "Sarah" her safety briefing, checked to be sure they both had their passports and customs forms for entering Canada, then called Anchorage Center for clearance.

The flight would go past Big Lake, which is west of Wasilla so that the plane could reach 10,000 feet, then turn back, climb to 11,000, where it would stay until Eileson Range.


"Sarah" could see all of Wasilla beneath the right wing starting with the airport she had just departed. The Curtis Menard Multi-Use Sports Center that she made possible came into view, followed by her house and the Wasilla Bible Church. City Hall - where she had served as Wasilla's Mayor and Councilwoman, and sat in second grade - slipped by. She could see the Frontier Mall, where she had gone to Mocha Moose to get her favorite coffee, Good Morning Alaska, five pounds of which was traveling with her. Flowers by Louise passed thereafter. They had sent her many a bouquet from supporters all over the world. She could see Wasilla High School, home of the Warriors, where she won that basketball game against Service High so many years ago - on a broken right ankle. That game would chart the course for the rest of her life.

The Starbucks where she got her skinny white mochas passed by, followed quickly by the Beehive Beauty Shop, where Jessica Steele's half and beehive up-do's became "Sarah's" trademark styles. Steele also invented the Sure Grip Hair Roller, which Vidal Sasson brought to market. Very quickly the Heath house slipped under the right wing, then the Grouse Ridge Shooting Grounds, where the baby shower for Piper was held. The final goodbye to the Wasilla area was Hatcher Pass, where the front cover for Going Rogue was shot. She saw the turn-off from the Parks to Glenn Highway - beelines up and down these roads punctuated her life.

Palmer, Glenn Allen, Eileson Range to Canada...

The flight proceeded to Glenn Allen slipping in an out of cumulus clouds suspended over a mountainous canyon as the Alaskan midnight sun finally set and gave way to evening, then morning twilight - hours that are considered deep night in the Lower 48. The moon rose off the left wing. "Sarah" had seen this all her life, but was still fascinated by it and awe-struck by the beauty unfolding before her.

Just West of Eileson Range, Laura was cleared to turn southeast and start descending in steps, 7200, 5600, 4900, 4100. She wrote each altitude on her left hand - "Sarah" noticed and knowingly smiled. "Thank you, Sarah" Laura said. "For what?" "Papers can fall in the cockpit and they're a pain to retrieve. Unless I lose my hand, I'm not going to lose my clearances! I saw you do it at the TEA Party convention and I was hooked ever since!"

Off the left wing, Beaver Creek beckoned. "Sarah" could see on the GPS that the flight was leaving Alaska. She felt a pang, and Laura detected it. The transition was not obvious in commercial flights flying high and fast and with no moving map. "I took you out of Alaska, but no one will ever take Alaska out of you," Laura said as the plane crossed the border. "Sarah" smiled. "Thank you." Laura was vectored around for a visual approach to Runway 31 facing the northwest. Evening twilight was turning into morning twilight. Following a smooth landing on the small gravel strip, the pair went to the airport office to clear immigration and customs. Five more flights would be made in Alaska before they would re-enter the United States.

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My Phenomenal Alaska Trip: Part Four: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Since getting back home to San Diego, the memories of my great trip to Alaska keep getting replayed in my mind. This blog has allowed me the opportunity to share with you, my readers, my passion for politics and writing. This blog also has helped me to record my memories in a diary of sorts. Yes, I can proudly say this blog has become my diary. Since my last entry, I have had the chance to say “goodbye” to many of the seniors at the high school I work at. While many of the kids in today’s society are labeled as “lazy,” I can tell you that for every “lazy” kid, there are five or more kids who work hard. I know it because I have witnessed it this year. I saw many ups and quite a few down this year at the school I work at, but more often than not, the kids I have gotten to know have persevered. A week ago, many of them graduated. I can safely say that, yes, this girl shed a lot of tears (I’m a sap for happy endings). The tears I shed were all happy tears because I know these kids, I mean young men and women, will embark on a world that is ever-changing. To the young men and women of the Class of 2010, I salute you, and I know you will make me proud.

While I have tons of memories about my time in Alaska, it is the memories that I shared with Tracey Porreca that I will remember the most. As the former President of the Valley Republican Women’s club, Tracey is no stranger to politics. She is an amazing woman, wife and mother who, like Sarah, cared about the direction her country was headed and decided to do something about it. Many of you know that I have blogged about Tracey before. I was delighted to finally meet Tracey face-to-face when I traveled to Alaska. Tracey was generous and kind enough to chauffeur us around Alaska during a large part of our trip. We went to a variety of cool places, including souvenir shops and yummy restaurants. Yes, she was even patient enough to go with us to Walmart and “hang out” while my sister and I picked up everything we needed when we first arrived in Alaska. I don’t think she was aware of just how much my sister and I love Walmart- wink, wink. If I had to name my favorite part of my time with Tracey, I would have to say it was our trip to the Matanuska Glacier, about 2 miles North of Wasilla. The drive in itself was gorgeous, and we couldn’t ask for a better day to witness Alaska in all its beauty. It was so much fun to hike to the glacier. I especially enjoyed the “crunch, crunch” sounds from our shoes hitting the ice. And the glacier itself- ahhhh… what can I say, other than it was truly breathtaking and awe inspiring.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many amazing people via Twitter and Facebook. One such person I have had the joy of befriending is a girl about my age named Amanda. I got to know Amanda from Twitter because she was a fan of my blog, and we immediately hit it off with our love for pop culture and shopping. It was cool to learn that her dad is Alaska Lieutenant Governor Craig Campbell, who is a pretty cool guy. Amanda was nice enough to set up a lunch date with her, her dad and her wonderful his mom, Anne Marie at Sullivan’s Steak House in downtown Anchorage. Remember how I blog in the last entry that my campaign partner in crime, Camille Friend, was going to meet up with us in Alaska? Well, she arrived in Alaska a couple days before our scheduled lunch, so she was able to attend along with Krisha, Kristina and me. We had a wonderful lunch with the Campbells. Amanda and her parents are the most kind, generous people, and we all had a great time. As a pop culture, political-loving girl, I will take any opportunity I can to talk about these areas. Lt. Gov. Campbell gave me some great insight and awesome advice that I will take with me as I continue down my political journey. When Eddie Burke asked me to help out with his campaign for lieutenant governor, I knew Eddie was running for the right reasons. Like Craig, Eddie is a conservative who will put Alaskans interests above his own. Please visit Eddie’s campaign website and make a donation. His campaign is truly a grassroots effort. I hope each and every one of my readers will visit and donate $5 to the conservative cause. Alaska is so lucky to have a lieutenant governor who truly cares for the people of his state. He truly is the REAL DEAL! He may have decided against running for lieutenant governor, but I know God has big plans for him.

As my phenomenal trip began to wind down to a close, it was fun to end my trip on a high note. How else would you want to spend your final day in Alaska other than by spending the day participating in a local Alaskan parade? Krisha, Camille, Kristina and I had the pleasure of walking with Eddie Burke and some members of his amazing family in the Colony Days Parade in Palmer, AK. It was so much fun getting out and talking to people. Eddie had a great time talking to the people and listening to their concerns. Eddie really has a way with people, and people really seem to enjoy the ideas he has on how help Alaska. You wouldn’t believe how many people I repeatedly said how grateful they were to Eddie for running and spreading the common sense conservative message. I also had the chance to see Sarah’s mom, Sally, again while walking down the parade route. I went over, said “hello” and gave her a great, big hug. We chatted with her and another great woman, Carol Ryan, for a little bit before heading back out to wrap up the parade route.

Krisha and my flight was not until later that evening, so before we said goodbye to Eddie and his family, Eddie and his awesome wife, Linda, treated us to lunch. The Burke family did so much for us during our stay in Alaska, and they have become “family” to Krisha and me. Whether or not you agree with Eddie politically, you have to at least admit that he and his family are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. Right now, I call him a great friend, but I hope very soon to be calling him Lieutenant Governor Burke. You can help this happen by donating to his campaign today!!!

After saying goodbye to Eddie and his family, we stopped by Chuck and Sally’s (Sarah’s parents) house to say goodbye. I know many of you have seen their house on TV during the election, but that does not give it the justice it deserves. Their house has to be one of the coolest houses I have ever been to, and I could sense just how much fun the grandkids must have when they come over. It is like a museum- scratch that. It is even cooler than a museum, and it doesn't hurt that they have the cutest puppy you will ever lay your eyes upon. Now, the first time I visited them during my stay, Chuck was nice enough to give us an amazing tour. As he showed us around, he took the time to show us the various artifacts he and the family had collected over the years. He also showed a lot of cool family photos and maps of different parts of Alaska that he and the family had been lucky enough to visit. As I listened to him tell us about his travels and the different things he had collected, I could see why he was such an awesome science teacher, and I made the point to tell him this. It was a privilege to get to spend time with both him and Sally. They are truly great people. It makes me sick whenever I hear the media attack Sarah and her family. How dare anyone personally attack such a great group of people? How dare anyone attack a group of people who they have not taken the time to get to know? I must say, that, after visiting and spending time with members of Sarah’s family, my time spent with them makes me want to stick up for Sarah and her family even more. These are great people, real people who value honesty and integrity- two traits that those who attack them could learn a thing or two about. I even got a keepsake memento from the Heaths that took back with me to San Diego, and I will cherish it forever. What great people!!! In fact, all of those I met while in Alaska were great people. I believe many of us in the lower 48 could learn a thing or two from Alaskans. There is just something so refreshing and so authentic about our neighbors to the North.

Thank you, Alaska, and thank you, God, for giving this Conservative Girl with a Voice an unforgettable trip to the Last Frontier, and for leaving me wanting more!!!

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Forbes Magazine: Gov. Palin Earns Less Than Media Reports

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Governor Palin's income seems to be a source of deep concern for some people, some of whom want to depict making money as something for which one must apologize. How utterly simple-minded. Let's just be real: it's nobody's business how much money the Governor makes, and as far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier. So against my better judgment, against my pro-American Dream mentality, I post this.

According to Forbes Magazine, the media inflates the amount of money Governor Palin earns. Dirk Smillie writes:

In the year since Sarah Palin quit as governor of Alaska, journalists have raved about her reported earnings, endlessly repeating the unproven contention that she scored a $7 million advance on her book, "Going Rogue," published by HarperCollins last November and tallied up a huge $12 million income in the months following her resignation.

The $12 million figure got its footing in April when ABC News first reported it. Since then the number has been repeated dozens of times by other outlets. On a July 3 broadcast of the Today Show, (See video, here and below) for example, NBC News' Norah O'Donnell gushed: "Sarah Palin is cashing in, going from $125,000 a year to an estimated $12 million. There's her blockbuster best-seller "Going Rogue"; on that deal, $7 million. Her own TV show on The Learning Channel; on that deal, $2 million."

But an investigation by Forbes of Palin's income since she left office last July (done as part of our research for the annual Celebrity 100 list, out last week), plus a review of her finances from a source with access to her business records, suggests Palin made a far smaller advance and that her earnings over the past 12 months were at best $10 million.

Palin's biggest source of income since leaving office is her "Going Rogue" advance and royalties. Neither Palin herself nor her publisher, HarperCollins, would comment on what they are. But a publishing industry source who knows the terms of the deal said Palin's advance was "nowhere near $7 million." A source inside Palin's camp says the number is closer to $2.5 million.

How plausible is this smaller figure? Last October Palin made her final required financial disclosure during her term as governor. In the first 6 months of 2009, while Palin was still in office, she listed $1.25 million in income from the forthcoming book. It's standard practice in the publishing business to give an author half of their advance upfront; the rest when a manuscript is delivered.


Palin's speaking fees are reported to be $100,000 per appearance. But Palin has done fewer than a dozen speeches in which she has made even close to this number, says the Palin insider. She does not command a premium similar to, say, Bill Clinton, because most major speaking venues willing to shell out that kind of money--corporate backed investor conferences, fundraisers for universities--don't book highly partisan figures. Palin's take from speeches since leaving office, then, probably hovers at $500,000.

Bottom line: thanks to a memoir published at the zenith of public interest in her, the former Alsaka [sic] governor had a windfall year. But her best days, financially, could be behind her. Unless, of course, she's elected President.

Here's my bottom line: whatever Governor Palin earns, I say, "More power to her; she deserves every dime." However, I also know the anklebiters like to twist anything related to the Governor, blow it up, and run with it, which they have also attempted to do when referring to her earnings--all to promote their own agenda. For this reason, it's always best to set the record straight. My sole motivation as usual? The truth!

Read the full Forbes article here.