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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The understudy is now the STAR! - Update

I have to say that Obama's administration has affected me in more ways then I ever could have imagined. I am having to work three jobs at this point just to make ends meet and each day that is becoming more and more difficult. What keeps me going is watching what Sarah Palin has been able to do in Washington D.C. She has the main stream media and the Democrats running scared and she likes it! I have not been able to blog in awhile but I ran across an article today that I just had to write about.

In today's Washington Post, Dan Balz wrote a great article entitled "McCain understudy Sarah Palin is now the star". You can read the entire article here. I was surprised and excited to read this article because it really demonstrates how far Sarah Palin has come since the 2008 election. Mr. Balz writes:

John McCain and Sarah Palin were back together again Friday. His presidential campaign was floundering when he first reached out to her. Now, facing a challenge from within his party as he seeks reelection to the Senate, McCain has turned to her again to help bail him out. But what a difference.

Their national campaign together ended badly for both, topped by a flurry of leaks dumping on the former Alaska governor and, since then, nasty accusations between the senator's camp and hers over the conduct of it. Whatever happens now, the reappearance of McCain and Palin on the same stage illustrates how much things have changed since 2008.

Just think back to all the that Sarah has done in two short years: she secured a gas pipeline for the state of Alaska; wrote a best selling novel; spoke out against the health care reform bill and cause Congress to make changes merely by voicing her concerns on her Facebook page. Most of all, Sarah has given millions of Americans a voice and this is what Mr. Balz was able to portray.

For starters, the understudy is now the star. A majority of Americans may think Palin is not qualified to be president, but the GOP faithful love her, as does cable television. Cable news was fixed on Palin as she delivered her introduction of McCain at a rally in Tucson on Friday afternoon. Minutes after McCain took the microphone, they cut away from the rally for other news. ...[she described the current atmosphere in D.C. created by the media] in describing as "B.S. coming from the mainstream media lately about us inciting violence."

"Don't let the conversation be diverted," she told the crowd. "Don't let a distraction like that get you off track."

Well done Mr. Balz, well done.


This was the weekend of praise for Sarah Palin from some of her usual critics. David Catanese of Politico wrote a nice artile entitled "Palin top draw in reunion with McCain". In this article Mr. Catanese admits:

No losing vice presidential candidate in recent memory has eclipsed the popularity of their running mate so rapidly. And even though the rally attendees may help send McCain back to the Senate for another six years, for many of them, Palin is the vessel who carries their hopes for the future.

Cindy McCain even subtly acknowledged the proverbial elephant in the room at Friday’s rally in Tucson. “You have come today, I know, most of all to see my husband,” she said, seemingly trying to convince herself and the audience of her own statement. “But I know you’ve also come to see Sarah as well,” she went on, triggering sustained applause.

You can read the entire article here.

Finally, everything Sarah supporters have known is rising to the surface for all to see!

Sarah Palin, Tea Party Take Aim in Searchlight

By Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts 

The Tea Party Express stopped in Searchlight, NV in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s back yard (almost literally).

Fox News reported on this event:

Fewer taxes, less government and no "Obamacare."

That's the message thousands of conservative Tea Party activists were hoping to send to Washington as they streamed into Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's hometown in Nevada Saturday morning.

"Harry Reid is symbolic of the problems in Washington in the sense that he's been the leader in the Senate of all the things we've been against -- expanding the government, increasing the deficit, and raising taxes," Sal Russo, chief strategist of the Tea Party Express, told FoxNews.com.

"He campaigned as a moderate but has moved so far to the left," Russo said of Reid. "Voters are tolerate of different views, but what they don't like is when someone campaigns one way and then governs by another."

The Tea Party Express, one of the most visible factions of the national Tea Party Movement, officially kicked off its cross-country, 42-city bus tour with Saturday's rally.

Senator Reid is majorly vulnerable as he trails both GOP hopefuls in the latest poll.  We know that elections have consequences, as we have well learned from the outcome in 2008.  Senate votes have consequences as well.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was a keynote speaker for the event today, you can watch her speech below:


Video HT: The Right Scoop via Texas 4 Palin

She discussed numerous topics and she specifically addressed the media’s meme this week that she and other conservative leaders are inciting violence and expressing concern about tea party violence.  She said:

We’re not inciting violence.  Don’t get sucked into the lamestream media’s lies about conservative America’s standing up for freedom as inciting violence.  Violence isn’t the answer.  It’s a bunch of bunk what the media is trying to feed you.  Don’t let them divert attention from the debate.  Media, you guys ginning up an issue like that making it sound like it is a crowd like this of patriotic Americans who are inciting violence.  It’s not true, it’s a bunch of bunk, and we ask for some fair and balanced reporting coming from you please.

Apparently though it was Harry Reid’s supporters who were inciting violence.  Interesting.  I doubt that’ll make it in The New York TimesPolitico reported 20,000 in attendance at this event four miles north of this small town in the Nevada desert.  Conservatives 4 Palin noted that President Obama drew “hundreds” (or up to 3000) to his kickoff event in liberal Iowa City for his first stop of his temporary victory tour.

Who do you think is more energized?

Shane Vander Hart is the editor of Caffeinated Thoughts.  He loves connecting with fellow Rogues so feel free to follow him on Twitter or friend him on Facebook.

Governor Palin Handles Heckler (Video Included)

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

This morning Governor Palin dealt handily with a heckler as she was speaking at a McCain Rally in Mesa, AZ. The man had to be removed from the event. This is interesting in light of the fact that dishonest people are accusing Gov. Palin and tea partiers of being boisterous, inappropriate, and violent.

The governor told the man to listen and perhaps he'd learn something, but he refused to shut up long enough to learn a thing. She then reminded the crowd that Senator McCain, as a tortured POW, paid the price for that heckler to have the right to protest.

Too bad he couldn't have found a more respectful, constructive way to express whatever disagreement he had. His behavior sort of puts things in perspective, though, doesn't it?

(H/T Josh Painter)

Gov Palin Live at Tea Party Rally, Searchlight, NV

1500 (3 PM EST)

Fox News LIVE Coverage of Sarah Palin at TEA Party Express Rally

PJTV LIVE Coverage of Sarah Palin at TEA Party Express Rally

PJTV is covering Gov. Palin's speech today at the TEA party Express Rally in Searchlight, NV. So far, no embed is available, but live coverage will stream to PJTV's home page. TEA Party Express is expecting a crowd of over 10,000 and people from all over the country have been streaming in overnight, according to an early morning release.

Fox News pre-coverage of the event also reports thousands of people from around the nation descending on the small desert town for what TEA Party Express calls "Showdown at High Noon" (PDT).

How's That "We're Not Retreating, We're Advancing in a Different Direction" Thing Working Out?

from Liberty's Lamp

On November 4, 2008, Sarah Palin stood on a stage in Arizona with tears in her eyes after losing her bid to become the first female vice president in American history. On July 3, 2009, Sarah Palin explained to the people of Alaska that due to a grid-locking number of ethics complaints, she could no longer govern the state. During the period between November 4 and July 3, Sarah Palin was a target - out in the open for everyone to hit. Yesterday, she stood on another stage in Arizona a millionaire and the de facto leader of the loyal opposition in America.

Palin's resignation from her governorship doesn't sit well with the political textbook model types. But it does have an analogy to a military move that many have used in the past. Once a target is in the open, the opposition can hit it. The defensive strategy is to move out of the open, retreat possibly, and then come up behind the enemy and attack. Palin has done this.

The liberals and the media are stunned at how someone could take the kinds of vicious hits that Palin has taken and actually come out stronger than she was before. In gaming language, she is that monster on level 12 that you just can't beat.

We Palin supporters have been fighting the smears, taking on the mainstream media and finding ourselves sometimes in the crosshairs of liberal bloggers and certain MSNBC anchors whose name will remain anonymous (cough cough, Shannyn Moore, cough cough Keith Olbermann). Sarah Palin was on defense. Some of us saw Sarah as a victim.

She is a victim no more.

In fact, she is the one leading a head on charge. She has targeted 20 congressionial districts. Today, she's gunning (and in today's political climate I again must point out that this is meant rhetorically, not literally) for Harry Reid's head.

Sarah Palin is on offense now.

How does it feel, liberals, that that wild animal you were trying to kill is now running directly at you, showing it's teeth and there is nothing you can do about it? I'd use the imagery of a charging rhinoceros, but Palin is no RINO.

Palin on Offense:

Tea Party Gears Up for 'Showdown in Searchlight'
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