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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Governor Palin's Fox News Debut

Sarah, the Point Guard!

by nypalinpower

Our Sarah must be getting Divine guidance. She is brilliantly strategizing a plan for America, a winning plan, and she is doing it as "Point Guard"!

Look at the Wikipedia definition for "Point Guard":

"Point guard (PG), also called the play maker or "the ball-handler", is one of the standard positions in a regulation basketball game. A point guard has perhaps the most specialized role of any position -- essentially, they are expected to run the team's offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right players at the right time. Above all, the point guard must totally understand and accept his or her coach's game plan; in this way, the position can be compared to a quarterback in American football....
A point guard, like all player positions in basketball, has specific characteristics that are essential for them to help guide their team to a victory."

Sarah is a LEADER. And her voice is being heard in just about every medium:

First: FACEBOOK - Mass Social Networking on the Internet
Second: BOOK - Literary
Third: MAIN STREAM MEDIA - Television and Newspaper Commentator. (Set them straight, Sarah... will ya!)
Fourth... HMMM... let's wait and see! :-)

From just about every angle Sarah's voice will be heard. This will enable her not just to lead a team, but to literally lead the country (and she doesn't even need to be President!) By the way, the most famous figure in India was Mahatma Ghandi, who led India peacefully to its Independence. And Ghandi wasn't even India's President! He wasn't even a politician. He was an average citizen, a lawyer. So see what a civilian can do, a civilian can change an entire country!

This is what Sarah is also capable of. She can be a hero for America. In whatever forum she wants to use, the presidency, former governor, former vice-presidential candidate, or average American citizen. Sarah has her choice, and whatever she chooses will be the right one, you can count on that because Sarah is brilliant and I believe she takes her guidance from a higher power.

I also want to note that I am very happy she will be a commentator for FOX News, but I am even happier that she will be doing the periodic series for FOX. From the Washington Post, "...Palin, who resigned as governor of Alaska last summer, will appear as a commentator on various Fox shows. She will also host an occasional program that will examine inspirational tales involving ordinary Americans." I love that she will be doing a show that is "inspirational" on a major news channel! See, Sarah is showing us by her example, that nothing is impossible.

Going Rogue Jacket Winner: Jacket Received

Our first interview with John G. Miller, the winner of Governor Palin's red Going Rogue jacket was conducted December 22, 2009. Governor Palin arranged for the jacket to be auctioned via the Laura Ingraham show with all proceeds benefitting jacket in an online auction to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House. Last week Mr. Miller received the jacket, following his $57,000 winning bid. Ron Devito, Editor and Publisher, US for Palin conducted a follow-up interview in which John and Karen Miller described their experience receiving the jacket:

Devito: Where were you when the box arrived?

Miller: Right here in the house. Came by FedEx and I quickly took a picture. See attached. ;-)

Devito: Where was Karen?

Miller: Out running errands, I called her!

Devito: Who opened the box?

Miller: I waited for her and we opened it together.

Devito: Describe what it was like to pick that box up, open it, see its contents and now hold this jacket that once clothed Governor Palin…that jacket which is featured on the cover of Going Rogue…worn at a spot (Hatcher Pass) which is of great personal significance to her….

Miller: It was somewhat surreal. Not just that Sarah had worn it but that a million book buyers now have the picture of that jacket in their home on the book cover and yet the jacket now resides in the Miller house. Anytime a celeb has worn something we tend to feel it's special, and yet - it's just a tiny, very light weight bright red coat!

Devito: How did Karen feel slipping into that jacket?

Miller: It seemed so tiny since it's an extra small and felt so light. I handed it to her and almost said the wrong thing as a husband, something like, "Can you fit into that?!" Well, I bit my tongue and my adorable wife of 30 years (pics attached) put it on and IT FIT MY 5' TALL WIFE PERFECTLY!!! I mean, seriously, it was like it was tailored for Karen!

Devito: Did anything else special arrive with the jacket?

Miller: A delightful note handwritten on her letterhead came from Laura Ingraham so we'll be keeping that, too!

Devito: When we last left off, Outstanding: 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional was to be released January 1, 2010. Now, 11 days post-release, how is Outstanding doing?

Miller: Ron, thanks for asking. It's going great. Common sense ideas that work. I've already had people ask me when are we going to send copies to Congress! You can preview Outstanding, and I have a complete website devoted to the book and its concepts.

Devito: Anything you wish to add?

Miller: Yes. As exciting as it is to own Sarah's jacket, it's more important to keep in mind where the $57,000 went: To Wounded Warriors and The Fisher House. Those injured vets need our support!

Mr. Miller will be on the air with LaDonna Hale Curzon, Executive Producer and Host, Sarah Palin Radio on January 18, 2010, at 1930 (7:30 PM) EST, following Governor Palin's interview with Ms. Curzon at 1900 (7 PM) EST. Click the link or the logo to tune in. Archives play 24 x 7.

Sarah Palin Radio

Sarah Palin Makes Her Debut As FOX News Commentator Tonight On the O'Reilly Factor

Last night, Governor Palin tweeted her enthusiasm about joing FOX News and issued an invitation to viewers:

She will make her debut on FOX News at 8 PM EST tonight on the O'Reilly Factor (h/tp C4P):