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Friday, July 30, 2010

Palin's Pipeline: Onward and Upward

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

There's good news today for Alaska and for all of America. "Palin's Pipeline" is progressing. It's been a long, drawn-out political battle, and Governor Palin was willing to fight that battle. She deserves credit for the victory. The Anchorage Daily News reports:

The proposed multibillion-dollar natural gas pipeline from the North Slope took a step forward this afternoon with the receipt of bids from potential shippers.

"The Alaska Pipeline Project can report that we've received multiple bids from major industry players and others for significant volumes," said Tony Palmer, TransCanada Corp.'s vice president for Alaska projects, reading from a prepared statement. He declined to deviate from his text.

"We're encouraged about the future advancement of the project if key conditions can be resolved," he said. "Although we need to further assess the results, we're encouraged by the bids received, the interest expressed in our initial open season and shippers' willingness to take the ongoing steps needed to continue to advance the project."

AGIA will go down in history as Governor Palin's baby. Not willing to sit down and shut up, the Governor take on the big wheelers and dealers with one goal in mind--a natural gas pipeline. Progress has not come without ups and downs, however. C4P's Doug Brady reported on one such up in an article called, "AGIA Moves Forward." He wrote:

One of Governor Palin's signature issues while Alaska's chief executive was the AGIA pipeline project. Yesterday, in another major step forward, TransCanada, the huge multinational pipeline company who is partnering with ExxonMobil to put the plan into effect, formally filed their open-season plan to seek natural gas commitments for the multi-billion dollar project.


This is big news. The state of Alaska has been trying to get this project off the ground for decades. However, the project has been unable to advance due to a toxic combination of weak political leadership, corruption, and spectacular incompetence in Alaska's legislative and executive branches. This changed dramatically with the gubernatorial election of 2006 and ever since Governor Palin and her team developed the AGIA plan the project has been moving inexorably forward.

However, roadblocks were erected. For example, I wrote about Rep. Mike Hawker's barricade here, and R.A. Mansour wrote about Rep. Jay Ramras's opposition here. Let's not forget, while we're at it, President Obama's apparent desire to step in and take credit for it here.

Now it looks like we're really moving ahead with this all-important, much-needed, long overdue project into which Governor Palin poured herself. This is a cause of celebration--again, not just for Alaska, but for the entire nation.

Doug Brady's assessment several months ago seems even more fitting today as AGIA moves onward and upward:

That this project has progressed this far is a testament to the commitment Governor Palin and the pipeline team she assembled made on behalf of the citizens of Alaska. Indeed the entire country will benefit from this project as it will help move America in the direction of energy independence, despite the best foot-dragging efforts of the Obama Administration to continue our reliance on foreign sources of energy or unproven "green energy" schemes.

Whitney Pitcher has more on this success here.

Sarah Palin Hammers Obama: Has Time To Go On The View, But No Time To Secure Our Border

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin didn't mince words with Dear Leader Obama over his visit to see the yentas on The View while Rome burns. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has also asked Obama to come to the border on numerous occasions, a plea she repeated last night. So far, she's been turned down.

Obama is seemingly too busy feeding his oversized ego, vacationing, and playing golf to care about the needs of the American people. I mean really, why should Dear Leader care about mere peasants? He's got his. Got it made livin' the Thug Life!

Let 'em eat cake, right!

I'm thinking Sarah Palin is the one who will force Obama's hand on this deal. Mama Grizzly ain't happy, and when Mama ain't happy ....

Meanwhile, Scott Rasmussen reports:

Support for Mexican Border Fence Up to 68%

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Support for the building of a fence along the Mexican border has reached a new high, and voters are more confident than ever that illegal immigration can be stopped.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 68% of U.S. voters now believe the United States should continue to build a fence on the Mexican border. That’s up nine points from March when the Obama administration halted funding for the fence and the highest level of support ever.

Just 21% oppose the continued building of the border fence.

Support for the fence is strong across all demographic groups. But while 76% of Mainstream voters think the United States should continue to build the fence, 67% of the Political Class are opposed to it.

Forty-seven percent (47%) of all voters believe it is possible to end illegal immigration. That’s up slightly from April of last year.

Now only 36% do not think it is possible for the United States to prevent illegal immigrants from getting into the country. That’s down sixteen points since October 2008.

Read more here.

Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund "Flight" in Cincinnati, OH

US 4 Palin "Fly Sarah from Wasilla to Washington" Campaign
"Sarah" is now in Cincinnati, OH

How to "Fly 'Sarah' from Wasilla to Washington"
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Respectful Distance

Laura could see that “Sarah” was still amped up from her speech at Eureka College the day before, where tens of thousands gathered from points worldwide. Laura knew how “Sarah” felt about having her own space after events and was not about to become the aviation version of the perky one. She maintained a respectful distance, quietly getting the weather briefing, filing the flight plan, pre-flighting the plane, doing the run-up, then shutting down and coming back. Laura, too was not feeling particularly talkative. She wanted to silently savor this moment with her heroine. This trip to Cincinnati would be the last of their long flights together. “Sarah” is 2718 miles from Wasilla with only 362 miles remaining to Reagan National after this flight.

Finally, Laura broke the silence. “OK ‘Sarah’. It’s time.” They walked out to the plane. Laura gave the safety briefing got the clearance and taxied to take-off to the southeast. As they taxied, a C-130 landed.

Laura was cleared to take off and climbed toward her filed altitude of 7,000 feet.

Farewell Peoria and Eureka

The airport, the Illinois River, and the city slipped by. Their flight path would take them away from Eureka’s campus - forever.

Both Laura and “Sarah” felt that pang. Laura would never see the campus again. Watching "Sarah" speak there was a fleeting stop on her life’s journey. She turned to “Sarah” who clearly realized that her travels would take her to many new destinations. On her travels, "Sarah" would visit the world's leaders and the world's poorest. She'll likely visit places full of joy and full of strife; But, that speech in Eureka was once in a lifetime.

A second pang hit Laura – her flying time with “Sarah” was in its waning hours. After this trip, they had two more flights left – with three, maybe four hours between them. Laura pushed it out of her mind. “Enjoy it while you have it,” she thought. The only sound in the cockpit was the steady drone of the propeller. The view was clear. No thunderstorms. No valleys of darkness. Cornfields stretched as far as the eye could see.


As the flight passed over Central Illinois Regional, some cumulus clouds formed bringing turbulence with them. Laura accepted the first jolt, and the second. As the third one hit, she turned to "Sarah" then requested and received an altitude increase to 9,000 feet, her voice quivering slightly – emotional overload from Eureka. There it was smooth. The flight passed Champaign Illinois, and crossed into Indiana. Laura set her watch and the plane's clock to Eastern Daylight Time. “Sarah” did not wear a watch, but had pre-set her Blackberry prior to shutting it down.


More clouds formed near Indianapolis. As the flight entered Indianapolis’ airspace, the controller vectored Laura for a visual approach to Cincinnati Lunken Municipal Airport’s northeast-facing runway. “Sarah” mentioned the Indianapolis 500 and her trip to the Daytona 500 earlier in the year, something the pair spoke briefly about. Then, “Sarah” turned to Laura. “Thank you, Laura,” she said. “For what?” Laura asked? “For respecting my space when I needed it the most. It did not go unnoticed,” “Sarah” said. Laura turned around and smiled. “My pleasure.”

Arrival to Cincinnati

The instruction came to descend to 2,500 feet. The flat cornfields and farms gave way to rolling hills. A large refinery could be seen ahead along with the Ohio River and Cincinnati International.

The flight would leave Indiana, cross a snippet of Kentucky and enter Ohio.

The flight passed Cincinnati International on a southerly track, then turned east. Downtown Cincinnati came into view.

Lunken was across the river but obscured by trees. Laura found it and was instructed to fly parallel to the runway with it off her right wing. Right now, it was to her left. Laura clicked off the auto-pilot. “Time for some good old fashioned hand-flying,” she said. She turned the plane east for a minute, then turned back to the west, then southwest, setting up the directed right-hand traffic landing pattern. Laura was cleared to land.

She flew over the Ohio River, then turned, descended some, and turned again to line up for the runway. The terrain was rather high, but Laura managed the descent angle and speed and smoothly touched down.

She taxied to parking. Laura did the post-flight checklist and tied the plane down. She turned to “Sarah,” barely able to get the words out:

“You’ve answered your summons. We have one more intermediary flight – Clarksburg, West Virginia.” Laura gulped a mouthful of air and finished, “ then, our final flight will take you to the place where you’ll execute the summons. I know you’re ready.”

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