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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sarah Palin in Idaho: "Hold the Media Accountable"

Governor Palin spoke at a campaign rally for Vaughn Ward in Boise, Idaho yesterday.

KTVB.com reports:

Ward introduced Palin on Friday and said and her family arrived on time in
Boise, but unfortunately their bags did not and the rally started about 30
minutes late.

When Palin took the podium, she addressed the setback in a
tie-dyed blue top and a knee-length black skirt.

"We flew through the night and this morning my luggage didn't arrive. So
about an hour ago, I was sitting backstage in sweats and tennis shoes and man,
this is just so me. I'm in borrowed clothes, again... I appreciate the borrowed
clothes though, this is nice," said Palin.

However, Mike Tracy, a spokesperson for Vaughn Ward, says clothes were
purchased for Palin by a volunteer in the amount of $298.50. Tracy says Palin
personally reimbursed the volunteer in that amount.

Her visit drew about 1,500 to the 5,000-seat Qwest Arena comes just five days
before Tuesday's primary and Ward's showdown with rival state Rep. Raul Labrador
for the GOP nomination for Idaho's 1st Congressional District.

Palin's appearance could have a big influence next week and beyond for Ward's
cash-strapped campaign. The winner of Tuesday's primary will take on first-term
Democrat Walt Minnick, who doesn't have a primary challenger and continues to
rake in campaign donations.

Rocky Barker and Katy Moeller from The Idaho Statesman also report:

Idahoans were proud to cling to their guns, religion and protest signs Friday
as they gave native daughter Sarah Palin a star's welcome home.

Palin, who was born in Sandpoint and graduated from the University of Idaho,
came to support Republican Vaughn Ward in his tight primary race with GOP State
Rep. Raul Labrador in the 1st District. But before she spoke, Ward, a former
Boise State Bronco football player, had to say two words: "Go Vandals."

For his efforts, Palin delivered a powerful endorsement, calling Ward "one of
the most promising conservatives" in the nation. She said he's pro-gun,
pro-life, will fight for lower taxes and the free market.

"He's the real deal," Palin said.

Ward's authenticity has been challenged by Labrador after a series of Ward's
campaign missteps, but Palin suggested Labrador's references to Ward's miscues
were negative charges that "really diminish a candidate" for bringing them up.
But she reserved her strongest criticism for the press.

"The left and some of the 'lamestream' media, they can really play dirty
sometimes. Trust me on this one, I know," Palin said.

The former GOP vice presidential candidate told around 1,500 people at Qwest
Arena to "expect more dirt to be slung," and she called on them to "hold the
media accountable when they twist and turn what Vaughn said."

She said the media attacks on conservatives go against what she learned about
journalism as a U of I communications major.

"I think it's appalling," Palin said, "and a violation of our freedom of the