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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tammy Bruce Talks with Rebecca Mansour

Video retrieved from PalinTV

Governor Palin's Speech at the Restoring Honor Breakfast

Governor Palin's excellent speech at the Restoring Honor Breakfast:

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Pictures of Bristol Palin at "Dancing with the Stars" Rehearsals

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Picture retrieved from Us Magazine.

Some early photos of Bristol Palin and other cast members at "Dancing With the Stars" rehearsals are available online. You can see them here and here.

Pop Eater reports:

Bristol Palin is ready to tango! She and her 'Dancing With the Stars' partner Mark Ballas hit the dance studio for the first time. "It's positive and it's a good competition. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and have a good time," she told Us Weekly.

ABC sources told PopEater's Naughty But Nice Rob last week, "Bristol is excited and scared" for her debut. Her proud mama Sarah Palin plans to be sitting in the front row cheering her daughter on, the source adds.

Read more here.

Vanity Fair: "How Many Times Can We Libel in One Story?"

Every time Gov. Palin scores a significant accomplishment, the leftist media spin machine has their hit piece ready to roll. In case anyone did not notice, Gov. Palin endorsed seven candidates who ran in the August 24 primaries. All seven candidates - 100% of them - won their primaries. In the case of one election, an under-funded underdog unseated a well-financed establishment Republican in an amazing upset victory.

Vanity Fair has a long and proud history of running hit pieces against Gov. Palin, and "Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury" is the latest in that publication's line-up.

Making Joseph Goebbels Proud

In the piece, Gov. Palin is portrayed as among other things: a megalomaniac, a bad tipper, a demonic woman with a horribly destructive temper, and a penchant for throwing things, all by anonymous sources, as delineated by Conservatives4Palin. Her supporters are depicted as cult-like. Conservatives4Palin and US for Palin are portrayed as “cheer-leading sites.” The meme involving Rebecca Mansour and SarahPAC appears to have been re-printed word for word from New York Magazine's infamous "Palin, Inc." hit piece. Every supporter of Gov. Palin is spoken of negatively. Those who don't like her are portrayed as victims of a sinister Palin-controlled Mafioso type network running roughshod through Wasilla clamping down with an iron fist on those who would say anything negative about her.

The "North Star Conspiracy"

The lies extended to any business involved in any way with Gov. Palin and containing the name "North Star." The North Star Group, an Amazon store owned and operated by US for Palin publisher Ron Devito got "honorable mention" as part of an alleged network of dark and mysterious North Star-branded entities owned and operated by what Vanity Fair implies is a Palin-controlled Mafia-like group. The North Star is part of the constellation that appears on Alaska's State Flag. A number of Gov. Palin's supporters refer to her as "North Star". Why would we not use it in the names of businesses selling Gov. Palin-related merchandise? What exactly are we supposed to call it? Southern Cross?

The North Star Group sells products known to be used or referenced by Gov. Palin, which is appropriate for a blog site that supports her. Not mentioned by Vanity Fair, but along the same lines, North Star Promotions sells branded merchandise promoting Gov. Palin, and US for Palin. Gov. Palin and her staff do not own, operate, or have any other involvement in these businesses.

According to Conservatives4Palin, Even several known leftists - people who are no friends to Gov. Palin - have denounced this Vanity Fair article as a pack of lies.

Bristol Palin and Dancing with the Stars

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

The word is already out that Bristol Palin is delving into something new: competing on "Dancing with the Stars" this fall. Such an endeavor requires discipline, hard-work, and athleticism, not to mention courage to appear on a show with the viewership "DWTS" has. ABC News reports:

"Dancing with the Stars" was the second-biggest show on TV last season, behind "American Idol," averaging about 20 million viewers. Celebrities pair with professional dancers in the weekly elimination contest, and undergo intense scrutiny in the tabloids.

The scrutiny has already begun, of course, and so unnecessarily and unfairly. The decision to go on the show had to be an enormous stepping-outside-the-box moment for Bristol, a shy young woman who is anything but a seasoned dancer. Putting herself out there with so many eyes watching, and so many already aiming negative comments in her direction, isn't easy. Nonetheless, Bristol is excited about "Dancing with the Stars."

The New York Daily News quotes rumors that she is a "diva," which is as false as the rumors that her mom was a diva. You'd think people would pick a new smear instead of recycling the same old garbage. These rumors state that Bristol is "annoyed" with the press, doesn't want to answer questions about her mom, and is "complaining." Lies. Yawn. Moving on.

Bristol is to be applauded for embracing this opportunity to be a part of this family-oriented, wholesome show. Once again, she demonstrates that women can handle life's challenges and have a good time simultaneously. With the support of her entire family, she is embracing this personal goal while serving as an example to women that yes, they can balance work and family. Comments from other women that somehow she should not take on this challenge make me scratch my head. That kind of mindset is not the message we want to send young ladies, including those who find themselves with responsibilities they didn't envision. We can all receive encouragement from someone like Bristol who has taken charge of her life, is raising her son, securing her education, working hard, and pursuing new positive, healthy challenges that bring added joy to her life.

Not only is "Dancing with the Stars" known for its celebrities, competitiveness, and family friendliness, it's also known for the outfits worn by the participants. Bristol touches on that and other things, as reported by Bang Media:

The 19-year-old single mother - who is the daughter of US politician Sarah Palin - plans to shun the skimpy, glitzy outfits normally worn on the show when season 11 launches in the US.

She said: "I think I will be the most dressed contestant and have the most modest outfits for sure because that's who I am.

"I see this as something that's fun and that's positive and I'm going to be able to show my work ethic to people out there."

The pretty teenager - who is mum to 20-month-old son Tripp - admits she is shy, but hopes her sporty background will help her do well in the competition.

She explained to People.com: "I have no experience in dance. But I come from an athletic background, so I'm thankful for that. I played basketball, volleyball, soccer, everything."

Bristol, of course, is not sure what to expect, but no doubt, she'll have a blast as she finds out. I encourage everyone to get behind her and support her in this exciting adventure.

Alaska Will Help Secure the Union; Joe Miller’s Moneybomb...

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Friends, please join me saluting a patriot from Alaska who shocked the nation by proving the naysayers wrong.

Joe Miller’s record, intentions, and political philosophy represent the necessary direction Alaska and the rest of America must take to ensure prosperity and security. This decorated combat vet and graduate of West Point, Yale, and the University of Alaska understands the Constitution and will work tirelessly to defend it. He will reflect Alaska’s independent conservative conscience, ignore the influence of special interests, and work to restore America’s standing as the greatest force for good in this world. I believe we should positively contribute more to our society than we take from it, as that simple formula has made our country what it is today. And Joe’s message reflects that.

With this momentous victory, Alaska began a new chapter in our state’s history. We chose to help lead America to a bright new day with The Last Frontier at last exporting its pioneering spirit! I’m proud to see this take root because, after 51 years of statehood, Alaska will soar, thrive, and lead as we transition to “producer” status. Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State, William Seward, saw this day coming. He understood our land’s potential, so he purchased this rich land from Russia to utilize Alaska’s strategic location, resources, and pioneering spirit. These attributes will help secure the union. The recent political change we ushered in can help fulfill our statehood compact and make the federal government keep its end of the bargain it struck with us when we joined the union. With the feds holding title to most of our land up here, it’s time they allow Alaska to reach her potential and help secure America. Joe will fight for our opportunities.

Joe has won his primary, but he now needs our help to raise funds for the general election. Please join me in donating any amount you can spare to Joe’s moneybomb by clicking here. He can lead once he gets to D.C., but he needs our help to get there. Please give him a hand. Joe won’t let us down.

- Sarah Palin

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=425397163434.

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Governor Palin on the Hannity Radio Show

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Courtesty of PalinTV, here's Governor Palin on Hannity Radio yesterday:

Gov Palin Discusses Endorsement Victories on Hannity Radio

Gov. Palin on Hannity retrieved from PalinTV.

Gov Palin on September 1, 2010 discussed her endorsement victories, common-sense conservatism, national security, foreign policy, Iowa, and dissatisfaction with party machines on Sean Hannity's radio show.

Vanity Fair's "Gross" Hit Piece on Gov. Palin

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

The Vanity Fair hit piece about Governor Palin has gotten a lot of play today. I'm almost speechless at how absolutely disgusting this article is. I understand now why a friend warned I would need to be prayed up before reading it and said she had trouble sleeping after she read it.

Michael Joseph Gross depicted the Governor as a vengeful individual who creates fear in the people of Alaska, a mother who is not as loving as she appears, a religious fanatic who somehow doubles as a fake Christian, a bad wife, a horrible tipper, an angry woman--basically a complete monster. His sources are anonymous people with anonymous relationships to the Governor who were trembling in fear as they gave him the low-down. Mr. Gross--aptly named--expects us to believe that these people were terrified that talking to him would bring upon them the dreaded Palin Vendetta but chose to give him the goods nonetheless. He even makes the point that Governor Palin's triflin' ways are the reason for "deteriorated" relationships, including relationships with people who were in her employ. He lies! One such person he mentions is Ivy Frye, whom he stated left on "bad terms." That's news to Ivy, however, who told me the following:

I didn't leave on "bad terms." I've known the Palins for many years and I respect them personally and professionally. Our relationship is not "deteriorated." In fact, I just waved campaign signs with Todd and Sarah last week, and went 4-wheeling with Willow and Piper. Gross' 8 page hit piece is a complete work of fiction from beginning to end. And the media elite wonder why we call them "lame stream."

So where did he get his information? Obviously, his ghost sources are providing him with bad information. Why, then, would we believe anything he/they/his imagination have to say?

This article is actually filled with lies that nobody who has ever met the real Governor Palin--or anyone with an ounce of discernment--would ever embrace, but facts don't seem to matter to loons who are obsessed with running her into the ground. Isn't it something how these things seem to get uglier and uglier as she does more and more damage to the Liberal agenda? It's no surprise that after this latest round of endorsees' victories, this comes out. The latest, of course, is the "miracle on ice," Joe Miller's defeat of Lisa Murkowski in the battle for the U.S. Senate.

We're all getting tired of the shenanigans. When the lamestream media descended upon Alaska looking for dirt...what, minutes after John McCain announced Governor Palin as his running mate, they found nothing. She was the maverick, anti-corruption, hard-working mother they said she was. She had climbed the ladder rung by rung--with no scandal. Those they concocted proved false. Yet it hasn't stopped, has it? Trooper-Gate, Baby-Gate, Diva-Gate, Clothing-Gate, Ethics Complaints-Gate, Federal Investigation-Gate, Divorce-Gate, Visor-Gate, Tour Bus-Gate, Boob-Gate, Eye Roll-Gate. Did I leave any out? These people are sick, and each of their gates come up empty. They are so threatened by a common sense conservative woman who brings a message of personal responsibility, Constitutional preservation, national security, energy independence, fiscal sanity, pro-life feminism, and faith in God. They hate her for it--and they hide behind anonymous sources. How very convenient. And like I said, we, the people, are getting tired of it--and not just people on the Right, either. Conservatives4Palin posted several articles today linking to people on the Left who blasted this ridiculous piece of trash put out by Vanity Fair. Read them for yourself.

* Even CNN's Peter Hamby is Effectively Calling the Vanity Fair Hit Piece a Lie

* Even Pro-Abortion Far-Left Feminists Are Defending Governor Palin Against the Vanity Fair Hit Piece

* Democrat Party Hack Ravi Somaiya Admits He Lied and Governor Palin is Now Immune from the Left

* Even Shannyn Moore's Extremist Friends Are Calling the Vanity Fair Piece "Slanderous"

* Even Liberals Ben Smith, Dave Weigel, and Kirsten Powers Defend Palin and Cast Doubt on Vanity Fair Hit Piece

* Even the Liberal Amanda Coyne from the Liberal Alaska Dispatch Finds a Lie in the Vanity Fair Hit Piece

It's clear that no matter what side of the political aisle some people sit on, they are growing weary of the outrageous anti-Palin lies published by the foolish and believed by only by those who are more foolish. In light of this, Ian Lazaran issued the following challenge:

I have a challenge for Ben Smith, Dave Weigel, Kirsten Powers, race-baiter Charles Blow, Amanda Coyne, Monika Bauerlein, and Shakesville. All of you are very liberal and all of you have denounced in some manner today's Vanity Fair hit piece. However, you have denounced the hit piece in limited mediums such as twitter and blog posts. The questions that you have raised about the piece are being ignored by your extreme left-wing friends. I challenge each of you to go on MSNBC or any left-wing network and raise the same issues you have on twitter and blog posts. If you want to prove that you aren't a total far-left hack, you would take up this challenge and show that you are willing to deviate from left-wing orthodoxy in a substantive manner. It's too easy to claim you are "reasonable" by putting something up on twitter or a blog post. If you really want to prove that you are reasonable, go on MSNBC and defend Palin the same way you did today.

Yes, go.

A final note about the anonymous sources: we didn't respect this approach when the media quoted anonymous McCain staffers after the 2008 election, and we respect it even less now. So I'll end with this by Rich Crowther, who puts the anonymous nonsense in its proper perspective:

This, of course, is something which appears lost on Michael Joseph Gross, for it seems that he was too busy interviewing anonymous people who admire Governor Palin; anonymous Republican leaders who privately dismiss her; an anonymous bellman; anonymous maids; an anonymous onetime gubernatorial aide to Palin; various anonymous aides/close aides/ campaign aides; an anonymous close friend of Governor Palin; one anonymous person with firsthand knowledge of the situation; anonymous others who have worked with Palin; an anonymous leading member of Wasilla’s Church on the Rock; independent Democrat bloggers who have produced some of the most robust reporting about Governor Palin (like the stories they fabricated about a federal investigation and an impending divorce, their conspiracies about the parentage of two of the Palin children and their investigation into the shape of Trig Palin’s ears); anonymous strongest supporters; anonymous insiders; anonymous rumor-mongerers around town; one anonymous person who has been a frequent houseguest of the Palins; some anonymous people who say that Todd Palin is henpecked; anonymous general consensus in town; anonymous eavesdroppers; an anonymous high-school classmate; an anonymous source; and one anonymous woman in Wasilla.


Of course, readers will have noted that Mr Gross did interview one other anonymous person, a local Republican who delivered 90 minutes of praise for Palin… though not a word of that praise has been reported.

Governor Palin cuts to the chase and tweets the following:

When yellow journalism gets ratcheted up for a period of time over an individual or an issue it makes u wonder what's up? What's the threat?

Good question, Governor.

This Vanity Fair piece is a piece of trash, and no self-respecting individual would believe a word Michael Gross has to say. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Feel free to quote me. The name is Adrienne Ross.