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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009 Synopsis of Governor Palin's Accomplishments

Governor Palin presented Purple Hearts to war heroes at a VFW Post 10252 in Anchorage, AK.

Governor Palin wrote Op-Ed piece defending her veto of $28.6 million in poisoned stimulus funds.

The Governor made 17 appointments to boards, commissions, and councils.

Investor's Business Daily wrote an editorial supporting Governor Palin's pro-drilling, pro-domestic energy development positions.

Governor Palin urged Obama to follow a peace through strength methodology regarding North Korea and urged that the missile defense budget in her state not be cut.

The Governor celebrated Juneteenth Day at Z.J. Loussac Library in Anchorage, Alaska on May 22, 2009. There she was presented with a copy of Charles A. Taylor’s “Juneteenth: A Celebration of Freedom,” by

Reverend Ronald Myers. Juneteenth is a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. The holiday originated in Texas in 1865.

The 13th ethics complaint against Governor Palin in Alaska's system was summarily dismissed for lack of merit. The complainant became a critic of the Governor's after being denied a state job she had applied for. Half of the complainant's eight allegations mirrored those filed by left-wing bloggers and Democrat operatives -- complaints which were already dismissed, also for lack of merit and substance.

The Governor requested a federal disaster declaration for Alaska's flooded interior on May 26, 2009, pursuant the preliminary damage assessments she requested on May 21, 2009.

Governor Palin signed nine bills on Memorial Day in Compeau's, Fairbanks and North Pole. The Governor also issued a proclamation declaring May 25, 2009 to be Memorial Day and recited the proclamation at the

Fairbanks bill signing event. In Alaska, all holidays are established via gubernatorial proclamation.

Governor Palin, on May 21, 2009 signed six appropriations bills and as documented in the prior distillation, requested preliminary damage assessments a federal disaster declaration for Alaska's flooded

interior. That day -- the same hand that signed those appropriations bills and sought the preliminary damage assessments -- also wrote a thank you note to this author thanking him for his support. Several

others, this author knows also received hand-written personal notes -- done that day.

From the foregoing, we see that in 10 days, Governor Palin signed 15 bills, made 17 hiring decisions, and on one of her busiest days was up late at night hand-writing thank you cards to her supporters.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Governor Sarah Palin: "I said no."

In her response to an ADN editorial criticizing her for turning down $28.6 million dollars in stimulus funds, Governor Sarah Palin explains why she said no to bureaucratic mandates from Washington. Another example of why we love her.

Stand blocked federal control of Alaskans

Talking back to the daily news


Published: May 29th, 2009 11:30 PM
Last Modified: May 30th, 2009 02:30 AM

In response to your May 27 editorial, let me explain why I vetoed $28.6 million of federal stimulus funds tied to adoption of universal energy building codes.

The feds required me to certify these codes "will be implemented" or pushed on local communities. My record is clear. I support conserving energy through weatherization and I'm an advocate for harnessing renewable sources of energy. But conditions here required more "big brother" government involvement than most Alaskans want and the new codes could cost Alaskans thousands of dollars per new home and renovation.

Alaskans have a strong history of independence and opposition to Washington, D.C., meddling in local issues. Our constitution ensures "maximum local self-government." Our communities have had the option to adopt building codes for decades. Most have not done so.

I've served as a city councilman and city mayor/manager. I've participated firsthand in the mandated building code debate. Anyone serving in local office knows strong deference to local communities leads to the best policies. That policy holds true with building codes.

My community went through a battle over building codes when our booming city desired more growth opportunities to allow job creation. The last thing we needed was a bureaucrat from Washington, D.C., telling us what the best policy was to adopt.

Strings were definitely attached to federal energy dollars. The stimulus law in section 410(a) (2), along with the Department of Energy's (DOE) official guidance, required certifying one of two options before Alaska could receive the energy conservation funds.

One option said the state "will implement" the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code for new homes and renovations; adopt a "building energy code [that meets or exceeds Standard 90.1-2007] for commercial buildings throughout the State"; and adopt and pay for a plan of "active" enforcement.

I could not certify this. The Legislature did not pass a bill adopting a statewide energy building code. In addition, the federal residential building code does not allow exemptions, such as we use in Alaska. When Alaska Housing Finance Corporation funds are used, building and energy codes can be waived due to the "high cost of implementation" in different areas of Alaska. One size does not fit all in Alaska.

The second option for Alaska was to certify that all "applicable units of local government that have authority to adopt building codes, will implement" the necessary energy codes and enforce them.

I could not certify this either. Alaska communities have the right to determine for themselves whether to adopt building codes.

I asked the feds to clarify their position. The Department of Energy finally admitted section 410 and their previous statements were "inappropriate" for some states but still wanted an agreement to push model codes on all Alaskan communities. I said no.

Beware of Washington, D.C., trying to cajole local community leaders to eliminate the choices Alaskans have when building or renovating homes and businesses. These new codes are so detailed they would dictate the kinds of lights that can be installed in a home in Akutan, and how thick window panes must be in Chignik.

We have hundreds of millions of dollars already budgeted for conservation, weatherization and renewable energy development. My administration will remain vigilant for Alaskans and oppose mandates or pressure to conform from Washington, D.C., bureaucrats.

Sarah Palin is governor of Alaska.


Palin to Obama: Stand Up to North Korea

Governor Sarah Palin called on Obama to protect our country from North Korea's nuclear threat. Obama has proven to be weak on defense, to the potential jeopardy of our country. With its greater proximity to North Korea than the Lower 48, Alaska is not only the most at risk of all the states but the most strategically placed for missle interception. Below is the Governor's press release.

Governor Urges President to Stand FirmAgainst North Korea Rogue Nation’s Capability

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. 09-136 Governor Urges President to Stand Firm Against North Korea Rogue nation’s capability to attack Alaska and Hawaii cannot be ignored

May 29, 2009, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin called on President Barack Obama to take a firm stand against North Korea and defend the states and territories of the United States of America and American allies on the Korean peninsula.

This morning, North Korea launched its sixth short-range missile since Monday’s nuclear test. North Korea has also stated that it is no longer bound by the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War. Further, President Obama has proposed a $1.4 billion reduction of the Missile Defense Agency’s budget.

“The United Nations sanctions have failed to stop North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, and the Obama Administration cannot afford to be playing catch-up to an irrational dictator like Kim Jong-Il,” said Governor Palin. “Missile Defense Agency funding must be fully restored in the federal budget to guarantee our protective measures remain the best in the world. Fort Greely plays a crucial role in the nation’s security.”

Alaska is home to the largest ground-based mid-course defense missile shield in North America. Because of its geographical position and proximity to potential targets, Alaska plays a critical role in national security and in the defense of American allies.

Ground missile defense is the cornerstone of the Missile Defense Agency’s multi-layered architecture. It is designed to detect, track, discriminate, intercept and destroy long- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles during the mid-course phase of flight. The weapons system consists of land-, sea- and space-based sensors, command and control operations, and silo-based interceptors that are located at Vandenberg AFB, California and Fort Greely.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Caffeinated Thoughts Honored Governor Palin as the Caffeinated Conservative of 2008

This is sixth in a series of earlier articles of Governor Sarah Palin as she emerged on the national scene. Shane Vander Hart of Caffeinated Thoughts writes an interesting article about Governor Palin and the honor that his group bestowed upon her and her response to it. There are abundant links to additional material in the original article (link below) and in the copy of the article that we have archived on the Sarah Palin Information blog.

Caffeinated Conservative of 2008: Sarah Palin

Dec 29th, 2008

by Shane Vander Hart.


Human Events gave out a conservative of the year award. I thought - hey why shouldn’t CT have an award as well?! So I bring you the first ever Caffeinated Conservative award. This year I concur with Human Events that the conservative most worthy of receiving this most “prestigious” award would be Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

I choose Governor Palin for a number of reasons:

I have never thought I’d see Bush Derangement Syndrome eclipsed so quickly and with so much vitriol, as what I saw after Senator McCain selected the Governor to be his running mate. She’s got to be doing something right.

I mentioned in my endorsement of Governor Palin as a VP candidate that she is a solid conservative - socially, fiscally and with defense. I especially appreciate her putting her pro-life beliefs into practice with her fifth child, Trig, who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Also seen with the news of her oldest daughter, Bristol, being pregnant - contrast that with President-Elect Obama.

Continuing to be a reformer - she is turning down a pay raise. She is the 24th lowest paid Governor, and has said that it is inappropriate for her to take a pay raise in the midst of her current term.

She absolutely rocked at the RNC. Wow!

I believe that if it were not for Governor Palin, Senator John McCain would not have even been remotely in the race. She helped the ticket.

Her noteworthy debate against Vice President-Elect Biden.

She’s still a rock star. She is still one of Google’s top internet searches. Also her presence at rallies for Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss allowed his campaign “to peak.” He had thousands attend his rally which would have been unlikely otherwise.

She is also a great role model for girls who can see that you can be a real feminist, and pro-life. My kids and I enjoyed seeing her come speak in Des Moines.

For some not so serious reasons:

SNL was actually funny for a change. I love her line to Alec Baldwin, “Stephen is actually my favorite Baldwin.”

She taught us the difference between hockey moms and pit bulls.

Her defense against “some bloggers sitting in their parent’s basement wearing their pajamas blogging some kind of gossip.“ For the record, though I am a blogger - I own my own home so I blog in my own basement and only part of the time wearing pajamas ;).

    Sarah and Todd at Starbucks

    Do you know of any other conservative who is the focus of a calendar. For anyone who wants to send me a late Christmas present or early birthday present. (HT: David Brody)

    Then very fitting for being a Caffeinated Conservative - a coffee lover.

    Update 1/28/09: Talking with Eric (one of the contributors here) we thought it would be fun to send her a letter to inform her of her selection for this “honor” since it was pretty unlikely she’d hear about it any other way. I included a certificate and a Starbucks gift card as a token of our appreciation (It is the Caffeinated Conservative award after all). I was pleasantly surprised by a thank you card from the Governor today when I got the mail.

    “Thank you so much for the Starbucks gift card and for selecting me as your “Caffeinated Conservative of 2008″ award recipient. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. God bless.”

    No, thank you Governor for your commitment to conservative principles and for being an incredible role model for young women, as well as, those who have special needs children. I wish I could do more, but I already blew my annual budget on the card, LOL. We appreciate you and wish you the best! Like I said in the letter - you can count on my prayer support.


    Thirteenth Ethics Violation Against Governor Sarah Palin Dismissed

    Thirteen of the ethics complaints filed against Governor Palin have now been dismissed. The anklebiters in her home state have repeatedly filed these complaints in an effort to discredit her. It is obvious that they are trying to prevent her from running against Obama in 2012. They know that Sarah Palin has strong potential as a contender against Obama in the 2012 elections. Meg Stapleton discusses these tactics in the audio of her telephone conversation with Eddie Burke here.

    Here is the Governor's press release:

    Another McLeod Ethics Complaint Fails: Officially Found to Lack Merit Printer Friendly

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. 09-134 Another McLeod Ethics Complaint Fails

    May 27, 2009, Anchorage, Alaska - Governor Sarah Palin today welcomed the news that yet another ethics complaint against her has been officially found to lack merit and has been dismissed.

    Michael Geraghty, investigator for the State Personnel Board, concluded that there is no need for a hearing on the complaint filed in March by Andree McLeod, who has been a vocal critic of the governor since being denied employment with the state last year.

    This is the 13th ethics complaint against the governor or her staff that has been resolved with no finding of a violation of the executive ethics act. A few more are pending.

    “While the complaint process under the ethics act can be a useful tool for holding state officials accountable, it’s obvious that political opponents of the governor have been abusing the system, attempting to turn their resentments into legal issues,” said Bill McAllister, the governor’s communications director. “We’re grateful that the personnel board and its investigators have taken a rational approach to these matters, finding that the vast majority of the complaints did not even warrant the collection of evidence because they failed to assert any violation of the law.”

    McLeod’s complaint, amended several times since it was first filed, made eight separate allegations against the governor. McLeod said that there were two matters showing an improper connection between the governor’s office and her political action committee; that two comments made by McAllister about the governor’s travel plans were political in nature; that the governor’s trip to Evansville, Indiana, for a right to life event used state resources, and that she improperly accepted gifts there, including chocolate, baked goods and a hockey stick from a youth hockey group; that the governor’s daughter, Bristol, used state resources in her efforts on behalf of the Candies Foundation; and that the governor’s press release concerning her selection as a vice presidential candidate was improper. Geraghty found all of the allegations to be baseless and not worthy of an investigation.


    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    John Zeigler's Crusade to Expose Media Bias

    "Astonished and outraged" by the media bias in the 2008 election, John Zeigler produced the documentary "Media Malpractice" to expose the travesty. He continues his quest to make the public aware of how much the absence of objectivity in reporting by the liberal media swung the election in Obama's favor and targeted Sarah Palin.

    Media bias film analyzes coverage of 2008 presidential election

    By Anthony Schinella

    GateHouse News Service
    Posted May 26, 2009 @ 06:13 PM

    In “Media Malpractice: How Obama got elected and Palin was targeted,” John Ziegler weaves together clips and information from various news outlets to make his point: That the mainstream press delivered more favorable coverage for one candidate, Barack Obama, while targeting another candidate, Republican vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.

    Ziegler believes this influence “permeated the public consciousness” and delivered the election to the Obama-Biden ticket.

    “Like a lot of people, I was astonished and outraged with the media coverage of the presidential race, from the start of the primary season,” he said Tuesday.

    Ziegler was so sure that Barack Obama would win the presidency, he purchased the Web site domain www.howobamagotelected.com in June 2008 and started to think about producing a documentary.

    “I was positive it was going to happen, even before Sarah Palin became a part of the equation,” he said, calling the media “biased on steroids, dangerous and unprecedented … Somebody had to correct the historical record.”

    Ziegler spent about $200,000 of his own money to produce the documentary. The two major components of the film were collecting the news clips from the major networks and interviewing Palin in Alaska.

    Even though $200,000 is not a lot of money by today’s Hollywood production standards, he said it was for an independent documentary film project. While he hasn’t raised money privately to finance the film like others, he hopes to make the money back from DVD sales and showings.

    “Everywhere we have screened it, people have been incredible impressed and very moved … it invokes laughter and promotes thought,” he said.

    Whether the film will convince liberals or moderates that the mainstream press is biased is another story. But Ziegler says there have been some interesting conversations so far.

    "[Some liberals] have confessed that what they heard about Sarah Palin was not accurate,” he said. “When I meet people at screenings, they don’t have a big sign on their head saying they are liberals, but there are some people who say they are [and they] didn’t know it was nearly as bad as it is."

    This is the second documentary for Ziegler, who also produced “Blocking the Path to 9-11,” a film that analyzed the political firestorm over the airing of a made-for-TV docudrama mini-series about the lead up to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Ziegler said he will soon be returning to broadcasting.


    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm1KOBMg1Y8&feature=player_embedded

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAGCMGpP-QM

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Alaska Fund Trust - Navy Vet Gets a Thank You

    Navy veteran and Alaska citizen Mark Bowers (follow Mark on Twitter) received a pleasant surprise after he donated to the Alaska Fund Trust to preserve the integrity of the Governor's Office of the State of Alaska. His donation helps to cover the legal expenses of defending against the frivolous complaints filed against Governor Sarah Palin. She surprised him with a personally written thank you note from the governor herself. See photo here.

    Below is more information about the Alaska Fund Trust. Click the image to make a donation.

    The Alaska Fund Trust is the official legal fund created to defend the integrity of the Alaska Governor's Office from an onslaught of political attacks launched against current Governor Sarah Palin, the First Family, and state-employed colleagues. These baseless accusations have cost Alaska more than $1 million in public monies to defend, and Governor Palin has incurred more than half a million dollars in personal debt defending her official actions as Governor.

    The Alaska Fund Trust was formed by Alaskans and will be funded by Alaskans and their fellow Americans. Our donors are everyday citizens that believe caustic political games cannot be allowed to stop the progress of the people's elected representatives. Since her Vice-Presidential nomination, the Governor has become a target for local partisans, national professional political operatives, and defenders of the status quo. They have attempted to discredit Governor Palin and limit her effectiveness in reforming government, based on her solid conservative principles.

    Governor Palin, her family, and her staff had to endure a major investigation in which the Governor was cleared of any wrongdoing. However, the exoneration did not occur until hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal debt piled up for the family. In addition, countless unfounded ethics charges have been filed. Unfortunately, it is illegal in Alaska to discuss the filing of an ethics complaint, much less its merit. More troublesome is that there is no punishment for filing frivolous complaints. Therefore opponents continue to drum up ideas, file complaints, and leak them to the media. As the complaints disappear due to lack of evidence, there is no media follow-up on a blatant, costly abuse of the process.

    For Alaskans, the time has come to end the siege on our government by political tricksters. Enough is enough. With the help of reform-minded advocates from across our nation, we will stand up for what is right. Your maximum contribution of $150.00 will allow the Governor, her family, and her colleagues to retire their legal debt at no cost to Alaskans and reduce the incentive for mischief by her opponents. Together, we can help Governor Palin and future elected officials turn back the tide of overtly partisan and unnecessarily personal political attacks.

    Halfway through her first term as Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin has done so much for her state and her nation. She has been a champion for much needed transparency and accountability in government. She has sought to protect the fundamental freedoms ensured by our Constitution. And she has never forgotten the importance of lowering energy costs for Alaskans and striving for energy security for America. Still, there is much left to be done, so let's help Governor Palin continue the job she was elected to do without all these petty distractions.

    You can help by donating to the Alaska Fund Trust today!

    Governor Sarah Palin's Busy Memorial Day

    A nice article about Governor Sarah Palin's Memorial Day activities. Since the last election, media bias has been so widespread, even in Alaska, that it is a rarity to see a piece such as this.

    Palin in Fairbanks for Memorial Day ceremonies, bill signings

    By Rena Delbridge

    Published Monday, May 25, 2009

    FAIRBANKS -- Gov. Sarah Palin marked Memorial Day with a trio of bill signing events in Interior Alaska, issuing a call to Alaskans to remember those who’ve died in combat as well as those still serving in the U.S. military.

    Among them is her son Track, who is halfway through a deployment in Irag with the Stryker Brigade’s 1-25th, based at Fort Wainwright.

    She heard from Track about a week ago, a brief call to check in as he headed off on a mission where the soldier would be out of touch.

    “It really hits me when I’m up here in Fairbanks,” Palin said, noting she met a few of her son’s “bosses” at a Memorial Day event in downtown Fairbanks. They gave her a good report on Track, she said.

    “Nothing could make me prouder to hear my son is a good soldier,” Palin said.
    Track signed on with the Army on Sept. 11, 2007, at age 18. He deployed to Iraq in September 2008.

    At a morning event commemorating Memorial Day in Fairbanks, Palin signed legislation dedicating state funds to development of a veterans' cemetery in the Interior. Scores of veterans attended, hearing remarks from the governor, representatives of Alaska's congressional delegation and veteran spokesmen.

    At noon in nearby North Pole, she received a U.S. and an Alaskan flag that flew above forts in Iraq, sent by soldier Adam Schumaker. The governor signed off on six more bills at city hall, including Sen. Joe Paskvan's measure to create an electronic medical health records database. The endeavor is funded in part by the federal stimulus package.

    Back in Fairbanks, Palin appeared at Compeau's, a business that sells all-terrain vehicles, boats and snowmachines, to sign off on a bill creating a lemon law for ATV and marine craft purchases. She and husband Todd Palin hopped in a red river boat for a quick blast up the Chena River, with Craig Compeau turning over the wheel to the governor as a flotilla of primary-colored kayaks glided past.


    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    May 24, 2009 Synopsis of Governor Palin's Accomplishments

    Governor Palin requested preliminary damage assessments from FEMA to prepare for a federal disaster declaration for Alaska's flooded interior.

    Governor Palin announced seven winners of the North Star Award for International Excellence -- an award she created in 2008 to honor excellence in these nine categories: trade (export of goods), trade (export of services), foreign investment, education, tourism, transportation, cultural exchange, humanitarian exchange or scientific exchange.

    The Governor vetoed $28.6 million in stimulus money that would have involved federal interference with the state of Alaska.

    Governor Palin signed bills removing experience caps on teacher's salaries and extending boat safety programs.

    Governor Palin supported congressional provision permitting the carrying of guns in National Parks.

    The Governor issued a statement on the Obama presidency and his interference with free markets.

    A federal ethics complaint against Governor Palin pertaining to the borrowed clothes she wore during the McCain campaign was dismissed.

    Governor Palin visited flood-damaged Tanana.

    Governor Palin met with the U.S. Pacific Air Force Commander for a briefing on USAF Assets in Alaska.

    An indirect accomplishment: Alaska State employees mediated a long-running dispute about allowing continued export of Cook Inlet gas while also ensuring gas supplies are made available for local utilities.

    Complete stories at:


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    繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)


    Drill! Drill! Drill! - Governor Sarah Palin's Interview with Larry Kudlow

    This is fifth in a series of early articles following Governor Sarah Palin as she emerged as a national political figure.

    My Interview with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin [Larry Kudlow]

    National Review Online
    Published August 01, 2008

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has exactly the high energy, political toughness, and conservative reform message that would boost Sen. John McCain’s presidential run if Big Mac were to put her on the ticket. In an interview last evening on CNBC, Palin was very clear on her drill, drill, drill message for Alaska and the rest of the U.S., along with her strong supply-side tax-cutting and free-market economic views. She did not shirk from questions about an investigation of her firing the state’s safety commissioner. She told us she has nothing to hide — let them bring it on.

    Kudlow: All right, now we’re pleased to welcome back to the program the much talked about rising Republican star Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Welcome back Governor.
    Palin is dealing with Alaska’s culture of corruption by supporting all manner of reform and investigation. She basically dissed Ted Stevens, calling him a distraction. She then talked about cleansing the Republican party of all the pork-barrel corruption that cost it the congressional election of November 2006.

    Palin’s response to all the vice-presidential talk is fascinating. It was a point of view I have never heard before and it underscored her independence. I have interviewed all the veep prospects, and I still have Gov. Palin at the top of my list.

    I hope readers will enjoy this interview:

    Palin: Thank you so much Larry.

    Kudlow: Here’s the bad news. The Congress is going to take their summer recess without a vote — not even a vote — on rolling back the moratorium on drilling onshore and offshore. Not even a vote. Nothing on ANWR. Nothing on shale. Nothing on the Outer Continental Shelf. What’s your reaction to this?

    Palin: Well with all due respect to Congress, it’s pretty pathetic, that action they’ve taken. I appreciate the President’s call to lift the moratorium. I appreciate the President’s call to drill in ANWR, to do all those things for American production opportunities. Very, very disappointed in Congress though.

    Kudlow: You know we talked about a month ago, or last time you were on the program, you told me you were going to persuade Senator McCain to drill in ANWR. Now actually, McCain’s come a long way on drilling Outer Continental Shelf. Have you yet talked him into ANWR?

    Palin: I have not talked him into ANWR yet. But yeah, aren’t you appreciative though that his mind has evolved into being open enough to say yes to that offshore? Obama certainly hasn’t gone there. So, you know, for me it’s all the more reason to support the Republican ticket heading into the next era in American economy here. We certainly need this. We need it for American security, for energy independence. All those things we talked about last time. I think we need McCain in that White House despite, still, the close-mindedness on ANWR. I think he’s going to get there though.

    Kudlow: All right, well we need you to persuade him. Now you’re fighting a battle in the state. You want to get a new natural gas pipeline, as I understand it. You’ve got to get it through your state legislature. You’re going to run that up from the North Slope down through Canada and eventually to the lower forty-eight. What’s the state of play on that? Are you winning or losing on your new gas pipeline?

    Palin: We’re winning and I’m glad that you asked that question. It’s so timely because it could be today that our lawmakers vote yay or nay on the TransCanada pipeline, natural gas pipeline being built 1,700 miles. This is North America’s largest, most expensive, private sector infrastructure project in our history. It’s $30 to $40 billion dollars to deal with the energy crisis—get this safe, stable, clean domestic supply of energy and natural gas flowing from our rich reserves up in Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska, into the hungry markets in the Midwest especially.

    Kudlow: Now you’re fighting with the legislature. You may get a vote this evening. Have you gone out and done a poll? Have you talked to the polar bears, and the caribou, and the large black flies? Are you sure? I want everyone on board here.

    Palin: Well we do want everyone on board there. And as for the wildlife, you know, they’re doing just fine under the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline of course that has been up and running for thirty years in Alaska. So we think that even they will be on our side also, as we build this next economic lifeline for Alaska and for the rest of the U.S.

    Kudlow: All right, let me go to some tougher issues up in Alaska, the so-called culture of corruption, this energy services company Veco, buying favors for state and federal contracts. I guess people linked to Veco, a couple of state legislators have been convicted, a couple more investigations, a couple more being indicted, and Senator Ted Stevens has now been caught in that loop. What can you tell us about Senator Stevens? Have you spoken to him since his seven criminal charges?

    Palin: No, I haven’t spoken to him yet. And you know, it was very dismaying. It was like an earthquake that hit up here in Alaska the other day with that indictment. Very sad. Hopefully though, this won’t be a distraction and get people’s minds off what has to be done in the grand scheme of things here. And it’s like what you’re talking about all the time Larry, it is energy independence that is needed for this country. And we need folks in Congress, in the Senate, who understand that we do have to drill, that we have to unlock the lands here in Alaska, and allow, through competition, entities competing for the right to tap these resources and flow energy sources into hungry markets.

    So hopefully, the Ted Stevens issues won’t be a distraction. But yeah, lots and lots of damage has been done by this oil industry service company, Veco. You know we have some local lawmakers who are serving prison time right now for their undue influence, their corruption, their bribery that was involved in this oil services company. Now Ted Stevens, as you mentioned, is embroiled in this also. Not good for Alaska. But hopefully…

    Kudlow: Well what about the Republican Party in general? I mean, it seems to me the GOP has just got to cleanse itself of all the pork barrel corruption, lobbying, cash-for-favors that cost them the Congress back in November 2006. And for better or worse, Mr. Stevens has served for a very long time, I’m not here to judge him. I’m merely here to report the fact that he’s in a heap of trouble. I mean, shouldn’t he resign for example? Shouldn’t leaders like yourself and elsewhere just say, “Senator, all right, clean break, please resign?”

    Palin: Well, I thought that it would be my job as governor working on the state level with those who were indicted for the corruption and bribery, to call for their stepping down. And that’s what I did. And for the most part they have stepped down. And again, some of them are facing prison terms now and are in prison. But as for Senator Stevens, still not knowing enough about that indictment yet. I think that two days later it would be premature for me to chime in and say whether he has to step down or not.

    But you’re absolutely right on the cleansing that’s needed in our party, in the Republican Party. And you know I think Senator McCain is on the right track with the earmark reform that he is so adamant about. I’m right there with him. We for instance here in Alaska, our administration, we cancelled that Bridge to Nowhere. You know, we know that that earmark was not in Alaska’s, it wasn’t in the nation’s best interest. So we’re going to be a part of that reform also. It’s absolutely necessary, or the Republican agenda, which I do believe is the right agenda for Alaska and for…

    [Technical disruption]

    Kudlow: …Governor Palin you’re back. Okay. You see that? I’m going to call it divine intervention, trumping the technological difficulties. I appreciate your comments on Senator Stevens and the rest. Let me ask you this. Wall Street Journal today is running a story about yourself. The possibility of a state probe, “Alaska’s Palin Faces Probe.” It’s I guess an independent prosecutor. You [allegedly] tried to get your former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper. Now the legislature is trying to come after you. What’s this about? What can you tell us here?

    Palin: Well, a couple of lawmakers who were pretty angry with me for replacing… [Technical disruption]…at-will political appointment who was serving in my cabinet which every governor does, a couple lawmakers who were not happy with that decision certainly are looking at me as a kind of target right now, and wanting to probe and find out why I did replace this cabinet member. And it’s cool. I want them to ask me the questions. I don’t have anything to hide. And I didn’t do anything wrong there. And it is a governor’s prerogative, a right, to fill that cabinet with members whom she or he believes will do best for the people whom we are serving. So I look forward to any kind of investigation or questions being asked because I’ve got nothing to hide.

    Kudlow: Governor Palin, people want to know why you did fire your police commissioner, or public safety commissioner Monegan. And is it because he stopped you from getting rid of your brother-in-law or what? People want to know if this is an ethical lapse on your part.

    Palin: I’m glad that you’re asking, because I never tried to fire a former brother-in-law who’s been divorced from my sister for quite some time. No, it was the commissioner, that we were seeking more results, more action, to fill vacant trooper positions to deal with bootlegging and alcohol abuse problems in our rural villages especially. We just needed some new direction, a lot of new energy in that position. That is why the replacement took place there of the commissioner of public safety. It had nothing to do with an estranged former brother-in-law, a divorce that had happened some years ago.

    Kudlow: All right. You have a legion of fans who want you to become Senator McCain’s vice-presidential candidate. In fact, on the world’s largest pay-to-play prediction market, betting parlor, called InTrade, you are in third place with a 20 percent support probability behind former Governor Romney and present Governor of Minnesota Pawlenty. Is this police flap, state investigation, going to disqualify you from becoming Senator McCain’s vice-presidential candidate?

    Palin: Well it shouldn’t disqualify me from anything, including progressing the state’s agenda here towards more energy production so we can contribute more to the U.S. Nor should it dissuade any kind of agenda progress in any arena because again, I haven’t done anything wrong. And through an investigation of our lawmakers who are kind of looking at me as a target, we invite those questions so that we can truthfully answer the questions.

    But as for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does everyday? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S., before I can even start addressing that question.

    Kudlow: Well I worked in the White House during President Reagan’s first term, let me assure you, and I’ve spent a lot of time in the Bush White House as a journalist in meetings with interviews. It’s a pretty big job, Madame Governor. It’s a real big job. You’d be surprised by how big the veep job is these days!

    Palin: Well this is a pretty cool job here too though as Governor of Alaska—the wealthiest state in the union in consideration of the natural resources that we have. Again, and we being in a position ready, willing and able to tap these resources, flow them into hungry markets across the U.S. to lead towards a more secure nation; to lead towards a more peaceful nation also and energy independence. All those things that Alaska should be contributing. I think that I can help do that as Governor of Alaska.

    Kudlow: All right, last one. McCain is ahead in Alaska, but it’s only 45-40 over Obama. It’s a traditional Republican state. Why isn’t this a bigger lead for Mac? What’s he got to do up there to make sure you carry Alaska?

    Palin: That’s a good question. And you did your homework, Larry. That’s impressive. Usually yes, such a red state up here. It’s a no-brainer that the “R” is going to take the cake up here. But this is a little bit different situation now with Obama’s message resonating, even with Alaskans.
    That being change, a desire for no embracing of the status quo and politics as usual. But something different, something dynamic and charismatic. That does resonate well, that message of Obama’s. I still do believe of course McCain will take Alaska because he’s right on so many of the issues when it comes to — in my opinion — he’s right on war, he’s right on with energy independence measures that need to be taken. Wrong on ANWR, but we’re still working on that one.

    Kudlow: Governor Sarah Palin, terrific stuff. We know you’re busy. Good luck on the pipeline vote coming up this evening. We appreciate your visiting with us very much.

    Palin: Thank you so much sir.

    08/01 01:31 PM


    Unofficial transcript of the June 25, 2008 interview found at: http://www.cnbc.com/id/25394468/

    Videoclip of the interview is found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ys4HGbiONY

    Palin and Obama: Different Approaches on Energy

    Governor Sarah Palin has an Op-Ed today at Newsminer which gives a very basic overview of the process by which her administration and the Legislature are searching for a way to bring affordable energy to as many Alaskans as possible. The op-ed mainly addresses the issue of an in-state gasline to help Alaskans see lower energy costs and offers information on the current step in the process, the review stage, which was funded by the Legislature per her request. The governor is also working toward an interstate gasline as well as development of the infrastructure necessary for gas liquefaction for purposes of export via shipping ports.

    The issue of energy is both critical and complex. It's refreshing to see that Governor Palin and the Alaska Legislature seem committed to making determinations about energy that are based on energy itself, actual data and the overall impact for Alaskan businesses and consumers, not politics, ideology and entangling interests as we see in Washington with Obama's "cap and trade".

    While Obama promises skyrocketing electricity rates and creates a government slush fund that will result in government actually becoming dependent on pollution for the tax relief he promises to voters (I often wonder why so many voters bought that promise on tax cuts but ignored the promise on skyrocketing electricity), Sarah Palin and the Alaska Legislature are keeping it practical. The gasline agenda in Alaska will be implemented only after thorough review and in consideration of the long-term impact for Alaska's citizens and businesses. These projects will stand or fall on their own merits, even independently of each other in terms of policy.

    Thanks for keeping it real, Alaska.

    Dick And Liz Cheney, The Dynamic Duo

    As we saw this week, the death of conservatism in America has been greatly exaggerated!

    What America witnessed this week was a true American statesman at work. Actually, two great statesmen. The second being a woman, and daughter of the first.

    This week, former Vice President Dick Cheney took on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, in a serious national security debate. And Mr Cheney made Mr Obama look small, and petty.

    To fully grasp how Mr Cheney has changed the debate in America, one has to realize that his speech, which had been scheduled for some time, had the Obama team so flustered, they had to rush like a bunch of grade schoolers to try and preempt Mr Cheney!

    Real rookie stuff!

    By doing this, Mr Obama instantly made what Mr Cheney was doing just that much more important.

    And the Obama team did it up right. They marched the President down to the National Archives, in front a copy of the Constitution, for goodness sakes! That back drop reminded me of the ridiculousness back in 2000, when Al Gore was trying to steal the Florida election, and every time he came out, he had more and more US flags staged around him, making sure he always had a greater number than George Bush did, when he spoke! Well, the echoing sounds of the National Archives aside, Mr Obama just looked small.

    As always, Mr Obama can say absolutely nothing, better than any man alive, but, that’s exactly what he did say, absolutely nothing. Oh, he did his usual hand wringing and of course blamed everything on President Bush and others, something he pathologically does on a daily basis, But he said nothing else.

    What Mr Obama, and the rest of the misguided left don’t seem to understand, is the “problem” with Guantanamo Bay, is all their fault! There is no sane reason on earth to close it, but, this rookie president, on his second day in office, stepped right in it, with both feet!

    The far left in this country pretty much hates America, and everything about her. They perceive America as a bad place. A place that should be punished for her ills. The left, including President Obama see a moral equivalency between blood thirsty savages, who murder innocents at the drop of a hat, and American service men and women. In fact, the Obama cabal sees a moral equivalency between the terrorists, and average Americans.

    Fast forward a few minutes, and Americans were treated to a speech given by an adult. A sober, calm, adult. No grandiose setting, no campaign style rhetoric. Just a good meat and potatoes speech that laid out Mr Cheney’s case, in terms that any red blooded American could understand, and appreciate.

    Mr Cheney hit a home run. He won the debate, and totally knocked President Obama off the mound. Even the dishonest U.S. media couldn’t spin this one in Mr Obama’s favor!

    But, Dick Cheney’s speech was just part of the excitement!

    The most fun I’ve had in weeks, on the political observation front, was watching Liz Cheney, the former Vice President’s daughter.

    Oh wow!

    Liz Cheney has her fathers strength, her father’s guts, and her mother’s grace. Liz Cheney is a warrior!

    Now, of course, she made the obligatory appearances on Fox News, where of course she was treated with respect. Not a hard job. But where Liz shined was by doing what she does best. She went into the belly of the beast, the most dishonest news group in America, NBC.

    For those that haven’t figured it out, NBC, and MSNBC, are owned by General Electric, and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt is one of Barack Obama’s advisors. This of course, makes NBC/MSNBC wholly subservient to President Obama, and the DNC.

    So, it was great fun to watch Liz Cheney put on a clinic on how to take apart left wing talkers. I mean she was incredible. No matter what sort of insane, out in left field talking point these left wingers threw at her, she just did her own deal. She was tough, smart, and best of all, when they said something stupid, which was quite often, Liz simply refused to accept the premise of their question!

    It was brilliant!

    I’ve written before that one of the biggest problems with today’s Republicans, is they accept the democrat’s ideas, and then try to bring the “Republican way” to the table when they discuss them. The only way to describe this is sheer stupidity.

    From total stupidity, like so called “global warming” and all of the schemes the liberals bring to the table surrounding that nonsense, to their attempts to destroy the best health care on earth, to their childishness on foreign affairs, Republicans could really learn something from Liz Cheney!

    When liberals are saying dumb things, simply refuse to play!

    Global warming? Simply use your brain, and explain to them what normal people already know: It’s a hoax, a hoax designed to make a lot of people, like Al Gore and General Electric, a lot of money.

    The same tactics can be used when discussing health care, real energy exploration, illegal immigration, and so on.

    The thing America saw this past week though, that really excites me, is this: America saw real leadership!

    Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney are leaders, in every sense of the word.

    The former Vice President, who is now a private citizen, saw a grave injustice being perpetrated on the American people, and as leaders do, stood up, and took the problem head on.

    Even more exciting, Liz Cheney also took up the fight, and showed the world how it is done!

    To paraphrase the great Ronald Reagan, it’s not that are moderate friends are ignorant, it’s just they know so much that isn’t so!

    Folks that know me, know I have little use for moderates. I have even less use for the moderate “republicans”. I have written extensively about the damage the moderates have done to the party. I have written extensively about how moderates are incapable of winning national elections.

    And yet, the Republican party is so bound and determined to commit suicide by moderate.

    Of course, a lot of this is because moderates crave attention, and “love” from the media. And the media is more than happy to feed their egos. Your average democrat may not be all that bright, but the leaders of the party understand that a moderate is quite easy to beat. It’s why they were all John McCain’s best buddy, until he ran for President, that is!

    Now we have the dishonest media trotting out people like Colon Powell, who endorsed, and voted for, Barack Obama, as well as people like Meghan McCain, who also generally votes democrat. The media is telling America that we must listen to democrats to tell us what the Republican party should be! It would be laugh out loud funny, if it weren’t for the fact that many in our party actually believe this nonsense.

    Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney, in one short week, have shown the rest of the Republican party what leadership is all about. Leadership is not becoming moderate, or “democrat lite”. True leadership is about being bold. True leadership is about actually believing in something, and willing to risk everything to see it through!

    We have few members of our party who are willing to take the heat by standing up for something. For being a leader. Of course, for those who do, the rewards are there!

    Who are some of the most respected people in the Republican party? Here’s a clue, they are all conservatives!

    Dick Cheney has seen his personal approval numbers rise greatly by speaking up. Liz Cheney has been praised far and wide.

    Then there is Governor Sarah Palin. Governor Palin never, ever backs down from a fight. Frankly, with the sort of dishonest harassment the democrat party, and the left wing crazies have put Governor Palin through, no one would blame her if she laid low. But leaders don’t do that. True leaders, who believe in themselves, and their cause, cannot, and will not be stopped!

    No matter what they throw at Sarah Palin, she just slaps it away, like King Kong swatting airplanes from atop the Empire State Building!

    Note to the GOP: This is what leadership looks like!

    The Grand Old Party needs to wake up, and understand that the people of America want a leader!

    Currently, America is leaderless. We have a prepackaged, store bought image, in the White House. We have a relative child running the country. Mr Obama has never run a city, never run a state, and never even run a lemonade stand before now. He’s never had a private sector job. He’s never had to make payroll. He’s never had to balance a budget.

    Of course, all of this shows in the direction America is heading.

    The majority of Americans are fed up with all politicians. They are fed up with President Obama, and even more fed up with Congress, and they are totally fed up with both political parties, because there are no real leaders.

    For the first time in history, most people self identify as independents! The dishonest news loves to say that the number of self proclaimed Republicans is way down, but what they leave out, is the fact the democrat party is losing members twice as fast!

    This is the time for the Republican party to go back to it’s conservative roots. This is a time for the Republican party to step back into it’s leadership role!

    But you won’t do it with the milquetoast, country club blue blood, democrat lite, moderates!

    These are times that call for bold leadership. As Ronald Reagan would say, we need bright colors, no pale pastels! We need big ideas! Ideas that will put America back on top where she belongs.

    We need a real economic plan that won’t destroy America forever, like Mr Obama’s plan.

    We need to reduce the size of government, all government. Not create a socialist dreamland that Mr Obama and his minions are moving toward. In fact, there are many, many programs the federal government was never intended to be involved in. The number of out of control government agencies created in just my lifetime are staggering.

    So, we need small government. We need to return the powers back to the states, as prescribed in the Constitution.

    We need a real energy policy, one based on actually creating more energy, not some pie in the sky, scheme designed to make the dishonest warmongers money, and bankrupt the common man!

    We have more oil and natural gas than we can use in several generations. We have more coal than the Middle East has oil. And we have completely forgotten about an incredibly efficient energy source, nuclear.

    We need a real plan to save Social Security and Medicare.

    We need a plan to make our health care, the best health care on earth, more affordable. One based on free market principles and tort reform.

    We need a sane policy to stop illegal immigration. One that finally closes our borders, enforces the laws already on our books, and restores the rule of law.

    All in all, this will take bold, solid leadership. This week two such leaders showed you the way!

    If the GOP wants to survive, we need more leaders like Dick and Liz Cheney, and Governor Sarah Palin. Anything less, and we will remain a minority party forever!

    It is a time for choosing.

    Pelosi and Obama Meddling in Alaska's Affairs

    The following two articles from the Alaska Daily News (ADN) indicate that Pelosi and Obama have found a way to meddle in Alaskan affairs through the pay-for-play appointment of Ken Elton. Pelosi stopped in Alaska on Saturday and met with Native Americans with no apparent by your leave to Governor Palin. It looks like the new administration is trying to milk the global warming farce for all it is worth to exert more government control. As if taking over the auto industry and the banking industry and next the health care industry isn't enough. Folks, we live in very scary times, and we need to wake up and defend our liberties while we still have them.

    Through his appointment of Elton, Obama is also now trying to control road construction in Alaska. Governor Palin's instincts about the strings attached to the stimulus money were dead on. It's too bad for them that the people of Alaska (and other states as well) could only see dollar signs.

    Sarah Palin is the one Republican with the combined star power, conservative principles, and integrity to successfully take Obama on in 2012 and return government to the people. Is this why Obama and his followers are trying so hard to marginalize her? Well, it won't work, because Sarah Palin has a grassroots army of dedicated followers who are already at work supporting and defending her and who are hoping she does decide to run for President in 2012. We can't wait to call her President Sarah Palin!

    Pelosi and delegation stop in Alaska en route to China

    MEET WITH NATIVES: Effects of climate change discussed.

    The Associated Press

    Published: May 23rd, 2009 02:33 PMLast Modified: May 23rd, 2009 09:12 PM

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi headed to China Saturday after a quick stop in Alaska that included a discussion with Alaska Native representatives over the effects of global warming.

    Pelosi staffers said the intent of the trip is to "focus on opportunities that will help create clean, sustainable energy policies."

    Pelosi's spokesman, Drew Hammill, said the delegation left Anchorage on Saturday morning, departing from Elmendorf Air Force Base, where members had landed Friday. There was no public announcement of the delegation's mission until Saturday.

    Hammill said for security reasons he could not divulge the China itinerary of the trip, which will last about a week.

    According to Pelosi's office, the delegation met Friday with Alaska Natives, who said that climate change is affecting their culture and habitat and that villages are crumbling into the sea.

    Traveling with Pelosi are Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., committee chairman; Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., ranking committee member; Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.; Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash.; and Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif.

    Pelosi's office said the delegation was invited to engage with national and local government officials in China, as well as students, environmentalists and business leaders, there on topics including climate change, clean energy and international trade.

    "The urgency of the global climate crisis requires that critical choices be made now that are bold and based on the clearest understanding of how to achieve our goals of preserving the planet and protecting the health of the world's people," Pelosi said in a prepared statement. "Climate change provides a crucial opportunity for dialogue between our two nations."


    Report slams Indian Affairs

    ALASKA: Allegations of mismanaged funds bring more oversight.

    By SEAN COCKERHAMscockerham@adn.com

    Published: May 23rd, 2009 12:35 AMLast Modified: May 23rd, 2009 12:35 AM

    The Interior Department is tightening the flow of economic stimulus money to the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Alaska roads program after a scathing inspector general's report alleged mismanagement and the waste of millions in tax dollars.

    "Given the history, we are proceeding with an abundance of caution and additional oversight on all projects. Our plan has been and will continue to be that funds will only be distributed once we determine that there are sufficient controls over spending and accountability in place," Interior department spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff said.

    That's a result of a February report conducted by the Interior Department's inspector general, Earl Devaney.

    "The Alaska regional office's consistent decision to ignore sound management practices has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars and left Native American citizens without needed infrastructure," the report concluded.

    Niles Cesar, who has directed the BIA's Alaska regional office since 1990, did not return calls seeking comment.

    The Interior department, of which the Bureau of Indian Affairs is a part, said a new team is now in place overseeing the roads program that was criticized in the report. The department also immediately imposed a "corrective action plan" that includes a reporting and monitoring program.


    At issue is what's known as the BIA Alaska's "Indian Reservation Roads Program." In states like Alaska where tribes generally do not have reservations, public roads that serve Native communities are eligible for money through grant requests made by tribes.

    Interior Department officials stressed that the misconduct identified in the inspector general's report dates from before the Obama administration came to office.

    "This is a problem that we kind of inherited, and I'm very comfortable what we have a team in place that's going to do a great job with protecting our constituents and protecting the public's dollars," said Kim Elton, the Interior Secretary's special assistant on Alaska issues.

    The inspector general's report found $32 million in program funding went to Alaska Native communities each year and only about $3 to $4 million in roads projects had any physical oversight or verification of work completed. The report conceded severe understaffing -- 12 of the 25 program positions were vacant -- but said that's long been a problem and the issues were not corrected despite the program apparently ending up with annual surplus operations money.
    Devaney, the inspector general, wrote a memo to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar saying "the region's internal management controls have completely broken down, enabling wage-grade employees to earn over $100,000 in a given year without explanation."

    The inspector's report said overtime pay claimed by unsupervised employees was approved with no verification and allowed a construction supervisor, for example, to make $130,000 in a year and a heavy-equipment mechanic to make more than $100,000 in the same year. The report said BIA Alaska road officials were unable "to explain or justify why employees would be paid such large amounts of overtime during the winter months (a slow time for road construction) and earn the large amount of wages shown in any given year."

    The report also criticized specific projects. The inspector general said one investigation found a project in which more than $1.6 million was estimated to have been spent on unauthorized and unnecessary work. "Over six years later, this project is still considered dormant with the main road incomplete," the report said.

    The inspector general also found "several other projects that indicated similar mismanagement and potential loss or theft of funds." The report listed two such examples -- although the Interior Department refused to say which tribes were at fault and revealed in interviews that the examples are actually more than a decade old.

    In one case, the report said an Alaska Native community was advanced about $500,000 for a road project but instead "used those monies to purchase equipment and a restaurant/saloon." The road was apparently never designed and BIA took no perceptible action to get the money back, according to the report.

    Another Alaska Native community was given an undisclosed amount of money for a project that was arbitrarily changed "from addressing the transportation needs of the community to creating an avenue of tourism revenue," the inspector general found.


    Ron King, chief of surface transportation programs for the Alaska Department of Transportation, has read the report.

    King said the many tribal transportation directors he's worked with over the past few years have been hard working and dedicated to improving transportation in their communities.

    "The report does not reflect my personal experience," King said. "But of course there are 227 tribes and obviously someone may not have done everything right or at least did not have all of the checks and balances in place."

    The inspector general's report urged caution in giving federal economic stimulus money to the program.

    Interior department spokeswoman Barkoff said the BIA Alaska roads program will indeed receive stimulus funds, "but we are determining which projects in Alaska will receive money on a case by case basis."

    More than $3 million in stimulus money has been lined up for BIA road and bridge work in Alaska, although it's not clear how much will end up given out through tribal applications to this program. Barkoff said none of the money has gone out to Alaska yet. "In the selection of specific road projects, we are proceeding with an abundance of caution and making sure there is strong oversight so to avoid the problems that the (inspector general) identified," she said.

    Find Sean Cockerham online at adn.com/contact/scockerham or call him at 257-4344.


    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Governor Palin to Visit Auburn, New York on June 6

    Governor Palin will be visiting Auburn, a city in upstate New York, to attend a Founder's Day event on June 6, the 50th anniversary of Alaska's attaining statehood. There had been an earlier miscommunication about the Governor's intentions to attend the event. However, everything has been ironed out, and there is great anticipation of Governor Palin's visit.

    You betcha, Palin’s coming to Auburn

    By Kathleen Barran / The Citizen

    Friday, May 22, 2009 10:11 AM EDT

    In a surprising turn of events on Thursday, the city manager and the director of Seward House learned that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be coming to Auburn.

    Last week, city officials and representatives from Palin’s office informed The Citizen that Palin would not be attending Founder’s Day on June 6. Since March, they had been anticipating a commitment from her to attend the event, which takes place on the 50th anniversary of Alaska’s statehood.

    Auburn city officials announced last week that Palin turned down the invitation. A representative from the governor’s office confirmed she would not attend the event, but would not disclose the reason why.

    But Meghan Stapleton, one of Palin’s media coordinators, who had been working on the Seward House event for Palin’s office, called Mark Palesh, city manager, and Peter Wisbey, director of the Seward House, to inform them that Palin would definitely participate in Founder’s Day and the fundraising event at Seward House.

    “We are going to work out and announce the details of the event soon,” Stapleton said. “We are incredibly excited to celebrate Founder’s Day in Auburn and to celebrate at the home of William H. Seward, who helped to put Alaska on the map.”

    Stapleton said a mix-up in Palin’s offices, where Founder’s Day and Seward House weren’t connected as the same event, created the error. She said the governor did not change her mind. Stapleton had been working all along on the Seward House event, but the inundation of requests for appearances by the governor when people heard she might be coming led to some confusion about Founder’s Day.

    Stapleton, who is a native Auburnian and daughter of Helene (Karpinsky) and David Stapleton, said she would also be at the event.

    “We’re excited that she (Palin) is able to attend the Founder’s Day activity and the Seward House fundraiser in the afternoon. I’m walking on air,” Wisbey said.
    He said he received the call Thursday.

    “This will be a great boost of recognition and visibility to Seward House. It’s my understanding that she gets thousands of invitations.”

    Palin will say a few words at the fund-raiser, which is a ticketed event. She will also have a private tour of Seward House, where she can view some Alaskan items acquired by Seward.

    Palesh said he only learned Thursday that Palin was actually going to come. City officials and Founder’s Day organizers will have to re-focus some of their efforts on security and other aspects of the event for such a high-profile guest.

    “We’re absolutely thrilled she would take the time to visit the birthplace of Alaska,” Palesh said.

    Ticket sales for the Seward House fund-raiser have just started and Wisbey said the event would be held in the gardens, which can hold between 400 and 500 people. General level tickets can be purchased for $100, with a $250 ticket at founder’s level that will allow the ticket holder to have a photo taken with the governor as well as special access to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

    People wishing to purchase tickets can call the Seward House at 252-1283. The office will be open on Saturday and Monday also.

    - Staff writer Christopher Caskey contributed to this report.

    Staff writer Kathleen Barran can be reached at 253-5311, ext. 238 or


    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Governor Palin Cites Alaska Constitution in Veto Decision

    Governor Sarah Palin has vetoed $28.6 million in stimulus funds, the portion of the stimulus package that included a mandate for local governments to adopt federally defined building codes. If she had accepted this funding, it would have been an unconstitutional usurpation of power from local government. Governor Palin's position is that as Governor she does not have the authority, from a Constitutional standpoint, to infringe upon the power of the people and their local governments in community planning.

    From Governor Palin's press release:

    "Alaskans and our communities have a long history of independence and opposing many mandates from Washington, D.C.,” Governor Palin said. “This principle of maximum self-government for local communities is also set out in our constitution. There isn’t a lot of support for the federal government to coerce Alaska communities to adopt building codes, but lawmakers can always exercise checks and balances by overriding my veto.

    “Our 18 boroughs and unified home-rule municipalities, 145 incorporated cities, and individual Alaskans will continue to be free to fully exercise their discretion regarding local building codes. I do not support coercing our local communities to adopt building codes, which then act as a mandatory tax on Alaskans building or renovating homes or businesses."
    I do believe she's citing Article 10, there, of the Alaska Constitution which provides for "maximum local self-government with a minimum of local government units".

    Ya gotta love a woman who loves her Constitution, particularly when she is the primary agent in charge of defending it.

    Some have criticized Governor Palin's reasoning. "My disappointment is that Sarah Palin hasn't paid attention or looked closely enough to the Missouri model," Senator Lesil McGuire said referring to the Department of Energy's decision to allow local governments in Missouri to retain their building codes.

    Governor Palin did consult the Department of Energy on the matter and had this to say about their assurances:
    “While I was encouraged by that acknowledgment, I cannot in good conscience agree to use the full authority of state government to ‘promote’ and advocate on behalf of Washington, D.C., that our communities adopt the building codes or their equivalent.”
    It has to do with power. Does the power come down from D.C to the people of Alaska? If Palin had not vetoed it, the ultimate decision would have belonged to the feds. Despite their assurances, it was a risk she refused to take. With this veto, Palin has not made as strong a statement about spending as she has about freedom. Freedom is priceless. Is your freedom worth $28.6 million? Well?

    Sometimes it's tough to do the right thing. Palin is going to get hammered for this in the liberal blogosphere and from the proponents of big government in Alaska. They're going to be writing about the economic impact, but this is a critical step she has taken to preserve the right of the people to self-rule that has been afforded them by their state constitution. They'll talk about Missouri until you're sick of hearing about it, but we know we can't leave our freedom up to agents of the federal government promising us they'll honor it. It's far better to have a governor willing to sign her name to guarantee it -- to leave no doubt -- because her constitution demands it.

    Folks, this is why I support Sarah Palin. She is going to get hammered for this and it will be twisted nine different ways, if not ninety. How many people are going to really "get this"? People are hurting economically in Alaska and she knows it, but her job is to protect their freedom no matter how tough things get economically. I don't know about you, but I value my freedom so highly that I appreciate leadership like this, particularly in these troubled times when so many are willing to sell it for dollars.

    The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development has a boatload of information on the operations of communities in Alaska including this document on Home Rule. Before you all go whacko on the meaning of this veto, please, do some homework on it, will you?

    Incidentally, Governor Palin also used her line-item veto power to cut $80 million from appropriations bills. I have no opinion on this because I haven't done any research on it, but since 80 is always bigger than 28.6, I'll be awfully curious if there is way more talk about the stimulus veto than there is about the appropriations veto, won't you?

    Cross-posted at Why Mommy is a Republican

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    WORLD Magazine's Lynn Vincent Chosen As Collaborator for Sarah Palin's New Book

    Guts and grace

    World Magazine WEB EXTRA May 21, 2009

    BOOKS: WORLD’s Lynn Vincent teams up with Sarah Palin on a book that promises to set the record straight about the Alaska governor’s personal and political life Mickey McLean

    After last week’s announcement that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would pen a memoir to set the record straight about her personal and political life, HarperCollins revealed Thursday that WORLD Magazine Features Editor Lynn Vincent has been signed on as Palin’s collaborator.

    The book, not yet titled, will be co-published by HarperCollins imprint Harper and HarperCollins-owned Zondervan and is scheduled for release in the spring of 2010.

    During her 10 years as a senior writer and features editor for WORLD, Vincent has covered politics, culture, and hot-button social issues such as abortion for the biweekly news magazine. She has also specialized in narrative journalism.

    “Lynn has been WORLD’s best writer of action stories ranging from shots fired in a Texas church to raging fires on California hillsides,” said WORLD Editor in Chief Marvin Olasky. “She combines guts and grace, as does Sarah Palin, so the book should be outstanding.”

    Vincent, 46, has collaborated on four previous memoirs. Her most popular collaboration, Same Kind of Different As Me (Thomas Nelson, 2006), tells the remarkable story of Ron Hall, a wealthy white art dealer, and Denver Moore, an illiterate homeless black man, as their lives converge unexpectedly. The book has sold nearly half a million copies and has stayed on the New York Times best-seller list for more than 59 consecutive weeks, including 29 weeks at No. 15 or above. Through speaking engagements by Hall and Moore, the book has helped raise more than $30 million for homeless shelters nationwide.

    “Having worked for more than a decade with Lynn Vincent in what is often a man’s world, I know she brings a rare kind of strong-mindedness and tender-heartedness to every assignment,” said WORLD Editor Mindy Belz. “Lynn is a tenacious reporter and an exacting writer—and I’m not sure when she sleeps.”

    While Vincent works with Palin on her memoir, she will take a leave of absence from her writing for WORLD and its online counterparts, WORLDmag.com and WorldMagBlog.


    Bristol Palin On the Cover of People Magazine

    People's Magazine is running a feature story about Bristol Palin and her baby Tripp in this week's issue, which will be on newstands Friday. Exclusive photos of the Palin family will also be featured.

    People Exclusive

    Bristol Palin Exposes Her Sometimes Isolated Life

    By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

    Originally posted Wednesday May 20, 2009 08:30 AM EDT

    Bristol Palin’s pretty, lightly freckled face was nowhere to be seen on the overhead screen as images from her high-school senior slideshow – photos from the prom and a Class of 2009 portrait set against the Alaska snow – played during May 14’s Wasilla High commencement ceremony.

    Did it make her sad to have missed out on so much senior-year fun – to be spending graduation night not with a gang of friends but at home, giving her 5-month-old son a bottle while her extended family plays “Eskimo bingo”?

    Bristol, the eldest daughter of Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin’s five children, answers with a multitasking mom’s whiff of impatience: “I have other things to worry about.”

    Bristol Palin, 18, has logged more of those “other things” than some people twice her age. In just the past nine months, she weathered her mother’s bruising vice-presidential run; a failed engagement to boyfriend Levi Johnston that played out in the national media; and, most indelibly, a pregnancy that made her both mother and poster child. She is uncertain where she will go to college – she’s thinking of a two-year business program – but says her near future will include advocating for teen-pregnancy prevention.

    No Nanny in House
    “Girls need to imagine and picture their life with a screaming newborn baby and then think before they have sex,” she tells PEOPLE. “Think about the consequences.”

    Her mom may be governor, but there is no nanny in the Palin house. Bristol gets up – usually twice during the night – to feed Tripp, who sleeps in a hand-me-down crib in her bedroom, and she says she has tapped out at least one school paper with her son crying in the background. She breastfed her baby for a month, pumping milk before class and rushing straight home to feed him. And she worked two part-time jobs to help pay for the diapers and formula her parents otherwise supply.

    “If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex,” says Bristol, sitting at her parents’ lakeside patio table. “Trust me. Nobody.”

    As for her breakup with Levi, 19, with whom she’s still trying to resolve child support and visitation issues, Bristol says it was for the best. “I’m thankful we didn’t get married because if it wasn’t going to work now, it wasn’t going to work in five years.”

    For more on Bristol’s life with her baby and exclusive at-home photos of the Palin family, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.