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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thirteenth Ethics Violation Against Governor Sarah Palin Dismissed

Thirteen of the ethics complaints filed against Governor Palin have now been dismissed. The anklebiters in her home state have repeatedly filed these complaints in an effort to discredit her. It is obvious that they are trying to prevent her from running against Obama in 2012. They know that Sarah Palin has strong potential as a contender against Obama in the 2012 elections. Meg Stapleton discusses these tactics in the audio of her telephone conversation with Eddie Burke here.

Here is the Governor's press release:

Another McLeod Ethics Complaint Fails: Officially Found to Lack Merit Printer Friendly

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. 09-134 Another McLeod Ethics Complaint Fails

May 27, 2009, Anchorage, Alaska - Governor Sarah Palin today welcomed the news that yet another ethics complaint against her has been officially found to lack merit and has been dismissed.

Michael Geraghty, investigator for the State Personnel Board, concluded that there is no need for a hearing on the complaint filed in March by Andree McLeod, who has been a vocal critic of the governor since being denied employment with the state last year.

This is the 13th ethics complaint against the governor or her staff that has been resolved with no finding of a violation of the executive ethics act. A few more are pending.

“While the complaint process under the ethics act can be a useful tool for holding state officials accountable, it’s obvious that political opponents of the governor have been abusing the system, attempting to turn their resentments into legal issues,” said Bill McAllister, the governor’s communications director. “We’re grateful that the personnel board and its investigators have taken a rational approach to these matters, finding that the vast majority of the complaints did not even warrant the collection of evidence because they failed to assert any violation of the law.”

McLeod’s complaint, amended several times since it was first filed, made eight separate allegations against the governor. McLeod said that there were two matters showing an improper connection between the governor’s office and her political action committee; that two comments made by McAllister about the governor’s travel plans were political in nature; that the governor’s trip to Evansville, Indiana, for a right to life event used state resources, and that she improperly accepted gifts there, including chocolate, baked goods and a hockey stick from a youth hockey group; that the governor’s daughter, Bristol, used state resources in her efforts on behalf of the Candies Foundation; and that the governor’s press release concerning her selection as a vice presidential candidate was improper. Geraghty found all of the allegations to be baseless and not worthy of an investigation.


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  1. All those filing these complaints, Biegle, McLeod, Henning, Chatman, Tompkins, etc., should be investigated to see who, if anyone, is paying them to file these complaints. It's a fact that Biegle McLeod, Tompkins and Chatman don't have jobs, they are just "activists." Even activists have to pay rent, make car payments, and eat, so they're getting their money from somewhere. I suspect they are being paid by the DNC or via Axelrod and/or some George Soros front group. We know for a fact that they all know each other, they meet with each other, they email each other, and they coordinate their activities, which sounds like a conspiracy to harrass Gov. Palin, and cost the state of Alaska millions of dollars since each complaint results in the Personnel Board hiring an independent attorney to examine each and every complaint, who then bills the state for his or her services.