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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Left May Not Be Playing Stupid

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

When I know I'm wrong, I'll be the first to admit it. I have no problem whatsoever doing that. Sometimes, however, I'm stuck, and I'm just not sure. Today is one of those days, so help me out. The other day I wrote:

And though I often wonder about the brain power of anybody who would embrace a liberal worldview, the saddest part of this whole nonsense today is that this time they are playing stupid.

I have since come to wonder if perhaps I gave these people more credit than they deserve. Is it possible they are not acting at all? Is this genuine stupidity?

Could the people on the Left and their lamestream media friends really be of the mind that Governor Palin is inciting violence when she discusses reloading? No matter how many times she has stated, even before this current nonsense, that violence is not the answer, they refuse to let it go, insisting that she is responsible for any thuggish behavior on the part of anyone. Could it be that they really believe that people have risen up to fight--literally--because Governor Palin wrote on her Facebook page that conservatives need to reload and target various Liberals come November?

Again, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that she was referring to the voting booth. Do these people really lack that common sense? This does seem to be the case, for I am observing them still marching down this ridiculous road. They are looking more and more stupid everyday.

The headquarters of the Alaska Democratic Party was vandalized this weekend. Despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Governor Palin had anything to do with this situation, Patti Higgins, state chair of the Alaska Democratic Party, blames her for it.

Joshua Saul of the Alaska Dispatch writes:

The headquarters of the Alaska Democratic Party were vandalized this weekend, an act the party's leader thinks is due in part to violent feelings being stoked by Alaska's former governor.

"There has become this inflammatory rhetoric, and Sarah Palin is leading the charge," Patti Higgins, state chair of the Alaska Democratic Party, said. "In the beginning I didn't think she knew what she was doing, but now I think she does."

Stupid or just acting?

You know what, Higgins? I don't know about all your buddies because, like I said, I'm still trying to figure it out, but I have a feeling you do know what you're doing. You know Governor Parnell is poised to destroy whichever soul you put up against him, and you're willing to use anything to ruin his chances, even if it means putting forth completely unsubstantiated claims about the former Republican governor of Alaska. So in all fairness to you, maybe you're neither stupid nor acting. Maybe you're just desperate.

Higgins' comments remind me of what I hear everyday at the junior high school where I teach. "It's his fault." "She stole my pencil." "They don't like me because of what she said." When asked for evidence, the response is a childish, "I just know." This type of immaturity can be better tolerated from twelve and thirteen year old children. However, when adults who ought to know better point fingers and accuse a person of being responsible for a deplorable act, offering no proof at all, it really is inexcusable.

The article continues:

Democratic Party headquarters had been receiving "threatening and menacing phone calls" during the week prior, according to statewide party organizer Dave Metheny, who handled most of the angry calls. Over the past week, Metheny said, he's fielded about a call a day from various screaming, swearing callers, along with calls from Alaskans who are angry with the party but express it more calmly and rationally. The focus of the anger is, unsurprisingly, the health care reform bill that passed Congress last weekend. When health care reform passed the Senate on Christmas Eve, Democratic Sen. Mark Begich voted in favor of the bill.


"It was a message," Higgins said. "Random acts of violence are a form of domestic terrorism and they need to knock it off."

Read the rest here.

One thing that truly sickens me is how readily the Left wants to blame Governor Palin for abetting "terrorism." Higgins is doing it. Rep. James Clyburn is doing it. However, when the time comes to deal with true terrorism, Liberals somehow cannot bring themselves to call it for what it is. Bill Ayers can't be called a domestic terrorist, President Obama struggles to call the Fort Hood shooter a terrorist, and when we do acknowledge one, the Obama Justice Department wants to mirandize him. Instead of the Left being outraged by this insanity, they want to play stupid--or not--and focus their attention on a Facebook note Governor Palin wrote encouraging the American people to vote these loons out of office. As she has so aptly expressed, "Our vote is our arms."

Like Governor Palin, I do not condone vandalism or violence. It's despicable, and there's a better way to voice one's disapproval. Nonetheless, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Democrats were themselves responsible for this vandalism. People are angry and tempers are flaring, for sure. One might say we're in a bit of a crisis, and we know how Democrats feel about wasting a good crisis. According to White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, that would be unthinkable. Isn't this a great opportunity to further smear Governor Palin? Perhaps they decided headquarters just had to take one for the team.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time Governor Palin was "targeted" by Alaskans. Since she is so concerned about terrorism, as we all should be, perhaps Ms. Higgins should have a talk with some of the Alaskans in her own party who regularly write incendiary things about the governor that would rile people up, things to encourage others to take action against her and her family. Did she ever tell people like Linda Biegel, who was the official Alaska blogger at the DNC, to "knock it off"? Will she touch base with her fellow Alaskan who is even now tweeting Palin hate speech? What about the Twitter death threats C4P reported yesterday? Threats against the governor have escalated since this nonsense surfaced accusing her of inciting violence. Can we get a "knock it off" memo sent to any of these miscreants?

While we're at it, can we get the Left to cry foul about the brick thrown through the GOP office in Michigan over the weekend? How about the bricks thrown through windows at GOP headquarters Thursday in Virginia? Does this matter, or do only Democrats' headquarters matter? Once again, selective outrage prevails. Just in case you need more examples of the extreme violence of the Left that gets buried by the lamestream media, click here for the egg-throwing that took place this past weekend at the peaceful tea party in Nevada, where Governor Palin peacefully spoke about peacefully taking back our country!

Finally, a good teacher is always willing to learn from others. As I fancy myself a good teacher, I will pass on some information I have recently learned. Perhaps the Left, so fond of accusing people of inciting violence, so prone to pointing out cross-hairs, should take a few notes as Devonia Smith of Examiner.com teaches the difference between a survey symbol and a cross-hair:

This is a surveyor's symbol

This is a cross-hair

She then writes:

What was actually on Sarah's site, was a map with district markers (surveyor symbols were used). There was noooooooo "gun imagery" at all. These surveyor symbols were used on the map to indicate the districts of Democrats who had voted "Yes" on the Healthcare reform; apropriately used. Being the weiner that many Democrats are, all Weiner saw was "the cross" and he went into meltdown over it. It appears that, afterall, Weiner missed the bulls-eye and now finds himself in the cross-hair of public ridicule.

Interesting...In light of this, does the Left really want to go round for round--because two can play the game.

We live in a very dangerous time. The threat of violence by radicals who hate our country looms. Our soldiers are daily risking their lives for the sake of freedom and safety. Focusing attention on the governor's use of metaphor and wrongfully accusing her of inciting violence is particularly insulting and unethical in light of this. If it's being done willfully by lying Liberals playing stupid, "knock it off." If it is true stupidity and not an act at all, get a clue.

(Assistance provided by C4P editors and contributors and Tracey. Thank you.)

Alaska Democrats Trying to Silence Palin

The Democrats are at it again. They just keep making up stuff – trying to blame Sarah Palin for anything and everything they can dream up. Why? It’s simple. She is the single greatest threat to their and Obama’s agenda to transform this free nation into a socialist state. Sarah Palin is the one Republican who can defeat Obama in the 2012 presidential election. So they want to take her down.

And they’ve tried every hook and crook, every smear and lie, they can dream up to discredit Sarah Palin. Their poison barbs go out over the Internet on a daily basis. Some are outright lies; some border on the ridiculous.

In Governor Palin’s home state of Alaska, the news media and a tightknit group of bloggers/Democrat operatives have launched many of the attacks. One of these bloggers, Shannyn Moore, writes for the Huffington Post, which slanders and denigrates Sarah Palin on a regular basis. Moore described the group of Alaska bloggers (sometimes referred to as the Alaska Mafia) this way:
Feeling like an endangered species, Alaska progressives are tight. The Alaska Bloggers are tighter. Right after the nomination of Sarah Palin for VP, Wasilla blogger, musician, professor, and all around renaissance man, Phil Munger, threw a party at his home-the first of many. Secrecies were sworn; we were not alone in front of our computers-we had each other; Mudflats, Immoral Minority, Writing Raven, Celtic Diva, Progressive Alaska, Alaska Report, What Do I Know, and myself, Just a Girl From Homer. Documentary crews interviewed us and protected anonymous identities at the time.

Add to that list The Alaska Dispatch. If you run a search for articles about Governor Palin there, you will see regular and blatant attacks against the Governor. One such attack occurred today in the form of a story by Joshua Saul about an isolated incident that the Alaska Democratic Party is trying to fan into an accusation that Governor Palin incited it. (Joshua Saul can be reached at jsaul(at)alaskadispatch.com for comment, by the way.) Saul’s article links to another biased article on the blog.

It is quite obvious what is going on. Obama and the Democratic Party want to shut Sarah Palin up The Democratic Party poured a disproportionate amount of funds into Alaska during the 2008 election. And Governor Palin’s home state remains one of the targeted areas for the attacks against her. The first indication of something that didn’t smell just right was Obama’s direct involvement in Troopergate. Then just recently, his power grab at the Alaska Pipeline, Governor Palin’s signature achievement.

If you want to know who is behind all the lies and distortions about Sarah Palin, follow the money. Authors at A Time for Choosing, Conservatives for Palin, Texas4Palin, and elsewhere have done just that, and have come up with some rather stunning revelations. I’ve put together a mini-bibliography of articles that reveal the coordinated attacks on Governor Palin by the liberal media, Alaska bloggers, the Democratic Party, George Soros (self-proclaimed “owner” of the Democratic Party), and Barack Hussein Obama. Those that follow the money trail are marked appropriately: $$$. Also included are articles that describe threats against Governor Palin and the Tea Party.

It all adds up. Sarah Palin is the one vocal political figure who calls it like she sees it and has the backbone to stand tall and oppose the socialist agenda that Pelosi’s Democrats and Obama are trying to force upon the American people against their will. And Sarah Palin is the one political figure who has the integrity, charisma, and popular support to defeat Obama in 2012. May God grant that it be so!


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Conservative Girl with a Voice and 25,000 of her Closest Friends Invade Harry Reid's Hometown

What a sight to behold. Men and women of every age, race and color. Children, some of whom were not yet old enough to walk. Moms pushing strollers along a never-ending, bumpy road along side a two lane traffic-filled highway. Dads educating their sons about America and what she stands for. Grandmas waving flags patriotically while their husbands talked about the good ol' days when men and women strived to achieve the American dream. Individuals with special needs who smiled and held out a hand whenever a new friend passed by along the way. The veterans, many of whom wore veteran caps, whose love for their country was clearly evident in the way they talked about the wars in which they fought for the freedoms we now enjoy and hold most dear. The dogs, many of which were dressed up in patriotic t-shirts happily wagged their tails and licked the hands of children nearby. My fellow Americans, the Tea Party Express event that took place in Searchlight, Nevada, this passed Saturday March 27th was truly a modern-day Conservative Woodstock. An event so huge that people parked and walked what seemed like miles just to get in. I have always been a proud American, and I love my country, but what I experienced this past Saturday has made me an even prouder American and even more grateful to our founders and the Constitution to which our country is based.

For those of you who have never been to Searchlight, Nevada, you need to realize that this little town, population 798, is in the middle of the desert. Picture a deserted area somewhere in the desert and then picture a small town in the middle of this deserted land, and fellow readers, you have Searchlight U.S.A. For one day, for a brief moment in time, this little town became a monument for the Conservative Movement and the future of the tea party movement as a whole. This little desert became the location of an event so huge that its effects will be felt for days. For just a few hours, people from all walks of life, gender and faiths trekked up a deserted highway as if they were apart of a parade, or better yet- a pilgrimage through a desolate land. I will never forget the line of vehicles with the most patient of people inside, many of whom were in awe at what they were witnessing. Like them, I couldn't believe the enthusiasm around me. Like many, I have attended tea parties for months dating back to April 15th, 2009, but the Searchlight Tea Party was different for many reasons. Sure, it was being held in Harry Reid's hometown and the intensity level was at an all-time high at the thought of booting the Nevada senator's tush to the curb, but what really got me was the distances some traveled just to be there in this promise land of sorts where everyone gathered for a common purpose, a common goal. I met people from all over our great country. A woman from Anchorage, Alaska, a couple who, like me, traveled from San Diego , a family from Utah and even a woman from Georgia. I wouldn't be surprised if each and every one of our 50 states was represented there. This voyage united us all, for we were all there as Americans- Americans concerned about the direction our country is headed.

The multitude of signage was phenomenal. Signs with phrases like Real Men Honor the Constitution, God is in Control, Harry Reid has Taxed Me to Death, Sarah is Right, and the classic Don't Tread on Me were just some of my favorites. As I watched everyone around me, the media repeatedly came to my mind. The media and liberal left who continually try to act as if the tea party movement is an Astroturf movement in which people are basically bribed to show up and participate. Let me tell you something: The event I witnessed this past Saturday was as far from an Astroturf event as they come. Astroturf is fake, hard and cold. The tea party movement is a grassroots movement that is authentic, real and growing hotter by the day. There is no denying the fundamental point that Astroturf DOES NOT grow, and if the Searchlight tea party event is any indication, this grassroots movement IS growing and will continue to do so. The difference between liberals and tea party attendees is simple: When liberals get mad, they resort to lying, name-calling and violence. When tea party attendees get angry, they take peaceful action. They gather their loved ones together, and they set out on a voyage where they meet like-minded individuals who love their country and want to set it back on the right course toward fiscal conservatism and smaller government. They chart a course because they want the day to come when their elected officials will actually start LISTENING to them instead of IGNORING them. This is a course that adheres to the constitution instead of ignoring it. This is a course that promotes the use of an individual's First-Amendment right as the fundamental way in which individuals have the ability and the right to stand up and speak out without being told to sit down and shut up. Fellow readers, the left wants us to do just that. They want us to forfeit and take our flags and go home. They want us to roll up our signs and throw them in the recycling bin, but we know better. We know change- real change- is coming, and we know the only way to succeed is to keep up the good and noble fight and not fall prey to the left's attempt to bury us into the earth so many among us have fought to protect with their own sweat and tears.

The men, women and children who attended the Searchlight rally came because they WANTED TOO. They felt compelled to come and witness history in the making. The people I spoke with each had his or her own reason for being there. The majority of individuals came out on this windy, cold day and gathered on this dusty desert floor to let Harry Reid know that they were no longer going to let him abuse his senate powers and the constitution to which our country is based. To put it kindly, these people are pissed off. They are sick and tired of the fat cats in Washington. Our elected officials should be working FOR us, not AGAINST us. One gentleman whom I spoke with believes that Washington changes elected officials. Whether or not we want to admit it, this gentleman is right. Many politicians run with good intentions. They run with the hope of representing their constituents to the best of their ability, but as soon as they get to Washington, the power and greed overtake them. They lose sight of why they were elected, and they let the power and greed seep deep into their veins. Now, I don't know Harry Reid. Maybe he ran for office because, like me, he wanted to make a difference. Although this may have been his intention, it is no secret that he has lost his way. His hometown of Searchlight, Nevada, is a humble place people usually drive right by without a second thought. Just like many other small mining towns in America, it gets overlooked. It is in an isolated part of Nevada, which ironically seems to symbolize Harry Reid- a man whose approval rating is at around eight percent. Perhaps Harry Reid should do what I, and thousands of others did yesterday, and pay his hometown a visit. Maybe he'd learn a thing or two. Visit the corner gas station, or maybe grab a coffee in the cafe. Perhaps he should stop by the casino for a bite to eat. Would he learn what I learned yesterday? Would he learn that those who live in his little hometown and little cities like it all around America are hard-working family types who are living paycheck to paycheck. Sure, he has his supporters. We were all welcomed to such a large outpouring of Harry Reid supporters- 30 in all (and that's being generous) as we made our way through one of the town’s only four-way stop signs. After rolling down our windows, waving and telling the protesters "God bless you" and " Isn't it great we live in a place were we can voice our First-Amendment right," we couldn't help, but giggle at the jeers we got back. I found it ironic that these same people who call us angry mobsters, were the individuals who illustrated the most anger. These same individuals who call us violent right-wing extremists and racists were the same individuals who decided to throw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus as it departed Searchlight. I guarantee the mainstream, or as Sarah Palin correctly calls them "lamestream media" were not going give this insane act the attention it correctly deserved. Instead, they would rather accuse tea party attendees like myself of being racist and anti-American. Well, maybe they should listen to what Sarah told that heckler in Arizona: "Stick around, maybe you'll learn something." I, for one, sure learned something yesterday. I learned how much I love my country. I learned about how beautiful, how authentic the entire tea party movement is. This is a movement that started small and has grown to a massive movement without a single leader. This movement doesn't need a leader because it has thousands of leaders all over this great land. Men, women, children and their pets. These same individuals who walked in from miles back just to gather peacefully and speak out about the fears they have for the direction this country is headed.

These are the same individuals who cheered, laughed and cried when Sarah addressed the crowd. Sarah's speech was phenomenal. While I have met her in the past, this was the first time, I had the honor to see her speak live. It was so amazing! As soon as they began to address her as "Todd's wife; Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig's mom; and Tripp's grandma, the crowd erupted with the loudest cheers and applause. You had to be there, for it was a moment that I will NEVER forget. People were there to voice their First-Amendment right AND to see her; she was truly the woman of the hour. Woodstock may have had Joe Cocker, but the tea party movement can say they have Sarah Palin, and boy, did she give a great speech. She spoke for about a half hour about the importance of love for God and country, for the need to boot Harry out, for the importance of the tea party movement, and for the unfortunate way in which tea party attendees are being unfairly attacked. She thanked us for attending and continuing to stand up and speak out. It was so cool to be there. As she spoke, five jets wrote messages in puffy, white smoke above in the crystal-blue sky. One of the messages read Thank you, Sarah Palin. Another read, God bless Sarah Palin. I learned later that night from a friend that Sarah looked up to the sky at one point and blushed, and I have a feeling she was looking at what was being written. She was overwhelmed at just how amazing the whole event was. It was during her speech that I developed shivers and had tears in my eyes. It finally hit me, and I was overwhelmed at just how BIG this movement really is. There were many other great patriots who spoke that day. People like Andrew Breitbart, Hannah Giles, Victoria Jackson, Joe the Plumber, Danny Tarkanian (whom I’m trying to get on Camille Friend and my radio show), as well as many other great Americans. It was truly a great day. I even ran into California Senate Candidate Chuck Devore and his family as I was walking into the event. We had been tweeting back and forth the whole morning, and I had been passing along traffic updates to them as well, so we laughed about how many people showed up and how windy and chilly it was.

Don't let the pundits and msm tell you that only 7,000 people showed up yesterday. I was there, and I can testify that there were at least 20,000 people there if not more. This is huge when you take into account that this event was held in the boonies, in the desert, in the middle of nowhere right to the side of a two lane road. I will never forget the excitement level. I will never forget how safe I felt with those around me. I bonded with the individuals I spoke with, and while I will probably never see them again, we will forever be connected. Another thing I want to mention is just how patriotic and kind those in attendance were. One incident comes to mind. Being the high-energy girl I am, I didn't bring a chair, and the gentleman next to me asked if I wanted to sit in his. This one person is an indication of just how great the people in attendance were. We were even lucky enough to see a protester, and you know how violent and angry us tea party attendees are, right? We were so mean that we allowed the guy to parade his sign around, and no one confronted him or threatened him because like us, he was there voicing his First-Amendment right, and fellow readers, that is our beautiful God-given right; that is what makes America-America. Yeah, based upon this event, I’d say us tea party folks are pretty downright evil aren't we? Were so evil that we give up our seats for our fellow man and allow others to protest us. So much for the media even attempting to get it right. If the media wanted to report their stories in a straightforward, objective manner, they would be reporting just how neat, polite and intelligent we really are, but the media do not want the truth out there because they know that if the real story got out, they would be toast. Millions would learn how corrupt and biased the lamestream media really are.

I thank God each and everyday that I live in a country where I can stand up tall and freely speak out. Nobody should be told to shut up and sit down if they are simply speaking out on policies to which they disagree. The people who gathered yesterday gathered together in a united front. Whatever the media report, know this: There were no acts of violence yesterday; there were no threats, only promises. We CAN guarantee that come this November, the democrats WILL be shaking in their boots. The democrats WILL lose seats, and the democrats WILL finally realize they were downright WRONG when they called the tea party movement a fringe group that will have no effect on upcoming elections. I'm predicting right now that if the Republicans continue to listen to the American people and chart a course back down the path of Ronald Reagan, we WILL win. In the end, Sarah Palin is right: "No matter how tough it gets, never retreat, instead RELOAD!”

I hope you enjoy all of these photos my photographer (aka Dad) was nice enough to take. Make sure to click here and here because there are many more photos that I did not have room enough to include here.

Oh, and one more thing. I gotta take a minute to network a little bit: Griff Jenkins of FOX News Channel, my dad met you and gave you my business card. If you read this, Camille and I would LOVE to have you on our show!!!!

My friend and fellow blogger Robert Stacy McCain was at the Searchlight event as well, so make sure to check out his blog here because his stuff is always a MUST READ!!!

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