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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Going Rogue: 6th Week as NY Times #1 Best Seller

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Take a look at the New York Times Best Sellers List, and you will find Going Rogue yet again. It remains #1 among hardcover nonfiction books for the 6th consecutive week.

Congratulations, Governor Palin.

(H/T Tommy Report - C4P)

Palin's top ten moments of 2009

Everyone thought Sarah Palin would be out of the spotlight when she resigned as Alaska's Governor, but, instead, 2009 ending up being the year that Palin put herself on the map. Every channel you turned on, there she was--Sarah Palin signing books, waving to fans, and shaking hands. Positive or negative, the media just couldn't get enough of her and, like her or not, Palin garnered a lot of attention.

1. "Going Rogue"
Palin wrote "Going Rogue" which sold 1 million copies just two weeks after publication. HarperCollins increased an initial printing of 1.5 million copies to 2.8 million. The book tour itself became a cultural phenomenon with thousands of people waiting hours, and sometimes days, to meet the former Alaska Governor.

2. Challenged agenda driven science
Palin stirred up the climate change debate in a Facebook post and controversial Washington Post op-ed. Not only did she state that Obama should boycott Copenhagen, she also took on Al Gore and Arnold Schwarznegger.

3. Challenged Obama's death panels
Palin stirred up the healthcare debate in a Facebook post, stating, "The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care." Palin's comments came to define the health care debate in August and Politi-Fact reported that the term was mentioned in news reports 6,000 times in August and September.

4. Boosted Oprah's ratings
Oprah's much-anticipated interview of Sarah Palin brought her the biggest ratings in two years. Palin drew an 8.7 household rating and 13 share, the highest since Oprah hosted the Osmonds in 2007.

5. Heated up the cover of Newsweek
"How do you solve a problem like Sarah?” read the cover of Newsweek magazine. But instead of the headline, most readers’ eyes were drawn to the picture of Sarah Palin clad in a bright red shirt, and short black runner’s shorts, originally shot for Runner’s World Magazine. Even though Palin’s "Going Rogue" ignited critics and supporters, the Newsweek cover brought forth issues such as would a male politician be portrayed the same way and did Newsweek deliberately use the photo to boost their sales?

6. Surprised William Shatner on The Tonight Show
A reoccurring skit with Conan had been interpretative readings by William Shatner, which meant it wouldn't be long before James T. Kirk tackled "Going Rogue." But when Shatner finished his reading, it was Palin herself who graced the stage and tackled her own reading of Shatner's autobiography "Up Till Now."

7. Entertained at the Gridiron Club Dinner
Usually the jokes and one-liners were targeted at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, but at the Gridiron Club Dinner in Washington, D.C., the one-liners were delivered by the former VP candidate herself. The Gridiron Club, founded in 1885, is the oldest and most prestigious journalistic organization in Washington, D.C. and "The very fact she was willing to take the chance of appearing in a room full of her most disdainful critics is testimony to her courage," wrote Dan Thomasson of Scripps Howard. "She came away with at least a consensus of grudging admiration."

8. Showed her continued support for the military
On her nationwide book tour, Palin made stops at five military facilities, donated the royalties from her Fort Hood stop to the families hit by the Nov. 5 mass shooting, and donated the red jacket she wore on the book cover for conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham's auction to benefit the Wounded Warriors.

9. Presented Great American Award
After greeting 1,000 people who endured the December bitter cold at her book signing in Springfield, Missouri, Sarah Palin addressed the College of the Ozarks, a private school near Branson. The College of the Ozarks presented Palin with the inaugural "Great American" award, citing her contributions to promoting patriotism.

10. Named one of Barbara Walter's Top Ten Most Facinating People of 2009
Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" not only graced the top of the bestseller list, it also took Palin to the top of the list of Republican hopefuls of 2012 and Barbara Walter's list of the Top Ten Most Fascinating People of 2009.

It's too early to say who will prevail as the 2012 GOP presidential candidate, but with the sales of her memoir and her growing popularity, 2010 should be another year that the nation keeps an eye on Sarah Palin.

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2009: The Year of Sarah Palin

Earlier this week, Steve Pendlebury, Editor of The Point, made a very astute observation:

The president is always under a microscope, so it's natural that he dominates
the news throughout the year. That's especially true for the first year of a
young president who was swept into office on the promise of change. But if
anyone rivaled President Barack Obama this year when it came to making
headlines and consistently eliciting strong reactions from all sides, it was
the woman who hoped to be vice president.

In many ways, 2009 was the Year of Sarah Palin.

Hardly a day went by when Palin wasn't getting some kind of
attention – for better or worse – on TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, as well
as news outlets and blogs across the spectrum. For anyone in the business of
attracting an audience, Palin and her family were the gift that kept on
giving all year long.

Beginning with her resignation as governor of Alaska, Pendlebury went on to list a number of Governor Palin’s events and statements for the year.

So I thought I would fill in some of the events he missed and add awards and recognitions she received during the year. Governor Palin’s accomplishments ase governor are listed in detail here and here , so I will focus on her events outside her role as governor.

On January 31, Governor Palin shared the spotlight with Obama at the exclusive Alfalfa dinner.

On March 11, a comic book starring Governor Palin was released by Bluewater Productions.

On May 14, she was presented a custom made AR-15 rifle called The Alaskan Hunter by the National Rifle Association. Governor Palin was not able to attend the NRA banquet on that date but received the rifle at a different time.

On April 17, she spoke at the Indiana Right to Life dinner and impressed one of the attendees enough to write about her.

On April 30, she made a guest appearance on TLC’s American Chopper show.

On April 30, she made the Time 100 Most Influential People of 2009 list.

On May 12, her book deal with HarperCollins was announced.
On May 21, HarperCollins announced that Lynn Vincent had been selected as collaborator for Governor Palin’s memoir.

On June 6, she spoke to a crowd of thousands in Auburn, New York after leading their Founders Day parade in observance of the 50th anniversary of Alaska statehood.

On June 8, after being invited and then disinvited as the keynote speaker for the NRCC fundraiser in Washington, she showed up and stole the spotlight.

On July 3, Governor Palin announced that she would be resigning the governorship to spare her state the added expense of continuing to handle the politically motivated ethics complaints against her.

On July 9, SarahPAC announced that it had raised $732,867. between January 1 and June 30.

On July 26, Team Sarah sent 1000 red roses to Sarah at her resignation speech as a culmination of Project Rose.

On August 1, she spoke on Second Amendment rights at a gun collectors’ function in Anchorage, where she was awarded lifetime memberships from out-of-state gun collectors groups and the National Rifle Association’s Gold Medal Award of Merit for the Promotion of Gun Collecting.

On September 14, Cathy Maples of Huntsville, Alabama paid $67,500. for dinner with Sarah Palin after winning an online auction that benefitted wounded veterans.

On September 23, she addressed a standing room only crowd at the CLSA Investors Forum in Hong Kong. and presented a Main Street viewpoint on issues ranging from U. S. domestic policy to foreign policy.

On September 29, it was announced that Governor Palin had finished her memoir early, after 4 months of writing.

On October 6, the book cover for Going Rogue was released.

On November 17 , her memoir Going Rogue, which was already a bestseller from preorders, was released.

On November 18, her Going Rogue book tour kicked off with a book signing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A chronology of the interviews and book signings of the tour in the form of videos can be found here, here, here, and here.

On November 20, she was named iVillage Woman of the Week.

On November 22, she had dinner with Billy Graham and his family and talked with BGEA about her faith.

On November 24, Going Rogue debuted on the USA Today bestsellers list and has remained there.

On November 26, she participated in the Thanksgiving Day 5k Turkey Trot fundraiser in Kennewick, Washington – the fundraiser raised a record $45,000.

On November 30 or thereabouts, Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country, a children’s book in which Sarah Palin stars as a heroine, was released.

On November 30, Going Rogue debuted on the New York Times’ bestseller list, where it has remained.

On December 1, Going Rogue went platinum two weeks after release.

On December 2, she spoke at the College of the Ozarks and was presented the Great American Award.

On December 5, she “entered the lion’s den” and gave a well-received speech to a group of political writers at the exclusive Gridiron dinner in Washington, D. C.

On December 9, she appeared on Barbara Walters’ show as one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009.

On December 16, she made Time’s Person of the Year list and was listed on their "25 people who mattered" list.

On December 18, John G. Miller paid $57,000. for the red jacket Governor Palin wears in the cover photo of Going Rogue at the end of Laura Ingraham’s auction

for the benefit of wounded veterans.

On December 22, her Going Rogue book tour ended with a book signing in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

Governor Palin either headed or made the list for a number of end-of-the year awards for 2009.
Don Surber at the Daily Mail named her the Man of the Year.

She ended up in a statistical tie with Hillary Clinton in a USA/Today Gallup poll for America’s Most Admired Woman.

She was No. 2, next to Obama, on the Winners list of Politics Daily’s “The Top 15 Winners and Losers of 2009”.

She tied for second with Ellen DeGeneres with Ellen DeGeneres behind the Obamas in a Most Desirable Neighbors poll conducted by Zillow.com..

She was one of three finalists (the other two being George Bush and Dick Cheney) for PJTV’s Trifecta Person of the Year Award.

She was third on USA Today’s list of The biggest political winners and losers of 2009.

She was No. 4 on Frontpage’s list for their Man of the Year award, which went to Glenn Beck.

She was No 6 on GOP Toast’s list of Top 10 Republicans of the Decade.

She was listed as one of People’s '25 Most Intriguing People of 2009'.

Josh Painter at Texas4Palin (cybersleuth for everything Palin) lists even more end-of-the-year awards and nominations for Governor Palin.

Governor Palin has already begun lining up speaking engagements for early 2010. For example:

She will be a keynote speaker on January 24 at the National Conservative Symposium in San Atonio Texas.

She is the first person ever for which the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner in Salina, Kansas, which will be held on February 5, has sold out.

She will be the keynote speaker at the national Tea Party convention in Nashville, Tennessee on February 6.

Governor Palin has also promised to campaign in the 2010 mid-term elections for candidates of any party who represent conservative principles.

Keep up with Governor Palin’s upcoming events with the Multi-Blog Unofficial Gov. Sarah Palin Events Calendar.

If you think 2009 was the “year of Palin,” just wait for 2010 … and 2012!