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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dr. Gina Loudon Exposes Vanity Fair Hit Piece

Video courtesy of PalinTV

Dr. Gina Loudon discusses her personal experience that discounts a report in the Vanity Fair hit piece on Governor Palin. Her article about this experience resulted in a retraction by Michael Gross. A video clip of her son Samuel, who has Down Syndrome, follows.

Kirsten Powers:Finds Vanity Fair Hit Piece Atrocious

Video courtesy of PalinTV

Vietnam Vet, Dave Roever, Gets Makeup Done By Governor Palin

Video courtesy of PalinTV

When she heard that he needed a TV studio for a broadcast, Governor Palin offered Dave Roever hers. She wouldn't hear of his paying a makeup artist and offered to do his makeup for him herself. It is acts of kindness like this that has endeared Sarah Palin to her supporters. I watched as Governor Palin shared a hug with Dave Roever after his speech at the Restoring Honor Rally. Two dear souls.