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Sunday, July 18, 2010

C4P, Tammy Bruce and Me!!! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

As I write this post, I am in the SUV, on a road trip, heading to my family's cabin at an undisclosed lake near Lake Tahoe. My regular readers know I love my family's cabin from prior posts I have posted. I just cannot wait to get there, run down to the lake, put my feet in the sand and water and just relax. Everyone has their special place, and this is mine. I always say I believe I do my best writing while sitting by the lake.

It's been a week since I attended the awesome Conservatives for Palin meet up here in my hometown of San Diego. I attended the dinner at Salvatore's in downtown San Diego, in which phenomenal no-nonsense Radio Host Tammy Bruce was the featured speaker. It was great to meet so many inspiring, like-minded individuals from all over America- people from California to North Dakota, even Alaska. My sister, Krisha, came with me. While I describe myself as a pop-culture turned political princess and grizzly girl, my sister is the complete opposite. While she likes Sarah Palin, I do not think she gets my whole political obsession with all things politics-ha ha. It was fun getting dressed up and attending the event with her, and i think she walked away thinking her sister is not the only person who lives and breaths politics.

For those of you who listen regularly to Tammy, you know she is a woman of her word. She does not settle for second best. She loves her country, and her political beliefs make sense. She is a patriotic, freedom loving, independent conservative, and I really admire her and look up to her for being the strong, independent woman she is- just like Sarah Palin. I had the honor of sitting next to Tammy during the dinner, before she addressed the meet up attendees. I had first gotten to know Tammy on Twitter, and it made my day when she followed me (you on the tweet side know what this means) and later posted my account of my experience attending the Searchlight Tea Party on her website. How cool is that? Unlike many other radio hosts, Tammy makes it a point to connect with her listeners on a regular basis. This is what makes her so real! She believes in giving people chances and making people's days, like she did when she followed me, posted my blog entry and eventually posted Conservative Girl with a Voice on her blogroll When I finally had the chance to meet her, she was just as genuine as she appears. She is also hilarious too. I thanked her for all she has done for conservatism and for Sarah Palin. When so many women in the media turn their backs and stay silent when Sarah is attacked, Tammy remains vocal, and her voice resonates above the crowd.

Her speech was awesome- one the best I have ever heard. She told us about her time as a former liberal, urged us to continue the fight and stressed that America is still that great country we know her to be. She spoke about my hero Sarah Palin too. One of my favorite parts was when she told us how no other politician has a way of bringing people from all walks of life together. She was right!!! Tammy was right when she said it is Sarah and the tea party that bring so many diverse people together-simply awesome!!!

This was not a Mitt Romney event, this was a Sarah Palin event- it was casual and full of laughter and good times. I even had the honor of posing for a picture with Tammy (that's Tammy and I to the right, as well as Whitney @whit_pip and me) and having her sign my copy of Going Rogue. I'm going to be spending my summer reading her latest book, and next time I see her, I'll have her sign it-hear that, Tammy? ;)

I will never forget her thanking me for the work I was doing for the conservative movement. That was so cool! Hearing this from someone who has done so many wonderful things for this movement. Yep, this woman IS truly the real deal!!! Thanks again, Tammy for taking the time and traveling down to my neck of the woods and spending the night talking to a bunch of Palinistas!!! You're welcome to San Diego anytime!!! Keep speaking the truth, pissing off the left and calling out the Republican establishment!!! God has given you a gift, so continue to stand up and speak out!!! Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Did you ever get to finish your dessert?

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Call a Spade a Spade

It's time for Sarah Palin to call out Obama for his links to the Muslim faith.

I hate to say it, but it has to be brought out in the open. I can't think of anyone with the ability to make the connection besides Sarah Palin. Certainly, this comes with risks. But what are the risks?

She would be pilloried in the lamestream media, no doubt.

What else is new?

She might be targeted for a fatwa, a badge of honor in the Christian community.

She might actually force Barack Obama to explain himself, which would be extremely interesting.

Would Barack Obama pull a St. Peter?

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