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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Partying in New York (includes pictures)

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

I met some great patriots today when I went down to the Tea Party in Kingston, NY. Peacefully, we demonstrated our great love for America and our disapproval of the direction President Obama and Congress are taking us.

As the pictures show, there were very creative signs all over the place, American flags, as well as Gadsen flags. I've included pictures of some of them.

Piles of cars drove by with people honking wildly and flashing thumbs-up. Yes, there were also some disgruntled people passing by. One woman, for example, stuck her head out the window and yelled, "You suck! You suck!" But those haters were far outnumbered; they did not dampen our spirits, and they did not incite us to respond in kind.

I wore a sweatshirt with a picture of Governor Palin and the words, "America's President." A few expressed their admiration for it. One woman exclaimed, "Go, Sarah!" I handed out "Sarah 2012: A New Energy for America" bumper stickers and "Sarah Palin President 2012" buttons, both designed by the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Clearly, people love the governor because she loves America, is proud of America, and never feels the need to apologize for America.

As I was heading out, I met a gentleman NRA member when he stopped me, shook my hand, and remarked that my Palin sweatshirt and my Tea Party attendance were definite contradictions to the lies about conservatives and the Tea Party movement. So...yes, there are Black people who attend Tea Parties around the country, and no, the movement is not a racist one. He and I had a great conversation, and I left even more proud of my country and very glad I drove the 40 minutes to join fellow Americans to declare, on Tax Day, that we are taxed enough already, we are counting the moments till election day in November, and we're taking our country back!

I live-tweeted the event. In case you missed them, check those tweets out here.

See pictures below.

Sarah Palin Spanks Obama For His Idiotic Statement On America’s Status As A Super Power

In case you missed it, the Apologizer-in-Chief, Barack Obama, is at it again, and the leader of the Free World, Sarah Palin is having to set him straight, once again.

To refresh your memory: The rookie President, who has zero foreign policy experience, and absolutely no negotiating skills, proved it earlier when he announced his suicidal policy on the use of nuclear weapons. Something Sarah noted was akin to telling the school yard bully to come on over and give you a beat down, because you aren’t going to do anything about it afterwards.

Obama tried to be cute with his media buddies and dismiss Sarah, to which she replied she was sure Obama must have gained all sorts of foreign policy and nuclear proliferation experience as a "community organizer" from Chicago.

As is always the case, after a public flogging by Sarah, Obama sent out his minions to "clarify" his position. Sarah said "jump" Obama asked "how high?"

While this is all quite entertaining, watching Sarah play with this fool, the fact remains Obama is a dangerous anti-American appeaser who is going to get us all killed.

We’ve seen Obama bow to pretty much everyone, and his ability to apologize for American greatness and American exceptionalism is legendary, but this latest stupidity just beats all:

Whether we like it or not? Are you freakin’ kidding me? Really?

This remark was made during his closing remarks at his "nuclear summit" where absolutely nothing was accomplished and the world’s most dangerous nations, Iran and North Korea, were never formally discussed, even though one has a nuclear program and the other is working overtime to develop one. Another Epic Fail for Obama.

Didn’t take long for Sarah to express her disgust at the boy wonder, via Twitter:

Unbelievable, Outrageous "Whether we like it or not,we remain a dominant military superpower"-Obama YES, Mr.Pres, we LIKE knowing we r strong

I really wish this nonsense was only limited to Obama, but unfortunately this sort of thinking is mainstream in the Marxist-democrat party. When Bill Clinton was President, his Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, was constantly saying that America had no right to be the world’s only Superpower. This stuff is genetic with these people.

I’m not sure if Obama and his Marxist-democrat party are this way because of their deep seated hatred for all things American or they’re just angry because they can’t take the money we absolutely must spend on national defense and spend it on some more of their nonsensical, utopian, unicorns and rainbows, job stealing, economy crushing programs, designed to steal Liberty and Freedom, as well as "spread the wealth."

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Obama is obviously someone who hates America and Americans. He hates everything that has made America the greatest nation civilization has ever known, and the envy of the world.

We can talk all day about why, and blame it on his communist upbringing, all of the anti-Americanism the poor kid has marinated in since birth, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. It is what it is: Obama is a danger to the nation and the world. A weak United States means an entire world that is less safe.

Let’s hope we can put him in check come November, and then remove this embarrassment come 2012.

SarahPAC's Expenses Reasonable, Customary

The Alinsky Left is predictably manufacturing scandals, this time over SarahPAC's routine filing of receipts and disbursements at the closing of this years' first quarter. "SarahPAC Ensures That Sarah Palin Travels in Style" an ABC News headline blares. It's not until you read the actual story and get to the second page that the reporter, Matthew Mosk acknowledges that this practice is standard for all poltical action committees, and that the late Ted Kennedy had significant travel expenses.

As a Donor

As a mid-range donor to SarahPAC, I review these filings, because I have a vested interest in ensuring that my hard-earned money is being used for its stated purpose and that nothing untoward is being done with donated funds. I am completely satisfied with how my donated funds are used. As a donor I can wholeheartedly say that your donation to SarahPAC will be used properly to fulfill the organization's mission. Oh, and since I've said many times on these pages, that I trust Gov. Palin with my life, it logically follows that I trust her with my money. I'll even go so far as to say she is more responsible steward to it than I am!

My Responsibility as Supporter and Un-Authorized Promoter of SarahPAC

As editor and publisher of US 4 Palin, I routinely re-post SarahPAC's fund-raising request letters. I run house ads for SarahPAC all over this site. I ask people via Facebook and Twitter to donate. I am not an official or authorized fund-raiser for SarahPAC; I am a supporter who wants to see Gov. Palin and her PAC succeed. I have a fiduciary responsibility to you - my readers - who I am asking to donate to SarahPAC to ensure that nothing unusual or untoward is being done with this money. I am satisfied that SarahPAC is doing everything correctly.

SarahPAC's Expenses: Reasonable, Customary, Appropriate

As a donor, I am satisfied that SarahPAC is properly and correctly using the money I have entrusted to them. The PAC is supporting Reagan Conservative candidates. Governor Palin's travel expenses are a reasonable and routine part of this work. I am happy to help support her travel; to keep her and her family safe and secure. Let's review some of these expenses that have the Alinsky left in a huge uproar.

Gov. Palin stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix, AZ. The stories implied rooms costing several thousand dollars per night complete with caviar and champagne dinners. The actual cost? $446. For a suite used to house Gov. Palin, her husband and some of her children. Other "luxury" hotels Gov. Palin stayed at included Courtyard by Marriott. Most of Gov. Palin's air fares are under $400!

The $3400 Peninsula Hotel bill for lodging and meals was for Gov. Palin and several other people for several days. This bill was incurred when she was starting out her Fox News consultancy. I know New York hotels - this was a bargain!

Wise and Prudent Aviation Decisions

And as a pilot I say to Gov. Palin - kudos on paying that de-icing cost! I've read the NTSB reports of pilots who thought they'd save a few dollars by skimping on de-icing. The outcome was always a loud boom, fire, a huge debris field, and no survivors. If a little bit or even all of my donation money went to de-ice that plane, I am happy - and would donate to that effort again! And again! And as a pilot, I know the value of using private aircraft. Gov. Palin's husband is a pilot. The Palins know aviation and know when it makes sense to fly commercial and when it makes sense to fly privately. For that trip, a private flight made sense and $7K to de-ice is nothing compared to the value of a human life. For those of you who do NOT donate to SarahPAC and don't like how the Palin's travel, as far as I'm concerned you have nothing to say about it!

Washington Speakers Bureau

Not related to the PAC, but related to the stories trying to build up a character of "Queen Sarah I," I booked speakers for my old employer 10 years ago. These were bargain basement speakers with honorariums under $10K. Every last one of them traveled first class on these engagements. It's standard procedure when you work with a speakers bureau. The bureau also gets a substantial amount of money from that speaking fee. That is how they earn their profit and pay their overhead. Gov. Palin is not "demanding" anything, Gov. Palin is booked many months in advance. Her speaking engagements keep U4P staff busy, that's for sure! The organizers of these events are satisfied they are getting good value for their money spent. I agree with them.

Straw Poll

The Alinsky leftists are concerned about the state of Gov. Palin's water bottles at her lecterns. No, she did not demand gold-plated crystal, though they would like you to think so.

Gov. Palin's - or more probably Washington Speaker's Bureau's - very simple request: bendable straws in two water bottles filled with - you betcha - water. I've watched many of Gov. Palin's speeches. I've never seen her drink anything at the lectern. Regardless, a box of bendable straws cost less than $2. Two straws out of the box probably cost a penny. This is what the left is so concerned about? Gov. Palin or the Bureau who works the contract wants one cent worth of plastic so she doesn't have to go "Cheers! Bottoms Up!" during her speeches?

Talk about grasping at straws! This is the best they can come up with? Ironically, if someone were grab a bendable straw that touched Gov Palin's lips and sell it on eBay, that used bendable straw would command a huge sum of money. How's that for a straw poll?

If you have read this far, please donate to SarahPAC. Support Reagan Conservative candidates, and Gov. Palin's activities in helping them deliver their message. We need to take back our Congress in November.

Schedule B Itemized Disbursements All Listed Line Numbers. Committee: Sarah PAC. Federal Election Commission. Retrieved April 15, 2010 from: http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00458588/461216/sb/ALL

Bittersweet SRLC (w/ pictures)

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

SRLC 2010 is over, leaving me with some sweet memories, leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth. One might say it was bittersweet.

I got stuck in traffic driving to New York City to fly out of state on Wednesday. It was horrendous, and I almost didn't make it. What should have taken about 2 1/2 hours took an extra hour. It was bumper to bumper for that hour, too. I was so rattled by the time I got to LaGuardia, I looked forward to just resting during the flight to St. Louis, Missouri. Once I landed, I was to take a small plane to Cape Girardeau--or so I thought. It turned out to be a toy plane! Ladies and gentlemen, it was a 10 passenger plane, and there were only 3 of us passengers! I'm talking, sitting right there with the pilots, the plane being tossed around because of the wind, and praying to remind myself that God has a plan for me and didn't bring me to Missouri to kill me!

My friend, Kristi King, met me at the airport and took me to her job to see where she works. From there it was on to her parents' house. They fed us well: chicken and dumplings and collard greens. Now, understand: I was raised in New York, but I come from a southern Black family. I didn't know white people could make collard greens, but Mama Earlene "put her foot in" those greens, as they say! They were right up there with my Aunt Mary's collards--and that's saying something! Southern folks can cook--period.

After a few hours there, we went to Kristi's and talked, laughed, prayed, and finally slept. The next morning we made the nine hour drive to New Orleans. I love road trips, and this was no exception. Again, we laughed, talked, sang, and listened to Going Rogue on CD. We had a wonderful time. The whole trip was that way: tons of silly times and tons of serious time--praying and talking.

At the conference, I met some people from the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, C4P, and Team Sarah. Several times people came up to me and said, "Are you Adrienne Ross? I read your blog" or "I read your work on C4P." My favorite was when I'd hear, "Thank you for all you do for Governor Palin." Palin supporters are always looking out for her.

I can't count the times people told Kristi how much she looks like the governor. Some wanted their picture taken with her. One woman was following behind her to sneak a closer look, just to find out if it was Governor Palin. Now that was interesting! Mind you, Kristi is almost 6 feet tall, and with heels, she was over 6 feet! But they're right; you can't deny the resemblance.

Almost missing my flight was not the only unnerving situation. Somehow my registration lanyard disappeared off my arm and into thin air. I had to beg to get another one. It was time-consuming and utterly ridiculous. I'm glad I finally got one, for it was needed to vote for Governor Palin in the straw poll.

The poll brings me to the bitter part. It is low-down dirty how Mitt Romney and Ron Paul paid people's way to SRLC if they would agree to vote for them. Rather desperate and pathetic, and not just a rumor. I knew well before the conference Romney was doing this because someone I know, a Palin supporter, was offered a free ride if he'd but vote for Romney. Of course, the bribe was declined. My friend would not be bought. Even with the Acorn voting tactics being employed, Governor Palin came in third, which to me equates to first since the ones ahead of her bought many of their votes.

Of all the speakers, and there were some good ones, Governor Palin was the best, most energetic. She discussed energy at length and went into foreign policy issues. Her speech was substantive, passionate--and presidential.

Placed on each seat in the ballroom was Alaskan caribou jerky with a SarahPAC tag. This was very generous and creative of the governor--and yummy, I might add.

Above all else, there was indeed one definite highlight for me, an honor and a blessing--but I'll keep the particulars to myself! :) That's how I roll, y'all!

Late Saturday afternoon, Kristi and I headed out for the long ride back to Missouri. She had decided that the next day she would actually take me herself back to St. Louis for my flight because after seeing the toy airplane, she did not want me to have to get back on it. Praise God for that! Unfortunately, I was in for another nailbiter. We were following the GPS, and it took us on a wild goose chase. By the time I got to the gate, they were already boarding. I was like, oh my goodness...I can't get into Missouri, and I can't get out. What in the world?!
Honestly, I actually wasn't ready to go home, but one must work so one can eat!

I arrived in New York City Sunday after the hour and a half flight. Once retrieving my car, I drove the 2 1/2 hours to get home...and the rest, as they say, is history.

Those few days were filled with sweet moments, laughter, tears even. It also had the bitterness of StrawPollGate. But even that couldn't take away from the significance of the trip. I thank God for the opportunity, and as I always say, "The best is yet to come!"

* Pictures courtesy of Kristi King