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Thursday, April 15, 2010

SarahPAC's Expenses Reasonable, Customary

The Alinsky Left is predictably manufacturing scandals, this time over SarahPAC's routine filing of receipts and disbursements at the closing of this years' first quarter. "SarahPAC Ensures That Sarah Palin Travels in Style" an ABC News headline blares. It's not until you read the actual story and get to the second page that the reporter, Matthew Mosk acknowledges that this practice is standard for all poltical action committees, and that the late Ted Kennedy had significant travel expenses.

As a Donor

As a mid-range donor to SarahPAC, I review these filings, because I have a vested interest in ensuring that my hard-earned money is being used for its stated purpose and that nothing untoward is being done with donated funds. I am completely satisfied with how my donated funds are used. As a donor I can wholeheartedly say that your donation to SarahPAC will be used properly to fulfill the organization's mission. Oh, and since I've said many times on these pages, that I trust Gov. Palin with my life, it logically follows that I trust her with my money. I'll even go so far as to say she is more responsible steward to it than I am!

My Responsibility as Supporter and Un-Authorized Promoter of SarahPAC

As editor and publisher of US 4 Palin, I routinely re-post SarahPAC's fund-raising request letters. I run house ads for SarahPAC all over this site. I ask people via Facebook and Twitter to donate. I am not an official or authorized fund-raiser for SarahPAC; I am a supporter who wants to see Gov. Palin and her PAC succeed. I have a fiduciary responsibility to you - my readers - who I am asking to donate to SarahPAC to ensure that nothing unusual or untoward is being done with this money. I am satisfied that SarahPAC is doing everything correctly.

SarahPAC's Expenses: Reasonable, Customary, Appropriate

As a donor, I am satisfied that SarahPAC is properly and correctly using the money I have entrusted to them. The PAC is supporting Reagan Conservative candidates. Governor Palin's travel expenses are a reasonable and routine part of this work. I am happy to help support her travel; to keep her and her family safe and secure. Let's review some of these expenses that have the Alinsky left in a huge uproar.

Gov. Palin stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix, AZ. The stories implied rooms costing several thousand dollars per night complete with caviar and champagne dinners. The actual cost? $446. For a suite used to house Gov. Palin, her husband and some of her children. Other "luxury" hotels Gov. Palin stayed at included Courtyard by Marriott. Most of Gov. Palin's air fares are under $400!

The $3400 Peninsula Hotel bill for lodging and meals was for Gov. Palin and several other people for several days. This bill was incurred when she was starting out her Fox News consultancy. I know New York hotels - this was a bargain!

Wise and Prudent Aviation Decisions

And as a pilot I say to Gov. Palin - kudos on paying that de-icing cost! I've read the NTSB reports of pilots who thought they'd save a few dollars by skimping on de-icing. The outcome was always a loud boom, fire, a huge debris field, and no survivors. If a little bit or even all of my donation money went to de-ice that plane, I am happy - and would donate to that effort again! And again! And as a pilot, I know the value of using private aircraft. Gov. Palin's husband is a pilot. The Palins know aviation and know when it makes sense to fly commercial and when it makes sense to fly privately. For that trip, a private flight made sense and $7K to de-ice is nothing compared to the value of a human life. For those of you who do NOT donate to SarahPAC and don't like how the Palin's travel, as far as I'm concerned you have nothing to say about it!

Washington Speakers Bureau

Not related to the PAC, but related to the stories trying to build up a character of "Queen Sarah I," I booked speakers for my old employer 10 years ago. These were bargain basement speakers with honorariums under $10K. Every last one of them traveled first class on these engagements. It's standard procedure when you work with a speakers bureau. The bureau also gets a substantial amount of money from that speaking fee. That is how they earn their profit and pay their overhead. Gov. Palin is not "demanding" anything, Gov. Palin is booked many months in advance. Her speaking engagements keep U4P staff busy, that's for sure! The organizers of these events are satisfied they are getting good value for their money spent. I agree with them.

Straw Poll

The Alinsky leftists are concerned about the state of Gov. Palin's water bottles at her lecterns. No, she did not demand gold-plated crystal, though they would like you to think so.

Gov. Palin's - or more probably Washington Speaker's Bureau's - very simple request: bendable straws in two water bottles filled with - you betcha - water. I've watched many of Gov. Palin's speeches. I've never seen her drink anything at the lectern. Regardless, a box of bendable straws cost less than $2. Two straws out of the box probably cost a penny. This is what the left is so concerned about? Gov. Palin or the Bureau who works the contract wants one cent worth of plastic so she doesn't have to go "Cheers! Bottoms Up!" during her speeches?

Talk about grasping at straws! This is the best they can come up with? Ironically, if someone were grab a bendable straw that touched Gov Palin's lips and sell it on eBay, that used bendable straw would command a huge sum of money. How's that for a straw poll?

If you have read this far, please donate to SarahPAC. Support Reagan Conservative candidates, and Gov. Palin's activities in helping them deliver their message. We need to take back our Congress in November.

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