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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Governor Palin Hits 2,000,000 on Facebook

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Governor Palin has just reached two million Facebook friends. Two million! Now, to grasp the enormity of such a feat, let's digest for a moment exactly how much two million is by looking first at some fun facts. Via True Knowledge:

* There are 20,000 centuries in 2,000,000 years.

* There are about 5,475.8 years in 2,000,000 days.

* There are 83,333 1/3 days in 2,000,000 hours.

* There are 33,333 1/3 hours in 2,000,000 minutes.

* There are 1,136 4/11 miles in 2,000,000 yards.

* There are 666,666 2/3 yards in 2,000,000 feet.

* There are 166,666 2/3 feet in 2,000,000 inches.

It's hard to wrap one's mind around that number, yet Governor Palin--a woman who holds no official title anymore--already has over 2,000,000 Facebook friends! How long would it take to count us all? In answer to the question of how long it would take to count even half that amount, Big Site of Amazing Facts states:

Naturally, that depends on how fast you can count.

But if you can count from 1 to 100 in one minute, and you keep counting every minute, without stopping, for eight hours every day (taking time off to eat, sleep, and go to school), you would reach 1,000,000 in 20 days, 6 hours, and 40 minutes, or almost 3 weeks.

If, however, you give up eating, sleeping, and school, and just count every minute of every hour of every day, you would reach 1,000,000 in 6 days, 22 hours, and 40 minutes, almost 1 week.

Being an English teacher and not a mathematician, I would guess it would take more than twice that to arrive at two million, as one would surely slow down during the process of all that counting--not that one would even dare undertake such a tedious task. But I'm celebrating the Governor's success, so you'll simply have to excuse me.

On a more serious note now, let's examine the number of Facebook friends of those whose names get mentioned alongside Governor Palin's in the ongoing 2012 conversation.

Mitt "Flip-Flop" Romney, whom Bill O'Reilly just divulged to Jay Leno is his 2012 favorite, has a whopping 468,436 Facebook friends.

Mike "They Like Palin Because She's Cuter than I am" Huckabee has 371,959 friends on Facebook, which is listed near a plea that states, "Help me reach 375,000 likes." O...kay...

Newt Gingrich, who has recently stated he is seriously considering running in 2012, has a total of 70,311 Facebook friends.

And wouldn't I be remiss if I left out Ron Paul who boasts hordes of very vocal young and, I would imagine, internet-savvy supporters? This "Ron Paul Revolution," as they have been called, has fortified him with a 239,427 Facebook total.

Let me state the obvious. Governor Palin's common sense conservatism has grabbed both the hearts and intellect of women and men who want to see order restored to our government. Two million is a huge number, but it in no way is the sum total of those who support the work she is doing. Many of her supporters don't do Facebook, just as many don't do Twitter. But most every one of us can do the Governor and America a huge service: we can donate to SarahPAC so that her influence can not only continue but accelerate.

Is there any other voice out there sounding the alarm for you, your family, your businesses, and your freedoms as is Governor Palin's? She is traveling the country garnering support for others who are following her lead in taking back our country. She doesn't cower in fear before putting her name to a candidate's face or to a controversial issue, even when it earns her the acidic vitriol of the Left--and some on the Right. It takes finances to do the job she's doing. We've already established how big a number two million is, so two million people giving whatever they can will go far distances and reap even far greater rewards. You can read more posts about the SarahPAC money bomb here and here.

Congratulations, Governor Palin, on The Big Two--and thank you to all who helped get her here. Now, let's BLAST the Money Bomb!

* Facebook stats appears as they were at the time of this writing.

Governor Palin's New Book Cover Revealed

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Via ABC News, HarperCollins has revealed the cover of Governor Palin's new book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag, which can be pre-ordered from Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon, and Walmart:

The cover photo for Sarah Palin's new book is a portrait in red, white, blue and gray.

The Alaska ex-governor and former Republican vice presidential candidate is photographed in close-up, wearing a gray sweater and American flag pin, which matches her flag bracelet. Her book, "America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag," comes out in November.

HarperCollins, which also published Palin's million-selling "Going Rogue," revealed the cover design Thursday.

(h/t C4P)

Palin is a Giver, Obama is a Taker

-from Patrick's World USA

Sarah Palin is giving us things, lots of things. Every one of us in the movement have gotten something from Sarah Palin. We have Facebook pages supporting our causes. We have phone calls into our radio programs from her. Candidates have her endorsements. Palin gave her support of Pamela Geller's opposition to the mosque at ground zero with a Facebook page. She gave Tammy Bruce an interview. She gave Conservatives4Palin members a phone call.  She gave Nikki Haley and others her endorsement. Today, she has given Sean Hannity something, her endorsement of John Gomez.

Sarah Palin gave me my gift last week. With her comments to the Daily Caller and subsequent Facebook note, she gave my key issue a place atop the media flagpole: the media lies. I add that to my signed book, a picture and a compliment about my shirt.

Barack Obama, what have you done for me lately?

Obama has screwed up our health care system just as I got my insurance and supplemental insurance right where I wanted it to be under the old system. He screwed up my business opportunity by adding burdensome regulations that may force my business partner and I to take a different direction in our financial business. He passed credit card regulatory reform that caused two of my credit card companies to cut my credit limit and raise my interest rates. He is now talking about taking more of my money every time I turn on a light switch and if the Bush tax cuts expire, I will pay more in taxes.

Where's my hope and change, Mr. President?

I'll tell you where it is. It's with Sarah Palin. She has given America so much. She took a gamble that could have possibly ended her career for us. She has hit the road to give speeches for us, campaign for our candidates and meet us. Liberals will say "well she's getting paid to do that." Uh, yeah. So is Barack Obama. But what the hell is he getting paid for, to restrict our freedoms and destroy jobs?

Voters vote their pocketbooks. So let me see how this will play out in 2012. Who can I cash in on?

I'm not cashing in on you, Mr. President. You're costing me money instead. You're killing me.

I know I can cash in on Sarah Palin just based on her record. As president, she will revitalize the economy and remove the impediments to my ability to earn lots of money off the sweat of my back, the same sweat by which big government earns its money today. Go ahead, liberals, refute that. Make your childish cracks about half term governors (I won't call Obama a half term Senator, I promise). I'll put Sarah Palin's 2 1/2 years up against Obama's first 2 1/2 years any time. I call. Read em and weep.

Oh sorry, you have 2 million jobs lost? I win.

The world is upside down. It's Alice in Wonderland over here. Obama flies all over the world and his family takes lavish vacations while the rest of us have our credit choked off, and the jobs are disappearing faster than the paper trail between David Axelrod's public relations associations and the 2008 smear campaign against Sarah Palin. Yet Sarah Palin stands up for the American people and she gets the crap beat out of her by the liberal mainstream media.

Her family is harassed. Her Down Syndrome child is ridiculed or the circumstances of his birth are questioned. Where's the press drumming up myths about the circumstances of your birth, Mr. Obama? How many trips are you allowed to take without being nickeled and dimed for per diem, Mr. Obama? Did we make fun of Malia for asking when the damn hole would be plugged, Mr. President?  (Is this the part where I'm supposed to say with clenched teeth, "and you Mr. President are the worst person in the woooooorld"?)

No good deed goes unpunished and no good deed goes unrewarded it seems.

But don't fret, my little liberal pretties. Sarah Palin is going to get your doggie and then it's lights out. You think that by manifesting her into this monster is going to save your sorry progressive asses, think again. 48% of the nutroots voted for her to be the GOP nominee. Be careful what you wish for, libbies.

The record is clear. Sarah Palin gives to get. She risked her political career, she worked harder than any other politician has in the last five years and she shows her fans love by not just talking the talk off a teleprompter, but by walking the walk. Every Sarah Palin fan can tell you how she's touched them. She has given us so much to feel good about.

What has Obama given us? How does he make us feel?

Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund "Flight" in Peoria, IL

US 4 Palin "Fly Sarah from Wasilla to Washington" Campaign
"Sarah" is now in Peoria, IL

How to "Fly 'Sarah' from Wasilla to Washington"
There is no need to email us donation amounts or post them on comments. As long as you donate through an US for Palin graphic or hyperlink to the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund, we'll know about it, whether it's on the US for Palin site or a venue where its content is syndicated.

Let's help the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund reach new heights and get Gov. Palin to Washington!
The Speech

"Sarah" and Laura had completed their usual pre-flight duties. They got their weather briefing, filed the flight plan and had to wait. This flight would take them to Peoria, IL. There, a motorcade would pick up "Sarah" and take her to Eureka College to give what would be her version of The Speech, which they watched on "Sarah's" laptop computer.

Having watched the video, it was time to leave. The pair hopped in the plane, Laura did the run-up and got her clearance. A LearJet was sequenced ahead of her. "'Sarah,' the next trans-continental trip we do, I'll take you in that," Laura said.

After the Lear took off, Laura was cleared for her takeoff. As they departed, "Sarah" bid farewell to Lake Onalaska

The Mighty Mississippi River

Laura had filed for and received a clearance to cruise at 7,000 feet. The mighty Mississippi River came into view off the right wing.

Thunderstorm in Dubuque

Near Dubuque, IA, "Sarah" and Laura spotted a large isolated cumulus cloud. The rain shaft was clearly visible.

Flying through clouds was no mean feat of course for Laura, who is a skilled instrument pilot. Then she saw a flash of light from within the cloud, followed by another. The forked lightning strikes clearly indicated a thunderstorm - which did not come up on the weather briefing - but it came up here. Laura immediately requested a descent to 5,000 feet to stay below the thunder cloud, and permission to deviate toward the southwest, then back so as to go around it.

As Laura went around the cloud, she started planning a possible diversion. If this storm grew or followed the flight, Laura would divert to the nearest airport and land. Yes, "Sarah's" family was waiting for her in Eureka. Her hair dresser from Wasilla - Jessica Steele - was waiting too, only "Sarah" did not know that. The arrangement was a gift, and Laura had her little hands in that one. But, Laura was a disciplined pilot, and "Sarah" a disciplined passenger. Getting there alive, and with a plane that could be used again was something of a priority. While poor visibility kills pilots without an instrument rating, thunderstorms and icing are the killers for those with the rating. Laura knew that. She carefully watched the storm and saw it was stationary. Soon, the potentially life-threatening monster was left behind. The pair decided to continue the flight.

Quad Cities, Where the Mississippi River Runs East-West

The flight passed Quad Cities. Here the Mississippi River runs east to west rather than north to south. It is the only location in the United States, where the Mississippi River takes this turn.

Laura received her clearance for the approach to Peoria. The instruction was to fly to the southwest of the airport and land on the runway oriented northeast. Laura setup the approach on the GPS.

The plane was buffeted about as the approach began, just like in La Crosse. The pair thought nothing of it. The approach was perfect.

Laura has passed decision height and was ready to land, when a violent wind shear struck. There was no time to check on her passenger. Laura immediately applied full power, raised the flaps one notch at a time and told the controller she was going around.

"Sorry 'Sarah,' " she said. "That landing could not be saved, and" "Sarah" interrupted, "You did the right thing, Laura. It's all good."

Laura got setup to re-do the approach. "Sarah" and Laura both saw that some clouds which were over the airport were now south.

The second approach got them in. Laura taxied to General Aviation and tied down. The motorcade pulled in to get "Sarah" and her pilot. "Sarah" had a summons to answer.

Eureka College could be the place where Gov. Palin's summons to carry the Reagan legacy would be answered.

If you enjoyed this journey, please sponsor it by

donating to the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund

Last year, the Alaska Fund Trust was established to raise money to defend Gov. Palin against frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits that were filed against her in a coordinated effort to drive her out of office. On June 24, 2010, the Alaska Fund Trust was replaced by Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. Those of you who donated to the Alaska Fund Trust will be receiving refunds within 90 days from June 24. You will have the option to re-donate these funds to the new Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund, which is the official, and legitimate fund now in existence. Please re-donate those funds to the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund.