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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two More Real Sources Debunk Vanity Fair's Ghost Sources

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

It's time for Vanity Fair and Michael Gross to just come out and say that his article on Governor Palin is a complete hit piece designed to taint her reputation via anonymous sources. As I state here, it would be best if Gross made a full retraction like yesterday because his assertions are unraveling little by little.

Katrina Trinko reports in the National Review Online today:

While Vanity Fair writer Michael Joseph Gross has admitted he erred in saying that little Trig Palin was at one event (although VF has yet to correct — or note — the error in the online piece), he still hasn’t retracted any of the other inaccuracies in his Sarah Palin piece. And there are plenty.

Earlier today I spoke to long-time Palin friend (they’ve known each other since elementary school) Kristan Cole, who completely denies Gross’s characterization of her and Palin’s relationship in this passage:

People who know Kristan Cole and Kris Perry, her closest local friends and advisers of longest standing, say that the relationships have deteriorated. Her former aides Meg Stapleton and Ivy Frye are said to have parted with Palin on bad terms.

Apparently, “people who know” was code for “strangers who speculate.” “[It’s] absolutely not true. I don’t know where they get this stuff from, honestly,” said Cole about whether her relationship with Palin had deteriorated. On the contrary, she affectionately described the care the Palins had shown her throughout the summer, after she had broken her hip while running a 12K race. “She [Palin] was really concerned. Both her and Todd kept in contact with me, to check on me and see how everything was going. No matter where they were.”

Trinko goes on to refer to my Conservatives4Palin article where I shared what Palin friend, and former employee, Ivy Frye, told me:

I didn't leave on "bad terms." I've known the Palins for many years and I respect them personally and professionally. Our relationship is not "deteriorated." In fact, I just waved campaign signs with Todd and Sarah last week, and went 4-wheeling with Willow and Piper. Gross' 8 page hit piece is a complete work of fiction from beginning to end. And the media elite wonder why we call them "lame stream."

But that's not all. Joining Kristan Cole and Ivy Frye is Meghan Stapleton who was a long time Palin aide and spokesperson until February when she resigned to spend more time with her little girl. Here's what Trinko writes:

Meghan Stapleton (noted in the quote above as being on “bad terms” with Palin) e-mails me that the assertion is completely false. Her statement:

After years of working for Governor Sarah Palin and living with her for weeks at a time, I don’t recognize the person described in this latest VF hit piece. This is just nonsense and despicable. The Palins and I also remain close – not a difficult fact to check.

There's more in the article that exposes Gross' gross bag of lies and poor "journalism." Read the full piece here. For other articles that totally refute the Vanity Fair article with real stories by real people, go here, here, here, and here.

Can we believe anything this guy has said? Not a chance. I'll tell you this, too: with the state of "journalism" these days, each of us must seek the truth for ourselves because we simply cannot trust the lamestream media.

(h/t Whitney)

Gov Palin Ignore Crow. Never Stop Talking That Way

In her latest song, “Say What You Want,” Sheryl Crow crows about her distaste for “Don’t retreat. Reload.” The lyric in question is “I heard you tell me to reload. You got a lot of nerve to talk that way. Someone unplug the microphone. I’m tired of all the fighting, cynicism, and backbiting. Can’t even hear myself think. You pour the Kool Aid, and then we drink.”

Using the First Amendment to Deny First Amendment Rights

How ironic that Crow uses her First Amendment rights to call for the revoking of Gov. Palin's with "someone unplug the microphone." Par for the course in leftist ideology.


We would think that someone who sings by profession should know the meaning of metaphor, but a refresher from Merriam-Webster might be in order:

met·a·phor noun \’me-tə-,fȯr also -fər\ : 1. a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money); broadly : figurative language — compare SIMILE.

We, at US for Palin, love the “Don’t retreat. Reload” metaphor and often use this frame grab from SteveOh’s YouTube Range Day video showing a woman reloading an M-1A/M-14. For our soldiers and law enforcement taking out the bad guys, the term is actually quite literal. But, Governor Palin’s usage was metaphorical and intended for the political battlefield.

“Don’t retreat. Reload!” was actually coined by Gov. Palin’s father, Chuck Heath. She first referenced it in Going Rogue as the opening to Chapter 6, on p. 383, where he said, "Sarah's not retreating! She's reloading!" She used the term in February 2010 as a metaphorical reference to supporting conservative candidates for the mid-term elections. It was this latest usage that created quite the stir. Liberal heads exploded at the sight of a SarahPAC ad with 20 crosshairs on it and a list of the candidates targeted to be voted out of office. Mama and Papa Grizzlies roared with delight.

Political Metaphor

In political parlance, “Don’t retreat. Reload!” means we support and work for our candidates in offices where our side lost previously. We do not just give up, walk away, and acquiesce. We don’t bury our heads in the sand like ostriches; we don’t sit out elections; and we don’t permit ourselves to be complacent or apathetic. The ballot is the M-14 (or whatever rifle you prefer) in this equation, your vote is a fresh magazine being loaded, and your casting of the vote is dropping the bolt to chamber a fresh round, completing the reload.

Personal Metaphor

The term also has significance to our personal lives. “Reloading” means facing your problems – whatever they may be – head on and taking positive action to resolve them. “Retreating” is running away from your problems. Not referenced by either retreating or reloading, insanity is continuing the same failed solutions over and over again in the hope that the next iteration will work.

Please Continue Talking to us That Way

Crow and her liberal colleagues might not like the origin of the metaphor, which is her First Amendment right, but she might be wise to consider that without the Second, there is no First. There is nothing wrong with gun metaphors. For my part, I am ecstatic that Gov. Palin and her father told us to reload. I admire Gov. Palin’s nerve, and want her to continue talking to us that way.

My Hero

Since we’re talking music, I’ll close with this lyric:

“There goes my hero. Watch HER as SHE goes.”

Lyric: Foo Fighters, “My Hero”. Personal pronouns modified by Ron Devito to reference Gov. Palin.

Grimm is the Choice for NY-13

In this mailing sent today, GOP Congressional candidate Michael Grimm describes how he dominated the debate against his primary opponent Michael Allegretti, who has been engaged in a fruitless smear campaign against Grimm. Michael Grimm has the support of the Staten Island Tea Party, was on Fox and Friends for the third time and cut a video titled "National Security."

Grimm is running for New York’s 13th Congressional District, which covers Staten Island and part of Brooklyn. He is campaigning against Michael Allegretti for the GOP nomination in the September 14th primary. The nominee runs against Congressman McMahon. Governor Palin endorsed Grimm on July 28, 2010. US for Palin Publisher, Ron Devito is campaigning for Grimm. He walked door-to-door in the 60th Election District, installed lawn signs in the 10314 zip code, and is set to be both a poll-watcher and closer on primary day.


Dear Friend,

Welcome to this week's email blast where you can keep track of Michael Grimm's Congressional Campaign in NY-13. Find out about exciting developments, get updates, and follow the campaign all at once!

Grimm is the Choice for NY-13
  • Michael Grimm is the strongest choice for Staten Island and Brooklyn residents as evidenced by his dominant showing in the debate on NY1 against his primary opponent. Click here to watch the debate.
  • Iraq Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee (IVC) condemned candidate Michael Allegretti's shameless attempt to smear a decorated Marine Corps veteran in an effort to save his fledgling campaign in New York's 13th Congressional District. Click here to read more.
  • Michael Grimm makes his third appearance on "Fox & Friends" on Fox News. Check out his clips on Michael’s You Tube channel.
  • The Staten Island Tea Party rolls out Michael Grimm's new video titled "National Security." Watch the video here.
  • Michael Grimm's Facebook page has surpassed the 4,000 fan milestone, more than DOUBLING his Republican primary opponent's fan base and now has more than FOUR times the amount of Facebook fans as incumbent Congressman Michael McMahon.
  • Michael Grimm continues to meet hundreds of district residents by attending the Richmond County Fair, neighborhood block parties and going door to door on Staten Island and Brooklyn.
Look out for new and exciting developments this week as we approach the Primary Election, which is only ONE WEEK away on Tuesday, September 14th.

We thank you so much for your support.

Team Grimm

Michael Grimm is a Marine Combat Veteran of the Persian Gulf, former FBI undercover agent and a small businessman running for Congress in New York's 13th District.

For more information about his campaign or to donate, please go to www.GrimmforCongress.com.

You can also follow @Grimm4Congress on and

Grimm for Congress, 2381 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10306 (718) 887-3732
Paid for by Michael Grimm for Congress.
Copyright © 2010 Michael Grimm. All rights reserved.

Glenn Beck Visits Alaska on 9/11

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:
Glenn’s coming to the Last Frontier! I hope my fellow Alaskans (and anyone visiting from Outside) will join me this Saturday, September 11, 2010, at Anchorage’s Dena’ina Center at 8:00 p.m. Glenn Beck will be there – you won’t want to miss it. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.com.

We can count on Glenn to make the night interesting and inspiring, and I can think of no better way to commemorate 9/11 than to gather with patriots who will “never forget.” Hope to see you there!

- Sarah Palin
Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=427473918434.