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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gov Palin Electrifies Tulsa

Video retrieved from KTUL

Governor Palin electrified the crowd of over 5,000 at the Tulsa, OK Convention Center, at the Take Back our Country Tour (Flasch, 2010, ¶1-3). "Oklahoma, do you like your freedom?" she asked (Phillips, 2010, ¶5).

Talk show host Glenn Beck started the show, asking, "Who are we as a nation? We need to change our course right now" (Phillips, 2010, ¶3).

Governor Palin said Palin said "expanded government and growth in federal spending will hurt the country." (Berg, 2010, ¶3).


As of this writing, only fragments of information are available pertaining to the Tulsa, OK speech, but it may have been similar to her speech at the Lincoln Day fund-raiser in Florida the night before. There, she said,

“Democrats and President Obama are speaking down to Americans, rather than listening to their genuine concerns. These days, the left lectures us, and they apologize for us, and they mock, and they spent the better part of a year talking down to us...Then they tell us that Americans would learn to like their programs if only we were smart enough to understand them" (ReagantoPalin, 2010, ¶2).

To rousing applause, Palin roared, “Well I’ve got news for them. We understand plenty. We know what they’re trying to do. … We don’t like it. We don’t want European-style ObamaCare. We want a system that reflects our values, and our principles, and Americans’ love of freedom. We want solutions that are uniquely American.” Further emphasizing her point, Governor Palin noted, “Our best ideas are not the ones we import from other countries” (ReagantoPalin, 2010, ¶3).

Regan to Palin wrote, "To many in the audience it appeared Palin was readying her stump speech for the Fall 2010 campaign and beyond to 2012" (ReagantoPalin, 2010, ¶4). We share in that site's sentiment that Gov. Palin is Ronald Reagan's successor. Could her series of hard-hitting speeches be preparation to answer a summons to serve? Our vigil is posted....


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