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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unethical, Unprofessional Reporters Should Be Fired

Following Gov. Palin's speech at Stanilaus last night, several reporters made disparaging remarks about her not knowing or caring the mic was open.

Full of snark, they quipped about how it was "not possible to capture dumbness in two soundbites." Apparently, it is possible, because these reporters just did, capturing their own rank stupidity on an open mic.

We can only guess what kind of dispatches these "objective" reporters filed. This behavior is precisely why they are called "lamestream". If these reporters so could not stand Gov. Palin, they had an obligation to recuse themselves. A reporter's job is to cover the news, not broadcast snarky opinions on an open mic.

This video captured an egregiously unethical, and unprofessional act. These reporters should be fired.

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Oops, my mistake. I thought it was students who were making silly remarks on the audio during Sarah's Speech.

The sophomoric remarks coming out of a more freshman mentality from what I originally believed to be student technicians on the Fox 40 live video feed of Sarah Palin's speech at Stanislaus University has to play on the nerves of any institution that would have made $200,000 and couldn't have figured out a way to run a direct video stream with audio through the board and not an open mic. At first, I thought the idiots were students at the school who worked in the AV department. The unprofessional comments made during and after the speech sounded to me like nothing more than a bunch of kids making stupid jokes about Sarah Palin while they screwed around instead of getting the volume level right, or having the camera properly positioned.

At first I questioned if this is why Stansilaus University needed the money. I thought possibly their AV department was a little short on funds or a little short on brains. But in retrospect, I owe an apology to the students for mistaking them to be the voices on the audio. I should have realized that students are better behaved than reporters.

Maybe Sarah shouldn't have gone. Normally, I would say yeah. But she gave one hell of a speech as she delved intellectually into the thoughts that should be going through most college kids' minds at the time. What does Alex de Tocqueville think? What's the difference between liberalism and conservatism? Why is it funny that she doesn't have the right straw? Who was Ronald Reagan and why was he so great?

After reading this statement from Fox 40, I am even more appauled at the conduct heard on the feed because it wasn't coming from students, but rather from reporters! While it does not excuse my initial reaction, it is understandable that anyone could have easily attributed the behavior of those whose voices were captured on the feed to immature people more likely to be of student age than to professional reporters who are supposedly trained in gathering news and disseminating information. My bad.

Apparently, reporters in today's "media" tend to act more like frat boys than professionals. And that showed. The only thing missing on the video was a keg and scantily clad women.

This clearly proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media already has a pre-conceived anti-Palin bias. The glaring evidence of this makes one wonder if Palin should ever let media into another event again. It's obvious from the buffoonery that these reporters didn't hear a single word she said. Instead of paying attention to her, they paid attention to themselves and their childish remarks.

Stanislaus University should have provided the media with a clean feed. It would only be fitting of an institution that was cashing in big time on Palin's appearance. However, criticism of the university should end there and not be extended to any department or any group of students.

Sarah Palin "Polarizing". To Whom?

"Polarizing" is rapidly becoming the favorite term for detractors of all things Palin, especially in news coverage prior to her speech last night at California State University at Stanislaus in Turlock. "Whether you love her or loath her, this polarizing Sarah Palin is pushing forward here at CSU Stanislaus, helping celebrate 50 years of education here, preps are being made for the event, but tonight a Senator is calling her out," said Jonas Tichenor.

The "calling out" Senator is none other than California State Senator Leland Yee, whose anti-Palin tirades were covered by Stacy Drake, in Brown Plays Dirty Politics with Palin Speech, Says… HuffPo?, The California Persecution of Sarah Palin, and CA Lawmaker Targets Palin, Proves Why State is Such a Mess.

CA State Senator Yee's Anti-Palin Jihad - Who's the Polarizing Figure?

If we refer back to the Tichenor paragraph, CSU was happy to have Gov. Palin speaking on June 25. Her presence raised over $200,000 for the school - the point of her being there in the first instance. CSU arranged for her services through the Washington Speakers Bureau. Yes, Gov. Palin is getting paid for her work, as she should be. CSU raised money; Gov. Palin earned her pay. It's all good. It is State Senator Yee and Gov. Palin's enemies - who are many in liberal San Francisco - who polarized the whole situation with their antics.

Gov. Palin's Stanislaus Speech

Video retrieved from PalinTV

Video retrieved from PalinTwibe

The Modesto Bee account of Gov. Palin's speech reports that it was a smashing success. Gov. Palin netted the university over $200,000, the most ever raised in a single event. People paid $500 to see her and her speech on education and freedom was punctuated by standing ovations. How "polarizing" is that?

Why Leftists Call Gov. Palin "Polarizing"

Of course, we expect that leftists will find Gov. Palin "polarizing." In this instance, the more "polarizing" she is the better! Gov. Palin is "polarizing" because she honestly, openly, and transparently cuts through the bull, and clarifies precisely what is wrong with their ill-conceived policies.

But the leftist party machine is not the only party machine Gov. Palin has a long and proud history of bucking. Thus, we frequently see anti-Palin "conservatives" using "polarizing" in reference to her. They do so usually because their dream candidates did not secure an endorsement, or perhaps because Gov. Palin might actually run in 2012, thus denying the nomination to many other "great leaders" the GOP has to offer. Her "conservative" detractors also know that Gov. Palin would put an end to much of the chicanery within the party machine, thus upsetting their little apple carts.

A Common Theme Among Those who Find Gov. Palin "Polarizing"

To a one, those who find Gov. Palin "polarizing" either have a clear, present and vested financial or political interest to which Gov. Palin is a real or perceived threat or they have had their little political racket busted up by her and carry a grudge.

Common-sense Reagan Conservatives rally around Gov. Palin, which is probably most "polarizing" of all.