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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sarah Palin: Fuel America By Being Lap Dogs To Chavez And Ahmadinejad Instead of Drilling Our Own, Baby?

It should be interesting to watch the loons on the radical left as they go through all sorts of mental and verbal gymnastics trying to justify buying oil from terrorist nations, after this hard hitting bit of writing by Sarah Palin!

Remember when Bush and the evil Darth Cheney were in office? Hollywood and the radical Marxist-communist-environmentalists were running television ads and producing You Tube videos telling us that SUVs were the greatest threat to mankind ever, because they used gasoline, and that gasoline, .... wait for it .... funded terrorism!

Oddly enough, now that they have one of their fellow travelers in the White House, it’s all good!

This one is gonna leave a mark:

Fuel America with Terrorist-Tarred Oil Instead of Drilling Our Own, Baby?

Am I the only one who wonders what could possibly be the agenda of any politician who would thwart our drive toward energy independence? Continuing to lock up America’s domestic energy reserves, including the energy-rich Last Frontier of Alaska, only equips dangerous foreign regimes as they fund terrorist organizations to harm us and our allies. I’m going to keep speaking and writing about this in the simplest of terms until someone can provide a simple answer as to why liberal Democrats don’t understand that we have safe, warehoused onshore and shallow water reserves waiting for permission to be extracted. They either choose not to understand the geology, science, and technology behind an "all-of-the-above" approach to energy security, or they understand it, yet for whatever frightening reason choose to be lap dogs to Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

Shoot, I must have lived such a doggoned sheltered life as a normal, independent American up there in the Last Frontier, schooled with only public education and a lowly state university degree, because obviously I haven’t learned enough to dismiss common sense (a prerequisite for power in Washington these days). Help me out, friends! Help someone like me – and the majority of Americans – understand why we would ever kowtow and bow to foreign regimes that hate us, instead of doing all we can to starve the beast of terrorism in our plight for security, prosperity, and peace.

There’s an obvious common sense answer to our need for security and energy independence, but don’t hold your breath waiting for common sense to surface in Washington – it’s an endangered species there. Obviously we must responsibly develop our God-given domestic oil and gas reserves right here, right now; we must conserve energy; and we must develop renewables that are based on sound science, not snake oil and favors for political pals.

Please read the following Newsmax article (posted below) summarizing GOP efforts to push the Obama Administration to produce a plan to potentially wean us off one source of dangerous foreign oil. (Of course, I think the prodding should be even more aggressive to shake up the naVve complacency of anti-development Democrats and some deer-in-the-headlights mainstream reporters who are finally realizing they’d been buffaloed into believing any politician had all the answers.)

We must understand the imperative nature of energy security, along with America’s life and death need to secure our borders. Baby, this is why I won’t sit down and shut up about the need to drill.

- Sarah Palin

Boomshockalacka, baby!

Obviously this is spot on. There is absolutely no good reason for a nation that has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, billions, of trillions, of cubic feet of natural gas reserves, and hundreds of years worth of coal reserves, to be getting oil from terrorist nations.

There is also no reason why we shouldn’t be building nuclear powered electric generation plants nationwide either. France gets around 70 percent of it’s electricity from nuclear. FRANCE.

This is incredible.

Of course, we know the real reason why Barack Obama and his buddies Al Gore, George Soros, and others are against using America’s energy, and why they are milking the disaster in the Gulf for all it’s worth. They have around 10 TRILLION REASONS to be against "drill, baby, drill!"

It’s time to stop this nonsense, and get on with the business of keeping America safe, strong, and prosperous.

Here's the Newsmax article Sarah references above.

Senators Demand Answers on Venezuela’s Links to Terrorism

A dozen Republican senators have sent a letter challenging the Obama administration to explain what it knows about Venezuela’s support for terrorism and suggesting that the country be declared a "state sponsor of terrorism."

"Hugo Chavez’s relationships with Iran and other foreign terrorist organizations continue to grow and pose a serious threat to our hemisphere," Sen. George LeMieux of Florida, one signer of the letter, said of the Venezuelan president.

"I encourage the State Department to thoroughly evaluate Venezuela’s actions and determine if the country needs to be added to the official U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism."

John Ensign of Nevada, who drafted the letter along with LeMieux, declared: "It’s no secret to the American people that Venezuela wishes harm to the United States. What is secret is how many more ties to terrorist organizations and state sponsors of terrorism does Venezuela need to be declared a state sponsor of terrorism."

The letter addressed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton points to a number of concerns raised by Chavez’s Venezuela:

* Surface-to-air missiles and other weapons have reportedly been provided by Venezuela to FARC guerrillas in Colombia. An arms cache captured from FARC in 2008 included Swedish-made anti-tank rocket launchers that had been sold to Venezuela.

* Venezuela provides cross-border sanctuaries for Colombian guerrillas.

* A United Nations report last year disclosed that nearly one-third of all cocaine produced in the Andean region passes through Venezuela. The senators question how much terrorist groups such as al-Qaida profit from trafficking drugs that originate in or flow through Venezuela.

* The U.S. has frozen the assets of two Venezuelans, including one working for Chavez, for providing direct support to the terrorist group Hezbollah. The senators ask the State Department for an assessment of the activities of Hezbollah inside Venezuela.

* Chavez’s "extensive support" of the Castro regime in Cuba is calculated to amount to $1 billion a year, and Cuban advisors are involved in the intelligence and security apparatus of the Venezuelan government.

* Chavez "has repeatedly expressed support" for Iran’s covert nuclear program and announced a plan for the construction of a "nuclear village" in Venezuela with Iranian assistance. Also, Chavez has pledged to provide Iran with 20,000 barrels of gasoline per day.

* As for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, "recent years have witnessed an increased presence in Latin America, particularly Venezuela."

* Weekly flights connecting Iran, Syria, and Venezuela raise suspicions of "nefarious purposes" because passengers on these flights have been subject to only "cursory immigration and customs controls."

Newsmax magazine’s May issue disclosed that Iranian security officers seal off the airport in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, two hours before Iran Air jets arrived. Those officers supervise cargo unloading with no inspection by local officials.

Iran could easily fly in highly enriched uranium that could then be carried into the U.S. from Mexico, increasing the risk of a terrorist attack with a nuclear weapon.

If the U.S. did declare Venezuela a state sponsor of terrorism, American arms sales to the country would be prohibited, as would U.S. economic assistance, and severe restrictions would be placed on bilateral trade.

"The Obama administration’s decision to pull the trigger on Venezuela may hinge on whether the United States can afford to forfeit petroleum exports from that South American country," Roger F. Noriega, a former assistant secretary of state and a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, observes on the Institute’s journal, The American.

"Anticipating the argument that Venezuela’s oil supply is too essential to the U.S. economy to risk slapping that country with the terrorist label, the senators ask the administration to explain its ‘contingency plan’ for dealing with a ‘sudden and prolonged unavailability of Venezuelan oil exports to the United States.’"

In answer to the question, the U.S. would likely find new sources of oil on the international market — but Venezuela’s economy will be crippled by the loss of oil revenue and consumer imports, Noriega notes, adding: "Since the last years of the George W. Bush administration, U.S. diplomats have steered clear of Chavez for fear of ‘provoking’ him. Thanks to congressional oversight, we are about to confront the terrible downside of that naive, passive policy."

Other senators who signed the letter include John McCain of Arizona, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, and Republican Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona.

The Arctic Fox And The Iron Lady .... Sarah Palin To Visit Margaret Thatcher?

But, as it happens, I know Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher is a friend of mine. And as a matter of fact, Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin have a great deal in common.

~ John O’Sullivan

According to a report by the notoriously left wing UK Mail Online, Sarah Palin will visit Margaret Thatcher in the near future. They report this like it is some sort of photo op, the kind of thing that only a shallow person, like say, Barack Obama, would try and pull off.

In reality, if this meeting happens, it will be the event of a lifetime for all of those involved. Think about it, along with the great Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher was part of the conservative leadership that won the Cold War. Like Reagan, Thatcher understood the meaning of "peace through strength." as does Sarah Palin.

Simply put, Reagan and Thatcher strengthened both of our countries’ militaries to the point that the Soviet Union just couldn’t keep up, and ultimately sought a peaceful end to the nearly 50 year stand-off between Freedom and communism, between Liberty and oppression.

Sadly, no one can sit down with Ronald Reagan and learn from him, but the opportunity to sit and visit with Mrs. Thatcher, and discuss those amazing times is an opportunity of a lifetime that no one could pass up.

Since Sarah Palin has come on the national scene, the comparisons to her and Margaret Thatcher have been inevitable. Both are strong Conservative women, with solid records of achievement. Back in December of 2008 John O’Sullivan, a long time aide to Mrs. Thatcher, wrote about this very comparison in the Wall Street Journal:

Conservative Snobs Are Wrong About Palin

I know Maggie Thatcher. The two women have a lot in common.


Being listed in fourth place for Time magazine's "Person of the Year," as Sarah Palin was for 2008, sounds a little like being awarded the Order of Purity (Fourth Class). But it testifies to something important.

Though regularly pronounced sick, dying, dead, cremated and scattered at sea, Mrs. Palin is still amazingly around. She has survived more media assassination attempts than Fidel Castro has survived real ones (Cuban official figure: 638). In her case, one particular method of assassination is especially popular -- namely, the desperate assertion that, in addition to her other handicaps, she is "no Margaret Thatcher."

Very few express this view in a calm or considered manner. Some employ profanity. Most claim to be conservative admirers of Mrs. Thatcher. Others admit they had always disliked the former British prime minister until someone compared her to "Sarracuda" -- at which point they suddenly realized Mrs. Thatcher must have been absolutely brilliant (at least by comparison).

Inevitably, Lloyd Bentsen's famous put-down of Dan Quayle in the 1988 vice-presidential debate is resurrected, such as by Paul Waugh (in the London Evening Standard) and Marie Cocco (in the Washington Post): "Newsflash! Governor, You're No Maggie Thatcher," sneered Mr. Waugh. Added Ms. Coco, "now we know Sarah Palin is no Margaret Thatcher -- and no Dan Quayle either!"

Jolly, rib-tickling stuff. But, as it happens, I know Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher is a friend of mine. And as a matter of fact, Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin have a great deal in common.

You can read all of John O’Sullivan’s essay here.

Interestingly, in September of ‘08, Janet Daley, writing in the decidedly more conservative UK Telegraph, compared the treatment Sarah was getting from the radical left in America, and some on the right, to the "spiteful treatment of Margaret Thatcher" which you can read here.

It would seem Marxist-progressives world wide have a long history of hating women who don’t tow their liberal party line.

Those snobs among the Republican elite and the "Good Old Boy Network" haven’t changed either. They still remain blissfully ignorant, and educated well beyond the level of their actual intelligence. It so happens that Stacy Drake has just published a brand new article on this very subject and takes these clueless GOP snobs to task. You can read Stacy’s Sarah Palin vs Snobbery here.

More thoughts on Sarah visiting Great Britain and possibly Israel come from an article Ted Belman wrote for the American Thinker back in May:

Sarah Palin Is On A Roll

Since resigning from her governorship last July, Sarah Palin hasn't made a false move. This is surprising for someone who is more passionate than cautious and one reputed to be...well, you know, a dummy.

Her book tour went exceedingly well. She has received thousands of invitations to speak, notwithstanding her $100,000 price tag. She continues to raise huge sums of money for her sponsors and draw sellout crowds. Her policy announcements have been spot-on, whether delivered in her speeches, interviews, or Facebook posts.

Because of her charge of "death panels" to decry Obamacare, she more than anyone is responsible for the overwhelming majority now opposed to the law. Although Obama's supporters denied such "death panels" at first, many experts now openly admit to them.

In foreign affairs, she coined the Obama Doctrine as "coddling your enemies and alienating your friends." This characterization is now commonplace. Palin also decried Obama's statement that the U.S. would not retaliate with nuclear weapons if it were attacked by WMDs and suggested that the U.S. was asking to be hit. Obama, in his non-response, replied with "I really have no response to that. The last I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues." And "What I would say to them is, is that if the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are comfortable with it, I'm probably going to take my advice from them and not from Sarah Palin." Palin came back, quick as a flash, sarcastically honoring "the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer, part-time senator, and full-time candidate." Within hours, Obama was retracting his original statement.

Finally, Palin has come down squarely on the side of Israel, Israel's right to expand, and a united Jerusalem. She fully supports Israel's right to self-defense and said that we shouldn't be second-guessing her. Such policies are the polar opposite of what Obama is pushing for, and the former enjoy the support of a large majority of Americans.

Palin's energy policy of "Drill, Baby, Drill" and "all of the above" also has broad support. She was the first to attack Obama's proposed drilling legislation that she characterized as "Stall, Baby, Stall." This support is rapidly decreasing in the wake of the disastrous explosion or malfunction of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, which promises a looming environmental disaster for America's southern coastline. But Palin is sticking to her guns, if you'll pardon the expression. She didn't retreat. She reloaded and reaffirmed her support for drilling despite the risks. Sarah Palin lived through the Exxon-Valdez disaster that devastated her home state of Alaska. As fate would have it, she was responsible for finally bringing Exxon to judgment when she was governor after a twenty-year battle. So she knows the devastation firsthand and will do everything she can to minimize the risk. But still, she wants to "Drill baby drill."

[ .... ]

During the next six months, Palin will continue making speeches and supporting candidates of her choice. She will be coming out with a book on policy in the fall and will do another book signing tour. Then she will be off to Europe to visit with political leaders and stir up the people. I predict that huge crowds will embrace her and her message. No doubt, she will also visit Israel with her entire family, where they will be mobbed. It will be a media feeding frenzy.

A strong embrace in Europe and Israel will give her an enormous boost in America.

You can read more here.

We think this is an excellent plan. One simply cannot pass on the chance to visit with such an iconic figure as Maggie Thatcher, someone who absolutely changed the world for the better. As for Israel, Sarah has shown such strong support for our friends there, and most certainly is on the side of the Israelis as they struggle for survival against pretty much the rest of the world. Her visit would signal, that even though the Obama regime is siding with the terrorists of the world against Israel, the American people support Israel, and the Israeli people.

Nothing has been officially announced, and we have absolutely no idea when these trips to Great Britain, and possibly Israel may happen, but one thing about it, if there is an exchange of gifts, I doubt Sarah will be handing out iPods loaded with her speeches, or DVDs that aren’t formatted for their machines, .... like someone else we all know.

Sarah Palin: Concerning a Possible Trip to the United Kingdom

Governor Palin today discussed the flurry of news stories indicating her possible trip to the United Kingdom and a meeting with Margaret Thatcher, in a brief Facebook Note. Governor Palin did indeed receive an invitation to visit England, which included an offer to arrange a meeting between Margaret Thatcher and herself.
Following an article in a British publication on Sunday, I’ve received questions about a possible trip to the United Kingdom. I have received an invitation for a visit to London, and part of that invitation included the offer of arranging a meeting between myself and one of my political heroines, the “Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher. I would love to meet her and hope I’ll be able to arrange the trip in the future.

As I wrote last year when I offered her birthday wishes, Baroness Thatcher’s life and career serve as a blueprint for overcoming the odds and challenging the “status quo.” She started life as a grocer’s daughter from Grantham and rose to become Prime Minister – all by her own merit and hard work. I cherish her example and will always count her as one of my role models. Her friendship with my other political hero, Ronald Reagan, exemplified the Special Relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

- Sarah Palin
Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=398865538434

Sarah Responds

In the way only Sarah can, she responded to the rumors about possible travel to the U.K. In her latest Facebook note, she writes:

Following an article in a British publication on Sunday, I’ve received questions about a possible trip to the United Kingdom. I have received an invitation for a visit to London, and part of that invitation included the offer of arranging a meeting between myself and one of my political heroines, the “Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher. I would love to meet her and hope I’ll be able to arrange the trip in the future.

Please visit Sarah's Facebook page for the complete note. Sarah is full of surprises and will keep the liberal media on their toes.

The Sole Beacon

-from Liberty's Lamp

I was attending a success training class for people learning how to build a business in the 1990's when the speaker told us "be prepared for success" and that "success is a language." The speaker also said "be a student of success." For those who have studied success, Tammy Bruce's interview with Sarah Palin yesterday was one to add to the curriculum. Palin's message was powerful. If success is a language, Sarah Palin is fluent in that language. If everyone understood the power of her message and united behind it, we could build a movement that would get this country out of its downturn and back to greatness again; but we can't be scared.

Before I had the recording, here are some notes I took:

-People smart enough to gather their own information when the lame stream media doesn't do its job.
-United effort for what we need to do for our country.
-Always be prepared for success.
-She knows we have her back. It's not about her, it's about the message.

One thing I learned in these seminars is becoming successful is simple, but it's not easy. And if Sarah Palin's story is any indication of that, then we're in for a long hard ride if we want to take our country back. But we can do it. We have to do it. And the key component to doing it really is simple. It simply requires courage and unity.

Achieving great things or fighting existentially threatening enemies is not work for the weary, weak or wussified. It took great sacrifice and hard work to win the Revolutionary War, end slavery in America, defeat Nazi Germany and end the Soviet stronghold over Europe. Taking back that last great bastion of freedom is not for the guy who sat on the couch beforehand saying "ah this will never work" or "George Washington what? Beat the King of England in a war? No way."

Abraham Lincoln was mocked before he won the presidency. They called him a loser. There wasn't a political race he couldn't finish better than 2nd place. Ronald Reagan was mocked before he won the presidency. Bedtime for Bonzo. Let's look around today and see whose being mocked the most to find our next great one. Then let's have the guts to back this person.

Let's understand what Sarah Palin really means when she tells us we have to "stiffen our spines."

Are you strong enough, resolute enough, confident enough and tough enough to have "Caribou Barbie" as your president the way Reaganites were to have "Bedtime for Bonzo" as theirs? If you're not, please check your purse or man bag at the door before reading further. Don't be the guy on the Miller Lite commercial.

Erick Erickson says it best:

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to believe that we are now fully engaged in a political war for the very future of our nation. It is no time for us to go wobbly.
While he doesn't mention Sarah Palin in the article, he encourages us to stand strong behind her candidates and other strong Republican women who are ready to stand up to the establishment. We all know that Sarah Palin is more courageous and more resolute now after what the haters have done to her. Her courage goes beyond any limit we've ever seen in modern American politics. And these women candidates have been inspired by her example.

There are people who want to destroy Sarah Palin. We know that. Her mere existence is a threat to socialists, liberals, establishment insiders and cronies. Her message is freedom, ethics and the fact that our government should be for free enterprise and not free rides. Our government should not be making laws to benefit the leaders at the expense of the people. Our government should protect its people and their freedoms, not trample over them. This does not go over well in "enlightened circles."

Sarah Palin is humble. She downplayed the effect her endorsements had on the primaries of Carly Fiorina and Nikki Haley. When asked why she is so vilified, Palin says it's not about her. It's about the message. The woman with the "servant's heart" may not want to flaunt this, but the reason why it is about her is that she gets the message exactly and articulates it directly, correctly and effectively.

Ronald Reagan was one of us. But he rose from our ranks to lead us due to his courage and sheer determination. He told us that "I wasn't a great communicator, but I communicated great things." Yet, he did extraordinary things on the national and world stages. His power came from all of us standing in unison and reveling in his leadership because he was dead on the nail right. His message was the message. It was the exact message.

After watching the message get watered down and forgotten, it seemed that the truths that Ronald Reagan articulated to us were slowly disappearing from our collective conscience.

It wasn't until Sarah Palin spoke at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis that I heard the message again. I could see it in the eyes of the people in the crowd that they knew, too, that the message was back. It was Ronald Reagan - no not the man, but the message. Sarah Palin may not have realized it, but she so humbly explained to Tammy Bruce why she is so great. She understands and articulates the message, the only message.

Sarah Palin has been beaten up (rhetorically speaking), slammed by the media, smeared and threatened. She nearly had it all taken away from her when evil bloggers and liberals tried to destroy her career by filing frivolous ethics complaint after ethics complaint in the hopes that one would stick and ruin her credibility ultimately for good. It backfired when she got out of the line of fire, regrouped and came out from cover with big guns blazing and a powerful army that came to her aid to back her up.

Palin told Bruce that she knows there are a lot of people who have her back. But she also expects more from those who aren't standing as tall or feeding off of her courage. There are those who have not yet joined us in having Sarah's back.

Talking about Sarah Palin doesn't go over well on the cocktail circuit or at backyard barbecues because you will always find those liberals who still believe the media memes or those conservatives whose version of conservatism doesn't conform to having someone like Palin as its leader. Some people will come to her defense, but in most cases it will be to brush off the conversation and move onto something else.

I understand this first hand. I have a friend who calls me a tea bagger and calls Palin "the old broad." He's a good guy and we have the kind of relationship where we can bust on each other and not be offended. But the fact of the matter is we all have friends like that. They're going to criticize and then go sit on the couch to watch the revolution on TV while the rest of us are in the front lines fighting for it.

I know about getting flack from people on Twitter or dealing with the frustrations of friends who just don't get it is nothing compared to the brutal beatings Sarah Palin has taken at the hands of the left, the media and the establishment. But in my own way it only furthers my resolve.

Others may be intimidated by the flack and not want to stand up the way we need to stand up if we really really want our country back. Let's see where they fit in.

There are four types of Palin people in the world. The first kind is the Palinista. The Palinista is militant. They have memberships on Team Sarah and Conservatives4Palin. They're "crazies for Sarah Palin." They're the ones that have "Palin 2012" bumper stickers on their cars or a picture of themselves with Sarah Palin on the TV stand.

Then there is the second type - the regular guy or gal. They like Newt, Mitt or Mike. Or they're not sure yet, but they don't think Palin can win in 2012. They'll give you some platitudes like she has no experience or she's not intelligent enough. But the real reason why they won't say she can win is that they are afraid of what the media says about her, what their friends say about her and what the establishment says about her. If they continue to worry about that and let it affect their thinking, then the left wing bloggers and the mainstream media win.

If Palin does get the nomination, they will vote for her as the lesser of two evils between her and Obama. If she doesn't, the candidate who wins will have to be careful not to alienate the Palin wing (if they have not already done so in the primaries) and will have to find a way to keep the Palin wing energized and active. Worse of all, liberals will tout Palin's defeat as proof they were right all along and those who were afraid of the left wing attacks will now have to withstand them anyway since they will now be directed at the nominee whose base will probably be those who couldn't stomach the attacks on Palin to begin with.

In Alaska, half the people who have an unfavorable view of Sarah Palin do so not because they don't like her, but because her political opponents made life uncomfortable for them in their state. Although Linda Kellen-Biegal doesn't like Palin, she makes the point to one of my fellow bloggers, Rachelle Friberg, that things changed in Alaska after Sarah Palin ran for Vice President. Yes, they did change. It upset the comfort level. It reminded Alaskans that there is a fight for liberty in this country and now some reluctantly have to participate in that fight on one side or, as in Kellen-Beigal's case, the other. But truth be known, if life continued like it was before Sarah Palin, they'd still be unknowingly living in their own Pottersville where the cronies, insiders and good ole boys would control their lives in exchange for a warm fire and a bottle of whiskey.

Change is uncomfortable, but it's good if it's the right kind of change.

The third type is the establishment insiders and elites. They believe protecting their jobs and social status is their  job. They make back room deals. One hand washes the other. They look on those who are not on the in with disdain and arrogance. They are the "Montgomery Burns" conservatives and the Edward Kennedy limo liberals. Having a commoner in charge is like being water boarded.

The fourth type of Palin people is the worst. They are ideologues - most are liberals, but there is a small sect of libertarians who find Palin's social conservatism a threat. These are the ones with severe Palin Derangement Syndrome. They will stop at nothing to stop her. They view her with a greater fear than we on the right ever felt toward Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. She is an existential threat to liberalism as Monica Crowley has pointed out.

We already know the first group is in. The Palin army is militant and will fight tooth and nail to get her elected president. I'll get to the second group in a minute. Type three is going to be out on their ass someday anyway because that kind of arrogance just pisses people off enough to want to knock them out. Type 4 is the liberal kool aid drinkers. There's nothing you can do about them.

It's the second group that we have to work on. There are moderates, conservatives and independents who just don't think she can win. There are people who I highly respect and admire for their conservative activism and their belief in the cause of taking back our country. The pink elephants and pollinators of information in the blogosphere have an awesome message. They make incredibly intelligent and accurate political points every day. But they have no messenger.

Or at least they think they don't.

Taking back this shining city on a hill is serious business. Like Erickson said, it really is "the political war for the very future of our nation." We can't afford to mess this up. We can't have infighting and we can't have "my candidate is better than your candidate" spats. We need leadership. We need to be grown ups and be firm and in unison when scolding the political children who now hold power. Parents divided cannot discipline their children. A movement divided cannot discipline the country's political "children" either.

Like it or not, we're an American Idol society. We watch this reality show called politics in America because Sarah Palin is a huge ratings draw whether you like her or not. Americans elected Barack Obama president because he gave great speeches and he looked like hope and change. He excited them. I'm not trying to be cynical here. I'm just trying to be a marketing major. Brand sells in America. We have to face facts.

What brings people to concerts, sporting events and speaking engagements? Excitement. Plain and simple. Some bands sound good on the radio but don't really bring in the concert crowds or perform well live. Some baseball teams play small ball and have good records, but their attendance is low. Some speakers provide excellent information from the CD player but their live audiences need crystal meth just to keep themselves awake.

The Washington Nationals have been trying everything to get their team up to caliber. They've actually put together a few good guys this year and still nothing. It was not until Stephen Strasburg came up that anyone even cared and the tickets started selling.

Sarah Palin is conservatism's Stephen Strasburg. She has done her time in the minors. It's time to bring her up now.

For those conservatives and Republicans who are not sure yet, just think about it. Add a lightning rod to your message and watch it fly. Watch the excitement. Watch the people come out in droves to see your star player. And don't worry about the fans from the other team booing her. They're supposed to do that. Stand up and shout. Be tall. Be proud. Have a set for crying out loud. Stiffen your spines and open up your hearts. Take the plunge. Jump in the water. Have faith. Trust me on this!

I understand we still have to have the 2012 primaries. I know there are many of you who are committed to your candidates. That's good. You're all great Americans. Let the primaries be the time that what I'm saying here gets put to the test. Watch Sarah Palin. She's not going to be handled by Steve Schmidt. She is not the snapshot in time you see on screen caps of her sitting across from Katie Couric. She is an evolving candidate. See how far she has evolved by the primaries and watch her evolve even further during the campaign. If she runs a strong campaign, you'll know it and believe it.

There are no seats at the table now with our current "ass kicker in chief." And let's face it, anything would be better than him, even if it is the Sarah Palin some of you are afraid to believe in. But let her get in there and clean house and I guarantee you there will be plenty of seats at the table for all of us.

If we all pull together as a team and unite behind Sarah Palin and have her back and stick her in the face of the liberal establishment like a hot poker, the gates will open and the bridge will lower over the moat and it won't be long until the Romneyites, Newtists, Ronulans and Hucksters all get into the shining city on a hill along with the rest of us. The city belongs to all of us and we want it back!

United, we can be a power and a movement the likes we have not seen since Ronald Reagan.

Lame Cherry wrote:

Just remember one year ago Jeb Bush saying Reagan was roadkill and Bobby Jindal saying we had to be like Obama and work with him. Well Arlen Specter is roadkill and Americans are about to work over the Marxist man for the American Dream again for that Shining City on the Hill. God bless Sarah Palin, as she was the [sole] beacon in this when all the other big shots abandoned the ship..."
We are all heading toward that sole beacon of light in the distance. As we draw closer and closer to the light of liberty's lamp we will soon be able to make out the figure who holds the torch and who motions us forward despite the rhetorical blood on her clothes and the politically twisted ankle she incurred while trying to help us win the championship in 2008.

Have courage.