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Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome Home Faithful and Humble Servant, Track: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

What a big weekend Todd, Sarah, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trig and Tripp have in front of them. In just about 24 hours, their dear family member will be returning home after serving in Iraq for the past year. What a big weekend for Track as well. This young man took the oath to serve our great country, risking his life just so we can be free. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Track and his unit for all they have done in their service to America. When I think about how brave young men and women like Track are, I cannot help but think of how much they give up in their call to duty. They leave their families and friends, go off to distant lands, while giving up many of the little daily things I take for granted. For all they sacrifice and give up in serving me and you, there is no way we could ever come close to re-paying them for all they have done.

Men and women like Track are the real heroes among us. They are the ones who have the sheer grit and determination. While I have always looked up to athletes who push it to the max, the real individuals who never give up, never quit and never back down are our soldiers. It is so important that we let them know how much their service means to us. Sometimes, something as small as a simple "thank you" means so much to our brave men and women. Whenever you see veterans or active duty service members, tell them thank you, shake their hands or even give them a hug. It's the least we can do for all they have done for us. It means a lot that these men and women are fighting for me without even personally knowing who I am. Our good servicemen and women deserve the best America has to offer!

The Palin family is, no doubt, anxious for Track's arrival. I bet Sarah will be preparing Track his favorite meal. Todd probably can't wait to go four-wheeling or fishing with his son. There is no doubt Bristol cannot wait for her little precious baby, Tripp, to get to know his uncle Track. Sweet Willow probably cannot wait to just sit down and hang out with her big bro, and little Piper and Trig are probably gearing up for the fun times they will spend with their big brother and hero. I can see it now: Piper dragging her big brother outside and having him help her sell some lemonade. Thank goodness, this time Piper won't have to worry about any grouchy neighbors like she did in Juneau. Remember that guy?

Yeah, I have to say, the Palins have quite a big weekend in store. It is my hope the media will give them the privacy to be a family. What a fantastic family! Todd and Sarah have done an amazing job in raising five terrific, strong-willed kids. Track is an excellent example of this. You and me call him an American hero, but to Todd and Sarah, he is their American hero son. What a day they will have when they are all reunited and together as a family once again.

The following is the statement from Palin Family Spokesperson Meghan Stapleton regarding Track's return home from Iraq:

"The Palins are expecting the return of eldest son Track this weekend from a yearlong deployment with an Army combat brigade in Iraq...."

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A private dinner with Sarah and Todd, sometimes you may not be the winner on eBay!

by Upinak

Per the Alaska Dispatch:

We're crossing our fingers really hard today ... bestselling author Joe McGinniss is a strong contender to win the Ebay auction for a dinner with Sarah Palin.

McGinniss is among the top-two bidders in that now-famous Ebay auction for a foursome dinner date with Palin. He's bid $59,999.99 to dine with Our Lady of the North. The ecstatic subject line to an email McGinniss sent to AlaskaDispatch.com Thursday night read, "I'm going for the knockout blow! (mostly because I like the ‘FREE shipping' guarantee)."

McGinniss thinks he is going to win the bid for dinner. He may but A Dinner with Sarah and Todd, comes with a warning:

A background check for all attendees is mandatory. Failure to pass the background check will result in the winner forfeiting the experience and a refund given. The dinner experience with Sarah Palin will take place at a site to be determined and at a mutually agreed upon time and date to be determined by Ms. Palin and the winning bidder. Ms Palin may bring up to three guests of her own. The dinner will be paid for by the seller. There are no age restrictions but anyone under 16-years-old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Winner may take personal photos and allowed to bring one item of reasonable size i.e. no larger than what can be carried by hand (t-shirts, books, magazines, etc.) The decision to sign the item will ultimately be up to Ms. Palin. Respect for Ms. Palin and her guest(s) is expected at all times. Inappropriate behavior will result in the conclusion of the experience with no refund.

Dinner shall last no more than four hours, but could be less, in the sole discretion of Sarah Palin.* Governor Palin reserves the right to refuse dinner with a winning bidder if, in her sole discretion, the winning bidder is not a suitable bidder based on her subjective standards of suitability, professionalism, background and other factors. In the event the high bidder is rejected for this reason, the high bidder's bid will be refunded, if paid, and the next highest bidder shall be notified, and thereafter, until a suitable match is determined…

…The winning bidder agrees, warrants and represents that you will not in any way advertise, promote, market or, utilize Sarah Palin’s or the Ride 2 Recovery’s name, likeness, voice, photograph, signature, logo or image in any manner, for any reason at any time without the prior written consent of Sarah Palin or the Ride 2 Recovery. In order to make the experience more enjoyable and interesting, the dinner will be “off the record,” and the winning bidder and his/her guests agree not to record the conversation, take notes or quote Sarah Palin in any manner in any media including blogs or other online communications.
I don't think McGinniss will enjoy that little item as he is writing a book, that isn't very nice about Sarah Palin and what happened as Governor.  I guess no one looked into the "rules" for the dinner.  Opps!

h/t to Ron Devito

Track Palin to Return Home This Weekend

According to Ralph Z. Hallow, a Washington Times reporter, Track Palin will be returning from his one-year tour of duty in Iraq this weekend. Meghan Stapleton, spokesperson, SarahPAC explained that Track's return home is why Governor Palin is foregoing a Voters Values Summit being held in Washington, DC (Hallow, 2009, ¶1-5).

Track Palin deployed on September 11, 2008 with the First Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry. The First Stryker Brigade are also known as the Arctic Wolves. Complete information on the Brigade is available here: First Stryker Brigade -- Arctic Wolves

Governor Palin interrupted her VP campaign and returned to Alaska so she could bid the Arctic Wolves farewell. Her son was among the soldiers who heard her address.


Hallow, R. Z. (2009, September 17). “Palin, Gingrich skip values event.” The Washington Times. Retrieved September 17, 2009 from:http://washingtontimes.com/news/2009/sep/18/palin-gingrich-skip-values-event/