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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska: Separating Sourdoughs from Cheechakos

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Thanks to PalinTV, you can check out this sneak peek of Sarah Palin's Alaska which will premiere on TLC November 14th. Having myself spent a month in Alaska during the summer of 2009, I recommend the series and am sure it will be enjoyable and educational for all. I've been to such places as Africa and Guatemala, and Alaska ranks right up there in depth of experience for me. What a beautiful, majestic place; no wonder they call it God's Country.

As the clip below shows, while fishing, the Palin family encountered some mama grizzlies--and they managed to remain calm! I suppose that's what separates sourdoughs from cheechakos!

Don't miss Sarah Palin's Alaska.

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Bristol Palin to Speak on Sarah Palin Radio 10/18

Sarah Palin Radio

Bristol Palin will be a guest on SarahPalinRadio.com tomorrow (10/18) just minutes before she takes the stage on ABC's wildly popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars."

Tune in! It's a fascinating interview. Bristol reveals some, until now, unknown tidbits about "Dancing with the Stars."

Twenty-eight conservative candidates for Congress, 18 of them endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin, have been interviewed on SarahPalinRadio.com as part of a 7-month running series called "Conversations with Conservative Candidates."

All interviews are available 24/7 at the archive at SarahPalinRadio.com.

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Bristol will be dancing the Jive in tomorrow's broadcast. As of this writing, she has 8,607 Facebook friends.

Sarah Palin's Alaska Sneak Preview

Sarah Palin's Alaska Sneak Preview retrieved from PalinTV.

Sarah, Todd, and Piper Palin, and McKinley encounter a mama grizzly while fishing in this sneak preview for Sarah Palin's Alaska.

The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Below is the video of a Sean Hannity segment, retrieved from PalinTV. Stephen Mansfield was a guest on the television show to discuss The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin, the new book he and David A. Holland co-authored.

The interview was of special interest to me because I'm currently reading the book and am fascincated by the things the authors learned through exclusive access to Governor Palin's parents, siblings, friends, and pastors who have all played a role in who she is.

The book breaks down the things that have most influenced Governor Palin's worldview, thus shaping the person we see today. The fact is her perspectives in life cannot be separated from the faith and values she holds most dear and, Mansfield and Holland conclude, these originated mostly from four truths:

1. Family has fashioned her soul.
2. Alaska and the idea of the state are primary for Palin.
3. Palin has been influenced by the Eskimo view of women.
4. Palin lives and leads from a sense of divine destiny.

Mansfield discussed with Hannity the moment as a child when Governor Palin sensed a call to politics. He shared the difference between President Obama's extremely liberal theological perspective and Governor Palin's Pentecostal-rooted faith. And he commented on the video that surfaced during the 2008 campaign where she was being prayed over, which led to the lamestream media's completely unfair and severely uneducated characterization of the Governor's faith.

The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin has been an interesting read so far for me, as it points out the fact that when a person's faith truly matters to her--is truly a reality in her life--it cannot help but fashion how she views the world, how she operates within the world, and the impact she'll leave upon it.

You can order the book here.

Here's the video: