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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bristol and Levi: Getting Along as Parents, Not Partners

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Ron Devito covered this story here, and I will simply add my two cents:

News has emerged that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are moving forward and working together. That's all the talking heads need to hear and then they take off running with it--and get the information wrong.

Everyone wants something juicy to report. For example, "Good Morning America" and "The Early Show" quote a so-called source who said Bristol and Levi are spending a lot of time together and are a couple again. As usual, these outlets can't seem to discern fact from fiction. So let's set the record straight.

Radar Online got it right when they reported (emphasis added):

Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, and their one-time outspoken nemesis Levi Johnston are back together—but just as co-parents to son Tripp, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

19-year-old Bristol Palin told RadarOnline.com, "Levi and me are co-parents of Tripp and we are actively working on being good parents together."

What this means is two people who brought a beautiful baby boy into the world are doing what's best for their son. Of course, Bristol has been taking care of Tripp all along, and has done so under difficult circumstances. Levi, on the other hand, was bad-mouthing his son's family, particularly Tripp's grandmother, and he was dodging his financial responsibilities. I wrote then about Levi's "triflin'" ways here and expressed hope that he would take a turn for the better:

I believe there's hope for Levi; I really do. And I hope he grabs ahold of it soon because he's treading on very thin Alaska ice.

Now, as late in the game as it is, he appears to have seen the error of his ways and wants to do right by his son. For Tripp's sake, that makes me extremely glad. In the spirit of wiping the slate clean, however, I hope he will make a pubic apology to the Palins. That, of course, would be a true lesson in repentance and humility, a lesson that would mean quite a bit to his son in the years to come.

Perhaps young men could learn something from this experience and choose to "man up" right from the start. Levi's actions were detrimental to his family, and right now he seems to want to turn that around. What everyone should be doing is wishing him and Bristol well as parents who want what's best for their son, not being gossipmongers who twist a sound parental decision into something romantic, which it is not.

US Weekly Lies about Bristol Palin's Relationship

A rumor started by US Weekly alleges that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are "spending nights together" at her new condo in Anchorage. An anonymous source told the rumor to US Weekly. Subsequently, other major media outlets picked up the story, without fact-checking and the story spread like wild fire.

Responsibility to Children Continues After Relationship Breaks

When a couple has children, even if the romantic union dissolves, each partner has certain responsibilities to the children they've brought into this world. Bristol has been doing a fantastic job in this regard, as reported by Elisa Lipsky-Karasz in a Harper's Bazaar article "Bristol Palin's Tea Party."

Caring for Tripp - and swaddling him - punctuates every aspect of Bristol's life. She has been Tripp's, sole provider and caretaker for the past two years. She changed the diapers, fed, cared for, comforted and provided her love. Bristol was and is fulfilling her responsibilities. She is a medical assistant in a dermatologist's office working full-time 8 AM till 5 PM. She advocates against teenage pregnancy for the Candies Foundation, owns her own condominium which "she is fiercely proud of," for she bought and paid for everything with her own money.

Johnston is taking more of an interest in his son and being more of a father - two years late, but hopefully this will continue on for at least the next sixteen years. Johnston squandered a fair amount of time being an absent father, and making poor decisions, such as: trashing Tripp's grandmother in various media, lying about the Palins, using his infant son for his own publicity, and pursuing a soft-core porn career. We're glad he is finally starting to behave as a father should. He owes the Palins a very public apology for all that he's done these past two years. Leaving soft-core porn entirely, getting a real job, rebuilding his education and his life would also be steps in the right direction.

According to the ABC News report, Gov. Palin expressed hope last year that Levi would "come back on the right road of wanting to be part of the family and Tripp's life." We concur.

Journalism 101

US Weekly ran a story entirely based on statements given by an anonymous source. True to form, the lamestream media cannot adhere to the basic tenets of Journalism 101 and fact check. Instead, they rely on dodgy anonymous sources, who always tend to either have a beef with the Palins or not even know them at all. Just because an anonymous person said Bristol and Levi are back together does not make it so. Media professionals could not see that this anonymous person's account does not compute?

It seems that US Weekly never bothered to contact Bristol or Levi to confirm or deny the source's statement, which is very basic journalism: get all sides of the story. Various media sources then re-ran the US Weekly story without any corroboration giving it much bigger play. Then they wonder why we call them "lamestream."

The Bottom Line:

Bristol has been a great mother for two years and is supported by a great family. It's about time Levi , started coming around. Co-parenting, albeit the right decision does not make them a couple because an anonymous source said so. The media has a responsibility to get all sides of the story. Integrity should trump ratings and sensationalism.

Palin will deliver speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Sarah Palin will join Glenn Beck on August 28th in Washington, D.C. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for the Restoring Honor rally.

The mission of the rally is to recognize our First Amendment rights and honor the service members who fight to protect those freedoms.

Those attending will see a miniconcert by Jo Dee Messina, who won the CMA Horizon Award. Also lined up for the event are Gary Sinise, Marcus Luttrell, David Barton, Ted Nugent, and the largest collection of medal of honor winners that have ever been assembled.

"And to bring on the medal of honor winners, along with Gary Sinise, will be somebody that I selected... not for political reasons at all, but because I think she understands duty and honor, I think she understands...the first people that we have to point out before we go into the badge of merit are the people that have done remarkable things in wartime. She has a son who is serving currently. Sarah Palin will also be joining," Beck announced on his radio show.

Palin appeared on the Glenn Beck show and thanked Beck for the invitation. "I think it's going to be the most inspiring and for me personally the most humbling experience, could be of my lifetime, and I hope we have a million people there to honor our troops. I'm just so absolutely thrilled that you invited me and I wouldn't miss it for the world," Palin said.

You can also help raise funds for true American heroes by joining Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck for breakfast on August 28th before the rally. Visit this website to bid on an invitation only breakfast with both Palin and Beck. All proceeds from this auction go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a non-profit charity serving the children of our fallen heroes.

You can visit the Restoring Honor Facebook page for all updates.

Read more articles by the National Sarah Palin Examiner at Examiner.com.

Crime Inc.: Barack Obama and George Soros Seek To Use Gulf Oil Spill For Fun And Profit

By Gary P Jackson

At this point, it’s no secret that Barack Obama is not allowing the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico to "go to waste." Obama and his cronies see this as an opportunity to seize more control over the American people, and fatten up their wallets considerably by passing a cap and tax scheme.

An operative of mine passed me an email that is being sent out by Obama’s permanent campaign website Organizing for America:

Friend --

The BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast is the worst environmental disaster of its kind in our nation's history. I am returning to the region today to review our efforts and meet with families and business owners affected by the catastrophe.

We are working to hold BP accountable for the damage to the lands and the livelihoods of the Gulf Coast, and we are taking strong precautions to make certain a spill like this never happens again.

But our work will not end with this crisis. That's one of the reasons why last week I invited lawmakers from both parties to join me at the White House to discuss what it will take to move forward on legislation to promote a new economy powered by green jobs, combat climate change, and end our dependence on foreign oil.

Today, we consume more than 20 percent of the world's oil, but have less than two percent of the world's oil reserves. Beyond the risks inherent in drilling four miles beneath the surface of the Earth, our dependence on oil means that we will continue to send billions of dollars of our hard-earned wealth to other countries every month -- including many in dangerous and unstable regions.

In other words, our continued dependence on fossil fuels will jeopardize our national security. It will smother our planet. And it will continue to put our economy and our environment at risk. We cannot delay any longer, and that is why I am asking for your help.

Please stand with me today in backing clean energy. Adding your name will help Organizing for America create a powerful, public display of support for making this change happen

The time has come, once and for all, for this nation to fully embrace a new future. That means continuing our unprecedented effort to make everything -- from our homes and businesses to our cars and trucks -- more energy-efficient. It means rolling back billions of dollars of tax breaks to oil companies so we can prioritize investments in clean energy research and development.

Many businesses support this agenda because shifting to clean energy creates opportunities for entrepreneurship. This is how we will reinvent our economy -- and create new companies and new jobs all across the country.

There will be transition costs and a time of adjustment. But if we refuse to heed the warnings from the disaster in the Gulf -- we will have missed our best chance to seize the clean-energy future we know America needs to thrive in the years and decades to come.

The House of Representatives has already passed a comprehensive energy and climate bill, and there is currently a plan in the Senate -- a plan that was developed with ideas from Democrats and Republicans -- that would achieve the same goal. But this is an issue that Washington has long ignored in favor of protecting the status quo.

So I'm asking for your help today to show that the American people are ready for a clean-energy future.

Please add your name to mine:


Thank you,

President Barack Obama

Of course this is all a load of bull. The massive, draconian legislation Obama and his Marxist controlled Congress are pushing, has absolutely nothing to do with clean energy, but every thing to do with grabbing more power, and implementing a cap and tax scheme that will make Obama, and his cronies, TENS of TRILLIONS of DOLLARS richer in the years to come.

BTW, just how creepy is it that Obama is running a permanent political campaign, and has a symbol for himself. Do I even need to remind people who the last person was that had such a thing, and how that turned out?

While Obama is singly handedly destroying the American oil industry, and placing moratoriums on any exploration, his puppet master, George Soros, is looking to make billions with his Brazilian oil company, Petrobas.

You can read Obama’s Boss George Soros Ready To Profit From Oil Disaster, A Crime Inc. Update, and learn the whole story here.

Glenn Beck devoted his program yesterday to discussing the way the Obama regime looks to use the gulf oil spill for it’s own benefit, and the further enslavement of the American people:

If you are not familiar with Crime Inc., Obama’s circle of crooks who look to become wealthy beyond all dreams, you can familiarize yourself by reading here and here.

We are up for the fight of our life. If the Obama regime somehow passes this "clean energy" legislation, it’s all over. This will destroy America’s economy, and the nation itself. Obama and his Congress must be stopped and must be stopped now.

Once stopped, The American people must demand that Obama, and all of the members of Crime Inc., be investigated, and the proper actions taken. Obama is a criminal, and a thug. This is a proven fact. He must be impeached, and upon conviction, sent to prison, along with other Crime Inc. members. Justice demands it.

Call you Senators and Congressmen NOW and demand this nonsense come to a halt immediately, and for investigations to start. These Chicago Gangland tactics must stop. This is America, not some banana republic

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop.

Obama’s Boss George Soros Ready To Profit From Oil Disaster, A Crime Inc. Update

By Gary P Jackson

In the latest episode of the growing Crime Inc. story, we learn that, Barack Obama’s puppet master, former Nazi sympathizer George Soros, is about to profit handsomely off the disaster in the gulf.

We’ve written for around a year that Obama and Soros have partnered up to manipulate the oil business for fun and profit. Last year, Obama "loaned" Brazil $10 billion tax payer dollars, which in turn went to Brazilian oil giant, Petrobas. As we all know, just three days before Obama was so generous with OUR money, Soros bought controlling interest in Petrobas, which is now his largest holding.

We’ve written extensively about this, and Sarah Palin has also called Obama out on numerous occasions. There’s a good overview that you can read here.

At the time, writing for Newsmax, Ralph Hostetter offered this:

Petrobras is exploring and developing what has been described as the "huge offshore discovery" of Brazil's Tupi field in Santo Basin near Rio de Janero. According to reports, the site could yield as much as 1 million barrels of oil per day.

The Soros Fund Management LLC holds a stake in Petrobras in the amount of $900 million as of Dec. 31, 2009.

The Soros Fund is headed by U.S. naturalized-citizen George Soros, a multi-billionaire who describes himself simply as an investor.

George Soros' principal investments are in oil; one in particular is Petrobras, the Brazilian-owned company. This happens to be the largest investment in the Soros portfolio at the present time.

Now that word is out that the facilities of the U.S. Export-Import Bank SA is offering guarantees for loans to Brazil's state-owned oil company Petrobras, U.S. citizens are beginning to complain.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a vocal proponent of offshore drilling, says, "So why is it that during these tough times, when we have great needs at home, the Obama White House is prepared to send more than $2 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars to Brazil so that the nation's state-owned oil company Petrobras can drill offshore and create jobs developing its own resources?"

George Soros is becoming a central figure in American politics. He is using his billions of dollars and his influence in the energy field to bring about what he identifies as a "regime change" for America, an idea he has promoted for many years. He has called for such a change since the days of George W. Bush.

Soros planned at one point to oust George W. Bush during the president’s reelection campaign of 2004. He spent $25 million in the campaign to elect John Kerry. He stated at the time, defeating President Bush "is the central focus of my life . . . a matter of life and death." America under Bush, he said, is a danger to the world "and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is."

To George Soros, regime change means the elimination of the present governing system, in this case, the democratic republic of the United States. That would mean there would be no political parties, no elections, but in place of the American system, he would introduce his Shadow Party.

George Soros, with the help of his brain child, Moveon.org, has created his Shadow Party which awaits his call for the regime change for America.

Soros has had considerable experience in bringing about "regime change" in Europe. In particular, he is given credit for raising of funds in 1989 for a regime change in the Czech Republic when Vaclav Havel was brought to power. He helped engineer "regime changes" in Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia and Yugoslavia.

At the present time, the U.S. dollar is under the most severe international pressure in its history. The U.S. government has exposed itself by creating stimulus packages and issuing currency amounting to trillions of dollars. This is exactly the situation that spoilers such as George Soros have been looking for.

This is a similar scenario which George Soros found in Great Britain in 1992 when he made his first billion by shorting the British pound with leveraged billions in financial bets. He became known as "the man who broke the Bank of England." It was reported that "he broke it on the backs of hard-working British citizens who immediately saw their homes severely devalued and their life savings cut drastically in comparative worth almost overnight."

Change has been the watchword of the Obama Administration. One would hope that the emphasis for change does not extend to such a radical movement as a regime change. A regime change would spell the end of America’s democratic republic.

George Soros is pure evil, and a direct threat to the sovereignty of the United States. He owns the Marxist-democrat party outright, and funds hundreds of groups that do their bidding, on his behalf. He is the one pulling all of the strings on Obama. He is Obama's puppet master.

Haven’t you ever wondered why Obama and his crew are so eager to handcuff the American energy industry? Many well meaning people fall into the trap of thinking it’s because Obama cares about the environment, and wants to see "green" energy development. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing "green" Obama and his cronies care about are those little green pieces of paper with dead presidents on the front.

Tammy Bruce has the latest on all of this:

Obama Boss George Soros Ready To Profit From Oil Disaster

Perhaps this is why drilling in Alaska is off the table–it would actually keep America safe and strong and won’t make Obama Boss George Soros even richer than he is now.

Interestingly, it seems the more trouble we have, the better it is for Soros. Last year, Soros noted he was "having a very good crisis" having bet against the United States and profiting from her economic downturn.

Now we learn Soros is set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Gulf oil catastrophe. With Obama’s ‘moratorium’ and the Obama Admin’s general hostility to drilling, it’s reported many oil companies have already looked into with Brazil regarding a move those shores. And what is Soros principally invested in right now? Petrobras, the Brazilian state oil company.

Obama’s Boss Sees Silver Lining in BP Spill

Reuters is reporting that Brazil stands to benefit from the BP oil spill catastrophe as the US moratorium makes more rigs available for other countries.

Even as an ecological catastrophe makes the future of U.S. offshore drilling less certain, Brazil is plowing ahead with a $220 billion five-year plan to tap oil fields even deeper than BP’s ill-fated Gulf well, which is still leaking crude.

It’s estimated that thirty five rigs are now sitting idle in the Gulf of Mexico. Brazil is already getting inquiries from companies wanting to move their rigs there. Brazil’s state oil company, Petrobras already produces about a fourth of the world’s deep water oil…

The shortage of rigs could help Brazil become a major oil exporter.

What an amazing stroke of good fortune for Obama’s boss, unrepentant Nazi collaborator, George Soros! Soros is also invested in offshore oil drilling in Brazil, assisted by the American taxpayers.

Soros Fund Management, LLC holds a stake in Petrobras of approximately $900 million as of December 31, 2009.

George Soros’ principal investments are in oil; one in particular is Petrobras, the Brazilian-owned company. This happens to be the largest investment in the Soros portfolio at the present time.

Soros also owns quite a lot of real estate in Brazil. Soros’ Adecoagro, which invests in renewable energy, owns or leases about 840,000 acres of farmland in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay growing coffee, soybeans and other commodities. Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Bunge Ltd. Are also expanding into ethanol in Brazil.

When you get to boss the president around, you never have to let a good crisis go to waste.

You can read more here.

Sweetness and Light is reporting that Petrobas is working on one of the largest stock sales in history to be able to gear up, and take full advantage of the gulf disaster, and Obama’s manipulations on their behalf. You can read all about it here.

I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories, but this is a deal that is pretty simply to follow, and figure out. Readers know we have been following Obama and Crime Inc for some time, and have written about the Greatest Swindle In Human History ©, the on going attempt to scam the world out of TENS of TRILLIONS of DOLLARS with the phony cap and trade (cap and tax) scheme, all engineered by the Obama regime, Congress, and members of Obama’s inner circle of crooked friends. You can read more here and here.

The Obama regime is ready to use the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico to not only enrichen his pal George Soros, but to shove "climate change" legislation down America’s throat, that includes cap and tax, which will make Obama and his cronies wealthy beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Before Obama is allowed to do anything more, or any legislation is discussed, we must demand that a special prosecutor be appointed, and this entire affair looked into. Obama, Soros, and every member of Crime Inc, including Al Gore, Maurice Strong, and so on, need to be investigated to the fullest. These Chicago Gangland style dealings, that are going on, are simply unacceptable.

This entire bunch needs to be looking at an extended stay in a nice federal prison.

My Phenomenal Alaska Trip: Part Two: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

I arrived back home in San Diego early Sunday morning. The following is my latest blog post that I wrote while still in Alaska. Enjoy…

As I continue to share with you my adventures in Alaska, the last frontier, I continually find myself witnessing some of the greatest wonders of this God-created world. Everywhere I look- whether it be at a simple, pink flower blooming in someone’s front yard, to the moose chewing grass along the highway- I am captivated by this state and all she has to offer. If you live or have visited Alaska, you know the beauty I am speaking of, and for those of you who have not yet visited, there is no better time than now. After all, what could be better than sitting outside on a deck, with a glass of Merlot, overlooking a lake at 10:30 p.m. while STILL wearing sunglasses? Yep, only in Alaska my friends.

Since my last blog post, a lot has happened. I continue to have a wonderful time meeting and getting to know new friends, and I cannot wait to meet many more people before I travel back to San Diego. There have been many highlights over the course of the last couple of days and many memories have been made. It was so fun to get my hair done at the Beehive Beauty Shop by the shop’s owner and my friend Jessica Steele (pictured at right in the purple). Jessica is the sweetest, most genuine person you will ever meet. She is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. There is just something very special about salons that bring out the ultimate “girly girl” in me. I have always had a blast sitting down at the salon and just talking girl talk. I also met, Chris (pictured with me to the right), who is doing his training to be a hairstylist at the 'hive. Chris recently moved from San Diego to Alaska, and it was fun to talk San Diego with him. I had fun dishing and discussing everything from reality shows to hair and beauty tips. The Beehive is decorated phenomenally. Everything from the antique chandeliers (a staple of Louisiana signifying Jessica’s place of birth) to the beautifully decorated pink, black and white color scheme definitely gives the salon its “it factor.” As soon as you walk into this shop, you know you have come to the right place- it’s that cool. I decided to let Jessica work her magic like only she can (She is Sarah Palin’s hairdresser after all), and she gave me the cutest, sassiest pixie cut. (Thanks to my awesome friend, Tracey Porreca, for taking the awesome photos.) I cannot tell you how many compliments I have been getting for my hair. Jessica is THAT good!!! Thanks, Jess. You’re amazing, and I love my hair.

The girl talk didn’t end at the salon, but instead continued into the night as Jessica, Krisha, Kristina, Tracey, Shelia and I had dinner at the Settler’s Bay Lodge. It was definitely like a mini “Tweet Up.” One of the best parts of the dinner conversation had to do with the fact that the restaurant we dined at had the most to-die-for butter. I’m not talking about your average butter here. On the contrary, I’m talking about the best blend of butter, bacon and spices that your own grandmother would have to work years to perfect. I think it’s safe to say that we had more than our fair share of bread and that yummy butter that evening.
My sister, Krisha, Kristina and I also had the awesome privilege of attending Ericka Burke’s wedding. Ericka is the youngest child of Eddie (who’s running for Alaska’s lieutenant governor) and Linda Burke. We had a blast at the wedding. It was such a great atmosphere, and it was clear everyone had an awesome time. It was fun to laugh, dance and just hang with some of the coolest Alaskans you will ever have the chance to meet. I must say that the Burke family KNOWS how to have a good time!!! Eddie, Linda, Candice, Terrin, Eddie Jr. and his wife, Brandy, as well as Ericka and her hubby, Brown, have been great company. I told them that they are like family to me and gave Krisha and me a sense of “home” while in Alaska. It was like I was a part of their family, and I will never forget how great a time we had dancing into the night!!!On a side note: Tabloids are reporting that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are back together. These reports are UNTRUE. Once again, the lamestream media are reporting lies in order to denigrate the Palin family in an attempt to sell more magazines. It is no secret that many magazines and newspapers are losing large amounts of readership daily, so they have resorted to spreading lies in an attempt to keep readers. While Bristol and Levi are not back together, it is my hope that Levi will be a more active parent in his young son's life. Tripp needs both of his parents in his life. The Palin family has been more than open in their willingness for Levi to be an active dad. Levi treated the Palin family terribly, and the Palins never once publicly lashed out and attacked Levi the way he has attacked them. It would be in Levi's best interest to apologize to Bristol and the rest of the Palin family. If Levi is sincere in his attempts to reconcile with his young son, I say more power to him. Although he has made many mistakes at such a young age, there is such a thing as forgiveness and second chances. I am praying Levi will come around and realize how great a son he has and how great and accepting the Palin family is.

Well, kiddos, I have to get back to work; after all, we all got bills to pay, right? Stay tuned for part three of my travels. In the posts to come, you’ll read about my canoe trips on Lake Lucille, my trip to the Matanuska Glacier, lunch with my friend, Amanda, and her parents (Her dad is Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor Craig Campbell), my trip to Palmer for Colony Days and my visit with Sarah’s parents, Chuck and Sally Heath. I cannot wait to share this and much, much more. Thanks for checking in. Conservative Girl with a Voice checking out… for now.

On a side note:

The tabloid Us Weekly is reporting that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are back together. These reports are UNTRUE. Once again, the lamestream media are reporting lies in order to denigrate the Palin family in an attempt to sell more magazines. It is no secret that many magazines and newspapers are losing large amounts of readership daily, so they have resorted to spreading lies in an attempt to keep readers. While Bristol and Levi are not back together, it is true that Levi wants be a more active parent in his young son's life according a recent report on ABCs Good Morning America. Bristol and Levi have decided to get along for the sake of their young son- a lesson other young parents should follow. Tripp needs both of his parents in his life. The Palin family has been more than open in their willingness for Levi to be an active dad. Levi treated the Palin family terribly, and the Palins never once publicly lashed out and attacked Levi the way he has attacked them. It would be in Levi's best interest to apologize to Bristol and the rest of the Palin family. If Levi is sincere in his attempts to reconcile with his young son, I say more power to him. Although he has made many mistakes at such a young age, there is such a thing as forgiveness and second chances. I am praying that Levi will come around and realize how great a son he has and how great and accepting the Palin family is. If anything, this is a good start, and I pray the media will stay out of this story and let Levi and Bristol raise their son in private.

(Click here to visit Conservative Girl with a Voice and become a follower. Follow me on Twitter @rachellefriberg.)