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Friday, October 23, 2009

Palin Endorses Hoffman = Huge Donation Increase

Ed Morrissey, of Hotair.com, has just reported Doug Hoffman’s campaign is having a huge influx of donations within hours of her Facebook posting. Governor Palin made the post at 8:35 pm and in less then 10 hours his campaign contributions have nearly doubled. Funny how the left keeps screaming she is irrelevant.

Just how effective has Sarah Palin’s intervention in the NY23 special election been?  Douglas Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate that got Palin’s endorsement, raised $116,000 in a single day, according to a source within the campaign.  The source told me to refer back to Chris Cillizza’s coverage of the race at the Washington Post blog The Fix, which noted that Hoffman had raised $210,000 … over the course of a week.

Stacy McCain confirmed this with another source in the campaign.  He has a few updates as well on Democratic fundraising in the contest.

If nothing else, this confirms the power that Palin has with the conservative base.  She can raise money hand over fist, even with some considerable negatives with other constituencies.  If Hoffman winds up winning this election, Palin will become a very popular woman in the 2010 campaign, especially in Blue Dog Democrat districts where conservatives have grown appalled by the direction of a Democratic Congress.  Even if he doesn’t, this has been an impressive demonstration of influence and power.

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Poll: Sarah Palin Respected More Than Oprah Winfrey

Apparently so and it is not even close.  With over 22,000 votes cast Sarah Palin has a commanding lead of 66% to Oprah’s 34% on Which of the two women do you have a more favorable opinion of? and Are you interested in watching Oprah Winfrey’s interview of Sarah Palin?  61% say yes and 39% no.
Going on The Oprah Show is clearly a very smart decision by the best selling author in the country, Governor Palin.  She is not going on to sell her book but rather to reach and meet a very large audience of women.  Most Americans know very little about Sarah Palin except what the idiot liberal Obama blowing media has told them.  All Sarah Palin has to do is sit down with Oprah and have a normal conversation and millions will see she is a regular person.  It is a smart first move and I expect Sarah Palin will have millions of new fans.   Oprah also realizes the huge increase in ratings that will come with Sarah Palin coming on the show.  Oprah's rating have been very bad and this will certainly help.

Are you interested in watching Oprah Winfrey's interview of Sarah Palin?
Yes   61%
No    39%

Total Votes: 13,363

Which of the two women do you have a more favorable opinion of?
Sarah Palin 66%
Oprah Winfrey 34%

Total Votes: 8,752

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I also thought this AOL News poll was interesting

Which cable news station do you prefer to watch?
Fox News 66%
CNN 16%
None of the above   8%

How do you feel about Fox News?
Fair and balanced     69%

Unfair and unbalanced     31%

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