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Monday, April 5, 2010

UPDATE: Alaska's Conservative Voice Eddie Burke Announces he WILL Run for Lieutenant Governor

UPDATE: Alaska Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell(R) announced last week that he was withdrawing from the Lt. Gov. race. This leaves the fight for the Republican nomination between Conservative Eddie Burke and RINO Jay Ramras (pictured by Eddie at right). Alaska's Editor for Red County, Tom Lamb, recently wrote a great piece entitled Eddie Burke Throws A Wrench, His T-Shirt and his Political Hat into the Lt. Governor's Race. I encourage you all to read it here. Make sure to follow Eddie campaign on Twitter @EddieBurke4AK. You also support him on Facebook by becoming a fan here.

What a better night announce this great news other than on the same night of Sarah Palin's "Real American Stories" debut on FOX. I'm honored to call Eddie Burke a great friend, and even prouder to call him a great American. He is truly an ordinary person who is doing extraordinary things. On behalf of all my readers here at "Conservative Girl with a Voice," rock on, Eddie!!! We stand with you as you stand up for Alaskans everywhere. The following is the Press Release that was released earlier today:


Eddie Burke Candidacy for Lieutenant Governor


Press Conference
When: Friday, April 2,
10:00 a.m.

Where: Region II Elections Office
2525 Gambell St
Anchorage, Alaska

--ANCHORAGE - April 2, 2010 –

Former Anchorage radio talk show host and small
business owner Eddie Burke has entered the race as a Republican candidate for
Lieutenant Governor. Though Alaska has financially benefited from its abundant
natural resources, particularly the success of the oil and gas industry, Eddie understands that current state budgets are unsustainable over the long term. Therefore,he will encourage and support the Governor and State Legislature to be fiscally responsible in the governance of Alaska. Eddie knows that thoughtful actions taken today will help secure the future for Alaska's children.

The issues important to Eddie Burke are those that are important to the livelihood of all Alaskans. As a well-known and outspoken media personality on local radio, Eddie has been a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, the rights of the unborn and the concerns of Alaska's veterans. As he campaigns for Lieutenant Governor, he will continue to be a passionate proponent of these important issues, while also stressing the importance of the responsible stewardship of the State's financial resources.

Eddie Burke has been an active member of the Alaskan community since he arrived 38
years ago. In addition to his media career, he has been a small business owner and
active on the boards of Special Olympics, Crimestoppers, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Legislative Committee and President of Alaska State Snowmobile Association. Furthermore, Eddie gained valuable legislative experience as a Chief-of-
Staff in the Alaska State Legislature.

Eddie Burke resides in Anchorage, Alaska with Linda, his wife of 28 years. They are
the parents of four children, and the proud grandparents of three young Alaskans. Eddie
Burke is seeking the office of Lieutenant Governor in order to secure a bright future for
his family and all Alaskans.

Run, Eddie, run!!!

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