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Friday, October 9, 2009

Help Requested: "Operation Uplift" packages for our Military over in the box.

by Upinak
The Palination -- http://www.thepalination.com

You know, I really don’t give two moose nuggets for Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize. Arafat, Gore, Carter…. These individuals who are not peace worthy all deserve each other and the Nobel Committee should hang their heads in shame for even bothering to try to put this reprehensible and repugnant individual on a pedestal. The Nobel Peace Prize is nothing and means nothing anymore.

I have more to worry about than an ignorant attempt at someone who has no concept of peace in this time. How about the low morale that our Marines and Troops are dealing with at the moment? Or the fact that Obama will not help OUR Military!

At this moment, I have had numerous emails coming in to ask to help. Help Sarah Palin, help our Troops and Marines. Just help out in general and since Track Palin had his mom, Sarah come to the ceremony to welcome his unit home from Iraq and the fact I have a friend who is back home due to a horrible family accident, yet is stationed in Afghanistan, I and a co-worker of mine have decided to give back.

With your help… and to make a statement to Obama, the administration and to all those who do not care about our Marines, Troops and those over in Iraq and Afghanistan who are doing what is told, even if they do not agree.

Let us shower them with packages and remind them they are not forgotten.

So how should this work?

Adopt a Soldier, Squad, and a Platoon and here is how you can do it:






And even helping Rush and Hannity, who both donate quite a bit:


You can have monthly Church groups stuffing boxes. Your office can donate a few bucks a month to send a box. Or even have whatever organizations you are affiliated with send their own.

This link is a great source of information on what to send to your "adopted soldiers and marines".


I have been adopting soldiers and marines for years. This is the best defense against those who are on the offense concerning Iraq and Afghanistan. Who can you trust? The soldiers and marines who are there or the administration and Obama who do nothing? I pick our military! You will NEVER feel bad about helping those who need a good laugh and a package of love.

Let us get out and send as many packages as possible. Our guys need some uplifting…. Not the news that an ingrate is receiving a Nobel prize for nothing.

Who is with me!?

UPDATE: If you want to help, please email this around to everyone you know or post it to your blog if you have one. Lets get the movement out and help our troops. Thanks... UpinAk.

It's the System, Stupid!

by NYPalinPower

It's very sad to see good politicians in Washington like Michelle Bachman begging for public support while struggling as a minority in Congress and getting nowhere. This is because we have a system in place that does not support ethics or common sense in government. And the two political parties are so powerful that we are no longer the same country that Lincoln envisioned, a country of the people, by the people and for the people. Instead we are a divided country, a slave to the special interests and the two major political party machines.

Although the people are finally beginning to have a voice now with Sarah Palin, we still need to take further action to help change the power structure in Washington that has corrupted our good politicians who initially go there to serve our country with all good intentions, but cannot because there is no system in place that will support their efforts. We do not have an effective system of government that works for the good of the country or for the people anymore.

Politicians running in 2010 really need to understand this. They should not try to be another Sarah Palin. What our country does need are new strong leaders like Sarah to move our country forward in a positive direction, but diverse individuals who are willing to contribute their own special gifts, just like Sarah is doing, to selflessly serve and make decisions that are for the good of the country. That's all they have to do! Just go and serve with integrity and use common sense. And I am sure they will have Sarah's support as well regardless of party affiliation.

If politicians like Bachman are to be effective in Washington, we will need to elect more leaders of the same caliber to support them. So in 2010 we should aim to elect a better quality of politicians. Brave, new, independent thinkers who are not slaves to their political parties and are willing to stand up to the status quo to make the changes needed to fix this corrupt system in Washington. Our politicians need to be able to do their jobs by becoming leaders, not sheep, by coming together to work for the good of the country. So in 2010, let us elect those who will go to Washington and truly serve, not themselves, but the American people. This is the only way we will make our country stronger, more ethical, and whole rather than divided, by electing good public servants who will lead selflessly with their hearts and with "common sense" so that government works again for the people.

This is the formula for success in 2010 and beyond.

Another Side Of Sarah Palin: Financial Guru

It seems that Sarah Palin has made another positive international splash with her latest Facebook entries. Early Tuesday afternoon Sarah released a strongly worded statement urging President Obama to make the right decision Afghanistan, and pledging to back him up if he did.

Later in the same afternoon, Sarah released an even stronger statement, with a very terse warning concerning our nation’s energy policy (or lack there of) and how years of continued energy mismanagement and counterintuitive policies have put our economy in a very precarious position. So precarious, that nations are openly discussing dropping the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Her statement on the economy caught the eye of the London Financial Times which in turn caused Reuters to report this:

By Tabassum Zakaria

The Financial Times, the salmon-colored authoritative newspaper that is closely read by traders and other financial types around the world, had an eye-opener for readers this morning.

It wasn’t the front-page, four-column wide headline, "Obama’s critics pounce on falling dollar as fears grow over currency."

It wasn’t the graphic showing a red downward line over a dollar bill.

The jolt comes at the start of the second paragraph in the top story of the day on the dollar, "Sarah Palin…."

The newspaper, whose articles can move markets, quoted the former Republican vice presidential candidate and ex-Alaska governor from her Facebook post on the need for energy independence. Palin links the dependence on foreign oil and large U.S. deficits to declines in the dollar .

"We can see the effect of this in the price of gold, which hit a record high today in response to fears about the weakened dollar," Palin wrote.

Palin’s power for using her Facebook page to affect public opinion is not to be taken lightly. Remember "death panels" which turned the healthcare debate into rabid townhall meetings this summer — that phrase emerged from Palin’s Facebook page

Now in all fairness, the folks at the townhall meetings were already very passionate about the health care issue before Sarah condensed the insanity of ObamaCare down to two words, but it’s pretty clear that her ability to cut to the chase on any subject made a huge impact of the national debate over ObamaCare.

You see a lot of pundits that scoff at the notion that Sarah Palin is a force in the national debate using a networking site. They simply don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, the power of Facebook in Sarah’s media strategy.

Was watching Greta last night. She and her guest were discussing the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin, and how she uses Facebook. The one thing that hit me was their complaint that it was "one sided." In other words, Sarah has her say, but isn’t up for "cross examination." Of course, like everyone else, they were quick to admit, Sarah is effective using this method.

I guess I see it different than most, especially knowing who one of Sarah’s heros (and mine) is. Sarah is following the path the Great Ronald Reagan took after he lost his 1976 presidential primary bid, updated for the 21st century.

From 1976 to 1980 Reagan was "out in the wilderness." Reagan, who was very media savvy, having spent a good chunk of his life in Hollywood as well as being a radio pitchman, turned to the radio to get his message out. Reagan gave regular short radio addresses combined with paid and unpaid speaking engagements to keep his message out there.

Social networking websites like Facebook have the same sort of impact today that radio did in Ronald Reagan’s day. People of all ages and economic classes are into networking now.

Sarah’s Facebook page is incredibly dynamic. You can check it any hour day or night and people are constantly posting well wishes, personal stories, and the popular "Sarah 2012!" rallying cry.

As of this writing, Sarah has 920,100 friends on her page, which is open to anyone to view, not just friends. This too changes hourly, as more people join day and night. This is roughly double the number of folks since Sarah resigned as Governor back in July. To put this in perspective, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who is also considered a front runner in 2012 had around 7700 Facebook friends the last time I looked, which was about a week ago.

The advantage that Sarah Palin has, that the Gipper didn’t, is almost anything she does becomes a media event. Within minutes of posting something on Facebook, the major media knows about it and reports on it. Doesn’t matter if it’s friendly or hostile media, they still report it, discuss it, and keep her in the spotlight.

A very savvy media plan indeed. Throw in the many paid and unpaid speeches Sarah will be giving between now and 2012, the upcoming book tour, and her pledge to help elect Conservative candidates, of which she has some 120 requests from so far (!) And the strategy looks very solid.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that what she posts on Facebook is dead on!