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Friday, October 9, 2009

It's the System, Stupid!

by NYPalinPower

It's very sad to see good politicians in Washington like Michelle Bachman begging for public support while struggling as a minority in Congress and getting nowhere. This is because we have a system in place that does not support ethics or common sense in government. And the two political parties are so powerful that we are no longer the same country that Lincoln envisioned, a country of the people, by the people and for the people. Instead we are a divided country, a slave to the special interests and the two major political party machines.

Although the people are finally beginning to have a voice now with Sarah Palin, we still need to take further action to help change the power structure in Washington that has corrupted our good politicians who initially go there to serve our country with all good intentions, but cannot because there is no system in place that will support their efforts. We do not have an effective system of government that works for the good of the country or for the people anymore.

Politicians running in 2010 really need to understand this. They should not try to be another Sarah Palin. What our country does need are new strong leaders like Sarah to move our country forward in a positive direction, but diverse individuals who are willing to contribute their own special gifts, just like Sarah is doing, to selflessly serve and make decisions that are for the good of the country. That's all they have to do! Just go and serve with integrity and use common sense. And I am sure they will have Sarah's support as well regardless of party affiliation.

If politicians like Bachman are to be effective in Washington, we will need to elect more leaders of the same caliber to support them. So in 2010 we should aim to elect a better quality of politicians. Brave, new, independent thinkers who are not slaves to their political parties and are willing to stand up to the status quo to make the changes needed to fix this corrupt system in Washington. Our politicians need to be able to do their jobs by becoming leaders, not sheep, by coming together to work for the good of the country. So in 2010, let us elect those who will go to Washington and truly serve, not themselves, but the American people. This is the only way we will make our country stronger, more ethical, and whole rather than divided, by electing good public servants who will lead selflessly with their hearts and with "common sense" so that government works again for the people.

This is the formula for success in 2010 and beyond.

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