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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bristol Palin Cuts Music Video, Has 2 Interviews & Speech

Bristol Palin / Static Cycle Music Video is also on ET Online

Bristol Palin has cut a music video "In this World of Mine" with a local Alaskan rock band, Static Cycle, according to wide-ranging media reports. According to Laura Clarizio of the Examiner, Bristol plays the role of Mother Nature in the music video, which was filmed in Chena, Alaska. In her role, Bristol wore a mink coat with her eyelashes and eyebrows iced.

Perry Center Speech

Bristol will be the featured speaker at a fundraiser for The Perry Center, a West Fargo home for unwed mothers.

Bristol Interview with Scott Hennen

Scott Hennen speaks with Bristol Palin from Paul Amundson on Vimeo.

Bristol had a wide-ranging interview tonight with Scott Hennen in Fargo, North Dakota, where she said she would like to see her mother, Gov. Palin run for President in 2012. She's "awesome for this country" Bristol said.

Bristol Interview with Tammy Bruce

Bristol also had a lengthy interview with Tammy Bruce, which was pod-casted today. Bristol's interview starts 2:45 in..

Facebook and Dancing with the Stars

As of this writing, she has 7,431 Facebook friends, having secured her 7,000th one yesterday. "Bristol the Pistol," is cocked and locked for Week 4 of Dancing with the Stars.

Traveling the Country Where We See a New Generation of Leaders Emerging

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:
Had a great visit with Newsmax and the great folks in the Sunshine State yesterday! I spoke to Michael Reagan about his father’s grand legacy and to Dick Morris about not accepting what President Obama wants America to believe is some kind of “new normal” of economic woe. I spoke to concerned Floridians about the energy in the Tea Party movement, and explained that I wrote a lot about it in my book, “America by Heart”; and I had the privilege of being interviewed on Sean Hannity’s show regarding voter turnout favoring conservatives this year.

Florida is fortunate to have great candidates willing to run and serve for all the right reasons. The repeal of the mother-of-all-unfunded mandates, Obamacare, is foremost on the minds of so many concerned Floridians, along with job, jobs, jobs. Thankfully they have candidates bold enough to promise to shake things up, put “We the People” first, and support free market and results-oriented solutions to all these challenges. Please support these great Sunshine State candidates:

Rick Scott for Governor

Pam Bondi for Attorney General

Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate

Steve Southerland (FL-2)

Allen West (FL-22)

Sandy Adams (FL-24)

Today I’m in beautiful, historic, special Alabama! I speak at Faulkner University and am shouting out a big Alabama holler for some great candidates:

Beth Chapman for Secretary of State

Martha Roby (AL-2)

Tonight I’ll be calling into an event for two great candidates in Hawaii:

John Willoughby (HI-2)

Scott Henderson (State House District 7)

The Aloha State is ripe for positive, patriotic change under the leadership of these good Americans with servant’s hearts in our 50th state.

Tomorrow it’s back to Texas for a Woman of Joy conference and talking to Texans about some of their great candidates:

Rick Perry for Governor

Greg Abbott for Attorney General

Bill Flores (TX-17)

Francisco "Quico" Canseco (TX-23)

Dr. Donna Campbell (TX-25)

Blake Farenthold (TX-27)

Stephen Broden (TX-30)

Onward and upward. Be glad you can see November from your house! Real change is just around the corner, America!

- Sarah Palin
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Photos from my mom's documentary Sarah Palin's Alaska

Bristol Palin today posted on Facebook:
Below are some family photos taken during the filming of my mom's documentary Sarah Palin's Alaska, which premiers November 14th on TLC. Please enjoy! (Photos courtesy TLC/Gilles Mingasson)


Bristol Palin

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