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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vanity Fair: "How Many Times Can We Libel in One Story?"

Every time Gov. Palin scores a significant accomplishment, the leftist media spin machine has their hit piece ready to roll. In case anyone did not notice, Gov. Palin endorsed seven candidates who ran in the August 24 primaries. All seven candidates - 100% of them - won their primaries. In the case of one election, an under-funded underdog unseated a well-financed establishment Republican in an amazing upset victory.

Vanity Fair has a long and proud history of running hit pieces against Gov. Palin, and "Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury" is the latest in that publication's line-up.

Making Joseph Goebbels Proud

In the piece, Gov. Palin is portrayed as among other things: a megalomaniac, a bad tipper, a demonic woman with a horribly destructive temper, and a penchant for throwing things, all by anonymous sources, as delineated by Conservatives4Palin. Her supporters are depicted as cult-like. Conservatives4Palin and US for Palin are portrayed as “cheer-leading sites.” The meme involving Rebecca Mansour and SarahPAC appears to have been re-printed word for word from New York Magazine's infamous "Palin, Inc." hit piece. Every supporter of Gov. Palin is spoken of negatively. Those who don't like her are portrayed as victims of a sinister Palin-controlled Mafioso type network running roughshod through Wasilla clamping down with an iron fist on those who would say anything negative about her.

The "North Star Conspiracy"

The lies extended to any business involved in any way with Gov. Palin and containing the name "North Star." The North Star Group, an Amazon store owned and operated by US for Palin publisher Ron Devito got "honorable mention" as part of an alleged network of dark and mysterious North Star-branded entities owned and operated by what Vanity Fair implies is a Palin-controlled Mafia-like group. The North Star is part of the constellation that appears on Alaska's State Flag. A number of Gov. Palin's supporters refer to her as "North Star". Why would we not use it in the names of businesses selling Gov. Palin-related merchandise? What exactly are we supposed to call it? Southern Cross?

The North Star Group sells products known to be used or referenced by Gov. Palin, which is appropriate for a blog site that supports her. Not mentioned by Vanity Fair, but along the same lines, North Star Promotions sells branded merchandise promoting Gov. Palin, and US for Palin. Gov. Palin and her staff do not own, operate, or have any other involvement in these businesses.

According to Conservatives4Palin, Even several known leftists - people who are no friends to Gov. Palin - have denounced this Vanity Fair article as a pack of lies.

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