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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Sarah.... : A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

This blog entry is going to be a little bit different than the others I have written. August 29th marks the day that Sarah Palin was introduced to the lower 48. Not only did this day make history, but this day signified the first time in political history that conservative women like me had a voice speaking out on issues that we truly care about. In honor of all that Sarah means to me as well as other conservative women (and men too), the following is a thank you letter to Sarah. Now, I don't know if she will ever read it, as I know she is very busy, but I just wanted her to know how much she inspires me to work tirelessly in the name of freedom and liberty.

Dear Sarah, I don't know if you remember me, but my family is the family from San Diego that has sent you and your amazing family some embroidered clothing items that my mom, Cyndi embroidered. As the owner of an embroidery business, she truly appreciates all you have done in your tireless support for small business. I remember last August 28th very well. That night, I was watching Hannity and Colmes. I remember that day had been a day of specialtion in the news business, as all of the networks were wondering who John McCain would pick to be his running mate the next day. I'm sure you remember that day well. You were probably excited, yet nervous- I know I'd be. As Hannity and Colmes were discussing the possible picks, I have to admit that I wasn't too excited with any of the names being thrown around. Early in the election, I had thrown my support behind the great former mayor of New York, Rudy Guilliani. I had always admired him greatly on how he single-handidly lifted the spirits of the city of New York and in turn inspired a nation. I respect John McCain for his great service to our country, but my enthusiasm was not at a "jump-up-and-down-on-the-couch" kind of level. This all changed when you became the VP nominee. On the eve of the announcement, I remember saying to my mom how I hoped that, just somehow, John McCain would pick a great conservative woman to be his runningmate; little did I know that my hope would become a reality. Sarah, by far, the best decision John McCain ever made was selecting you to be his runningmate. Not only have you inspired a nation, but you re-energized a party.

I first heard about you from my dad. He is a big fan of yours- particularly for the no-nonsense way in which you cleaned up the corruption in AK and remained fiscally conservative throughout your time as governor. When you were announced as the VP choice, I immediately saw what my dad had already known: You were, indeed, a true reformer and inspirational woman at that. As I watched the event in which you were announced on that beautiful summer day of August 29th, I was immediately energized and inspired like I had been at no other time in terms of wanting to do and be more involved politically. You are a role model to me and countless other women who one day wish to run for political office. For the first time, I found a female candidate whom I not only agreed with wholeheartedly, but respected. I finally realized how it must have felt for my female friends who look up to democratic politicians like Hillary Clinton. I know I speak for many when I tell you how much that truly means to FINALLY be represented by someone who truly does understand. I can identify with you in so many ways. Like you, I studied journalism in college, was active in sports growing up, learned the value of hard work and love for the outdoors. And like you, I hope to one day run for political office. I did not always feel this way. While I am only 28, I always felt that to run as a conservative candidate, meant you had to be rich, old and male-a member of elite society, no offense to those in this category. Sarah, when you stepped onto the stage that August day, wearing I have to say the coolest red pumps I had ever seen (I actually have a pair and love them!), I saw a woman who not only loved her country and family tremendously, but God as well. You inspire me to want to make this country a better place for myself and those around me. You inspire me to WANT to fight the good fight in the name of freedom, liberty and integrity. I know I am not alone in writing this. I have seen and become friends with many people just like myself who have been inspired by you.

It is easy for a politician to say something of meaning, and another for the individual to actually practice what he/she preaches. Sarah, you not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk, and this is SO refreshing in a time in which hypocrisy is so rampant. Thank you, Sarah, for illustrating what talking the talk and walking the walk truly means. Your little precious angel, Trig, is a testament of the love you have for life. Not only have you showed the world how much of a blessing having a special needs child can be, but you widened the awareness of how important it is to choose life. Both you and Todd have illustrated what it means to love a child, and this is so prevalent in the love and pride you have for not only little angel Trig, but your other awesome children and grandchild as well. You are a great advocate for children everywhere.

You have also taught me the importance of standing up for what it right and always believing in myself. I used to just sit back, quiet and not say anything if someone said something political that I did not agree with or spoke out in hate against our previous President, George W. Bush, but not anymore. Now, I am not afraid to calmly tell someone my opinions and stick up for those I feel are being unfairly attacked. It is not only my first amendment right, but my duty as a concerned citizen. Thank you so much for speaking out on issues that effect us, Sarah. Issues such as health care, the death panels, the funding of our dollars given to other countries so they can drill while we don't (absolutely crazy), energy independence as well as many other important issues. People know they can count on you to give them the straight talk and commonsense message. You are my main motivation for starting a blog, which I began shortly after the election. My blog is called "Conservative Girl with a Voice," and my website is http://conservativegirlwithavoice.blogspot.com. Writing has given me chance to not only use my journalism and English degrees, but speak out on various national issues as well as issues you are either involved with or speaking out on. I really enjoy it and have met many amazing people in the process. I don't know the direction God is leading me (I originally wanted to be a college professor), but I am excited at the what is ahead, perhaps a career in politics, and this is all because of you and what you stand for. The great people of the great state of AK are so nice and geniune, and they are truly "real people." Through blogging and Twitter, I have gotten to know great people like Eddie Burke (who has been kind enough to have me as a guest on his great radio show), Jessica Steele, Ivy Frye, and Kristan Cole. You Alaskans are truly the real deal, the heart and sole of America! I have also gotten involved with the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee as the San Diego Regional Organizer. It is my hope that you run for president in 2012 because America needs your voice of reason. I have gotten to know so many great, hardworking individuals (like the awesome Kristina Lazarro who's the Buffalo Regional Organizer and runs a great blog, "Inspiration Sarah," and the inspiring Adrienne Ross, who has had the great opportunity of meeting you and you family on a couple of occasions and is not only head of media and in charge of the state of New York for Draft Sarah, but has a fabulous blog, "Motivation Truth." She is a great sister in Christ) who have the same vision in hoping you choose to run for president. I have been reading all about the great Ronald Reagan this summer, and I must say, you are like him in so many ways. Not only are you a great communicator and inspire individuals to want to be better human beings, but you give us hope that our best days are in front on us, not behind us. It is with that hope that I look forward knowing that God is in control and that I must put my faith in him. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for America, and I KNOW your not finished yet-God has big plans for you. Thank you for being a great role model and someone with a true servant's heart.

God bless you and your family,

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