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Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29th... The glass ceiling fell when Sarah walked out on the Stage.

The day when Sarah Palin was introduced to the World, was for me a very interesting day.

I had been talking about her around the blogosphere for months. I and another commenter on HotAir.com were the first to point Allahpundit in her direction. In which Allahpundit asked, “Who is Sarah Palin”?

Who is Sarah Palin?

She is a Mom, an American and a Christian with God in her heart and Alaska in her soul. She loves her state and her country. She is one who doesn’t back down but also listens. She is an average citizen who "Served with a Servant’s Heart” to all those who elected her into office. Any office, be it School Board, Mayor, or Governor, Sarah always made sure to keep the interest of those who had elected her into these positions ahead of any other needs. She didn’t stop looking into those who were corrupt and straight against the many who tried to throw her under the bus. Sarah also stuck to her Christian morals even though she never pushed Christianity. Sarah was very much a model for what other States around the Union should expect.

Stepping out on stage, giving the speech that could be heard across the Nation then holding a disabled child obviously loved, was and has been in many case the pinnacle of a leader for not just the United States, but the World.

Those who say that Sarah is not worthy are the same people that can not find the light in themselves or their life. Jealousy, self importance and animosity are some such feelings that hold all of us back from what can make us as a person, better and greater people. When the people who can step back from those emotions and feeling, are the type of people who can move ahead and for the good of all, including themselves, be better in general to others. Sarah has shown this.

When you think of this day, think about how you felt. The touching emotion, the excitement in the air, the crackling aspiration of someone who understood, and the appreciation from an “Average Citizen” to all of us in the Nation who are also normal and average, but can show their lights to others.

Thank you Sarah Palin for waking up the Nation and a Happy Anniversary to you and Todd and may you have many more happy anniversary’s to come. And a Happy Birthday and special Thanks goes out to Senator McCain, who brought Sarah Palin to the forefront of a movement that needed to happen, even though I don’t think it was intentional on McCain's part. The glass ceiling fell the day Sarah walked on the Stage.

And a Thank You to all who support Sarah. Without you who help Sarah and support her against those that try to keep her down and show what is right. You are the “Average Citizens” Sarah is fighting for.


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