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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unscripted Moment: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

It is an unscripted moment that I will remember most, which was captured in a photograph: With her arms outstretched, she ran toward her youngest daughter like a true, loving mother who had just returned home from a business trip. This is perhaps my favorite moment that I will forever have of Sarah Palin. While many will cite the phenomenal speech she gave at the Republican National Convention or the way in which she re-energized a party, I will always remember her for the way she was when she was with her children. Many of you may remember the event I am describing above. I remember it well. It was about 48-hours before election day, and Sarah was returning home to Alaska from a whirlwind tour of the lower 48 in which she captured the hearts and minds on Americans everywhere. I will never forget when her plane touched down in Alaska- she was home, and her hometown crowd gave her a hero's welcome. As she came down the steps of the plane, I will never forget the excited expression on her face; she couldn't get off that plane fast enough. While many candidates would immediately rush to the podium to speak, the ever unconventional (thank God) Sarah immediately RAN over to greet her children in, I might add, a suit (classy as usual) and her signature red-colored heels, which is an accomplishment in itself. There, on the busy tarmac, stood little Piper eagerly waiting, arms outstretched waiting for her mommy. Sarah saw her and ran to her, and the two embraced. This unscripted moment defines a mother's love for her child and a child's love for her mother. For a moment, time stood still, and there was no denying how much love Sarah has for her children and the love they have for her in return. It is moments like these that illustrate what life is all about: family, faith and country. This is what Sarah is all about. Sarah was not there for a photo-op, or to pose in front of the camera, but to reunite with her family. Yet, sometimes the most unscripted events make for the best photographs. Low and behold, when I opened my edition of "People" Magazine shortly after Sarah's return to AK, I saw the unscripted photo of the event described above. With her back to the camera, Sarah is seen bending slightly, so that she is on Piper's level. The smile on little Piper's face speaks volumes. This is a little girl who not only loves her mom very much, but looks up to her with intense pride.

Many may wonder why I would choose this moment as my favorite memory of how to remember Sarah from the 2008 election. The reason is simple: This moment defines Sarah Palin-the incredible person, Sarah Palin- the loving mother. Remember, Sarah was a mother before she was a candidate. Sarah is the epitome of a woman who knows how to balance career and family. It is her family whom she cherishes and holds most dear. The close relationship she has with her children is apparent. Just as a mama grizzly guards her cubs, Sarah protects her children. We all know this to be true. Whenever her children are attacked, Sarah does what any good parent would do and protects her kids. Not only does she protect her kids, but she includes them in every major decision she makes, which is a trait I greatly admire about her. Instead of looking out for her own political gain, Sarah knows what is important and that's family. In her announcement that she would not seek re-election and resign as AK's governor, she was surrounded by those most close to her, which illustrates her commitment to not only her children and husband, but her entire family as well. Throughout the campain, Sarah's constant was her family. While travelling from city to city, town to town, it was apparent how much she values each and every one of them. How wonderful that her family got to experience the campaign trail with her. What better schooling for little Piper than to see how others live? Talk about a cool field trip! The memories her children will take with them from experiencing life on the campaign trail are those they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. This is another thing that makes Sarah stand out. While many candidates only allow their children to experience certain parts of a campaign, Sarah let her children truly experience campaign life. Willow, Piper and Trig were fixtures at the events and rallys. They met new people, saw this great country- the heart and soul of America and got to see how amazing a mother they have. In doing this, Sarah seemed to be saying, "This is who I am. I'm a proud mother and candidate. My children are my world; they are part of the package too."

Thank you, Sarah, for showing us what it means to be a loving parent, a loving mother. It is so apparent how much pride little Piper has for you. Little Trig is so lucky to have a mom who is not afraid to speak out on issues that are important to his future. Track is so blessed to have a mom who cares so deeply about our troops and their safety. Willow and Bristol are so fortunate to have a role model like you. Of all the precious, memorable moments during the campaign, it is the moments of Sarah, as mother, that I will never forget. For it is in this role that we got to see a woman who knows what is important and cherishes the little things and every memory that comes her way, and that, fellow readers, is the stuff that matters most, the stuff dreams are made of!!!

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  1. I remember that moment well. An indelible moment. The look on little Piper's face as she and her Mommy ran toward each other. Unforgettable.

    As you point out, Sarah's devotion to all her children and to Todd are very apparent. Sarah has a very big heart, and it includes her country and its citizens.