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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sarah's Turn: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

It's over- my summer vacation, that is, but wow, what a summer! It is always fun to spend the summer at a place I have come to every summer since I was one. As my regular readers know, I'm talking about my family's cabin near Lake Tahoe in the Sierras, which has been in my family for nearly three decades. As an outdoor's girl, I love to hike, fish, sail, swim, and spend some time soaking up the sun and the clean, fresh mountain pine air. One of the best things about being up in the mountains is the feeling of being away from it all and just reflecting on life and everything I have learned and discovered. This summer, one of my favorite things that I really loved doing was packing my beach bag full of all the necessities like sparkling water, a towel, my ipod, and my trusty blackberry and heading down to the sandy shore of the lake. I'd walk down to the water's edge and just sit down and write-yes write. One of the things I'm going to miss the most about the cabin is the beautiful surroundings I was able to enjoy while writing each entry. How many other bloggers can say they blogged while soaking their feet in crystal clear lake water with a bald eagle circling the bright, blue sky above? The glorious beauty surrounding me inspired me to write, what I believe, to be my most honest, personal pieces yet. In a way, it was comforting to know that the peaceful lake was at my feet. The peace and serenity can be so enjoyable at times. God is so good!!! While I am a very social person and love my family and friends, I prefer to just have quiet around me as I write. I know I am not alone. Not only do many of you probably prefer to write in a peaceful surrounding, but Sarah does too. Just recently, Sarah's dad, Chuck, said Sarah is in a secluded place (he doesn't even know the location) working on her book. Like many of you, I am eager to read it, and no doubt it will be absolutely amazing. In her 45 years, Sarah has already lived quite a life full of wonderful and unique experiences. As we all know, her life dramatically changed within this past year. At this time last year, she had just gone from being a little-known governor to VP nominee, while balancing work, raising a family, preparing to become grandmother and sending her eldest child off to war- what a year. I'd say Sarah Palin had an unforgettable year.

At this time last year, many of us, including myself, were just getting to know this amazing woman. Now that we have gotten to know her, we await her book. Guess what, folks? It's HER TURN!!! Like you, I'm sick and tired of the media's distorted slime journalism. For far too many months, we have had to hear one false story after another. At one point, I was this close to throwing a high-heel at the TV, but decided my shoes, not to mention my TV were far too expensive, to waste on the biased media, so I just resorted to telling off my television. Sarah is finally going to be able to set the record straight about what her life has really been like! No more so-called Trig-truthers, campaign staffers and press to delude and use anonymous sources. Sarah is the source, the TRUE source. In typical Sarah fashion, I KNOW we'll get the straight talk, and I'm predicting her book will quickly become a New York Times Best Seller!!!

It is Sarah's turn to fight all the lies and smears that have been thrown her way. She will finally be able to set the record straight. It is sad what our media have become, and I say this as someone who studied jouralism in college and worked in a newsroom. (See my post entitled "Slime Journalism" for more on this topic.) I have a feeling Sarah, a former journalist, will devote part of her book to the sad state of today's media. This past presidential election changed the objective media we once knew. Instead of reporting the facts, they resorted to yellow journalism, the kind of stuff that you used to only read in tabloids like "The National Enquirer." This is why Sarah's story will be a breath of fresh air that is so needed to cleanse this polluted, political air.

So, while you may be missing your daily "Sarah fix," remember that Sarah is working hard on her own masterpiece. If it's quiet and seclusion that she needs and desires in order to write, let's give it to her. This is a woman who has so much to offer our great country. Not only has she restored my faith that America WILL one day be that shining beacon of light once again, but that her voice is the voice of reason, her message is the true message of change. So write on, Sarah, write on!!!

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