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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Levi: Put Up, or Shut Up! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

There is a little angel who lives in Alaska who has two parents. One of this little angel's parents gets up early everyday to take care of him. She doesn't just care for him, but she works and goes to school too. Then, there is this little angel's father, who is approaching life in a totally different way. Instead of caring for his little angel, this young man is venturing out to Hollywood and New York, posing for magazines like Playgirl, doing interviews with gossip shows like Entertainment Tonight and on an endless search for his next big deal. You all probably know who I am talking about here. Little Tripp's parents, Bristol and Levi. Like many other conservative bloggers out there, I have repeatedly said that I am not going to use this blog as a platform to discuss Levi Johnston. Although I have said this, there comes a time when individuals like Levi need to be called out for their questionable actions and lies. Levi, or "Ricky Hollywood," as I guess he prefers to be called now, is out and about roaming the lower 48 while the mother of his child is in Alaska doing the right thing.

Bristol is a strong, mature young woman who should be commended. Instead of doing countless interviews and photo shoots, she is is caring for her child, nurturing him during, what are perhaps, the most important years of his young life. While it is not secret that Levi would rather spend time in some Hollywood studio, it is also not secret that little Tripp is so blessed to be surrounded by Bristol and the entire Palin and Heath clan. Bristol is so lucky to have the parents she has. In Todd and Sarah, Bristol has that support system and true role models. In Track, Willow, Piper and Trig, Tripp has aunts, uncles and playmates. I am so proud of Bristol. With integrity and strength, she turned what I'm sure had to have been a difficult circumstance into a positive. This isn't all. Now, she is using her own story to educate other young girls and young women about the importance of abstinence. Bristol has not glamorized her situation, not by a long shot. She is not afraid to say that being a teen mom is difficult and at times stressful, which further illustrates her strength and resilience. I know that I am older than Bristol, but I still look up to her for all she has accomplished and the good she is doing as a mother and advocate.

In choosing life, Bristol illustrated the values her mother and father instilled in her. Just like her mother, she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. It is so easy to see just how well adjusted and loved little Tripp is. Look at the way he beams at his mommy, smiles at his grandma and grandpa, and reaches out for his Uncle Trig in photos and videos. This is a well adjusted little baby boy who has his mommy to thank for that. Doesn't Levi know that the choices he is making now are going to affect his son in the future? Of course he does. Levi is not some little kid who is unaware of the big world around him. He is 19 years old. He is old enough to join the military for goodness sake. We have young men and women who leave their families to fight for a cause greater than self. I am sick and tired of individuals out there who are blaming Levi's actions on the fact that he just some 19-year-old kid. Give me a break. This man, yes he is a man, is old enough to know right from wrong. Since Levi has no problem shelling out money to fly first class around the United States, he should have no problem going to Walmart or Target and shelling out some money on diapers. After listening to Levi's attorney/ acting buddy Rex Butler on Eddie Burke's show about a month ago, Levi was supposed to start paying Bristol on a regular basis for their son's necessities. As of today, Levi still has not done that. Instead, he gives excuses, saying Bristol never shows up to pick up the money or she doesn't answer his calls. My response to this: "Even if you say your accusations are true, I'm not buying them, you have a shiny new truck, 'Hollywood.' Have you ever heard of hopping in it and taking a drive over to the Palins? You still know where they live, right? After all, you bragged about living there for two whole months." I'm not holding my breath, though, in terms of this happening any time soon.

There is going to come a day when little Tripp is old enough to see the pain his daddy has caused his mommy. By then, I hope Levi comes to his senses and has made amends. How could Levi be so cold and uncaring toward Bristol and the Palins? Is he forgetting everything they did for him? The Palins represent a family unit that sticks together through thick and thin. Although it is so easy for us to see this, Levi is more concerned about his next meal ticket than the very people who took him under their wing. Unlike this coward, Bristol has never spoken ill of little Tripp's father. When Tripp is old enough to understand what is going on, he is going to realize this. He is going to see the intense love and dedication she has for him. Tripp is also going to have to deal with the images of his father printed in an adult magazine, the interviews he conducted with the various gossip shows, and perhaps most unfortunately, Tripp is going to have to deal with the awful things Levi has said about his mother. We can only hope and pray that "Ricky Hollywood" wakes up and realizes the damage he has caused and begins to change his ways.

Sure, Levi, the money you are making right now many be nice, and you are jet setting around the world in first-class style, but eventually, those who are using you right now are going to outgrow you. The Rex Butlers, Tank Jones and unhinged Alaska bloggers of this world are going to move on to another individual whom they can latch onto and use to gain fame and notoriety. The question is: Is Levi smart enough to realize that he is being used? Is Levi smart enough to know that he needs to drop those losers and come back down to earth to live with us mere mortals? And if he does, will he see the priceless gift that he has sitting right in front of him before it's too late? Tripp is living the most important years of his life in terms of connecting with those around him. While he is too young to know what is going on around him, it is just a matter of time before he begins to take notice.

Step up, Levi! Step up in the name of Tripp! Step up and start cherishing your son and respecting your baby's mother, an amazing woman. You look like a fool parading around the world, wearing sunglasses inside airports, posing for stupid magazines, and making "b-rated" commercials. Step up, Levi, and be the father your precious son deserves. Stop flying first class and start buying him some diapers and supporting Tripp financially because when the fame rubs off, and the leaches rid themselves of you, who will be left standing? I pray that Tripp WILL be waiting there with open arms, reaching up to be held by his daddy. It is up to you, Levi. Which path are you going to choose?

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