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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cows Eating Cabbage

I told my mother once as she was rubbing some face cream into her face that if it was supposed to make her look pretty, it wasn’t working.

A friend once told me that I probably should stop seeing the young man I was dating. She said I was a different person when I was with him. I told her to drop dead.

During a heated disagreement with my ex-husband, he suggested that I F-Bomb off. As I stomped back to the bedroom, I looked over my shoulder and said, “.. yeah? And the horse you rode in on!”

Did I really mean to tell my mother that she wasn’t pretty or didn’t look nice?

Did I really want my friend to drop dead right then and there?

Just what exactly did I expect to happen to that “horse” he rode in on?

My point is that sometimes we say things that we don’t mean. Other times we say things that are not interpreted the way we thought they would be when we said them.

When those things happen, we have a couple of options. We can consider the source, consider the point being made, or we can take the words literally. There are times when all three may seem appropriate at that instant.

Ask Sarah Palin what it feels like to be told that she should be shot from a helicopter; that she should just sit down and shut up; that she is stupid; that she makes inappropriate decisions; that she just doesn’t know what she’s talking about; that she didn’t really give birth to Trig.

None of those things are true about Sarah Palin although you hear those same worn-out phrases every day if you live in the world I do. My world revolves around political figures right now because I am so distressed over the socialistic and communistic changes I see happening in my country. I want every liberal in Washington, DC ridden out of town on a rail to be tarred and feathered at the Virginia state line.

Something akin to the misaligning Sarah has had to put up with for almost two years happened to someone I know by reputation only recently. I have never met the young woman, nor have I even seen her “live and in person.” But I knew when I read what she wrote that those who hate Sarah Palin would be attacking her with guns blazing. Unfortunately, I was right.

When I read her blog post, I knew exactly what she was talking about. Metaphors are interesting things. They give us a way to express phrases, thoughts and ideas that probably could have been said in a different way, but would have required much more time and space and many more words to relate. How our readers interpret the things we write is always a concern, but when we use metaphors, we expect them to be taken as exactly what they are – metaphors!

Having read many articles written by this young woman, and having respected her writing whether or not I was in 100% agreement is very easy to do because many times we write about the same subjects. Each of us chooses different words, phrases and metaphors in our writing, but the end result is always the same point – Sarah Palin is one of the good guys, and if you don’t like her that’s just too bad!

The young woman in question here is a Christian woman who does her best to live a Godly life and would never wish ill on anyone. I’m guessing here, but I’ll bet it even bothers her to see a dead roach, although it is much preferable to see a dead one than one running around your kitchen!

People on other sides of our political fences see things very differently than we do and are always excited to find something they can use against us to discredit us and our subject. They use a tool referred to as “Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals” as a basis. The idea is to intentionally misunderstand or misconstrue something to the point that someone will think that is what was intended by the original writer.

Well, people, you’ve gone entirely too far this time. I may not choose the right words here, and my metaphors may be lacking, but my point is this. Only the liberal left really, sincerely, and certainly wishes someone were dead. They really do. They want all of us who consider ourselves conservative out of their way. We create problems for them, you see. We tell the truth about the illicit purposes and results of the plans they espouse for our country, and we know there is a better way. They don’t like that, and if all of us were put out of their misery, they would have their perfect world.

What they haven’t discovered yet is a truth I learned years ago – the grass is indeed always greener on the other side of the fence BECAUSE IT’S ASTROTURF! It isn’t real! It’s fake! Just like the things they think they want for our nation. Astroturf may be greener, but it isn’t as soft and comforting as real grass when you fall down.

The liberal argument is the very same. They think we’re all a bunch of loons and would be better off dead. But, my goodness, give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. Give them a beautiful flower and they’ll stomp it because they think it has been poisoned. Only their words, not the flower, are the poison, and one of these days those same words will come back to haunt them.

If you can honestly believe that a conservative wants a wrong to be righted so badly that even killing someone is not too far to go to accomplish the desired result, I suggest the reason is that you have the same thoughts and feelings about the conservative.

I don’t like Obama. I don’t like him at all. There is NOTHING that I like about him.. not even his name. It’s just too close to Osama to suit me. Would I love to see him found out for the liar, traitor and America-hater that he is? You betcha! Would I enjoy seeing him dragged out of the People’s House in chains? Oh, yeah! Do I wish someone would take a gun and kill him? Not for one minute!

That wouldn’t solve anything at all and would, in fact, only make matters worse. That is exactly my point. And it was the young woman’s point too. She doesn’t wish physical harm to come to anyone. The fact that you liberals are now trying to force-feed the blogosphere and other venues as well; the fact that you are stirring up as much trouble as you can for her; the fact that you have so much hate in your heart for the truth that you will go to any lengths to destroy it speaks more ill of you than it does of her.

Back off, Jack! Give it a rest! Go find something legitimate to spend your anger on. Use your hatred against policies – not people.

There was a time when we were all Americans. That time seems to have come to an end and nobody I know is able to put a finger on the exact time that it happened. Now it is “us against them” and everyone takes swipes at anyone else whose political visions are different from their own.

Personally, I am sick up to here with all the hatred in this country. If it were truly an issue of racism, that would be one thing – we could chalk it up as ignorance. If it were just a matter of political opinion – we could laugh and move forward with our own political opinions. This is much more serious than that. This is the difference between conservatives and liberals, between constitutionalists and ideologues, between democracy and Marxism, between Democrats and Republicans.

Next time you want to attack someone for saying something you make an intentional choice to misunderstand, stop and think how much more damage you are doing to your cause than to the cause of the other side. The major difference is that while I see many things written about my country that I don’t appreciate, I have a big red X in the corner of my page that will remove that page from my sight if I don’t like what I see there.

I suggest you click the BIG X and close that page. The fact that you don’t like something is not going to make that idea go away. Get over it and move forward! Defend your cause and your issues with the facts or shut up and get out of the way! You are delaying REAL progress in our country. If the best you can do is attempt to discredit one person, who by the way happens to be of the same ethnic background as half of Obama’s family tree, I suggest you reexamine your entire agenda. You might find that it isn’t worth fighting so hard for after all.

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