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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin Meets the Rev. Billy Graham

I have been watching with interest, as I'm sure many of you have, the travels of Sarah Palin these past few days. Her journey started in Michigan, then moved to Indiana, then finally Ohio. I'm from Ohio, so these states are my old stomping grounds. I had emailed my aunt who lives just north of Cincinnati when the tour dates came out, but I haven't heard whether she was there or not.

From Ohio, the book party moved on to Pennsylvania in an area just a few miles from where my husband is from and his family still resides. Kind of ironic, huh? Her next stop yesterday was Rochester, NY. I have been watching various video clips to see Sarah of course, but also to see other members of the family that I knew were traveling with her. I was excited for Adrienne Ross who was able to actually work the Rochester event, even though a hater caused a scene after Sarah had left. All in all though, it seems to be a good trip.

I was especially excited today to see a story on Conservatives4Palin about Sarah landing in Asheville, North Carolina (not far from where I lived in Virginia) and getting the chance to meet the Rev. Billy Graham. What a blessing! Through the video, I was able to see Sally and Chuck and the rest of the family, landing there in Asheville and after a short interview, being whisked away to meet with the Grahams. How wonderful would that be?! I can remember watching Rev. Graham as a young child, looking up to him and knowing this man was sent by God himself to witness to all of us. I could see that there was something special about him, as there is something special about Sarah. Sarah said she was looking forward to speaking with him about how best to deliver her message, and I can think of no one else on this earth that would be a more wise counsel. Here is a clip from Space Mountain Productions as found on Buncombe County Republican Party website. Enjoy!

Sarah Palin arrives in Asheville NC to have Dinner with Billy Graham & Family from richard bernier on Vimeo.

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