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Monday, November 23, 2009

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part VI -- Going Home

Farewell Borders and Thank You...

I awoke, showered, cleaned up, packed up, had breakfast and while eating saw my Palin Power button on YNN Rochester. Click this link and go to 2:04 in the 3:33(a providential, lucky number of mine) video:

After breakfast and before my flight, I had to do one more thing. I went to Borders, drank a white mocha latte, then walked to the area where Governor Palin was signing...and went to the space she occupied and spent a few minutes there. I saw a couple of copies behind me near the floor were a little disarrayed. I knelt down, made them correct, left the space, came back again, left, came back a third time, then left -- forever. I drove slowly out of the lot, then picked up speed after Borders was out of sight.

Slipping the Surly Bonds...

I was seated in 1A of the US Airways Dash 8 100. I shut the iPhone off after a strategy-related email exchange with Fay, Editor and Publisher of the Sarah Palin Information Blog and an author on Accomplishments. We departed Runway 22 and arced to the left. I found the mall right out the window where Borders is. Just as I bid farewell silently, the plane slipped into the overcast and re-emerged a few seconds later.....


When the light from the sun strikes an airplane, if you are sitting on the side opposite the sun and are flying over an under-cast, you will see a circular rainbow. The phenomenon is called a glory. Immediately after crossing the cloud layer, the shadow of the plane was encircled in a glory. Soon, the shadow disappeared, but the glory remained moving ahead of then behind the left propeller.

Aerial Tour

As the trip progressed, the solid under-cast went broken, then scattered. We broke out of the clouds in an area unfamiliar to me. Finally, I saw water...then a city below and to the left...Stamford, CT....what was about to unfold would be one of the most beautiful flights of my life. With Stamford to our left, we turned westward and followed the coast of Connecticut and Westchester. I saw Mamaroneck. Again, I remembered some of the Edison sites I've worked at over the years....I remembered another Sarah....my great aunt, Sarah Hackman who died in 2005. She lived in Tuckahoe, and her daughter Barbara had special needs, being crippled from Polio (this was in the pre-vaccine days).

We crossed the Bronx with Westchester now to our north. My mother's Yonkers home would be off the right wing. I saw the George Washington Bridge and the plane turned left. More Edison sites, both Yankee stadiums. I could see clearly the de-construction of the former Yankee Stadium...we crossed into Manhattan. I figured we were going to turn left over 125th St. and land on Runway 13. We were not....we flew right over Central Park and through Midtown. All the skyscrapers below passed in striking detail. I saw Harper Collins at 10 E. 53rd St, and all the familiar landmarks: Met Life, Empire State, NY Life -- Con Ed Headquarters, Zeckendorf Towers...the Federal Building, I sat spell-bound as my life's memories flooded through....I could see Queens and Brooklyn clearly....

We continued over NY Harbor...as all the familiar Edison sites passed by. The Verrazano Bridge came into view...we were overflying Staten Island!!!! My home! I saw the rented house Elsy and I spent our first four Staten Island years in....but there was more to come...we flew all the way down to Great Kills tracking the Island's core. I saw the little pizzeria where I have my second job. We took a descending left turn, out over Lower NY Bay and another descending left to parallel Staten Island's south shore. Now...our approach to LGA was underway.

I could see the Bayonne Bridge on the other side and could see the general area where my house is. Once again, the Verrazano Bridge and we tracked through Brooklyn, passing the accursed BQE and the streets I dodged through just two days before. I saw Daisy's Diner...were a fellow customer and I talk politics and Governor Palin each time I'm there. We flew right over the apartment Elsy and I rented in the first four years of our marriage. My childhood home in Flushing NY was off the right wing. We landed on Runway 4 and as we pulled into the terminal area, all of Flushing was in my direct view.

By juxtaposition, Governor Palin touched every aspect of my life.

In these six posts, you may wonder why I would include material that on the surface has absolutely nothing to do with Governor Palin or Going Rogue.

So...what does this all have to do with her? Everything. Simply go to the bottom of Page 8 in Governor Palin's book.

All will be revealed.

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