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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dangerous I Get, but Boring Too? A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

When so many actresses in Hollywood seem intent in tearing Sarah Palin down, it is refreshing to see a fearless, classy actress like Angie Harmon come to Sarah's defense. Recently, Angie said the following regarding a possible Sarah 2012 presidential run:

"If she wants to, I think she's great.... I think she's a woman who has her own set of values and morals and ethics and has the courage to live her life accordingly. I admire that."

Angie is right on the money. I have long respected Angie for a variety of reasons. Not only is she a respected actress, but she a wonderful wife and phenomenal mother. Like Sarah, she knows the value of hard work and the extreme importance of family. Angie is also a strong woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, no matter how popular or unpopular her beliefs may be. It is no secret that Angie is a conservative in Hollywood. I have extreme respect for her because unlike other actors and actresses who are fearful of speaking out against the liberal left, Angie has never been afraid to say and do what's right. While she is unafraid to speak out, it is important to note that she has never been hateful toward President Obama. This is a far cry from her liberal Hollywood counterparts who time and time again spew hatred at Republican leaders. In typical conservative fashion, Angie uses intelligence and class to voice her disagreements with this administration. It has become so commonplace for the liberal left Hollywood types to lash out against conservatives, using the most disgusting language and displaying a total lack of regard, not to mention commonsense. This just goes to show the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals lash out and use expletives in an attempt to gain favor, while conservatives use intellect and commonsense.

Although members on the liberal left preach tolerance and acceptance, they are the most intolerant people out there. Take Martha Stewart for example. It is no secret that Ms. Stewart has had run-ins with the law, but she conquered and survived. Now, one would think that she would know first-hand what it is like to push on and persevere. You would think she would look at a woman like Sarah Palin with extreme regard because Sarah is also a fighter. While it is clear that Ms. Stewart is a member of the liberal left and doesn't agree at all with Sarah politically, you would at least think she could admit that Sarah is a strong woman like Hillary Clinton, but then again we are talking about the liberal left- the liberal left who are on an all-out assault against Sarah and her family. Many of you know why I am bringing up Ms. Stewart. For those of you out there who may be unaware of Ms. Stewart's latest stunt to get attention, let me clue you in on what this woman recently said about Sarah in an interview with CNN's Showbiz Tonight:

"She's very boring to me, very boring. And a very, to me, kind of a dangerous person. I mean, she's dangerous. She speaks, she's, she's so confused. And anyone like that in government is a real problem."

I was actually watching this episode of Showbiz Tonight, and I heard and saw Ms. Stewart make these vile comments. I saw the way she scowled and the way in which she tensed up and squinted her eyes in an "I hate Sarah" kind of way. You know the facial expressions I'm writing of because we have seen them before. We have seen other liberal buffoons like Sheryl Crow, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Tina Fey, Matt Damon, Joy Behar, Sarah Silverman, not to mention countless others who think Sarah is stupid and unqualified just because she is a conservative. They can't understand why a woman- a young, beautiful, classy woman, can be a conservative. They can't understand how a woman can call herself pro-life. It all comes down to these qualities.

As a young, conservative woman, I don't agree with liberal women like Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey, but I can honestly say that I respect them for all they have accomplished. Why can't those on the left do the same? Do they have too much pride? Do they hate conservatism and all it stands for that much? I have to say no to the first question and in the words of one of Sarah's family members, a big "Hell yeah" to the second question.

I find it funny that liberal loons like Ms. Stewart find Sarah boring (Has Martha looked in the mirror lately? As the old saying goes: a skunk smells its own scent, and frankly, Ms. Stewart, you are not only the queen of mean, but the queen of boring too.) And if boring wasn't enough, they find her dangerous too? That first trait comical, but the second one, well maybe these loons are on to something. While they want you to believe Sarah is stupid and unintelligent, they call her dangerous. What gives? They are calling a self-described Alaska hockey mom, loving wife and mother "dangerous"? It would be laughable if it were not so true; Sarah is dangerous, but the dangerous they speak of is not the dangerous I am writing about. Ms. Stewart's definition of dangerous has to do with the very platform Sarah holds dear. Her pro-life, pro-capitalism, pro-Second Amendment, pro-God, pro-traditional family values beliefs are values she holds close to her heart. I'm sorry, Ms. Stewart, but calling Sarah dangerous for holding these beliefs is like calling Hillary Clinton dangerous for her beliefs, and you and I both know you would never do this. Yeah, so much for tolerance.

Sarah is dangerous, not because of her views, but because of the common sense solutions she has for America. In Sarah, we have an individual who is not afraid to tell the truth, no matter how much the truth may hurt. There is an intense discussion out there that Sarah is the reason behind the conservative revolution that is currently underway across America. While liberal loons like Ms. Stewart would never admit that this is the case, I believe this is exactly what is happening. There is no other individual in modern-day politics who could draw the crowds she draws day in and day out on a book tour, not even President Obama. I say this because while President Obama's approval ratings continue to drop, Sarah's approval numbers continue to skyrocket. What do you have to say about that, Ms. Stewart? It's not so much a good thing, now, is it?

Ms. Stewart and liberals like her realize that they no longer have the clout they once had. They no longer have America under their control. The slogans for change and the "Yes we can" chants may have worked during the 2008 presidential campaign, but people are beginning to realize that that's all they ever really were. Slogans and chants may be fun for a while, but there comes a time when these things grow old, and just as the the styrofoam pillars got taken back to that Hollywood Lot, as Sarah so eloquently put it, so too do the chants and slogans into thin air.

The members of the liberal left fear Sarah and the members of her army because they realize they don't have any power over us. We are not going to back down, we are not going to sit down, and we are definitely not going to shut up. I believe God does things for a reason, and Sarah is exactly where God wants her to be right now. She is traveling across America, meeting with folks from all over "Mainstreet U.S.A." Sarah is speaking for us, on behalf of all of us. We are a mighty army that will not stop until our country is back on the right track. Although America is a little off course at the moment, we are holding firm to our conservative principles, and in the end, we WILL win and take our country back!

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  1. Bravo you tell em girl! I completely agree I love Sarah and that she stands up for what she believes. She is a very intelligent lady much more so than the big mouthed hypocrites that is all the time spewing their lies about her. They can't stand that someone isn't just like them and rallying for things like Faith and something good in this world finally. And as for Martha Stewart who really cares what she thinks and couldn’t have said it better myself everyone that needs a good yawn or sleeping pills needs to look no further than Ms. Stewart so her saying something like that about Sarah is just too rich for words.