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Friday, September 3, 2010

Are Lamestream Media Lies About Bristol Palin Intended to Prejudice "DWTS" Voting?

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Picture retrieved from Us Magazine.

The lamestream media strikes again in their dishonest reporting of all things Palin. Why are they so intent on spewing lies about this family? Why are they so threatened? What do they hope to accomplish?

Bristol Palin is having a blast in her new "Dancing with the Stars" role. Instead of applauding this young woman for doing her own thing, taking part in this family-friendly fun, and demonstrating that women can handle motherhood while taking on new challenges, they promote lies about her.

In a lie that reportedly originated with The Hollywood Report, The Chicago Sun-Times continues the Bristol-as-Diva falsehood, just as they've done with her mother. Bill Zwecker writes:

Things keep getting interesting behind the scenes on ''Dancing With the Stars.'' A show insider says, ''Move over, Michael Bolton! Bristol Palin is now out-diva-ing you!''

The source said the daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has become a constant pain in the rear for "DWTS" staffers. ''Clearly she didn't read the fine print on her contract -- and that's just a figure of speech. There's nothing hidden in the contracts,'' said the ''Dancing'' source.

''Otherwise, Bristol wouldn't be complaining about all the things contestants are required to do.''


On top of all that, Palin reportedly has been very upset by some questioning -- from staffers and other contestants -- about both her mom (and her expected run for the presidency) and ex-beau Levi Johnston and his less-than-flattering cracks about Bristol competing on the ABC series.

• It didn't take Sarah Palin long to play ''Mama Grizzly'' for her daughter, tweeting, ''Wow! media goofballs rearing heads this wk, big time! Wonder what's up? Taking the cake: ink re:Bristol=a diva? Silly; obviously have nvr met her.''

No, but some people we trust have!

"Some people we trust"? What is this, kindergarten? We heard that she heard that he said so it must be true! Lame stream all the way--and so juvenile.

Yesterday, I wrote that ABC described Bristol as "excited and scared." These are certainly not adjectives typically used to describe a diva. And for good reason: there's no diva in Bristol. In the same post, I quoted Bristol herself, who referred to this experience as "positive" and "good competition." Again, Bristol's attitude toward this opportunity is anything but negative.

These lies about Bristol are so far-fetched that those pimping them need to be held accountable. Bristol is not asking for any special favors--just to be treated and judged fairly like everyone else. Are these aspersions intended to prejudice people and influence their voting? That's a question to be pondered. Bottom line: it's not fair, it's not true, and it's not right. Contact information for The Hollywood Report is here, and Bill Zwecker can be contacted here. A retraction is in order.

As I posted here, Bristol will be on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" tonight. Tune in and hear what Bristol Palin herself has to say. I imagine we'll get an understanding of how she really feels about "Dancing with the Stars," how hard she's working, and how much fun she's having.

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