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Friday, September 3, 2010

Vanity Fair and the Wrath of Sarah

She is so mean and vindictive. Wasilla is "a place populated entirely by abuse survivors." People are afraid to go on the record about Sarah Palin out of fear of vendetta. Vanity Fair has actually succeeded in not only finally manifesting the monster that I've been telling you the liberals are creating in their own minds, but in giving us the gift of watching the whole smear Sarah Palin campaign blow itself up into tiny bits. Yes, if you cross Sarah Palin there will be hell to pay because it's your hell that you will be paying.

If there is anyone still left (Cathy Areu) who buys into the fantasy portrayed by the factually "limp and impotent" piece penned by Michael Joseph Gross (who probably just ruined his reputation in the process), they are probably the same people who buy penny stocks from shady brokers or who respond to those emails they get telling them they won $1 million dollars in the Nigerian lottery.

So let me not waste any more of your time by writing another article debunking it. However, if you want to read a really great article debunking it, check out Rusty Weiss' article for The Daily Caller. And if you really want to just get some sick sweet pleasure watching the wheels, the doors and the sheet metal of the entire liberal smear campaign against Sarah Palin come falling off the thing, check out this quite enjoyable morsel on Conservatives4Palin. Watch Shannyn Moore drown in the C4P!

That sound you just heard was Shannyn Moore throwing cans at her refrigerator while cussing up a storm. It figures that she would have had her hand in that article. Sometimes birds fly in formation over the reflecting pool and sometimes, Shannyn, they just crap on your head. The Universe always sets things right.

To best understand the nonsense about Palin's temper and the vendettas she supposedly holds, one has to truly understand how personally powerful this lady really is. She is a friendly fire that only burns those who try to stick their hands into it. Having fought the good ole boy network in Alaska since the beginning of her political career and then having to suffer the slings and arrows of the venemous national media during and after the 2008 presidential campaign, Sarah Palin has been more than conditioned for the adversity one has to be able to handle as president.

Sarah Palin has an army of followers who were built out out of a sense of sickness over the unfair treatment she has had to put up with all of her political life. She was once beaten to the point where she said politically speaking "if I die, I die." She took hit after hit and shot after shot like a moose out in the open, shackled to a governorship whose ethics rules prevented her from firing back.

Today, though, no shot goes without swift response. The army is strong. They have her back and she acknowledges that. The response to the Vanity Fair article puts the lying smear merchants on notice once again. As protective and swift to action as her army is, the fact of the matter is Sarah is free now. She's a big girl who wields an Excalabur of a rhetorical sword without the restraints of title or the debilitation of frivolous ethics complaints designed to bankrupt her and paralyze her governorship. Her power exists not because people fear her, but because her people, dare I say it, love her to their core.

So when someone quotes an unnamed malcontent or takes a bunch of fifth or sixth hand scenarios as translated by a cackle of rads and presents to us "factual" evidence that Sarah Palin is something she's not, it just means someone just wasted a whole lot of time again trying and failing to take her out. There's a reason for not having names to back up the complaints lodged about her in the Vanity Fair article. Sources are not afraid of what Sarah will do them. They're afraid of looking like idiots who have no credibility.

Besides, a petite woman from Wasilla can't be that dangerous... unless there are millions of people who are willing to go to their "death" for her.

But that aside, let's take how desperate the left and the establishment are to be rid of her (and this Vanity Fair article proves how the pure panic is just getting more pronounced the closer we get to the 2012 primary season). I don't care how rich or powerful you think Sarah Palin is. If someone had something real on her, you can bet the SarahPac money that it would have come out by now given the intense scrutiny she has been under. I can't picture someone who gets nervous or angry about answering a question about what newspapers she reads being able to keep all those evil skeletons in her closet for so long without cracking. This is the same woman who had a "Tell Tale Heart"/"Crime and Punishment" time of it keeping the D she got in college under wraps.

Sarah Palin can't even wear a visor with McCain's name sharpied out to the beach without getting busted, never mind hiding a "sad and moldering strangeness" behind the skin of her life.

Let me explain the vendetta thing correctly. In 2002, Frank Murkowski told Sarah Palin that he didn't think running for Senate would be good for her because she wasn't a professional politician on that level and that the people of Alaska would want someone a little more seasoned and, well, a little more male. Yet, after Sarah Palin left Murkowski's office, Murkowski hand picked his daughter Lisa who fit the same reasons Murkowski gave Palin as to why she shouldn't run for the Senate seat.

The reason why people don't become successful is because they give up or take no for an answer. Sarah Palin was not going to do that. Instead, she chose to play on life's field above board and with honesty and integrity. She would not compromise her principles to cover up the political cronyism and criminal activity at the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission and she was not going to believe Frank Murkowski's caricature of her.

She didn't set out to steal Murkowski's job. She first tried to run for lieutenant governor and lost. It wasn't until the people of Alaska gave her the support she needed in order to beat Frank Murkowski straight up in a fair election that she even had any chance of furthering her career. Murkowski should have let her run for the Senate. The liberals should have just left her alone after she lost in 2008. Palin's road to the presidency will be paved by those who tried to stop her by feeding her the adversity she would need to become strong enough to handle the world's most powerful office.

Palin leaves it up to the Universe to allow the negativity to eat it's own. If she leaves behind a trail of destruction as the liberals like to accuse her of, it is only because they self destruct in the wake of a greatness that exposes not only their inner failings but their inability to deal with those inner failings in a positive way. Palin actually wins because the people who love her become better people for it and the people who hate her simply fall to pieces over their inability to destroy her.

For example, the negativity of the resentments within the Murkowski family continued to simmer even though Sarah had beaten Frank in a fair fight. Lisa Murkowski worked professionally with Palin on government business, but that simmering of resentment boiled over when Lisa made the grave mistake of criticizing Sarah Palin when she resigned. While still governor, Sarah Palin dealt in good faith with Lisa and agreed to not run for her Senate seat. She even donated $5,000 to her re-election campaign to prove her sincerity! But Murkowski couldn't keep her lip zipped. Instead, she criticized Sarah when she resigned and doubled down when she zinged her for "death panels."

When Palin endorsed Joe Miller, this was hardly the move of an evil woman who had some sadistic fantasy of watching Lisa Murkowski lose her Senate seat for no reason at all. Regardless of Murkowski's personal feelings about Palin beating her father, she should have been politically astute enough to use the opportunity of Palin's resignation to criticize the Left and those ankle biters who were not just anti- Sarah Palin but anti- Republican as well. Lisa was unwilling to take one for the team and the outcome is another example of how natural law works when the political machine is unable to skew it in favor of the big party establishment candidate.

The vindictiveness and the vendetta was all Lisa's here. Palin simply responded to the negative energy by backing a bright, positive rising star in Joe Miller. Did anyone see Sarah Palin strong-arming people at the ballot box? Were all those smiling sign wavers in Wasilla "victims of abuse?" Hardly.

Sarah Palin's power comes from the people who support her. It doesn't come from the people who clam up because they are afraid of her. Sarah Palin could only wish to have the ability to squealch a Kim Elton like a bug around the time Troopergate was happening. She could only wish to be able to throw things at the idiots in the McCain campaign to scare them into not lying about her to cover up for their inability to get their boss elected president. Vanity Fair's monster is the same woman who couldn't even get an abusive husband and cop who drinks on the job, shoots moose illegally and tasers his own son for fun fired.

I'd call Sarah Palin the "teflon mom," but the fact is if you keep pouring water with no ingredients onto the pan, it's not going to stick anyway.

The real wrath liberals suffer at the hands of Sarah Palin are vendettas of their own making. They manifest their monster and then eat their own when the story doesn't come out right. The enemy known as Sarah is actually the demon within the hearts of liberals that they must project onto her lest it stay home and fester until one day it explodes into a breakdown like the one Shannyn Moore had today.

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