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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to An American Hero

Today is Senator John McCain's birthday. And we at the Sarah Palin Web Brigade would like to wish him a happy, blessed birthday, with many more to come.

We also want to thank him for his many years of service to our country, first in the military and then in our nation's Capitol. The following overview of that service was shown at the 2008 Republication national convention, where he accepted his nomination as his party's candidate for President.

Here is Video 4 of a series of 9 videos produced by A & E Biography and posted on YouTube by fabiana1233. This video as well as Videos 3 and 5 of the series detail the ordeal that Senator McCain endured for his country. He was offered an easy way out, but he chose to stay the course and honor the code of conduct instilled in him.

We also want to thank Senator McCain for the gift he gave America on his birthday two years ago. On that date, he introduced Governor Sarah Palin to America as his vice presidential running mate. I don't know about you, but I got goosebumps toward the end of this video:

Senator McCain recently won the Republican primary in his bid for reelection to the Senate from Arizona. Governor Palin endorsed him and campaigned for him and will continue to stand by him as the November mid-term elections approach.

We invite our readers to go here and sign Senator McCain's birthday card. You may leave a personal message if you choose. If you would like to give Senator McCain a birthday gift, you may also make a contribution to his campaign.

Happy birthday, Senator McCain! We wish you great success in the November election and in helping get our country back on track!

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