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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Anniversaries Today to Gov. Sarah and Todd Palin

Today Governor Palin and husband Todd celebrate 22 years of marriage. During this time, they have acted as excellent role models for their children and for their communities and now for the nation at large.

In early 2009, Sarah and Todd sat down with Christian Living magazine for an interview, which you can find here. During that interview, Gov. Palin said, "You know, life is about being willing to walk the walk, not just talk it."

In concluding her article, Ms. Hutto remarked, "And that statement really sums up the Palins: A couple willing to do what's right-to walk the walk-no matter how difficult." That principle has been observed by the Palins in both their personal and professional lives.

The Palins celebrate another anniversary today, one that has impacted all of America. For August 29, 2008 was the day that Governor Palin burst onto the national stage as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

The following two years have been a whirlwind of achievements and appearances and of service to Alaska and our nation. We are grateful to Senator John McCain for introducing Governor Palin to us on his birthday two years ago. Here is a video of that event:

We at the Sarah Palin Web Brigade would like to wish Gov. Palin and Todd a happy wedding anniversary and a happy "Sarah Palin Day" anniversary - as the day she was introduced to America has become known to her supporters. May you have many more happy years together, and may you achieve great success in your quest to restore America to her conservative roots.

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