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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bristol Palin ad campaign receives positive response

Bristol Palin, one of the nation’s most famous teen moms, recently made an appearance in a highly publicized public service announcement for The Candie’s Foundation. The spot, entitled “Pause Before You Play” depicts Bristol and her two-year-old toddler Tripp, showing montages of  Sarah Palin’s 2008 run as the Republican vice presidential candidate. Bristol asks the question in the ad: “What if I didn’t come from a famous family?”

Neil Cole, the founder of the Candie's Foundation says the response to the ad campaign has been positive.

"Over the past week, I have received hundreds of emails in response to the ad campaign. The people who have a personal experience with teen pregnancy - either themselves, a family member, or as part of a program - were nearly unanimous in their appreciation," said Cole. "In a typical response, one teen mom said, "I'm so glad you're getting the word out about teen pregnancy. I'm 17 years old and have a two month old. I've had to take myself out of school for months and am having trouble finding daycare so I can go back. This is definitely not how I pictured my life. Young people need to know the reality."

Cole went on to point out that although Bristol Palin is similar and different from most teen moms in this country, the ability to tap into the voice of a teen mom with a platform has propelled the issue into national dialogue with striking force.

"This ad campaign is not about politics, religion, or abstinence versus contraception. (For the record, The Candie's Foundation supports both.) It is about preventing teen pregnancy," Cole said. "Children need and deserve parents who are emotionally and financially stable. There is nothing ideological about that. Just ask a teen mom."

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