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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*****Palin Star Power***** A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

As a sports' fanatic and former athlete myself, I always turn to sports analogies when I want to get an important point across. Last night, Sarah came up to bat in the bottom of the ninth and knocked in the winning run. Just as fans would, no doubt, uncontrollably cheer at the star player who knocked in the winning run, so too did Americans across the country. SARAH IS BACK!!! As my regular readers know, I studied journalism in college and have repeatedly written and spoken out regarding my disappointment in the media's reporting. Although the majority of the media are in-the-dunk-tank for President Obama and his administration, there are honest forms of media out there that are reporting the truth in an an objective, fair manner. One such news source is the Fox News Channel. I couldn't be more thrilled and excited with the addition of Sarah Palin to this network. With her, Sarah not only brings vast political knowledge, but the experience of being a journalist. Last night, Sarah wowed the world and undoubtedly shut up a few critics too. Not only did Bill O'Reilly treat her fairly, as he is known to be fair to his guests and commentators, but he seemed to really appreciate her insight.

While I am so excited for Sarah to be back in the the forefront, speaking out on important issues and giving her much-needed political, common-sense advice, there are some skeptics out there- you know it, and I know it. I don't have to tell you about the liberal pundits, I'm talking about individuals who adore Sarah and support her, but are weary of her latest decision. I want to address those individuals. Remember, what Sarah's dad said directly following the election? He said "Let Sarah be Sarah." This is exactly what she is doing now. Sarah is no longer tied up and being given specific talking points to discuss. Last night, we saw Sarah, the real Sarah. Gone was the Sarah whom the McCain camp attempted to change. Gone was the Sarah who was unable to speak out on issues she really cared about. Last night, we saw the Sarah Alaska has come to know and love. Not only did Sarah know the issues, but she spoke with a common sense tone. This is a woman who knows the media firsthand. This is a woman who knows how to use certain aspects of the media to get her message out there. This is a woman who can write a Facebook note, hit the "post" button, and her message is immediately out there for the world to see. Now, she has an even bigger platform in which to speak. As a regular contributor to FNC, she will not only widen her base, but has the platform to stand up and speak out. No wonder the liberal left is so baffled and upset by her decision to join the FNC team.

No one knows Sarah better than Sarah herself, and we need to trust her most recent decision. We all know how successful she has been in the decisions she has made in the past. While many individuals are fearful that her taking on this job with the FNC may mean she doesn't plan on running for president, I see her taking on this job as an important step in a favorable direction to a presidential run. Americans will now be able to get to know the Sarah we already know. This will not only widen her base, but allow moderates and independents to see just how amazing an individual she is. Perhaps my favorite reason for why I am so excited by Sarah's decision is because it has already caused the liberal left's heads to spin, and I couldn't be more thrilled. The liberal left could not escape her when she turned to Twitter, and then Facebook. If their heads were ready to explode then, I can't wait to see what happens with them now. There is no doubt in my mind that their attacks against her will increase, but something tells me, Sarah already knows this and is prepared and ready, just as she was last night. Sarah's latest decision not only illustrates her political savvy, but the continued successful political future I'm sure she will no doubt have.

(Make sure to catch me as a guest on #1 Alaska Talk Radio Host Eddie Burke's Show this Thursday at 6PST. I will be discussing this latest move by Sarah. I would love to know what you all think of Sarah joining the Fox team. Post a comment below, and you just may hear me mention it on Eddie's show. Outside Alaska? Listen online: www.kbyr.com. Thanks)

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  1. Rachelle,

    Following is my commentary from my coverage of the first news story about Governor Palin becoming a Fox News analyst. You may use it in whole or part, as long as it's attributed to me and US for Palin. Thanks much.


    "Currently, Governor Palin uses Facebook for most of her writing and social networking, Twitter for brief updates, and the SarahPAC site for processing donations to SarahPAC. Governor Palin has written op-eds for the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and National Review. Most print columns are syndicated.

    Her presence on the Fox News Channel is a major accomplishment, because Governor Palin can now incorporate a mainstream broadcast channel with its syndication into her overall media strategy."



    The complete item was also cross-posted here on Sarah's Web Brigade.