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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Glenn Beck Interviews Gov Palin

This embedder courtesy of Peter Schiff contains all seven parts of Glenn Beck's hour-long interview with Governor Palin, who is also a Fox News Analyst.

On Government

Governor Palin and Glenn Beck first spoke about trust and how so many in politics are not trustworthy. Governor Palin touched briefly on her Reagan Conservative principles advocating smaller government and a bottom-up, people-powered approach. Glenn Beck said that our entire political system, the media, the debt our nation is incurring is unsustainable. He said that we were on the cusp of a major paradigm shift. Governor Palin noted that every 200 years something drastically changes in society, in a governmental system, and that from a historical perspective, we are due for a change.

Regarding universal healthcare, Governor Palin said that it usurps the Tenth Amendment to our Constitution and that it is "the most wrongheaded thing Obama is trying to cram down our throats....and I still cannot believe that those on Capitol Hill are not listening to our outrage and still want to see this thing crammed down our throats."

On Faith

"There is nothing more important in my life than my relationship with God and my faith....I have been driven to me knees to seek His wisdom, guidance, His wisdom, His grace, and strength." But...Governor Palin said, "I would never tell anybody else how to live. I'm never going to preach to anyone and tell them 'you must do that,' but I would like to see more Americans give it a try and seek that Guidance that our founding fathers sought that allowed them to craft documents then that allowed America to become the greatest, strongest, healthiest, most prosperous nation on earth." Governor Palin said that our founding fathers -- and mothers -- intended that our nation be dedicated to doing good for mankind.

When asked if she believes there are eternal ramifications to what we do here, Governor Palin answered in the affirmative. Glenn Beck preceded by speaking about our responsibility to warn others if we see something wrong. "What I do is not about me. It's not even about my children's future. It's longer lasting than that," Governor Palin said.

Trust but Verify

Glenn Beck asked a salient question pertaining to trust...how would voters know that an individual going to Washington is not going to cut deals or behave corruptly to achieve power. Governor Palin said, "voters sincerely have to know their candidates and know what their track record is to see if they have lost their soul along the way."

In essence this interview was about trust.

Who do you trust to stand up and do the right thing? To be our nation's Commander-in-Chief? To be a steward to our Constitution and our Constitutional rights -- all of them?

For my part, I trust Governor Palin completely and absolutely -- with my very life -- because she has earned that trust.

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