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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Enough is Too Much, Levi!

I have admitted that sometimes I get behind on my reading. I just read the garbage Levi Johnston is spewing after Sarah and Bristol Palin appeared on the Oprah television show on January 22, 2010, the 37th anniversary of the beginning of legalized murder in our country.

The Supreme Court, those who are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Constitution of the United States made arguably the most controversial ruling in its history on January 22, 1973; Roe v Wade – legalizing the murder of unborn children.

Speaking in place of the unborn children we have lost to this legalized murder, March for Life was founded in October 1973. They began with 20,000 marchers in 1974 and have grown to over 200,000 brave souls.

The celebration of life was the reason behind Sarah and Bristol’s television appearance. Sarah posted on her Facebook page the reason they were doing this.

Talking About Life Today

In light of today’s March for Life in D.C., which promotes a positive, peaceful, hopeful message concerning the sanctity of life, Bristol and I are being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey to talk about choosing life. The show airs today, and you can check your local listings for details.

- Sarah Palin

I have watched only one Oprah show from start to finish – last year when Sarah Palin was there for the full hour on the day that her book “Going Rogue: An American Life” was released. I watched the part on January 22 this year while Sarah and Bristol were on changing the channel immediately when their segment was over.

It is common knowledge that Bristol gave birth as a single mom in December 2008 to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, Tripp. Precious Tripp will grow up with his uncle, Trig, who is only a few months older. Both of those mothers chose life for their sons under circumstances that were not the most desired or carried the least number of challenges. Neither of them chose legalized murder for their babies choosing instead to give all of themselves to their children and to give their children to themselves.

Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston, has been a dead-beat dad from before Tripp was even born. In fact, there is an excellent article written by a fellow blogger, Gary P, awarding Levi his personal “Dead Beat Dad of the Year” award in 2009.

Which brings me to an e-mail from a friend. “Levi seen cashing two $500 checks from National Enquirer at Wasilla Wal-Mart!” Not exactly news, I mean we all understand Levi is prostituting himself out for “fame and fortune”.

But it brings up some questions. While Levi is out playing “rock star for the day”, who is taking care of his son full time, working to pay for his son’s diapers, while continuing her education? While Levi is out schmoozing, or hunting and fishing, who is changing dirty diapers and taking care of his son?

And what about Levi’s new found celebrity?

Here’s an uneducated, unemployed, kid. A kid that ain’t even looking for a job. And yet, since he has become such a well known man-about-town, he has traded in his fairly new Chevrolet pick up, for a more upscale Ford. He also has new Jeep. It now seems Levi has supposedly put a deposit down on a Mercedes-Benz in Anchorage!

Now being a reformed car guy, I can tell you that folks don’t just put down a deposit on hope! (or change)

So you tell me, where does all of Levi’s money come from? I mean this is an unemployed high school drop out! Cars cost money, flashy clothes cost money, and jet setting across the nation costs a lot of money, especially with an accused drug dealing mother and a sister who seems a little to “attentive” for my taste, in tow.

If you have not read this article before or have not read it for quite some time, you may want to go back and read it completely. A lot of things will make more sense to you when you do.

Since Gary P wrote and originally posted the article on June 4, 2009, Levi has been seen nude in Playgirl and escorting a woman probably old enough to be his mother around Hollywood’s decadent elite, but the one place he has not been seen is supporting his son.

Suddenly the news broke that Bristol has filed a lawsuit against Levi because he has not been forthcoming with money to assist Bristol with the rearing of his son. TMZ reports that Bristol is seeking $1750 monthly retroactive to Tripp’s birth on December 27, 2008.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Bristol believes Levi has pulled in "in excess of $105,000 in 2009 through various media interviews and modeling related activities." The $105,000 figure is significant, because under Alaska law a non-custodial parent must pay 20% of income up to $105,000 a year -- which comes to $1,750 a month.

Bristol says in her sworn statement, "I have received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi." Bristol says Levi has forked over only $4,400 over the 13 months of Tripp's life -- $3,000 on September 9, 2009, $1,400 on December 19.
Bristol's request is for temporary support, pending a permanent child support order.

An update has been added to the TMZ article using a quote from Tank Jones, Levi’s “manager” (read that – body guard and paid baby sitter) that Levi has paid Bristol over $10,000 since Tripp’s birth.

Where’s your proof? Did Rex Butler, Levi’s attorney, file copies of checks with Bristol’s endorsement with his paperwork to the judge in this lawsuit? I certainly hope so. If not, get out your checkbook, Levi!

While you are getting money from who knows where for doing who knows what, other than the embarrassment your son will feel when he is old enough to know the stupid and childish things you have done since his birth while you should have been helping to care for him, how have you contributed to Tripp’s physical and emotional well-being?

While you are posing nude for a magazine which I am told is read predominately by gay men, while you are trying to capitalize on the “fame” of being the “almost-son-in-law” of the world’s most influential woman since Diana Princess of Wales, while you are making friends and influencing people in New York, Hollywood and all places in between, who is taking care of Tripp?

Young Bristol Palin, along with her very strong and supportive family, is tending to what should by rights be your responsibilities, Levi. Bristol graduated from high school last year and has been working at least part time all the while taking college classes, changing diapers, mixing formula, rocking the baby, missing sleep, bathing, feeding and hugging her young son. She has embraced motherhood with as much love and attention to her son as any good mother should do.

She is missing out on her youth in order to raise your son. But hey… why not? You are still just a kid yourself, aren’t you? You’re not mature enough to be a real father. You aren’t even mature enough to be a man.

Bristol has dreams and ambitions. She is working very hard to fulfill those dreams and ambitions. She is building a strong relationship between herself and her son. One day before you know it she will have built a successful career, raised a terrific and intelligent child, and taught him to love God, his family and Alaska – probably in that order – while you have done…..

Nothing, Levi. You have done nothing! You can’t even hold a decent job. Why else would you need a “manager” like Tank Jones? Who pays him, Levi? If you are paying him, are the payments current? Where is the money coming from, Levi? Services such as Tank provides for you do not come cheaply. Neither do attorneys like Rex Butler.

Any real man in your situation would get a job, provide for his son and by the way, Levi… that money you are paying Rex and Tank would pay for a lot of diapers, clothing, doctor’s visits, day care and all sorts of other things for your son.

Until now, I have chosen to remain silent on the custody and child support issue out of respect for the Palin family and for your son, Levi. I just didn’t think it fair to Bristol and certainly not fair to Tripp to have cameras shoved in his precious face every time they walk through the door of their home. Bristol and her attorney had asked that the lawsuit be held in secret. Even though the judge refused the request, I felt it would be best not to bring it out into the open any more than the lame-stream media would surely do. I made an intelligent and conscious decision to respect the privacy of a little boy and his mother.

That is over as of right now. I read this cockamamie press release from “The Insider” that The Huffington Post printed including the typographical and grammatical errors.

Meanwhile, ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Levi Johnston gave an interview to "The Insider" and said he's writing a tell-book and isn't, despite Bristol's court filings, a deadbeat dad.
From a press release from "The Insider":

Levi reveals that he is working on a tell-all book about his experience with the Palin family, "I am in the process of doing it." What is he planning on revealing? "Everything. All."

He also responds to tabloid reports claiming that he is a deadbeat dad, "I think its crazy. For them to call me dead beat dad is absurd. I call [Bristol] all the time . I try to do everything I can to see my son. It's my kid. I want to be there for him and I am. I've stepped up and grown up a lot and taken on a lot of father responsibilities and have been there a lot more than others would be."

On the possibility of having to pay more child support, Levi says, "I have no problem paying more as long as the court says that's what I am going to pay and I get my son 50 percent of the time." Levi alleges that Sarah Palin has already taken extreme measures to keep him away, "She already tried to have me arrested. I don't remember when that was, a couple of months ago. My lawyer called me in and she had tried to get me arrested for violating a gag order."

Levi tells THE INSIDER what he will do for a living if an entertainment career doesn't work out, "I'll go back to doing what I do. I can go home and get messy. I love working on motors and being an electrician."

On Bristol and Sarah Palin's interview on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" today, Levi says, "[Bristol] answered like two questions. She couldn't answer questions without Sarah butting in and adding her own two cents." He goes on to say that he doesn't "buy into" Bristol's claims on about the difficulties of raising Tripp, "She's talking about how hard it is... if she wanted help she would let me in there."

I don’t care what you say, Levi. I do not believe you. The only thing you know about family is how to live in a dysfunctional one. Your sister is obsessed with you and your mother went to jail for selling drugs. Good examples for your son to pattern his own life after, isn’t it?

A book? You’re writing a book? I hope you get a better proofreader than The Insider uses. I also hope you haven’t spent your last dime on computer printer paper. Do you have any idea how humiliating it is going to be when the only book you sell is to your sister? Okay… you’re right. That wasn’t fair. Rex Butler will probably buy one, too.

Get real, Levi. Grow up. Stop lying to and about your son his mother, grandmother and his father. Get a job. Go to church and learn about how to live a valued life in the eyes of the One Who created you. He’s the same one who created Tripp and his young uncle, Trig, also.

Try being normal for a change. Turn over a new leaf and learn how to be a father. I’m sure the Wasilla library has several good books on fatherhood. Read them. Learn from them. Grow up. Before Tripp does.

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