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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sarah Palin: Congratulations, Friendship Circle!

Complete Transcript of Governor Palin's Facebook Note:

Congratulations, Friendship Circle!

Today at 6:37pm

Congratulations to Friendship Circle for being a Chase Community Giving award
recipient! Friendship Circle is a beautiful non-profit organization that creates
meaningful friendships between children who have special needs and teenage
volunteers. In Michigan, the Friendship Circle has a beautiful one-of-a-kind
center called LifeTown. Its main feature is a life-like village with all kinds
of realistic stores for individuals who have special needs where they can be
prepared to integrate into society and where thousands of volunteers can learn
to appreciate the beauty of these special souls. You can learn more about
Friendship Circle and support their work by visiting their website. You can also view a wonderful video about them here. -

Sarah Palin

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